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  1. Mariano Released

    Can't see him being totally interested at Donny, big drop Cas to Donny in under a year, isn't re-assuring for him!!
  2. Mariano Released

    I'd have him if he put a shift in.
  3. Backpool tickets

    So how much will I pay with a discounted voucher Ernieone if the question doesn't make me sound dumb?
  4. Fitness Coach

    Thanks for the info KN, good luck to Gary!
  5. Fitness Coach

    There was a comment made by John when he left that he had recommended someone who was getting into the same field, maybe it didn't come off. Can't say that we appear to be any less fitter and long-lasting in games though. Clearly John's influence is still rubbing off.
  6. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Get in........
  7. Problems out wide

    BTW....struggling for wingers, here last year and Jy Hitchcox gone to Bulls! Just saying....leave it, leave it!!!
  8. Problems out wide

    Well B J I did wonder whether it was one who'd sped up or the other slowing down!!
  9. March - Try of month

    All previous highlights up to this year has had crowd noise I believe.
  10. March - Try of month

    Depends what you're looking for, a team-worked try or individual effort. I'd go for the Scott try off that underarm flick pass. Also, please leave off the annoying music on the highlights, much better as it used to be just with the crowd and atmosphere.
  11. Problems out wide

    I would say that we need to get in the loan business for at least 1 winger. Ainy, for all his worth and effort wouldn't even call himself a winger, Sam's a bit long in the tooth for a wide pacey type, Crookesy a bit solid, ALTHOUGH had Morton had another 5 yards to go on Good Friday, Crookes would have had him, and that after racing diagonally across the pitch and uphill. Galbraith at 23 would obviously be the best bet as a filler-in. But that's what Batley has always done, been good at filling-in, goes back a lot further that this particular coach!!
  12. Hunslet

    We don't have a big enough fit squad to be lending players out, end of. If Gleds and Cropper need game time on recovery ok, or young Sowerby and Tomlinson, but not 2 players as I said who gave just played in 2 successive wins and see fully fit! Brev has been recovering from injury and needed game time, was he considered for DR for a game or 2 before being put straight back in? If Rettie hadn't picked up the injury today then those 2 would stay out on DR. What I don't see is why Cowling isn't an automatic choice. He has to come back anyway as we have no wingers as both regulars are injured and the other is still away from the club, so will have to be shoehorned in. Diskin has been very good and straightforward with his dealings and comments this year, true. I just don't understand the thinking on this.
  13. Batley v Toronto

    Thanks for that display today, no complaints there, effort all round. Just sort out this stupid loan out job, we need a winger, Danny could fill in there.
  14. Hunslet

    This is absolutely pathetic, both have played in a championship 1st team over Easter. If it was young Sowerby and Tomlinson MAYBE I could swallow it but I'm really disappointed. Now Rettie is on the sick list Cowling at least has to come back. We haven't enough players nor winning spectacularly enough to dispense with players. Get your head in the right place Diskin.
  15. How's Mick Ward doing?

    Sung his praises for the last 2 years, he was always up for it when he played against us, glad he came.