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  1. The second of those five is an interesting comment by the administrator as he is commenting on an area in which I would perceive he has no jurisdiction. As of the point when the club went into administration it (the old company) was no longer a member or part of the RFL. In addition the players had become free agents and it was stated the next step was liquidation. The RFL is quite entitled to invite bids from interested parties to join their competition. If the administrator still managed to sell the old company then that owner could be an applicant though it is completely within the RFLs discretion who it accepts as the company/club that joins. It was clearly a decision to protect their competition and ensure something met the criteria they are clearly bound by.
  2. Certainly not, I said winning in the 8s, not winning the 8s. Maybe 'winning games in the 8s' would be clearer.
  3. About the only benefit of the current structure is that Bradford have a 23 game pre-season to assemble a squad cabable of winning in the 8s. In theory if only 2pts off the 3rd bottom club by the time the 8s start when there are usually a few good players starting to move around staying in the Championship is quite possible. In the last two seasons the 3rd bottom club has had 14pts at the end of the 23 games. That's pretty much a win lose ratio equivalent to the 2016 Bradford team. In terms of what might be left of the previous squad (assuming prepared to sign) and perhaps 5 season loans can a squad be assembled to achieve that or close to it?
  4. Premier Sports have the friendly against Hull FC on 22 Jan from 2pm. Believe it's live
  5. On RFL website now
  6. BBC have announced RFL have agreed a new club, will start in Championship on minus 12. Good that a club exists in Bradford.
  7. Sorry, electronic communication doesn't carry the tongue in cheek, I'm not having a go at you. The 2005 melt down of Broncos, self inflicted, resulted in the current rules or at least the charge towards them. We didn't receive any punishment directly from the RFL just the vote as to whether we were allowed to stay which went to the edge. And trust me 5 years dressed as Harlequins RL which was the package for our continued existence is a punishment self inflicted I'm unfortunately too aware.
  8. Several years prancing around as Harlequins is more than enough punishment. And don't forget our problems were partly the reason for the new rules being introduced. Oh and the Bradford club took the decision to vote against London being accepted, think they were the only ones.
  9. I understand the sentiment regarding bringing up a Ch1 club but you are then condemning another team to the drop. Not sure I'd be over the moon as a Championship club (choose your own scenario who) now having to avoid third bottom (or finishing sixth in the eights). Nor to the CH1 side selected who you would be essentially condemning to a year of struggle. Think both would blame Bradford for reducing their short to medium term viability.
  10. Crusaders stated in July that they were not applying for the following year in SL. Timescales are therefore completely different and therefore ability to plan for the following season. I think you'll find a number of Bradford fans view this as a further punishment than being asked to start in League 1
  11. Think RFL have made it clear why. 12 teams in the Chump. Logistically unable to just insert another team especially not Toronto otherwise the entire fixture list would need redone. Not sure promoting Barrow or retaining Haven would help either of those clubs so close to start of the new season. Also think it's probably covered in the rules somewhere. Best for other clubs not to find out if the RFL would do the same. I suspect RFL are already well advanced in discussing with the prospective parties for the new club.
  12. Options have been suggested above. Transport for London website have a journey planner planner which will provide options and provide details of time and any interchanges. Probably more buses from Ealing Broadway (E2, E7, E9, E10, 297) running on both Saturday and Sunday. Also you can get to Ealing Broadway by central and district lines and trains from Paddington.
  13. Moving closer to some of the NRL rules, but do the international rules follow?
  14. Didn't even know the sport existed up to the age of 17 despite Carlisle being only 30 miles from Workington and the News and Star covering the game. Was always involved in Swimming and Water Polo so never in on a Saturday for CC games or whatever night the floodlit trophy was on. If watched sport on the telly it was football, cricket, golf and table tennis (not on telly) the sport my parents watched and played. Yet was in Town, Haven or Barrow on a regular basis. As a side comment the game didn't have much profile then, but everyone knew Eddie Waring, and still doesn't. If you know it exists then you see it, if you don't it's just an oval ball game. Then someone decided to start a team in the City in 1981, was probably persuaded by mates to go along, got hooked. And as the amateur scene was there started to play the game. Selected my Uni on basis of where the game was played and with several job offers in a number of locations went to London because I could still be involved with League.