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  1. phildog

    Fev announce Harrison

    .....and it seems a bit off for him to have nipped over for a strip photo. Guys we have signed haven't been seen in our strip whilst still on their current club's books.
  2. phildog

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    My point made re; hooker and Farrell leaving, not thought out well.
  3. phildog

    Fev announce Harrison

    Bit disrespectful on Harrison's part, it might be unwise for Diskin to pick him in last home game, there could be some backlash. In his time here, he's finished higher than Fev, beat them in a cup, played against Super League sides in the qualifiers just as many times as,Feb have, and learned the game. So he wants to play outside good halves? Disrespectful to Brambani as well, and what about playing outside Joufret and Yates, he'll never know. Ill-advised comments imo.
  4. phildog

    Club statement

    68%, majority, but can we have A People's Vote on the final proposals, as we didn't vote for the SL plan? (Sound familiar?).
  5. phildog

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

  6. phildog

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    I guess from the silence regarding current players that many of them are going over the wall?
  7. phildog

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    We're losing Davey, everybody saying that Farrell was way down the 2nd row pecking order (Don't agree) but now 2 of those are leaving. Farrell has played hooker a couple of times with us and more often at Rams. Good with ball in hand, good shoots and we want to let him go and leave no hooker back up? Then Rams fans reckoning Everett not done much there....confused?
  8. phildog

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Not a great set of compliments from Rams fans....posdibly TOO much like Cropper?
  9. phildog

    Leigh v Batley

    On current form I don't think we're going there already beaten, Leigh aren't the side they were. A win wouldn't be a massive surprise.
  10. phildog


  11. phildog


    Suggested Macani over a year ago, I think he's a solid signing.
  12. phildog


    How did I get a mention, not even commented!!
  13. phildog

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Disagree Eric; he was dropped down shirt order for Cropper at 10, then had to immediately step back up to first choice, you can probably count on one hand the games he hasn't played, you'd need even less fingers to count the times he hasn't put in a performance, whilst a guy who really thought WOULD stand out, Holland, hasn't broken any pots. Regardless of Keegan's leadership qualities, it was Rowey up front who put on the big hits and big yards. If at all possible I'd have kept Alex. I'm still at a loss to come to grips with Diskin's ideas on releasing certain players and where he sees the club going, without losing a guy who does the biggest job onbthe pitch. At his age, he's right on top of his game, and with the service he'll get from Finn and the other guys Newcastle gave signed, he'll be massive.
  14. phildog

    Batley Bulldogs

    According to list, DB already signed? Wouldn't that mean a transfer fee if he left? The 'doesn't get on with has I believe cost us performance levels over 2 seasons, nor does ' getting on' guarantee it.
  15. phildog

    Danny Yates rumours gather momentum

    It might make more sense whilst discussing possible incoming to know who the outgoings are. Lots of talk about those guys supposedly going to Fev and Eagles, but there are still others who aren't mentioned one way or the other...Ainy, Cowling, Holland, Bravo, Chandler etc. If the coach is suggesting wholesale changes and the incoming of so called 'class's players, then clearly most of these are going.