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  1. A good result for Broncos. Dropped/rested Purcell, Dixon, Sammut and Rociqa. Looked far more like a cohesive whole and played more as a team. Wingers were able to receive the ball going forward rather than the cart up the middle from the 20. TO have a number of very good players and are well structured, made good yards and quite a few off loads which caused problems. It was pretty even for the first 30 mins with neither side being able to break the other down. Things opened up with a couple of tries from Broncos before a switch off for a couple from Toulouse. Half time team talk did little as TO strolled straight in. After that Broncos took some sort of control of the game. Barthau was excellent as was Walker and Pitts throughout. Extraordinary lose of concentration from the TO number 4, in the middle of the second half, who if had walked forward from the 10m line would have scored but decided to kick, or just launch the ball over the dead ball line.
  2. Oh it's more than discipline that's missing.
  3. Fev to with at Rams, can't believe they have collapsed so much. Swinton could upset this, KR to be less than convincing, Bradford to be more of a surprise, Rochdale to win in a preamble to Brexit or whatever century they are in, and London might win if there is any pride and structure to the attack.
  4. Thing is Rochdale can play rugby. They started off strongly. Were quickly up at the ptb in defence, ran strongly and some good lines, asked quite a few questions and were deservedly in the lead. Broncos were poor. When Broncos got into the game with a try from a dropped ball things started to change. Prior to that Broncos didn't look as if they'd do much to trouble Rochdale. After that a tactical approach aimed at slowing the game down and removing any momentum was more the order of the day for Rochdale. A couple of high shots in the first half but you always get the odd high shot in any game, miss timed, clumsy etc, but it became rather farcical in the second half. With tensions boiling over a few times. It's a pity because they are clearly able to set out and play to a game plan. At least Crecy was played on a Saturday (Julian calendar)
  5. Yes but no one is sure if their on loan or not
  6. I know, the way Oldham, Sheffield and Halifax behave is terrible.
  7. Bradford - Toulouse not yet learnt to travel London - More squeaky bum time and despite a win Hendo to go apoplectic Hull KR - just too much Rochdale - just a team Eagles - no good reason Swinton - could go either way. Home advantage.
  8. Well Oldham will consider themselves unlucky. Penalty in final few mins and hit the post
  9. Toulouse winning at home not so much of a surprise. Swinton likely to be their first real test at home. As for the others: Featherstone Sheffield London Hull KR Swinton
  10. Quite agree and in a number of cases there are existing lines adequately marked out to make a judgement on offside. The goal line for instance couldn't be a clearer line for viewing off sides when the play of the ball is within metres of it.
  11. Penalties killed us. We just need to cut them out, far too many silly ones. Though Pitts head getting in the way of a boot to give the penalty was strange. As regards the head high, only assume these were in line with the kids song - shoulder, neck and chin, therefore it appears fine.
  12. And Daryl Powell adds to the debate by saying Leeds and Huddersfield (their international players) shouldn't be playing in a sub standard competition (referring to the middles 8s). He does state essentially it was there own fault, He might have a point and suggests a tweak is needed but doesn't offer an insight as to what.
  13. Batley Rochdale - Though I suspect Bradford could do it Swinton Featherstone Toulouse Heart says London, head thinks it's maybe a week or too soon for us against KP
  14. Because the game is generally undervalued. Is the Championship worth less than League One football? Less than League Two football? Less than Conference football? Less than the second tier in RU? Maybe it's only worth Conference North football? And is it really worth less than the cheapest tickets at the Theatre in Leeds for a show (curious Incident...)?