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  1. Maybe Briggs has been fully fit all season. Who knows ?! A utility back with a good kicking game would be top of the list for me but given past signings especially in the last few years its difficult to say what's going to work. Craven seemed to be a great addition to the squad last year in that role but showed little. Even this year looking at the 'new' players (Briscoe, Ulugia,Walton, Mariano, Moore, Hardcastle, Carlile, Wildie) you could argue that the 'biggest' signings were the least impressive. So there's always a risk. We'll just need to trust in Duffy in getting the right people in....... or those that can keep MC happy at least. I hope it's a case of strengthening though rather the usual end of season swap shop.
  2. Here was me thinking we qualified with 2 games to spare !! Re. Knowles. I rated him. Good all round player but seemed to be mysteriously missing half the time. A bit like Briggs and look what he did at the weekend. Frustrating then that his move, you would think, was a done deal before Duffy came in. Interesting that he won the man of the match vote in his last ever match - by a mile. I'm sure that tells us something - but I'm not entirely sure what.
  3. The latter hopefully
  4. Nailed it Adam B.
  5. I was Ellis's biggest fan but I think that comment is unfair. Of the new signings this year I reckon only half have been a real success / lived up to past reputations but I think Carlile has been very good. Who is better at this level ? Who would have been available from a higher level and how could we have afforded them ?
  6. Great. What with Jonny D's injury we might get to see more of Walters' silky skills. I couldn't be more disillusioned and disappointed with the club It's ridiculous really - we're just about to start the Middle 8's
  7. Yeah that's exactly how I think it will go. My post may have been confusing reading it again.....
  8. What - HKR throw it away against Toulouse and it's too good to be true ? Don't get too cocky too soon. I know where my money is.
  9. Wow that's some detailed analysis. Go on then please provide us with more details. Can you go through both current squads in detail specifying which Swinton players have more flair, as you put it, in each position compared to us. Can't wait for this....
  10. Spot on. A big gamble for me.
  11. I don't think yesterdays result had anything to do with this.
  12. I don't like this news at all. There's an arrogant / greedy feel to it reminiscent of the Feisal era. Unbelievable that this decision was clearly made a while ago and we didn't even get to see what Sharpy could have achieved in the 8's. I know we don't get to see what goes on behind closed doors etc and there may be something more to it, but I reckon he's done a great job for us. The prize money over these last two years has meant everything. Talk of him not being able to motivate players for big games beggars belief. What short memories we've got when you think of last year's run in. Every game a knock out game against teams that also had to win (on a different level to Fax's lucky run this year) I just hope those of you wanting more entertaining rugby are happy when we start to look more like the team of 2015 again. It'll all end in tears.
  13. Walters got better yesterday
  14. Maybe we did really care that he had no hair. Duffy's got plenty though.