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  1. No, the football club will take over the financial operation of the stadium from KSDL while the ownership shares are being put into a community trust. The football fans have always though that it's 'their' stadium and we should be 'kicked out' but it isn't, ideally they would buy our share out allowing us to build a proper stadium for our needs but again that will never happen. I don't like the place, i never have and never will, yes it's a nice stadium for those visiting it for a couple of hours once a year but for our home games and our operation level it is way way too big and is a huge reason our crowds have, are and will keep falling no matter how cheap it is to get in. Even with double our usual crowds it's still only going to be a third full which in itself is a problem and one we have no way out of!.
  2. Ironically the expense was mainly sat in the stands injured or disinterested for most of the season, it was the kids and the back up players who stood up for us this year.
  3. A nothing game between 2 nothing teams and one i said would be you score we score and i was more or less right. Massive game again from Olly Russell who is now starting to look like the player most of our fans said he would never be, another superb game from him, Josh Jones is an absolute beast and as someone asked does he bounce of EVERY 1st tackle? well yes he usually does. Will did what Will does - ripped another hole in another defence despite been only on the field 2 minutes. Big shout outs to the Huddersfield legends triangle of Bruno, Jerry and Leroy, still pretty much the glue in our side even after 12/13 years. Leigh were poor but worked out we were poor down our left and took advantage a few times. A win yes but my biggest joy was it was the last game of the season and we can get back to a proper one(hopefully) next year.
  4. This afternoon Jack Ashworth, on loan at Leigh from Huddersfield was sin-binned against Huddersfield Nathaniel Peteru, on loan at Hudderfield from Leigh was sin-binned against Leigh. Is this the 1st instance of 2 players on loan both being sin-binned against their parent club in the same game? Can't be too many instances of this happening.
  5. Bradford Bulls getting relegated, with Don Fox a very close 2nd Seriously, it's got to be that - hasn't it? nothing comes close really.
  6. What did TS say at the end? i missed most of the interview due to my dog wanting to poo, was he annoyed with sky or something?
  7. I totally agree and have offered plenty of ideas over the years, truth is the stadium is run by a management company so we have no say on what can happen, likewise the catering /bars, we have very few staff and have very little money to pay any more so were kind of stuck with what we have!!.
  8. Problem is we don't have the money to pay staff to do those things, or make those signings, catering wise we have no say and no benefits as it's contracted out by the stadium company.
  9. So people who aren't attracted to buy a Giants season card at £125 will be if it costs more? As a club we know our fan base is pretty much stuck at the numbers it has been for a few years so i presume making them double the price will possibly mean losing a large chunk of our regular fans with no hope of replacing them, as i said people in Huddersfield aren't interested in the Giants or rugby league.
  10. £65 is for under 30's, a demograph of fans we have struggled for years to attract, the hope is they can go to the rugby then up to town/night out after, these are the area of fans we need more of, the rest of us it's £125, yes cheap but something Ken is prepared to lose money on. One day i hope and pray the public of Huddersfield pay him back but i doubt it, they aren't and never will be interested.
  11. Agree with everything @measthas said. IW himself said he wasn't bothered about competition points this year but more with how the players reacted to his methods and what he expected, Sam Wood apart not one of the players who are leaving were committed enough to stick around and do the hard work. Anyway, we should win this but we should have won a lot of games this year, i presume Leigh will be depleted if we do win but brave if they lose?
  12. Decent signing, knocking on a bit but still has a few good games left in him yet, he will also be a great experienced head around the place, he's no Matty English but he'll do
  13. 1st time in many years i aren't in Perpignan for the weekend, some have endured the faffing about but not many of the regulars, mainly holidaymakers in the spanish resorts. Yet another game closer to the end of the season - YEEES !!
  14. Or they havent got enough adults to 'safeguard' them for 3 minutes while they did it, it would be a huge logistical operation to let 30 kids run onto a field these days.
  15. Absolutely, i've nothing against him, he's not a bad player but it's a very surprising Warrington signing, they usually like their 'big names'.
  16. Said exactly the same to my mate at Magic, he's never really been a player who stood out and apart from putting the ball over the line i can never recalll him ever been flashy or any better than average, Clearly Powell sees something in him that 99% of us don't. Very strange signing for a club like Wire to make. Greg Inglis to Greg Minikin ??
  17. Agree that they need something to hold people's interest after their team's games - why not get some upcoming but heard of bands to play a 30 minute set or something between games or invite local amateur clubs/Scottish clubs to play mini games or tag rugby or something rather than just 'swap' over. fans, personnel etc for the next one, that would possibly attract fans, friends, family etc too. We market it as a rugby league jamboree when in effect it is just 3 games of Super league after each other (each day), let's make it a festival, a jamboree and do something completely different with it as well. Problem is and always has been that the majority watch their team then go as unless they are avid fans of the game there is nothing to keep them in the stadium once they're game is over. BTW i'm a lover of Magic weekend if my post seems a bit 'moany' i just want all my friends and others to want to come too.
  18. Keep it, and keep it in Newcastle, it's a great city, gret stadium and amenities and probably one of the easiest stadiums in the UK to get to,
  19. It's Ken Davy!!!!!!!...and he's right, he is a huge lover and supporter of our game and as says wht most fans feel. Some owners just want the publicity for themselves rather than the good of the sport.
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