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  1. Hardcastle Turner Briscoe
  2. Never needed a pro team with Fev being so close ? Not sure if the comment about Ponte being posh was serious ?!! I went to Carleton High back in the 80"s when Fev (and Cas) were in the top division so it seems odd looking back that we always played union but there was a long standing link with Ponte RUFC (which was nearby). As I recall though quite a few went from Carleton to Fev via Ponte RU.
  3. Yeah, Sykes, Wood, Carvel, Craven etc. That said of course I hope he does end up being outstanding for us.
  4. Thanks for this. Totally agree with your point about Knowles. Along with Moore and Davies as well I think we are assembling a pack that's arguably a bit 'tougher' than say a couple of years back ? Ok so they're the pantomime villain type but Leigh had a full team of those and it didn't do them any harm.........
  5. Also - what exactly is wrong with saying that anyway ? Isn't that a fundamental part of team selection ?? We certainly gave opportunities to younger players last year even whilst using DR. Some got better - others maybe didn't take their chance or were found out a bit - hopefully they will come back stronger. We need to pick the best team available to us whether that be contracted players / loans / DR.
  6. For Rovers these games are usually an opportunity to pick up one or two serious injuries.
  7. Its up to the supporters to dislike other clubs isn't it ? So that sounds a bit odd. By the look of him last season its a shame he doesn't have a similar dislike of pie eating.
  8. Therein lies the problem. Whilst I would give Lockwood another chance, the fact that we've not seen him at his best since 2013 (and that he's now thirty sonething) is not getting too many people excited. That said, suggestions that we should remove all of his drug fuelled performances from the record books are ridiculous and I hope he comes back and shows us all what a player he could have been.
  9. Re the first point rather than open a can of worms let's just say they've served their sentence and doesn't everyone deserve a second chance ? In terms of quality that's a matter of opinion. Lockwood was part of that excellent pack we had a few years back without being too dynamic - Pick I thought could have been very good but it sounds like Toronto may have snapped him up anyway.
  10. A bit naive on both counts.
  11. This for me is absolutely bang on and sums up the whole argument. i.e. when does a player belong to a club these days ? If we're honest how many play for the love of the club itself rather than the club offering most money ? Even taking DR out of the equation players don't stop around long these days. 'Our' squad seems to change completely from one season to the next anyway. When I started watching rugby in the 80's it was the exception rather than the norm that players moved on at the end of each season / or the end of their contract. We've got used to this gradual shift - also long term / short term loans have been around as long as I remember to cover etc so whats the difference ? For me as long as we use the best players available (whether it be contracted / loans / DR), that those players give their all and are chosen by our coach I'm ok with it. The DR debate seems to be about pieces of paper. We have to move with the times or we'll all be walking in the Dales on a Sunday aft'.
  12. I'll let you have that one.
  13. Batley.....The smokin' Carl Gibson trophy
  14. I'm still trying to forget that Tuuta played for the dark side.