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  1. chocolate fireguard leigh away first game of seaso 3 or 4 years ago
  2. just seen the highlights of the game I thought the penalty try was a bit harsh , if the ref got it right there should be a lot more given
  3. brilliant idea I know the Batley fans wont let you down Kevin
  4. anybody know yesterdays attendance
  5. what was the crowd
  6. you will find out in the league express tomorrow
  7. as he left the bulldogs, a topic on the rams forum site suggest he as
  8. youre right roger a lot of unrest at the moment, I was watching the bike race yesterday and spoke to numerous batley fans (who like me go to most games) hadn't been to a game since good Friday and arnt going while things improve, so youre not alone roger
  9. I havnt been since the good Friday farce, but it seems nothings changing so I believe enoughs enough, time to go Mr.Diskin you and our club weren't meant to be, good luck in the future and then I can start watching my Batley again
  10. I know the top 2 are , who is the 3rd ?
  11. how do you mean raise their game you havnt been a super league team for years ,get over it
  12. i think osullivan should get a chance this sunday
  13. does anybody know th crowd for the London game
  14. i for one don't like Diskins" expansive " rugby
  15. I believe you play your best team and if andbodys not playing well you pick some somebody else