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  1. If we can give York a helping hand what's wrong with that?Now Bradford they have seen the writing on the wall for the last couple of seasons and still gambled with the club.Although i do feel sorry for the supporters and some players.
  2. Well it's a surprise to me that FEV supporters who usually know plenty about RL seem to be under the impression that PONTEFRACT have never had a RL team.The record books state they had a RL team that played between 1903 and 1907.Pontefract itself is still classed as a market town.Charlie Stone i believe signed for us from Pontefract RU.A workhorse in our pack and without his indiscretion while playing for Hull we may not have won the cup in1983.
  3. Say what you want about OXY but he was on the ball with the liquidation announcement.Bradfords mistake was keeping full time after relegation.They should have kept half a dozen key players on full time contracts.Offered about 6grand a year retainer for part -time players with bonuses for wins and league position.
  4. HULL,HELL OR HALIFAX, which would you pick?
  5. One things for sure HMRC and the administrators will want fist pick of any funds,how will they be able to compete in a strong championship if they receive a 8-12 point deduction.Any less would not be fair on the clubs who try to operate with a structured budget.
  6. Wafer thin ham for a vegetarian always makes me smile.
  7. I was brave or STUPID enough to view as an away supporter from the threepenny stand at the Boulevard with my 12 yr old daughter.I am so pig headed i even managed to last until half time.
  8. It's difficult to compare players from different eras but i have watched RL since the mid 50's.Good players from yesterday would be just as good in today's game,one has to realise most players liked a pint or 8 tried to skip training when possible and played the game because they enjoyed playing and the pocket money they received in win money was a bonus.Players understood the game more and i think apart from one or two most of today's players play a sterile type of game that has become boring.The late Terry Clawson described today's game as five charges and a kick and it does lack creativity.Championship rugby is more like the true game of RL.After more than 60 yrs watching i now prefer NFL games to SL more even games less predictable results and a salary cap and draft system that works for most teams.When i was an apprentice i worked with a chap(name with held )who's brother hooked for York.His brother was not selected to play at Wakefield but went to the match,he had three or four pint's in the Graziers at Belle Vue.The hooker selected in his place was ill so they sent someone to look for the dropped player knowing that he would be having a pint before the game.To cut a long story short he agreed to play and ended up being the man of the match.PS this was early sixties when Wakey were a cracking side who won the cup 3 times in 5yrs.
  9. Like most good players Harry always seemed to have time for the correct offload .It's a shame today's game does not encourage ball playing loose forwards.they could create space through the tightest defences.
  10. I see Duckworth as a future centre,he has the size and pace and his defence is ok.Not an easy position to play in the modern game but i think he could make the change.Coach him in what is required and see if he can develop the handling skills a centre needs.
  11. I watch as many games as possible have been doing ever since it was first televised over here on channel 4 sponsored by the Daily Express about 40 yrs ago.I enjoy it almost as much as championship RL and more than SL.If the players didn't wear padding their might be some nasty injuries as players often go into the tackle helmet first,although in the last few years they have increased safety standards and are trying to make it favour the attacking sides.In the last 9 years 7 sides have won the Super Bowl so it gives teams a more equal chance than SL or Premier League Football.Tonight's game New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers looks a very even match.SKY2 kick off 9-30pm enjoy.
  12. My old coach who played under Roy Francis at Leeds said the best position to play in the pack was second row.You could get into the game in attack or defence just as much as you fancied.
  13. In fact a TIP.
  14. Plenty forward's worse than Locky in the championship.
  15. Yes i heard the same interview but he said he would still work for Batley in his present job and coach Keighley on a part time basis.