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  1. There needs to be some kind of pyramid below the Southern Premier getting more regionalised the further down the pyramid it goes. This would require more teams to be created but would help expand the game in the south
  2. I think next year's SL is going to be an exciting season with quite a few teams capable of winning the title. I can't quite decide on exact positions but this is my vague prediction. Top 3 - Leeds, St Helens and Warrington in no particular order Catalans and Wigan to make the top 5. Huddersfield, Wakefield, Hull and Castleford to compete for 5th but miss out Bottom 3 - Salford, Hull KR and London with London finishing bottom
  3. JM2010

    SL predictions

    Ha, might be over estimating them but with a fully fit squad I think they'll go well
  4. I was thinking something similar but on a grassroots level. Could this link up be used to start some junior clubs and maybe get into a few schools
  5. I think there's enough good players to send a good squad excluding players in the GF. There's also the NRL players
  6. If the Dragons can make this an annual event at the same time each year but maybe play different teams then it could be built into a massive event. It would attract fans, neutrals and locals
  7. I agree with a lot of that but I think Leeds will finish higher than 5th and not sure Warrington will finish top and win the GF
  8. I think he makes some good points. More kids playing the game should be the priority and invested in. Any players coming out of an academy without a first team contract could be signed by Championship and League 1 clubs.
  9. JM2010

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    I agree. GB is potentially a combined side so playing a combined PI side would be a massive challenge. This would also add a bit more spice to the Pacific tests as they would be playing for a spot in the combined team
  10. JM2010

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    I still think they should play at least one game against a combined Pacific Nations team. I also would have preferred Australia but this would be the second best option for me
  11. JM2010

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Why aren't they playing Wales?
  12. JM2010

    Brazil beats Colombia 54-14 in Sao Paulo.

    Sounds like good things are happening in South America. Hopefully the Americas Championship can keep expanding and domestic activity keeps getting stronger in the individual countries
  13. JM2010

    London Broncos Announcement

    Now that Argyle has supposedly invested in the Skolars do they have the potential to rival the Broncos in the next few years? Would they get bigger crowds? Could they both exist alongside each other at a high level?
  14. JM2010

    Brazil beats Colombia 54-14 in Sao Paulo.

    I think I remember something about Mexico too
  15. JM2010

    Brazil beats Colombia 54-14 in Sao Paulo.

    Do any other South American countries play RL?
  16. JM2010

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    England Vs France, Jamaica Vs Wales and Scotland Vs Ireland would work well mid season
  17. Would be a nice way for the NH nations to build up for the WC
  18. Lebanon, France, Wales and Jamaica should definitely play a tournament. Call it the Atlantic Challenge, NH 4 Nations or get a sponsor and call it the (sponsor's name) challenge. I think it could generate some interest and draw some decent crowds and provide a good standard if RL
  19. JM2010

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    A full strength Jamaica and Lebanon could be added to France, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to make a pretty competitive NH tournament
  20. JM2010

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    Which SL players are eligible for Jamaica?
  21. I'm going to get to a game or two. It's a long time since I watched the schoolboys. Mark Gasnier was playing centre
  22. JM2010

    Love and the Exiles!

    That could work. It could include any nation then
  23. JM2010

    Love and the Exiles!

    We all have a moan about England not playing enough games, especially at home, and this would be of a really high standard. It might be a made up team but could be marketed into an event
  24. JM2010

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    I wonder if France could maybe take on Lebanon at the end of 2019. They're both already qualified for the WC and aren't involved in anything as yet next year. Wales could maybe travel to NA and play against US and Canada
  25. Then we make sure that we don't promote it as a double header just to sell tickets. Promote it as the 1895 cup final followed by the Challenge Cup final. A celebration of RL at all levels of the professional game. When a big rock band plays a big stadium they have bands on before but it doesn't cheapen the event it actually adds to the experience