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  1. Good News

    sheffields got the worst ground oh I forgot they don't have a ground silly me
  2. Wakey friendly

    no Keegan then
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    type Bradford bulls on google and under the club badge its says coach john sharp
  4. 2018 Squad confirmed

    on the bulls website it names js has the new coach
  5. Omari Caro

    a bulls fan at my works says its a done deal hes coming to the mount
  6. Bulldogs v seagulls

    sam smeaton kicking a goal
  7. Nilled

    do you know the answer then ?
  8. And next up

    dead rubber or not there wont be many rams fans there
  9. Squad members

    i posted before we havnt replaced keegan as a prop or leader
  10. Dual reg

    chocolate fireguard leigh away first game of seaso 3 or 4 years ago
  11. penalty try

    just seen the highlights of the game I thought the penalty try was a bit harsh , if the ref got it right there should be a lot more given
  12. 120 people needed Sat 26/8

    brilliant idea I know the Batley fans wont let you down Kevin
  13. Corner turned

    anybody know yesterdays attendance
  14. MOM Batley V Toulouse

    what was the crowd
  15. Team news v Oldham

    you will find out in the league express tomorrow