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  1. Had heard amd hoped similar and could do worse than giving Oldham's no24 a go as well, also the kid who played by 29 at their place wasn't bad either.
  2. Doesn't say a lot for Danny Locky's mob who actually had 6 tries and 5 goals at the foot of the match report yet couldn't add it all up!
  3. Anybody else notice that there have been 3 different results given out for this game! Radio Leeds gave it 34-14, BBC Sport gave it 32-14 and League Weekly had 30-12 in their results list but had it different in the match report! Walker was differingly credited with 4 and 5 goals, neither of which equates to the 30-14 result! !
  4. Ooh Tony F!! Miaow.......
  5. RogT; absolutely useless with IT, coukdn't help at all 8n any respect with websites etc, takes me all my time to navigate around moderator duties when I find it necessary to intervene!! In reply to KN, yes we see it as it happens but sometimes it's great to see good victories again.
  6. Why did we have to send email to an Italian email address then to join? Can somebody get this service reinstated? BISSA themselves used to post some highlights as well. Anyway as EVERYONE says the site's a blot on the club's profile.
  7. Cowling and Bravo yes, as I said before Hill and O'sullivan deserve another chance. Crookes always did well against us and don't reckon he's shirked owt since coming. We love all our players but can we use them ALL again yet improve? Sadly I think not and even though nearly all are contracted I think there will be an exit or two.
  8. Just wondered if we've put a sign on the visitors' dressing room wall saying something like 'hey, come on we need you to score first cos we can't play til we're behind'!!
  9. The club should be ashamed of that paltry excuse for a website. We moaned before over all sorts and having an Italian owning the match highlights, but at least we had some. We have a youtube page which is as much use as a chocolate fireguard, squads were always on the site at 2.00 pm Friday, now we never see anything until the team on twitter before the game. It's a complete farce. Somebody take note!!!
  10. Sure Paul Grayshon had a spell at The Mount.
  11. Just confirmed my suspicion about Peter and Don Fox.
  12. Seen some good displays from Mr. Hewer in our games. He's ok, very fair.
  13. As a Dogs fan looking at your wing predicament; IF you can get Potts fit then I'd pick him over Alex. Yeah, Browny's great to watch, lots of forward's work, power and pace, but Potts had the pace, 2nd fastest man in the whole RL whilst at Batley and he has played full-back so is a better tackler.
  14. Morison to Mount? Whatever for? Even with the early debacle ( upto The Bash really) I'm sure Kev Nic isn't as daft as you'd hoped. Don't forget, we don't sack coaches, and the current one got a 3 year contract allegedly do unless Wigan come knocking on his door I reckon he'll be staying.
  15. Also, we need that top 4 squad which became a top 6 squad to turn back into a top 4 squad magically, or with a ton of help. Whichever, I don't really mind.