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  1. daz39

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    We've had plenty of home shirts with a chevron in the past, claret body, gold V - have a look at the pics myself and others posted !
  2. daz39

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    They do, both the u16's and u19's play there and the Huddersfield holliday cup final also takes places there.
  3. daz39

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    2 more recent versions of Huddersfield with a chevron
  4. Wonder if they'll start paying any bills this time aorund?
  5. daz39

    Empty seats etc

    Can see where the OP is coming from, that's probably the equivalent of Huddersfield and Wakefield getting 4-5000 people for a Semi Final or 1,200 at Salford, and they would, rightly so be hammered for that if it were to happen so it's only fair that the 2 'biggest' clubs in the comp get stick for it too. The OP was alluding to the lack of HOME fans present at the BIG clubs for a semi and asking why they're fans decided to not go to a Semi Final, not criticising their general crowds and he has a point, the number of home fans for games of that magnitude and importance was appaling yet these are 2 of our flagship clubs that everyone else should be aspiring to be like !
  6. daz39

    Empty seats etc

    But we don't get less, we get over 5000, As i said Wakefield and Widnes as well as Salford both get less than us so surely they should be criticised too if we're picking on poor crowds?
  7. daz39

    Empty seats etc

    Why Huddersfield and not Widnes or Wakefied who's crowds are both below ours?
  8. There wasn't a choice, the game was moved before the season started due to a concert at the stadium at the weekend.
  9. Great win for Fartown against a team of thugs who had no intention of playnig rugby tonight, how can 1 team commit so many fouls and not even get a team warning but one has a team warning and a sin-binning after 3 or 4 'technical' offences baffles me, Wigan were intent on having a fight tonight, they were a disgrace and Hewer let them, thankfully we kept our heads and beat them at Rugby.
  10. TBF your 1st team only managed a draw against our reserves earlier in the year, don't get too excited !!
  11. Most people connected with the Giants know we get hammered for our 'crowds' when in fact it's the amount of empty seats we get judged on not the amount of people who are there. As said elsewhere, Wakefield, Widnes and Salford all get less or around the same as us, Cas and Hull KR not that much more but because their grounds are smaller it doesn't look as bad as 20,000 empty seats does for ours. I remember Eddie on Sky banging on about the crowd flocking to a Cas game a few years back, it was 6,000 something but the next day we were on Sky too and got more but they were on about the lack of a crowd. There's been a lot to keep the RL fans of Huddersfield away in the last couple of years, hopefully a decent finish to the season and a cup final may just bring some of them back.
  12. Got a weekend tickets, leazes stand for sale, £20 if anyone still looking for one.
  13. The obsession with Referee's in this sport is embarrasing, it's almost like they are members of ISIS about to enter your hometown, wish folk would get off their back and leave them to do their job. Yes they will make mistakes but so do you and i, we don't do them on purpose and neither do they. The players and coaches need to sort themselves out before the referee's, they are the ones that cause the ref's to have to try and watch everything and get everything right!!
  14. He's not there to manage he's there to apply the laws and rules of the game which he did by sending a player who thought he could mouth at a match official off the field.
  15. Possibly that as he was the referee he was in charge, like it should be!!!!!