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  1. Is there a game this sunday i havnt seen anything anywhere
  2. im same Roger bitter for me
  3. god this commentators so biased
  4. no we didnt we scored 10 points at Leigh
  5. the ref gave a penalty early on in the game for not playing the ball correctly but let it go the rest of the game, what a waste of time
  6. cant see any price on that advert it must be steep
  7. are Bradford Bulls the new Sheffield Eagles (nomads)
  8. good question , where do you start
  9. no that was keegans newcastle team
  10. brilliant what a great supporting player he was
  11. Roger you always agree are you a snow flake
  12. id like brev with an experienced coach as his number 2
  13. id love Kevin to give Brev the chance i know its a long shot but worth ago
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