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  1. Dan Sarginson

    Time passes a lot quicker out there...
  2. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Well, they did release him...
  3. Kato Ottio

    Terrible loss at such a young age. RIP.
  4. Carcassonne v Limoux Streaming

    Speaking of, Limoux have just signed ex-Raider Joel Edwards, although he's unlikely to play til February. Only 29 and was playing NRL until end of last season (a bit at least) so in theory at least he should be a top player in the Elite.
  5. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    That sounds even better than the beer garden.
  6. Carcassonne v Limoux Streaming

  7. Catalans signing?

    We'd have only one centre if he hadn't...
  8. Catalans signing?

    We seem a touch over-reliant on youngsters stepping up and filling in. Given the likelihood of injuries, we're looking light in a number of areas.
  9. Catalans signing?

    Is he even twenty yet?
  10. Elite 1 follow-up

    Let's hope so.
  11. Elite 1 follow-up

    L├ęzignan just announced Pelissier and Pomeroy. A shame to see Pelissier presumably dropping out of the professional ranks, for me he had a lot to offer but maybe not the discipline?
  12. Catalans signing?

    If they can fit them both under the cap then depth will be really useful for them.
  13. I'm not sure they have the resources to do either, they're making a buck out of this. If someone in Florida was putting up some cash then I could see it happening and would be even happier with that.
  14. NSW wanted, asked and paid for these games, I'm sure if someone from North America was stumping up for this then it would go there. This isn't Wigan or Hull or the RFL's investment so it's kind of a moot point, akin to people asking why the money being spent on the Wolfpack isn't being spent in Cumbria.
  15. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    A fair lot more than Oldham would've brought I imagine.