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  1. At something ridiculous like £36, Leeds know what they're doing there!
  2. A game of attrition i think they call them.....good effort from the french lads. Good to see Huddersfield offering nothing to the game again too.
  3. Can't see it happening but it will be fantastic if Batley won, if only to hear Derek's rant after it!!!!
  4. Bit hit and miss for me, pleased for Hill, he may be knocking on but he's been outstsnding for us this year on and off the pitch, Ackers is a good shout but unless we're planning on playing with 12 men at some point i wouldn't have had McIlorum in there, Leeming for me. Weird one with Hall and Watkins as i would presume we have better options unless they are picked for strength only, would have liked to have seen someone like Matty Ashton, someone with some proper pace in there too, yes Dom Young offers that too but i don't think you can ever have too much. Surprised at Cooper too unless, again it's an off field pick as i haven't really seen him rip up trees for Wigan. Also, Jake Connor won't play for England while Wane is in charge, i think that's pretty obvious now. Anyway thats our squad so let's get behind the lads representing our country!!!
  5. If we want to replace the loop fixtures, leave the challenge cup alone and re-introduce the county cups.
  6. "Huddersfield offer nothing to the game, and they have no fans" "Wakefield survive relegation" "Get Bradford in Super League"
  7. Peobably cos there hasn't been any since!!
  8. Ok i was wrong, it's only 64%, i am going on todays matchday squad by the way, 11 from the 17 we're overseas players.
  9. Brilliant game, a proper game of rugby, compare that to the Leyther all-stars game earlier, one was a rugby league game, the other an exhibition match, Batley were superb and once again proved you don't need big names and big wallets to do well in the champ, i was also astounded to learn Lingard hasn't even been nominated for coach of the year!!!! Well done Batley, looking forward to a Kirklees derby in Super League next year
  10. In future we should get St Helens to appeal, we may go from a random local band to Bon Jovi in the space of 2 days!
  11. At least 5 of their line up this afternoon won't play, that is a big chunk of their first choice, they will have to replace them and that won't be easy going by the quality of the players they will lose, will super league quality players want to play for Leigh if there are other options? they haven't seemed to want to in the past, i can't really see establised super league players leaving their clubs for Leigh, yes they have a good squad but this season they have relied on expensive foreign signings to batter part time clubs, even with only 7 of them the level of opponent is going to be miles ahead.... Anyway York have just scored - Well done to the part-timers!!!!
  12. " How would this Leigh team go in Super League?" Well this team wouldn't cos 75% of them would have to leave. Leigh's squad will look massively difference next season and will probably include a lot of the Toulouse lads from this year, as is always the case with these promoted teams. Hard to judge how good they are as they are playing against part-time players with SOO and international players, saying that they've played some good stuff still but will be a different matter next year. Don't forget they were going to finish in the top 6 in their last SL season.
  13. Well Mr Woolf (obviously the appeals panel were afraid of him) did say ... So maybe he knew something all along that the rest of us didn't.
  14. So with Walmsley out and Knowles banned Saints' pack was severely weakened, i reckon McManus and co put crocodile tears on and gave some spiel about it not being good for the spectacle to have 2 players of that ilk missing and it will devalue the final around the world .....either that or they have compromising photos of the panel/trial members. I still can't believe they have got away with this, it's clearly a decision based on the fact that he would miss the grand final and he's too big a player to miss this, i bet Jake Wingfield or Dan Norman wouldn't have got off, it's a shocking decision based on who the player is and not the actual incident, everyone can see that, don't give us bull ###### about 'range of movements' etc. At least now we can all laugh at Saints fans moaning next year when their players are victims of this new legal tackle technique.
  15. Wow, an absolutely appaling and unbelievable decision, no player on earth would get away with what he did any other week of the year!! Absolutely blatant disregard to allow a player to play in a Grand final!
  16. Try the RL groups on Facebook, there always seems to be someone on them finding a buyer or maybe auction it off for a good cause, half to you half to them, you may end up with more that way than just a buyer.
  17. Can someone enlighten me/us who aren't neccesarily familiar with the guy in question or the story here please? Is this a light hearted thing or is it something more serious?
  18. Karaoke with Boris Johnson, he need the extra money these days, and apparently he's a bit of a party animal too.
  19. This is true of most of the teams, Huddersfield had a first team squad member play in only 2 games, the others were out on loan.
  20. Channel 4, wouldn't even entertain the Sky muppets if Channel 4 was an option, much, much better all round.
  21. Can you explain the background behind this to non Bradfrod fans please as it seems like some kind of in house gag?
  22. I didn't take it as a criticism of the Giants, i'd have the same opinion on anyone who improves the comp, just dont like the dismissing of a player whose coming over here as a bad signing simply because he hasn't been playing well in the NRL.
  23. And isn't that what our competition needs? We need players to improve OUR teams and our comps, who cares what he did in the last few years. IF he plays well in our competition then that's a good thing is it not?
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