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  1. tell the ones who don't go......
  2. Giants to be underestimated by a Hull side with one eye on their upcoming holiday to Oz, an 8 point victory to send the 200 or so Cowbell laden Fartowners home happy.
  3. Huddersfield reaction

    Matty English? blond haired kid, if so he's already played a couple of 1st team games and has been tipped for the top for years.
  4. Huddersfield reaction

    Cheers, there's some good young kids coming through under Luke Robinson, glad to hear they got stuck in and didn't shy off.
  5. Huddersfield reaction

    what was the crowd? was that your full team? think some of our fans expected to see one or two of the 1st team rather than the 16/17year olds we did put out, how did they do btw?
  6. Kirklees derby for me - Underbank v Batley Boys
  7. Scored Huddersfield's 1st ever Super League try too and became a bit of a legend for the Fartowners in his time.
  8. 2018 Admission prices

  9. 2018 Admission prices

    Can i just re-iterate, the figures i gave were for on the day central side on seating, it's not meant to harm anyone or anything just thought i'd look at what the top prices were for each club and see how much difference there was. I obviously realise that most people won't pay that at every ground etc but it was just a little comparison i decided to do. sorry if it's upset or affected anyone at all .....
  10. 2018 Admission prices

    http://widnesvikings.co.uk/news/article/51975/tickets-on-sale At te bottom, gold tickets, match day price
  11. Done a quick internet search to find out what clubs are charging this year, I've taken the prices for central seating prices for comparison. Interesting to see the disparity gap between top and bottom in the Super League and League 1, mainly down to Bradford, but the Championship are all more or less the same, obviously there are cheaper options at a lot of clubs but some of the prices are pretty high really when we presume Rugby League, and moreso, Super League is quite cheap compared to Football etc. Super League Castleford - £27 Catalans £31 Huddersfield £25 Hull FC £28 Hull KR £26 Leeds £32 Salford £36.50 St Helens £30 Wakefield £23 Warrington £30.50 Widnes £36.50 Wigan £28 (based on 2017 prices) Championship Barrow £17 Batley £17 Dewsbury £17 Featherstone £18 Halifax £20 Leigh £23 London £20 Rochdale £16 Sheffield £17 Swinton £18 Toronto £17 Toulouse £18 League One Bradford £28 Coventry £12 Doncaster £15 Hemel N/A Hunslet £15 Keighley £18 London Sk N/A Newcastle £15 North Wales £10 Oldham £16 West Wales £10 Whitehaven £16 Workington £15 York £15
  12. Yep, we kept ringing on the way up checking it was on and they kept saying it was, Alex Murphy was our coach at the time and he flipped big time.
  13. Old RL paper

    I'm pretty sure it was. Was almost like a bible back in the days for those of us who attended away games.
  14. Old RL paper

    I remember them, they had admission prices and prices of refreshments etc from all the grounds/fixtures if i remember correctly, was a great read in the days before pre-purchasing tickets.
  15. Carlisle had a pretty decent side in the early 90's, remember going up there to Gillford park and it was frozen and the game was called off about an hour before kick off after all the Huddersfield fans had travelled up.