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  1. Leigh fans will always defend thuggery, it's how they think RL should be judging by what i've seen from them in the last few years !!!!
  2. How can any RL wag turn down the amazing wages that Warrington 'ALLEDGEDLY 'pay their shop staff and cleaners, especially the ones related to their top players !!!
  3. I wasn't, i agree it is excellent but my point was Huddersfield had come from a similar if not worse situation and had to build a fan base up whereas Bradford's job was to try and keep them, .....we get criticised for ours so others should too who get similar.
  4. And where do you think Huddersfield had come from before??
  5. He certainly amused the Kilner Bank
  6. Very much so and also some 40/60's but we we're laughed off the sports village that night for daring to complain about a ref, it was sour grapes, and how Leigh are so good they would have beaten us anyway, how they can get away with stuff cos they're so great etc etc how ironic that it's their fans and indeed owner who are now doing it in public as the tide has turned!!!!.
  7. I find it all rather amusing and ironic that Leigh fans are moaning about ref's, after the giants we're on the end of a terrible performance by Mr Kendall in the game at their place, they dismissed our complaints and called it sour grapes and they we're on the brink of sweeping all before them - What goes around comes around !!
  8. Giants by loads, Wire are Dogpoo, Smith to be 3rd coach to be sacked after losing to the Fartowners!!
  9. Leeds fans wonder why Broughy always hammers them? he comes out to warm up and thousands of people chanting at him and calling him a W****r, Danny will lap that up and use it as fuel, they never learn those south stand lot !!!
  10. Jake Mamo making his debut and hopefully the much missed Tommy Symonds back for the Fartowners, the young lads are doing ok at the moment and after the comeback point at Saints i think Fartown will nick this on, Giants by 10.
  11. Brilliant signing, as is Penkywicz, these 2 could be the difference between winning by 80 points every week rather than only 70 !! Bet those back in Canada can't wait to see all their potential homegrown talent ripping it up in front of them and create a massive wave of RL interest there
  12. Well i saw 2 new rules introduced to the sport tonight by Mr Campbell, both of which handed the ascendency to Leigh and they never looked back, i'm not one to berate Ref's but in that 1st half he was appalling, nearly as bad as Fartown's defence in the 2nd half.
  13. He has to EARN his place just like others have to !
  14. The last event in Robbo's testimonial year is only a matter of weeks away and promises to be a great night, Massive thank you to everyone who has supported his various events so far, let's finish the year off in style for him and sell this out !!
  15. 1,000 up on the corresponding fixture last season, in fact all 3 home games have been so far. This game was moved from it's original slot too don't forget so some who would have made it probably couldn't