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  1. AdamB, expect to be hauled in front of the Rovers forum disciplinary committee - for having the audacity to disagree with the consensus of the forum mafia. (A grade G offence)
  2. Now now lets not suggest that a potential disciplinary issue has unfairly gone against us. Instead lets keep the focus on that splendid brandishing of a much deserved yellow card.
  3. So isn't this exactly a case of where the RL have got it wrong and where there are inconsistencies ? Its not like new information or video evidence came to light after the event yet the charges gets changed. I take your point that Dewsbury may see it differently but surely we did worse out of it ?? It was a big call to send Moore off at that point in the game - something that's easily forgotten but we'd feel a lot different about the incident if we'd lost.
  4. Don't suggest conspiracies on this forum you'll be shot down in flames.
  5. We'll have to laugh if Day plays a blinder won't we ?
  6. Your defence of the RL really surprises me.. Remember last year when O'Loughlin was given a one match ban after putting Annakin out of action for months - with the RL stating that his previous good behaviour had been taken into account despite the fact that apparently injuries sustained would be considered when suspensions were handed out. (Are Fev players past records taken into account ?) Also how can it possibly make sense that Moore gets a red and misses a potentially crucial hour of a game for a one match ban offence. Essentially the same offence for which Sykes gets a yellow but a 2 match ban. It really is a load of boll*cks however you dress it up.
  7. Yep. According to the referees it is.
  8. Wasn't it the same player that feigned death and then recovered - earlier in the game ? Maybe we need to do the same. Briscoe has been taken out in just about every game this year but always bounces back up so the offences have gone relatively unpunished. As far as Misi's tackle goes - who knows what the panel will decide - nothing would surprise me.
  9. If you pause the highlights at the right point Cooper clearly scored.
  10. 1. Turner 2. Lockwood. 3. Cooper. Been some great performances from 1-17 over the last few games including 'fringe' players so a good sign for the rest of the season. Whoever we were playing today- in that first half we were very very good.
  11. Think of all the clubs that have had to move to other locations over the years. Often to dull all seater flat pack stadiums away from their main catchment area / community. We have managed to keep our own ground in the heart of the town. It has a unique character and atmosphere and the recent fantastic improvements have just added to that. For me that's more important than what the media have to call it - but it will always be Post Office Road to most of us.
  12. Thats good I thought they may have both picked up a ban that I'd missed - for excessive fair play or something......Its hard to keep track at the moment. But seriously if they were rested it makes you wonder what we could have achieved with something resembling a full team....
  13. Do we know where Misi and Hardo were today ?
  14. Strange as you said it shouldn't have been a red ?? Anyway I'm sure that if Walton hadn't let go in the tackle it would not have been an issue and Briscoe had already committed himself.
  15. Would you say that Briscoe's tackle was accidental or premeditated. I thought most of us seeing it in real time thought the former. If so what is a lengthy ban for ? Whether 1 match or 5 matches an accident can and will happen again. A ban for abusive language I can accept as the player should learn. In terms of other incidents going unpunished being irrelevant I could not disagree more. If we're not seeking more consistency in refereeing and disciplinary issues we may as well not bother