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  1. Pretty sure she brought up the lack of press coverage for the RLWC when it was in Avignon but I'm sure it's just political.
  2. It'd be great to see them opening up to new markets (although keeping a North American element would allow that market to grow). Glad they're looking at keeping this going in any case.
  3. So you had to jump through so many hoops to serve up a plain black kit Monkey Lover?
  4. Cardace surely can't be U23?
  5. There's standing areas as well though aren't there?
  6. IIRC the double ticketing system is that if you buy a ticket for the game at Blagnac you get in reduced (or maybe free) at Colomiers and vice versa, not that it's a triple header. I think one game's on the Saturday and the other on Sunday. You're right about the stadiums.
  7. Bradford Dudley Hill I think.
  8. They've signed Chad Bain now as well. Still no Casey Clarke which is surprising given the comments of people at the game...
  9. The RLWC gets a photo in today's Guardian Sportong Calendar.
  10. Exactly, might as well use the celebrity for something good.
  11. That's why weight categories are such a tempting idea.
  12. Is 2017 their year then?
  13. It always finds a way.