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  1. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    I remember Paul Anderson talking about Connor to a Huddersfield fans forum when he was breaking into our 1st team, someone asked what his best position is and Anderson said he's no idea as he is so good in so many.....a lot of our fans weren't that bothered when we lost him, i was in the other camp, i thought and still think he's a cracking player and i loved watching him play, just a shame he listened to his agent at the time rather than seeking advice from others, but he'd made his mistake and realised it when he decided he wanted to stay at Huddersfield, glad he's doing ok at Hull though.
  2. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Good call with Matty English at the Giants, always stands out in the Academy games and hopefully will get more of a chance this year, there's also Sam Wood who's already played Centre and Stand off in the 1st team as well as scoring half a dozen tries.
  3. RL Stadiums

    Done all Super League grounds All Championship apart from London. Toronto, and Toulouse. Odsal Keepmoat South Leeds Cougar park Recreation ground and Derwent park in league 1 Plus: Fartown, leeds road Watersheddings, Boundary park Copthall, Crystal Palace, Griffin park, The Stoop Central park Knowsley road Canal Street Don Valley stadium moss lane Wilderspool The Willows The racecourse ground Huntingdon Stadium Gateshead international The Boulevard Hilton park Thrum hall Mclaren field Belle Vue(doncaster) Bramall lane Valley Parade Victory park Harvey Haddon stadium Gillford park Hoghton road Canal Street And probably others i missed too.
  4. McGillvary NRL poser

    Exactly, i was there when Jerry told supporters he isn't interested at this stage of his career/life, he could change his mind obviously but this notion that you HAVE to play in the Nrl to consider you a great player is old and laughable, Jerry McGillvary has been a top winger for years for Huddersfield and rather belatedly for England, he's been at the top of our tryscoring charts pretty much every year since 2010 but was overlooked as he played for Huddersfield. Now the entire RL world are seeing how good he really is and raving about him...we've had the pleasure of him for years and if the NRL teams had took notice they could have had him when he was younger!!
  5. McGillvary NRL poser

    They can leave him alone too !!!
  6. McGillvary NRL poser

    And to think 2 years ago folk were saying he isn't good enough to play internationally.
  7. McGillvary NRL poser

    He won't go, he and his young family are settled and his kid is developing into a decent footballer at Man City so wouldn't take him away from that, he also has business interests here anyway so the money is not an issue, he's said before he wouldn't go now anyway at this stage of his career/family life. He's a Huddersfield lad and like Eorl before, very loyal to his hometown !!
  8. Dream Team Announced

    Catalan away in June was the last time we were televised, before that it was Catalans in the magic weekend but every team is on in those 2 fixtures. Before that the last one i can think of was Leigh away some time in March. Think we've been on 4 times in total including the Catalan games
  9. Dream Team Announced

    Agree, thought he would be a cert to be honest, i guess Millington got in as his team has outperformed everyone else, saying that he's a top player too, just been more impressed with Walmsley this year.
  10. Who say's Bradford will be a big club again? The point being that as now, Bradford are just another big club who have now fallen, like all the others in the past, what makes them anymore attractive to Super League at the moment than say a revitalised Swinton, apart from the fact that their success was more recent?
  11. Could say that about Swinton, Barrow, Hunslet, etc - once great club's just like Bradford, when they had their success is irrelevant, they are now a 3rd tier club with not much going for them. The sooner we accept this and not make out Bradford are still some super power the better, many great clubs have fallen in the past, Bradford are just the most recent one.....let it go!!!
  12. Dream Team Announced

    Glad Seb (Ikahihifo) has got in, he's been outstanding this year and is much more important to Fartown than Brough these days, a mile ahead of anyone else, and IMO the most outstanding prop in Super League, with us not been on TV hardly ever this year no one has seen just how good he's been unless live at the game - at times he's been unstoppable for us. Shame the rest of the rugby league haven't had much chance to see him.
  13. 80 fans on a Friday night when the M62 is closed coming and going, nothing to play for, players already on holiday, low away support anyway, not getting back till after midnight etc - those 80 or whatever are the loyalist fans you'll find, yes numbers wise it's terrible but what you get there are fans who will support their team no matter what, they go/went because they love their club not cos they want to see trophies (it would be nice tho). Let's hope the RFL realise that it's not really a good idea to play cross pennine games on Week nights, we we're told by Blake Solly a couple of years ago that they were gonna stop making this happen, obviously not !!
  14. Disagree, it's Seb Ikahihifo we miss more than Brough, it showed last night as the forwards without him and Shannon Wakeman gave the backs nothing much to work with.