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  1. The actual point missed by Ackropj was that the RFL could impose a set day and time for the final fixture regardless of any teams preference. Set it at the beginning of the season and everyone knows the position part time or not.
  2. There is for teams quite a lot hanging on whether they make the top four or not. Why the RFL have not imposed a consistent KO time for the last round I don't know. It would resolve any perception of an advantage for one team over another. Football has adopted it for years to avoid any possible claim of collusion. Yet here we are where TO and Fev play the night before and KR and Fax know what they need to do. Doubt it would change the result in this and many examples but might reduce the associations that are obviously open to debate. In reality TO lost it earlier in the season rather than having to rely on this last throw of the dice.
  3. Intriguing weekend. If TO won tonight KR know if they manage a draw or lose they would avoid a trip to France in the eights. TO Bradford Dewsbury Hull KR London Oldham
  4. Congratulations to KR. They were considerably better than the rest of the league. However for them this has been little more than a 23 game pre-season preparation, possibly closer to the Leigh experience in 2015. Very little in this will have prepared them for the games against the SL sides. If the tables were as at present KR might enjoy Warrington, Leigh, Broncos and Featherstone at home and Catalan, Toulouse and Widnes away. While probable that Toulouse will fade before the end of the league format two trips to the South of France would be a big ask.
  5. Toronto it is then.
  6. Is it an evening kick off, has the Broncos bus turned up yet?
  7. And what exactly is the potential KR have that Leigh for example don't. Crowd, An academy, proximity to a successful neighbour, a ground, an owner with money, a heritage, local amateur teams of a sufficient quality, maybe it's not an opportunity to expand the area the game is played in at the top flight, or a production line of players that could go to other clubs. I think a little more clarity would help.
  8. Apparently we don't have franchising and it's on a form of merit. Last year they didn't merit staying. Why is that a poor swap or isn't it on your bus route
  9. Any trip to a home game is a project for most of the Broncos fans be it from Essex or Hampshire. The ground might meet criteria if the right promises have been made to the RFL as Number 16 suggests. In terms of improvements a temporary seated stand behind the sticks similar to the other end but with no cover might be low enough not to pee off the neighbours. It really is the number of loos and areas for F&B that need increased for larger crowds. As for dark horses, the next two weeks will give an indication of whether we are realistic challengers for the eights. Taking that form into the eights and catching out a SL team or two is however a different proposition. I suspect we are maybe one or two players short of the team or squad to deliver particularly if injuries come in. However it's a long time since we've enjoyed the journey and provided the players play to their peak you can't ask for more than that.
  10. Any stand would need planning permission which might require around 12 or so weeks to achieve. If the parties were serious about new stands then surely putting in a planning application for stands should be made now. The permission could be valid for a number of years, surprised it's not been put in place? The stands probably aren't the main issue, it's the number of actual facilities, toilets, bars, food outlets that are also neeeded. The latter two could be temporary the toilets would be better more permanent. Until there is some real evidence that this will be delivered just like being promised we would be promoted this year it's just bluster.
  11. And Ealing Broadway will soon be connected by Crossrail which will improve its connectivity. The ground however is a long way from being SL ready. Ealing were refused access to the Union Premiership recently and unless a couple of stands with facilities are added it is woefully inadequate. The points made by Hendo about wider state of the game and its management are so right.
  12. A good result for Broncos. Dropped/rested Purcell, Dixon, Sammut and Rociqa. Looked far more like a cohesive whole and played more as a team. Wingers were able to receive the ball going forward rather than the cart up the middle from the 20. TO have a number of very good players and are well structured, made good yards and quite a few off loads which caused problems. It was pretty even for the first 30 mins with neither side being able to break the other down. Things opened up with a couple of tries from Broncos before a switch off for a couple from Toulouse. Half time team talk did little as TO strolled straight in. After that Broncos took some sort of control of the game. Barthau was excellent as was Walker and Pitts throughout. Extraordinary lose of concentration from the TO number 4, in the middle of the second half, who if had walked forward from the 10m line would have scored but decided to kick, or just launch the ball over the dead ball line.
  13. Oh it's more than discipline that's missing.
  14. Fev to with at Rams, can't believe they have collapsed so much. Swinton could upset this, KR to be less than convincing, Bradford to be more of a surprise, Rochdale to win in a preamble to Brexit or whatever century they are in, and London might win if there is any pride and structure to the attack.
  15. Thing is Rochdale can play rugby. They started off strongly. Were quickly up at the ptb in defence, ran strongly and some good lines, asked quite a few questions and were deservedly in the lead. Broncos were poor. When Broncos got into the game with a try from a dropped ball things started to change. Prior to that Broncos didn't look as if they'd do much to trouble Rochdale. After that a tactical approach aimed at slowing the game down and removing any momentum was more the order of the day for Rochdale. A couple of high shots in the first half but you always get the odd high shot in any game, miss timed, clumsy etc, but it became rather farcical in the second half. With tensions boiling over a few times. It's a pity because they are clearly able to set out and play to a game plan. At least Crecy was played on a Saturday (Julian calendar)