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  1. RobLambert

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    I'm C........totally empty just at the minute.
  2. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    I don't see us getting Briscoe / Dwyer at all. In the case of Dwyer that would suit me fine. Other than that - well done for the positive attitude for the season. I wish I felt the same way.
  3. Come back Jon Sharp. All is forgiven.
  4. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    Hardman, Robinson, Briscoe, Misi, Ulugia, Holmes, Moore, Carlile, Farrell, Mariano, Knowles,Wildie, Hock, Brooks, Thacks. Not to mention the rumours that seem to be creeping in about Riddy. Play that lot against a team made up of the new signings and a shed load of DR players. I know who I would have my money on. Just stating the facts.
  5. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    I think we do look vastly weaker. However in the last couple of seasons Fax have looked vastly worse than us on paper and on the pitch week in week out, scored fewer points, been really boring but somehow found a way to grind out enough wins to finish above us in the table (still not quite sure how that happened in either season). We might have to do that next year.
  6. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    We'd hit the ground running with him - he comes ready injured.
  7. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    Of course pivots are the main thing but I just think we are leaving ourselves short on the wings. It's easy to say they just finish things off and you could shove anyone in that position. But I wonder how many tries in the last couple of years finished off by the likes of Briscoe, Misi, Robinson and Turner could have been scored by just anyone else in the team ? Not to mention how good those players were defensively (in the main), at returning kicks and taking pressure off the forwards. A mistake to think you can just try a kid out there I think.
  8. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    Mmm. If we're not planning on signing a decent winger, even allowing for our reduced funding, our options / quality in that position have really taken a hit compared to last year (probably more than any other position?). Couple of Leeds kids one of which playing out of position and hoping for Luke on DR (who personally I don't think we'll see much of - if at all)
  9. RobLambert

    2019 Squad

    Am I forgetting something or do we not need a pair of wingers ?
  10. RobLambert

    Gaz Hock

    Did they sign him up in a Chinese restaurant ?
  11. RobLambert

    In perspective

    The pike is impressive but not so much the surroundings. All that's missing from the photo is some foolish kids and Donald Pleasance dressed as the grim reaper etc.
  12. RobLambert

    private equity company land plans

    I wonder why ???
  13. RobLambert

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    1/3 of our ground is terracing ? That reminds me of the 20 metre slopping pitch claims.
  14. RobLambert

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    What is the issue with this ? Should we have 17 players from down t'pit ? You are from another era.
  15. RobLambert

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    In terms of the first point i have to totally agree.