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  1. get ont coach to Challenge cup final and 1895 final only 60 pounds coach and ticket good value
  2. we only kicked off 3 times
  3. i heard over the weekend Flynnys gone on loan to Oldham for 3 week
  4. and thats why youre going down, you just cant see it same as Greenwood cant see it, he was begging to ref all game that Batley where lying on, when it was so obvious which team was lying on
  5. you didnt mention your lot lying on all the time or Sykes feigning injury or Knowles usual antics
  6. Going to be very tough at Barrow they played great yesterday and IMO are a real threat to Fev n Leigh
  7. fantastic performance from Barrow i will hold my hands up and thought Widnes would win easily, how wrong i was loved the performance from Barrow a shaky first 15 mins but you was fantastic after that can t wait to see you at mount pleasant all the best
  8. we will he,s a great leader out on the field as well has been a brilliant winger
  9. i think the team is mixing it up, weve played 2 games scored trys from kicks in both games and won both games im not sure what more the team can do, now theyve done it a couple of times they might kick more often as theyve seen the rewards from kicking but it still very early days and dont want to be predictable.
  10. i thought we had a really good balance with White at LF abd Meadows looked full of energy and ideas loohing forward to another entertaining season
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