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  1. RobLambert


    An contaire. I only didn't laugh out loud because I was afraid if I did my head would have fallen off.....
  2. RobLambert


    Robin. I have never suggested that it's every decision in every game - not by a long shot. (Although that idea does seem to be found constantly hilarious). Many games do come down to fine margins though. As someone said earlier referees can virtually find a genuine penalty for either side with every play - at our level particularly. That is why I just find it difficult to accept that we appear to have consistently more decisions against us when it matters. Subtle yes but in the end of season analysis they can be huge.
  3. RobLambert


    Of course. We've suffered a lot though. Since we were effectively thrown out of the top tier when SL started we have obviously never been back up there but ALL of the other clubs who missed out have at some point had a crack at it. In fact 22 clubs have competed in SL. When you consider that in the TWENTY THREE years of the SL era our average position at the end of the season (all leagues combined) is between 17-18 (average 5th outside of SL) it does seem grossly unfair. don't get me wrong clubs like Dewsbury and Keighley have been well and truly shafted in that time but we have consistently been the most successful non SL club by some distance. What with goalposts moving constantly, last minute play-off final defeats and greedy SL chairmen controlling the game and everything else I do find it hard to believe that the idea of (maybe just subconsciously) biased referees is laughed at. After all - don't they stand to lose out if Championship #### like us mix with the SL elite ? (rather than the club's that are wanted such as London and Toronto?)............
  4. RobLambert


    Correct. As I recall back in 1995 we had a televised game at home v Hull with one of the Connolly clowns in charge. (I'm sure it was an early pre SL Sky game but someone may be able to correct me on that). In the first half we were disallowed 2 perfectly good tries where only Connolly saw forward passes. TV replays showed that the tries should have stood and it was the main talking point of the match (needless to say we went on to lose). Afterwards Danny Divet was interviewed about the match and was asked about the decisions. He had just been named in the World team of the year and let's be honest he had achieved bigger things in the game but I always remember his response about those sort of decisions always happening to teams like Featherstone. Mettre que dans votre pipe est la fumee - as the big man would have said - well if he spoke in French anyway.
  5. RobLambert


    It is sad. During that late 80's / early 90's era it was arguably our toughest away game yet I still have good memories of watching the likes of Gregory, Currier, Davies, Offiah, Sorenson, Tait etc. Irrespective of the fact that this can only be put down to short sighted bad management I bet Lenagan / McManus and co will be loving the fact that they can use this as a great argument to scrap relegation again. On a happier note that 12 point deduction has really increased our top 5 chances.................
  6. I'm not sure anyone has even suggested that we lost this game because of the referee yet so many seem ready to have a go just in case anyone does. Maybe we've been downtrodden and shafted that many times we just know our place.
  7. Commenting on a refs performance from the highlights alone ? Your blinkered defence of them gets worse !
  8. There's nothing wrong with referees. They are not biased, they are not influenced by the crowd, players or coaches. They don't find penalties just to balance things up. Most importantly they give every decision as they see it whichever team(s) they are refereeing without any preconceived ideas as to what implications those decisions might have. Anyone suggesting otherwise should be ridiculed. Well that's what some people seem to think anyway.....
  9. Whether or not there's some truth in that remains to be seen but it's a bit rich when you're using a SL 'dream team' half back (and I thought we were leaving ourselves open to criticism for taking the DR p*** lately) Anyway your number 6 can't do anything but pass imo.
  10. RobLambert

    Noise Levels

    Fair point. Been to many T20 games at Headingley and it definitely brings in families - the kids love it. But the sound quality is so much better there and with the open stands its not too loud. I think it's just the volume that bothers some of us at our place - plus those speakers sound shocking. Has Davies been slashing the cones again ?
  11. RobLambert

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    1. Singleton 2. King 3. Watson.
  12. RobLambert

    Noise Levels

    Looks like I'll just have to leave the car at home and get hammered.
  13. RobLambert

    Noise Levels

    Back in the mid 80's as I recall the team took the field to Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood so maybe we should think ourselves lucky. (I was going to say that the players came out to that song but it just sounded wrong)
  14. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    Don't forget Hardcastle missing yesterday as well. Some quality to come back there.