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  1. Commenting on the success of the other team's season added that extra touch of class. I like how he was saying they can only beat teams that have had to travel - they have to do it every other week.
  2. Not great to hear although reading the title I thought it could have been worse.
  3. Kilshaw's press conference is on the TO facebook page and it takes petty and bitter to new heights.
  4. Having the new Canadian posters brought a rather foreign element of positivity that I appreciated. Hope you guys do post on the main board too.
  5. Even discounting the students, the majority of people I know here in Nice are away right now. Would have to look at Cats' crowds to see if it's like that every year but I would have expected their August crowds to be down anyway. If anything they've done well to keep the crowds up these past two years while playing such awful rugby.
  6. They've spared the polish tonight.
  7. No coming back now. Will be lucky to make the MPG.
  8. One of the worst performances I've seen from Cats and that's something in itself. There are a ton of people involved who need to take a long hard look at themselves.
  9. Great news. Will he knuckle down though?
  10. From personal experience, there a lot fewer 'Twitterers'.
  11. After saying he'd never play for them for the way they treated his dad, he's now changed his mind and declared for them for the World Cup. Although Aiton's a good hooker, Segeyaro is a step up IMO and this should really help them out.
  12. You could compare it but it would come out vastly inferior I would think. I imagine the Serbian national team (domestic players) would lose to all the teams in League One, though they might be able to mix it up with South Wales on a good day. Still think that if these teams want to come over for the cup then it would be a good idea, great test for them and pretty exciting I'm sure plus I bet the amateurs over here would be keen to host them. I'd get the French Elite in as well although I don't know how all of that could be worked out.
  13. Places a fair bit of faith in the testing. Agreed though, total moron to mess around if that's what he was doing.
  14. Fiji residents side I assume? Should be a stern test for them. Great to see them getting so much done, hope we see them working together with the Wolfpack to promote the game nationally.