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  1. Could depend on who faces the slope first. We need to play uphill and hold them whilst we're fresh. 6 to 10 points down at half-time and it's doable, we can't let them steamroller us or it's over. We could win by a score or get on the wrong end of 40.
  2. Tomlinson is a must for me, plays well wherever he gets shoved, would like Downs to stay, Jouffret, Scotty and Johnny, Yates deserves a 2nd year, Leaky an absolute gem, Wood if we can persuade Giants to leave him here and a fully fit Dickinson could be a star. Can't honestly say after the weekend who I wouldn't want but obviously there's another year of age on everybody.
  3. Room should be made for him here, now, doing something. The way he stuck to his principles over the non-payment struggles at Keighley was admirable and going back even more so. Linners is as much part of the fabric of Batley as anyone, Danny Main, Paul Harrison, Alex Brev, we have to taken him on board.
  4. I thought Jouffret had a pretty decent game, several probing runs, few half breaks but not always anyone on his shoulder.
  5. Yorkshire Post guy says it wasn't entertaining! Only if you were a Rams fan...without sounding dismissive, there was really only one team in it, even though we went off the boil in the last 15 of the first half. We had got on top of Finn and stopped him playing and nobody else in their side looked interested in trying to take the weight off him. 2 tackles at 12-4 won the game, Scotty and SS stopped 2 certain tries then we started to put the pressure back on, a bit like the Kear days....tackle the opposition into submission then kick on. I know Rams were a player or 2 light but don't think they can complain about the result,see were the better side. ALSO....we were good with discipline, no penalties for fouls, in fact Rams were the same, a good clean game all round and the young referee was sure and certain in his game, did well.
  6. Wide choice IMO, lots of guys did things on the quiet, like organising stuff off the ball, Sam Smeaton's had some stick but earned all his money in one game, reminiscent of Alex Rowe' s hit on Rangi Chase!! 3 guys stood out though for me; 2 wingers who missed nothing in terms of taking every kick which came their way, knocking down every guy who came their way, on top of which they made hard ground by acting as a second pair of second rowers. The other guy is Scott, took every bomb under pressure, was always looking for work and as always knocks every man over whether a centre or prop, in fact at 12-4 Dewsbury broke through and looked like scoring a long range try, yet Scotty tracked across and looked beaten but still got the guy and saved it being 12-10. So; Tomlinson, great game 1st back, Johnny Scotty
  7. That tackle alone earned Sam's season contract money.
  8. Who scored our points v Leigh, forgot to enter them on my chart, thanks.
  9. Whichever format it may take, it needs to be held in a venue which doesn't make the event look 60% empty. 8,000 capacity at most would at least make the event appear interesting.
  10. phildog

    Alan Watts

    Well clearly Brev n Johnny haven't retired!! Is this Brev's 7th season, and of course JC had 2 years out. Alan Watts was a superb stalwart though, played all over and despite his lack of stature never took a backward step.
  11. Still no wiser BB!! Hardly a household name!
  12. No boxing fan...who is it??
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