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  1. i for one don't like Diskins" expansive " rugby
  2. I believe you play your best team and if andbodys not playing well you pick some somebody else
  3. after yesterdays dross how many fans are going to turn up , I for one wont be watching that expansive rugby, enough enough, crowd my guess 444
  4. I think last sundays game is classed as last weekends game, last nights match classed as this weekends game if you get my drift
  5. three
  6. as the squad been named for good Friday yet
  7. it was a right Jekyll and hyde performance by Rochdale, they were superb with ball in hand
  8. you got what you deserved for all the time wasting and mushfaking
  9. t lillicrop j brown j davey
  10. doomsbury scoring 18 I cant see that
  11. agree we miss keegan more than anyone great player
  12. isn't the ref a Dewsbury lad
  13. i agree with you sir
  14. that's funny
  15. isn't the royal suite were round two started last year