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  1. Team Photo 1988-89

    Yeah if you could bring back just one of these its a tough choice - but it's hard to look further than Newey - a world class player who could have fit into any team from any era. I think we had him at his peak though. Anyone remember an unbelievable length of the field try he scored at Thrum Hall back in the late 80s ?
  2. Team Photo 1988-89

    Agree with all the comments already made but what a player Paul Lyman was as well. Unstoppable at times. Would love to see him in the 2018 team.
  3. 2018 Squad.

    Let's have a look at someone else we nearly signed. What next - a speedboat ?
  4. Oh no doubt he's the best prop in the championship. Don't worry about that.
  5. Hock

    That's rich coming from the source of all rugby league speculation - both factual or fake (usually the latter)
  6. Darrell Griffin

    That looks like a possibility (maybe the best we can hope for) but the last 3 years placings have been a real surprise so who knows.
  7. Darrell Griffin

    Well done to all those who have been blowing smoke up Bluesox's bottom of late - and even pleading for his latest thoughts. Now he's back with his usual mix of opinions ranging from the subtle to the not so subtle digs at us. How he must **** himself laughing reading this forum Or is it just me..........
  8. Club handed a fine

    But KR only effectively received a four figure fine regarding the events at the MPG in 2016. They hosted that game and the scenes there were on a totally different level (and televised). The RFL just sh*t on us all year round now don't they. Even at Christmas.
  9. New shirt 2018

    Ey its serious stuff. We spend enough time looking at it / wearing it and hasn't it got to look something like Fev ? Anyway I need to know what this seasons hoops do for my 'physique'..........
  10. New shirt 2018

    Ah thanks. That looks better. I like it but it just looks a bit too much like a t-shirt at a glance. The white on the neckline makes it look like a polo shirt collar
  11. New shirt 2018

    Think it would look better with navy shorts
  12. Sam Brooks

    Sounds like a few of our supporters on a Sunday aft.....
  13. Sam Brooks

    For what it's worth I thought he was head and shoulders above the other forwards we signed at the back end of last year and I think he can make a very good player. He can pass the ball and for me that is a great asset at this level - could work well with Duffy's style of play too. He's just a part time player and he's had a few beers whilst on a tour for pity's sake. To think of the money that Ben Stokes 'earns' and he may still make the Ashes tour after being caught on CCTV battering a man half to death.
  14. Summer Bash fixtures announced Monday

    I kind of like the idea but it just doesn't work. The concept was brought in before the new 8's format was introduced - but now with the top 4 finish being so crucial how can the extra game ever be fair. I mean how will Fax now have any chance !!!!!!!!! and I'm not sure that we should be holding it just for the TV. It would be great if we could get the Championship back on TV but not for the Bash. What with all the empty seats I think it just looks embarrassing and not a great advertisement at all. If we have to have it - In terms of the venue - I'm not sure what the answer is but for me mixing it up a bit would help. I went to the bash for the weekend a couple of years back and we did have a laugh but I personally don't want to go back to the same venue for the weekend every year. Also traffic was horrendous with it being bank holiday - especially if you're just doing the day.