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  1. I think while we are pleased with the crowds on Good Friday, we need to take stock of our ability as a sport when the dark side regularly get 60k plus crowds for one off games. We are moving in the right direction but need the clubs and the game to be more proactive in marketing and promoting games.
  2. Not always a fair comparison, Warrington against Salford would draw less than against widnes, the hull and Wigan fixtures should draw a decent average and cas had a good crowd last night but London at home will bring any average down.
  3. Good fun from Marwan, changes to wire squad. Lineham suspended, Goodwin back and Westwood back from suspension. Both should start with Philbin reverting to the bench.
  4. Whats all this obsession with having Canadian players in Toronto's side, nobody questions Melbourne about the amount of local players in their side.
  5. Mugged off , good fun and good response from Widnes. Warrington are pushing various angles in publicity and marketing and its what all clubs should be doing.
  6. Good bit of light hearted fun, the moaning fans need to lighten up.
  7. He's been playing long minutes for Rochdale, so I don't think thats the problem, also BMM played only in the 2nd half and Tasi plays short spells. Just think with easter coming up it was the perfect game to give him a run.
  8. Any wire fans know what Akuola has done to upset Price, again no place and BMM only played in the 2nd half, so Akuola deserves a run out.
  9. 20 nil ht,London working hard and playing well. Tries Charnley, lineham, Austin and jason clark.
  10. 11,000 tickets now sold for game, finally Warrington employ some proper marketing people. If they had done this after the Challenge cup triumphs they would be in a far better position.
  11. Well done to wire marketing team selling two thousand tickets to school children ,crowd will be over ten thousand .
  12. .Probably some squad rotation here, Akuola, Davis,walker, should get a run out
  13. There are one or two stadiums that might be haunted with fans past.?
  14. Good work by the board, a few others will be finishing this season.
  15. If you think Warrington were gaining anything from Eddie jones you are dreaming, it was a only because of the John Clarke connection. And the multi millions project of the English RFu may be fantastic facility but Warringtons facilities are more than adequate for a club of their size.
  16. Paranoia, I don't actually care if they were at Warrington, I was just replying to your assumption.
  17. If warrington were learning from the English RFU they would be at their facilities. But some of the Rfu coaches were at Warrington so implied benefit for them. All sports visit various other sports to learn techniques even if it of small benefit to their sport.
  18. Took a day or so before commenting, Wire played well and everything came off, Hull were poor so made it easy for Warrington. But with Wire and Saints closely followed by Cas are set on the top three ,the final two places are up for grabs and most other clubs havea chance so Hull have has good as a chance as any team.
  19. Poor comment from Powell,saying you think they had won the cup.
  20. Can't see any team spanking Warrington this season, we will lose games but they will be close. As for Tasi l can't see any benefit from him. I would play Livett, Akuola, Moran or Johnson before him.
  21. Surprised price has named the same 19, Akuola what does he have to do to get a chance instead of Tasi.
  22. Fancy wigan new boys to beat wigan old boys in a spiteful encounter.
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