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  1. Ringing up on behalf of Microsoft due to a problem with your security....10 mins later ‘right I’ve got my Mac switched on’. Cyclists who appear to be unaware stopping at zebras/red lights also applies to them (maybe just a London thing) as I’m crossing the road. People who put their feet on the seats on trains. Chuggers in any town centre. And car drivers, particularly those on the M25 including: - Middle lane drivers - Audi drivers up your backside - BMW drivers who didn’t buy the indicator pack option - people who drive with fog lights on in weather with no fog, but especially when it’s raining - those who drive in partial light thinking their day lights at the front are all their lights on - The numpties driving too close and fast to horses and cyclists
  2. Broncos were poor. Not that sure about the ref and some of his decisions but Broncos gave him no choice on occasions. Haven were solid, workman like but not that spectacular. Probably played the conditions better. Fitness probably told in the end. Some work on building the knowledge of each other. Its early days, two out of two, cant ask for more.
  3. Assume you mean the 4G banked surface on the scoreboard side and yes there’s no cover there. However plenty of shelter at each end of the ground. £25 even for Whitehaven is hardly a bad price in London. Approach to disabled entry is must pay full price, not sure where the ‘have to charge’ comes from. It would be enlightening to discover. They do enable carer in free on basis of evidence. Whether you agree with that is a matter of opinion.
  4. While the clubs’ websites are correct and i am looking forward to the fixture, the RFL website still suggests that Toulouse v London is on the 9 Aug yet announced only a couple of days ago that on the Friday 7 Aug. You wonder if anyone actually communicates at HQ.
  5. And it would be Scotland, Canada and England. And if Cumexit happens Cumberland before England.
  6. Looks like some divergence from the original thread. Mac has been consistent in his views. He has made similar comments while at Broncos (or Quin’s as the aberration was). His views are about how a new team establishes itself, ensuring it has the right quality players to be both competitive and successful, so young players can be attracted and fit into a winning side, while the crowds build and establish. It all helps with the leap towards developing its own. Other sports are very good at spreading their product. Football has been aggressive in its expansion, with a team in Leeds probably a good example (even if very last century). Or NFL in developing the crowds over the last few years in London by making teams have their home game in London. However good ole rugby league doesn’t like expansion or trying to ensure the game grows. Let’s not support a team in a new area allowing it to establish properly in places that really could make the whole sport benefit but just hope the village next to us gets the bug and then hopefully the one next to that. Or let an entrepreneur spend all their money and if it doesn’t work ah well, maybe next time. Its been working so well. No strategy at the top of the game (existing management included) and no ability at any other level to make accommodation for the strategy to grow the game if it was in place.
  7. Classic deflection tactic. If he wasn’t choosing this, it would be London’s playing surface, or something else. Choice of words is to deflect from a coach who has been unable to coach his team and left relying on others results (most of his tenure and particularly) on the last day of the season to avoid relegation. He had his big chance on the 6 September to put the matter to bed but failed to provide the coaching skills to achieve it.
  8. From one perspective I would say Broncos could suffer most. The asset stripping as the established players leave is already happening, though they’ve earned their right to step up. Around eight if not more of the starting 13 on Friday are off to pastures new. However as a result if we drop down we certainly wont be as strong or cohesive so may take a year or so to recover. Meanwhile the SL clubs offer deals to players reducing the strength. Maybe a 2-3 year recovery period to get back to last years strength, maybe more. We depend on our academy, bolstered by the right type of player and the selection needs to be done carefully given geography. And all of this depends on our benefactor who isn’t getting younger, there isn’t a queue of local millionaires lining up to replace him. The sell in SL is potentially easier than in the Chump.
  9. I agree, though think we can defy the odds. The season started with gallant defeats being potentially acceptable. Unfortunately or fortunately the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Now near loses and gallant defeats are not acceptable the bar has been raised by the players performances we now expect that each week. If we are relegated I will be bitterly disappointed, at the beginning of the season it was just not to be embarrassed. That might be cruel but its a compliment to the players and the team, we now expect rather than just hope.
  10. You get the train, underground or a bus and turn up. I assume its being played at Wembley before/after the Challenge Cup. The stadium holds 90,000 with a transport system more than able to cope. Not sure the last 10 years have seen anything approaching capacity so maybe just this might accomplish that.
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