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  1. Classic deflection tactic. If he wasn’t choosing this, it would be London’s playing surface, or something else. Choice of words is to deflect from a coach who has been unable to coach his team and left relying on others results (most of his tenure and particularly) on the last day of the season to avoid relegation. He had his big chance on the 6 September to put the matter to bed but failed to provide the coaching skills to achieve it.
  2. From one perspective I would say Broncos could suffer most. The asset stripping as the established players leave is already happening, though they’ve earned their right to step up. Around eight if not more of the starting 13 on Friday are off to pastures new. However as a result if we drop down we certainly wont be as strong or cohesive so may take a year or so to recover. Meanwhile the SL clubs offer deals to players reducing the strength. Maybe a 2-3 year recovery period to get back to last years strength, maybe more. We depend on our academy, bolstered by the right type of player and the selection needs to be done carefully given geography. And all of this depends on our benefactor who isn’t getting younger, there isn’t a queue of local millionaires lining up to replace him. The sell in SL is potentially easier than in the Chump.
  3. It’s extra time golden point. Can’t really draw this year. It’s win or bust
  4. I agree, though think we can defy the odds. The season started with gallant defeats being potentially acceptable. Unfortunately or fortunately the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Now near loses and gallant defeats are not acceptable the bar has been raised by the players performances we now expect that each week. If we are relegated I will be bitterly disappointed, at the beginning of the season it was just not to be embarrassed. That might be cruel but its a compliment to the players and the team, we now expect rather than just hope.
  5. You get the train, underground or a bus and turn up. I assume its being played at Wembley before/after the Challenge Cup. The stadium holds 90,000 with a transport system more than able to cope. Not sure the last 10 years have seen anything approaching capacity so maybe just this might accomplish that.
  6. All teams rest players depending on their priorities. Broncos decided to rest a few players in the CC game at Halifax and came a cropper. It shouldn’t have happened if it’s just a case of stating SL team beats Chump side. Halifax have a few scalps to their name and last years semi final result possibly prays heavily on Saints mind.
  7. Heart says Broncos, head is unfortunately screaming a Cas win as things get back on track for them.
  8. Agreed. They were also all semi-pro so moving further was a big decision (it still is for some as Mum wont be doing their washing and cooking). The Economy was tanking (3 day week and all), we had a coal industry and RU wasn’t much better than pub rugby. It was also the last time we beat Oz in a test series before they started to become more professional and left us behind. A different era completely.
  9. Yes they were, and pretty much had a drink in hand before the credits had ended. Good atmosphere in the bar afterwards and all the KR fans I met before and after the game were friendly and good company. Generally a credit to themselves and their club.
  10. Never seen the game, despite it being 30 miles down the road, nor on the telly as other sporting commitments kept me away from the box. And certainly wasn’t interested in rugby union. Growing up in Carlisle a new club being started in 1981 and being dragged along by school friends, I got hooked as a regular. Selected a Uni to ensure could continue to see and play the game. Once in London as an amateur and the occasional Fulham/London Crusaders game until the Broncos took over and been a season ticket holder ever since.
  11. Even worse when you work out in Kent and it takes an hour to get home (before the 90 min trip to the ground), I’ll carry on complaining. However the braver contingents from Dover, Southampton or the Essex coast will somehow get there regardless.
  12. Broncos at half time for some bizarre reason. And then not a great first 20 mins with a less worse last 20 mins. That seems to be the pattern. And ultimately in this case not as bad as people think.
  13. Well, mixed emotions. Great to get the two points and didn’t expect the win or the quality of the first 65 mins. Worried as the wheels fell off. But a win is a win. Though the gloss has gone and the points difference would have helped psychologically if nothing else. Trinity have made a number of come backs this season against arguably better teams than Broncos and just fallen short so maybe a pattern there. Still need a full 80 minute game though.
  14. I look forward to this being introduced to the World Cup when it takes place in the UK. We can ask all the South Pacific teams (others to be listed) for a bond as they won’t bring enough fans with them to the UK, just in case they get to a semi-final or Final, it’s the logical step. about the only way to get the RFL to reconsider is if all the clubs took issue with it, unfortunately self interest (easier run, less travelling) takes over. Now if fans took the initiative and wrote to their clubs on mass stating they would not be attending any CC games you might get a reaction.
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