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  1. phildog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Tyler was already announced when Kev made the comment I believe.
  2. phildog

    Why oh Why

    Point; ok, we wait til 4 games in to see where we are, by then we could have lost 4 games and already be behind the black ball. Then do we have fans moaning about the losses? (Depending on who those games are against of course!!) It's a tough decision to have to make, don't envy KN n MD in finding the right road. What I would say is, if a player is offered who would clearly be an advantage, then we should take him, but not just any old Joe that a DR partner wants to move about.
  3. phildog

    Why oh Why

    Hey, I'm not sticking the boot in at all, just playing Devil's,Advocate,weighing up both sides.
  4. phildog

    Why oh Why

    So Dogfather, if it's a coach's job to get results, then it follows that we should go down the same road as Fev then? One of my points in my original argument was that it's all about league position therefore pay-out, as you appear to concur. What happens in the play-offs is then of no consequence when those SL first-teamers are withdrawn especially if you have to play the parent club (yes I know the system has now gone, but the point still applies). So, if we want bigger prize-money, we have to go DR and get in some big players out if it, don't we? That seems to be the do we, don't we argument.
  5. phildog

    Championship odds

    No way can York have a better odds bet than us, yes, it's for winning the league, but by it's very being suggests that they are fancied to finish higher than us.
  6. phildog

    Why oh Why

    Agree re; Sowerby, treated him poorly as far as I can see, only signed him for a body then shafted him. Whether he was any good or not we will never know, but he must have been down heartened, unless of course he had an inkling of the situation anyway. But that really has nothing to do with the DR situation. The way DR was fashioned, it was supposedly a vehicle to give somebody boiling under at his SL club to come and get game time and improve match fitness and ability, or on the odd occasion to bring an established player back to fitness after injury. It wasn't designed for use as in Fev e.g to have their pick of SL first-teamers, who weren't getting picked that weekend, to saunter in and kick out one of registered players. Although we haven't always had the best of success with our DR agreements we have had players like Mullaley, Fairbank, who have bought in to Batley and have made efforts on our behalf. You can't knock a coach if he can get a couple of Dr's with a good attitude.
  7. phildog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    So the expected signing by Friday wasn't Alex then? Hope we haven't lost whoever it is/was!
  8. phildog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Don't know if it's just me being slow off the mark, but I notice that all new players, and now probably all those who were previously signed on 2 year deals, will all be on 1 year contracts. Couldn't we get anyone to go for 2 years? We'll have the roundabout going again Next October. If I'm wrong on any, please correct me.
  9. phildog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Not bad thinking....
  10. phildog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Don't think playing hooker would be one of the selling points to Yates, he's come to relieve an ailing and ageing no.7, with the greatest of respect to Dom. Yes, he was at the top of his game when he came back and playing alongside Louis, but young legs at 7 will give Dom the opportunity to put his all into 15/20 minute barrages. Regarding TomH, yes, he could do the job, but is he good enough now to be amongst the best 17 we can field week on week? Looking at the squad, my answer would have to be no. He'd be 4th at halves at best and IMO 3rd at 9.
  11. phildog

    Dave Scott and Michael Ward

    Have our lads played in their games so far, Agree about Scotty, regardless of those who knock him for his height and weight, no better full-back in our division, and now that he's been handed some kicking duties, he's got the full kaboodle. IMO (humbly of course) he's been our best signing of the last 4 years with no disrespect to any other player.
  12. phildog


    Never puts in less than a full shift, rarely misses a tackle and backs up well. Fit guy, why should he pack it in? Still good enough to be in the 19 every week.
  13. phildog

    Why oh Why

    We have to be circumspect: teams from the heartlands who finish above us WILL have had their noses DEEP in the trough (Fev, Fax, possibly Bulls, even Sheffield play it to the max!). That means more cash. Do we want to compete with them? If so, we have 2 options; spend a blasted fortune on 2/3 new players to carry us, or go DR and hope that our partner doesn't screw us over for a change. I don't think we should kick off if we do a deal, but the club shouldn't put up with it if our SL partner mucks us about.
  14. phildog

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    Got a loose, Browny.
  15. phildog

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    Got his chant sorted...Why Why Why Big Tyler, la la la la la la la ....