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  1. didn't take it as criticism at all mate, was just pointing out that your suggestion already happens. In fact there's a couple of lads from Batley who are always mentioning this deal and promoting the Batley home games. Personally i can see why Batley fans could be annoyed at this - we used to have Bradford Bulls marketing plastered all over our town when they were good - But i can also see the Giants thinking behind it too, our home games are now Friday night so the idea is to try and pick up folk who could come to our games on a Friday due to the cheap offers(only really need to attend 4 or 5 games to have had your money's worth) and still go to watch their local club on the Sunday too. I doubt for one minute that Fartown are 'trying to take fans away from Batley' more a case of trying to give fans of the game a chance to see more love RL, like i said Giants games aren't a direct clash with Batley games so fans can do both if they wish.
  2. This offer already gets promoted around the Giants fans and myself and plenty others have taken up the excellent deal in the past. In fact it was even mentioned this week on one of our fans forums.
  3. Giants didn't get promoted in '95 !
  4. I see whats happening here...Fev fans were getting excited about playing the super league whipping boys thinking this was their chance.....it blew up in their faces and now they're 'straw clutching' and wah-wah-ing. The ref was awful....for both teams, to suggest he favoured the home side is making you look a bit daft and silly. Hope you enjoyed your day out at the birthplace of RL and the coachful being a bit 'rowdy' in the top car park got home without too many 'clips around the ear' !!
  5. Fartown are shot ....there is no confidence, cohesion, no teamwork.....if Fev start well this could be a shock...once we're behind in a game we're done. Could be very interesting !
  6. The pics and videos of the players getting involved were after the main incident, they got involved and it calmed down a bit. 1 dick decided he was going to invade the pitch at the end and after he was escorted away the others took offence to this and charged down the steps to try and help him, stewards tried to stop them and were punched and kicked, 1 was reportedly taken to hospital, other Salford fans in the area got involved when it became clear they were dangerously close to the women and kids. It was when the players saw what was happening in an area where their wife and kids were that they got involved. Believe me there were plenty of punches thrown and not just by 2 or 3 either !!!
  7. How do you know he won't ? no trophies were on offer on Friday
  8. 105.Taping scrumdown on Sunday night to watch before school on Monday, John Helm, David Watkins, Nick Powell. 106.Little thin bits of felt as post pads. 107.Clubhouses at away grounds
  9. The John Smith's Stadium has a leisure centre at the back of the stand too !
  10. Bulls will win...wakey fans to kick off and their fans will blame Bradford, the RFL and anyone else they can think of Either way one of these awful clubs will be back in SL
  11. Sandow ? was that him that spent about 70 mins trying to hide on the wing in a Wire shirt ? did he actually touch the ball ? Giants were decent, there's more to come from them yet.....Wire are absolute garbage and only Lee Briers looked interested today !
  12. God awful game, Giants got dragged down to wakey's level and that level is very poor. Giants were totally uninterested and that showed by the fact Wakey walked in for 5 tries without actually doing anything for them !. Still the sight of some of their 'boys' braying ten bells out of innocent stewards will give folk something to talk about rather than the match !
  13. Before you signed for Saints from Batley was there any interest in you from Huddersfield ?, as Batley were the Giant's dual reg club at the time i've heard a few times that we were interested in you but never made you a sensible offer ? Can you confirm or deny this ?
  14. Good attack v Good Defence, poor attack v poor defence....could be anything this one....Fartown should get the win being at home ! close though