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  1. phildog

    Kears bull mania looking for some silver

    Yes, I think both coaches have to turn out what they believe to be their starting 17's. A bit concerned at ours because we still don't have a trusted, reliable replacement hooker. Young Bruce is just that, only 3 games out of the amateur game and wet behind the ears in a semi-pro capacity and on then other hand we have TomH, who hardly inspired us off the bench on Sunday. We were fortunate in having James Davey on interchange, as he was of the same impressive standard as Leaky and always worth his place in the starting 17, whereas I don't think Tom is, and this is not decrying the player. Previously, we've not noticed the interchange, both players were heavy tacklers, great distributors, but it was obvious in Sunday that Leaky was off. Starting 17 with hopefully better conditions and better ground and a re-gelling to the end of season standards and we'll pull through.
  2. phildog

    York’s cup match thread

    Brev played, Taira didn't. Taira wasn't the only one who didn't play, but he had an excuse, wasn't on the pitch!! I've waited a while to post just to read some opinion is that we were pretty awful, York were far better with ball in hand, made more, and better, breaks and the better side lost. Looking at the listed 20, IMO 17 of those will be regular starters and they didn't fill me with confidence that we can be the best part-time team in our league. Our forwards were mostly invisible throughout, Campbell, Rettie and Wood were the biggest carriers out of defence, organisation and go forward went out the window without Leak, and REALLY didn't follow the withdrawing of Scott. I know Yates needed a run out, but we then lost Jouffret to prompt down the hill. V Bulls MD needs to put out the 17 he intends to go into the season with and keep it to 17 men, not 20. This will allow settling and understanding.
  3. phildog


    How to get on the database?
  4. phildog

    Jo Taira

    Squad changed a bit, now he's NOT in it!!
  5. phildog

    Where he left off....

    Watching those highlights puts Jouffret back under the spotlight, scores 1 makes at least 2, his delayed passes are just tremendous, Leaky did the same for Brown's try. Louis covered every blade of grass to get into probing positions, looking for a great season from him, if so he'll fire everybody. Not had as good a 6 since Michael Booth.
  6. phildog

    2019 squad

    You've done a great job in getting Sam Scott back. Was mightily impressed with him at The Dogs until that awful injury, don't think Diskin did him any favours not letting him stay and fight his way back in.
  7. phildog

    Up for the (Yorkshire) Cup 🏆

    Knights fans please note: entry is £15 and £10 concessions if you pay at the gate, the £13 and £8 applies only if you book through the Bulldogs website and this can only be done upto 23.59 on the Saturday night, hope that clears up admission prices. There is on ground parking at a small cost, blue badge holders are generally free. There is also plenty of street parking at no more than 5 minutes walk into the stadium. It's a 20 minute walk from the railway station to the ground, if anyone wants directions ask on here.
  8. phildog

    York’s cup match thread

    Thought next round was to be drawn after today's 2nd match, not much about it anywhere, thanks HaxbyKnight!
  9. phildog

    Well done Rams

    Didn't see either Rams or Fev squads, but if these comments are right and Fev had loanees on board as well then that's 2 good results for a Dewsbury side still dotting the i's and crossing the t's. May not be the mugs that everyone except Rams fans are predicting. Lee Greenwood is a fine choice IMO.
  10. phildog

    York’s cup match thread

    Seen the wrong side of JT, knew he had to reign in his bad side, hasn't done!! I am surprised not to see Yates, Walker and Galbraith, what is it with moving Tomlinson around so much when he is clearly destined for the second row /replacement slot. He's unlikely to be a regular winger or centre, so why not play the blokes who are.
  11. phildog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Just reading the Cas/Fev match report, notice Macauley Hallett in Fev team, Thought he was going to be great for us, falls out, goes to Rams, falls out, Feb fans don't get too attached!!
  12. phildog

    BARLA Yorkshire cup final

    All the best from The Mount Danny.
  13. phildog


    Advantage Rams I think after that. According to coach, we're miles ahead in preparation this year, Dewsbury a thrown together squad still barely on nodding terms!! 6 point win? Uh....
  14. phildog

    Just a thought

  15. phildog

    Just a thought

    Put the online contact number/site on here so Rams fans can take advantage.