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  1. Correct about Ebbsfleet station £3 and its a secure space (not that area is an issue). Very doable by public transport from London. Ebbsfleet trains are only from St Pancras (HS1 is quicker but more expensive). Traditional train lines out from London (Charing Cross/Waterloo East/London Bridge/Cannon Street) tend to stop at Dartford and need a change to Northfleet (not all of them). They take a bit longer (60 mins) from central London. Can probably use travelcard/oyster to Dartford but Nat Rail costs from there. Neither Ebbsfleet or Northfleet are far from the ground.
  2. Well 234 days since Broncos last won a match. And 277 days since the Coach led any team to a victory.
  3. I’m quite surprised about scores expected from Broncos at home. 12 point suggests three tries, not achieved that since round one and haven’t kicked a single goal at home in any game. Sure they’ll look good until 60 mins and then no doubt just give up. Long season still to come as a season ticket holder.
  4. Squad of 29 (and squad numbers) on Broncos website.
  5. If they’d chosen red rather than black it would have upset someone else. Maybe black was more continuity from the last six/seven years than red. Though what is a ‘legacy Broncos fan’? As Magic suggests the money people will be fine. It’s trying to strike an uncomfortable balance.
  6. The whole point of the fixture is the corporate aspect, sponsorship and other aspects Skolars seek to develop. In some respects the game itself and ‘fans’ is not the reason for it happening. It will be a blow financially to the club, but if it can deliver the same results in March it won’t be a disaster overall though suddenly closer to some other corporate rah rah gigs the City like to stagger to. The loss of an early season hit out will be a loss for some, but often the game is several months before Skolars season starts (the vagaries of the RFL) and often only just after they start training so not a major blow to season training prep.
  7. Oh and count the number of lions on the England RL badge before responding.
  8. And this from twitter doesn’t ‘delete the original tweet’
  9. Sorry, do you mean professional players wanting to get out there and play for their country on National TV.
  10. And if you can actually be bothered to read the full thing which the OP chooses not to include, the quote is from Shaun Wane on basis of since WC was pushed back 12 months. And the National a Scottish paper quotes Shaun as stating: ‘We’re desperate to get back playing again and it’s going to be a full house over there so we need to make sure we perform the best we can.’ https://www.thenational.scot/sport/uk-sport/19665965.shaun-wane-ready-kickstart-englands-world-cup-preparations/
  11. I’ve said it previously, perhaps Broncos are just sticking two fingers up at the RFL. Broncos join the other ‘part time teams’ taking the ######. Plus the benefit of showing up the ambition of the whole sport by a main academy leading to professionalism going into a part time structure. However, you don’t run down your squad and then pay more for the stadium. Though as the key to the lights is tossed between current players leaving to the last man and not a signing in sight to replace them my money for next year will stay firmly in my bank until I know the quality and ambition of the squad put together. Unfortunately at this point I expect I will have a pot of cash to lavish elsewhere in my life.
  12. Broncos won’t start till next year at Wimbledon, they aren’t running the team down. No point making the move to Wimbledon and doing that. I’m sure the use of the term ‘part time’ is probable, but only in the sense that some other Chump teams claim to be part time.
  13. Not so much a criticism of the post as agree with a number of points. We live between a straight franchise which excludes certain teams or the current P&R approach. Neither satisfies everyone or anyone quite frankly. If went to 14 teams with two in France isn’t a bad a draw on a UK TV deal potentially. The points about greed in ‘the SL club’ is an issue. The heads are all the next year not the next ten or twenty. If you ensured a team within London you do open up another market, Broncos or whoever left in the lower leagues will never see the talent continue to flow through into the upper areas of the game on the same basis (but The RFL will wait till too late). Okay you’d get one or two but not the numbers potentially coming through now. Somewhere along the line a decision that quite a few very good teams in the heartlands (next door to another) are left in the lower leagues and act as feeder clubs. At some point you decide club B, D, F will be treated the same as Newtown Jets or North Sydney Bears and fixed in the lower comp and isn’t going to appear in SL.
  14. Not sure that is entirely correct. The RFL did define the Championship and League 1 as Elite sport (though did delay their start in terms of training as a precaution). But it would imply that both professional and semi-professional players would be covered by the definition of being elite. You can argue that semi-pro don’t meet the definition as ‘derived living’ but Govt guidance does not make a distinction (or any comment about sports people with outside interests). As an elite sport there would be no distinction sporting wise in the guidance between pro and semi-pro so the policy of 5 day quarantine with PCR test on 5th day applies equally. The Govt guidance does not cover the economic impact on those with regular jobs and that is a real issue for semi-pro sports people. That is where in setting the position the RFL has created the issue that Broncos are claiming
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