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  1. sentoffagain2

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    Black Swan on Westgate,Peter Fox coached them just prior to rejoining Fev as coach.Never played against them but Foxy watched one of our games and asked the spectators who the dirty ---------- in the lug caps was.Twas i. Teams i did play against=Jubilee ,Cutsyke,Pointer Panthers,Redhill,Kippax White Swan,Normanton,Sharlston,Bentley,Ackworth,Duke of York,Malt Shovel,Jolly Sailor(Thornes)Walnut Warriors,Hemsworth Miners.Fred Lindop used to pick the juicy matches to ref and his humour usually kept the hard cases in check.
  2. sentoffagain2

    2019 Squad

    I would have liked to keep Thacks and Wildie on last years performances.How much contract money did they want?.I would think about 15G a year would be about right,maybe up to 18G for Thacks 16G for Wildie at a push.Although my prefered contract would be a smaller retainer and then extra match terms on top on results.
  3. sentoffagain2

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    James Lowes i put his name up for coach after Powell and Bastian left.After over 60 years watching the game how could i have been so stupid?.But again i don't have to try very hard.Don't blame Duffy for wanting a job nearer home it's a fair trek over the Hill three times a week for training and games.
  4. sentoffagain2

    Yorkshire cup

    Probably melted it down then.
  5. sentoffagain2

    2019 Squad

    Duffy won more point in the middle eights the previous year than Marshall did this season.although 0 does not take much improving on.
  6. sentoffagain2

    Steve Lingard RIP

    Played against Steve when he was stand off in the Sharlston team 1969/70 prior to him signing for Batley.We often crossed paths in Wakey the night before we played and if we had been breathalised before the game the next day KO 11am not many from either side would have passed.A true Rugby League man who gave back to the game after finishing playing.R.I.P.
  7. sentoffagain2

    private equity company land plans

    Our young un took me off Twitter after i got 360+ remarks to one of my posts.Positive i did have 11 in my favour,i don't miss it.
  8. sentoffagain2

    private equity company land plans

    Would you want your name or reputation to be tarnished with the club being 1.2million in debt.Although he might have been in the dark, i think we all were until the figure came thought Longo was O.K. James and i would back your judgement.
  9. sentoffagain2

    private equity company land plans

    I think James is correct about his valuation of the land if full planning was given,somewhere between £750g to £850g per acre with 14 houses per acre being a comfortable estimate for planning purposes which would put a plot value for building houses at £14.5 million.18 times 14 =252 houses.Just say 90 at an affordable £150g,90 at £200g and 70 bigger houses at £250.which would give a total plot valuation on houses completion of £16.3 million.i e 90at 150g=13.5million 90 at200g= 18million and 70 at250g=17.5 million total value of built houses=49million.Builders guide of 3=a third for plot a third building costs and a third profit less taxes=16.33,16.33,16.33 million each third.Fev in theory would have 51% of 16.33M our stakeholder would have 49%of 16.33M so if full planning can be achieved it is a win win for both parties.However we are FEV and it is very rare that our plans come to fruition.Although to praise the stand volunteers theirs did and don't we owe them for the improvement it has made to the ground.I am going for a nap my head is full of figures.
  10. Well deserved a gentleman and a terrific ball playing loose forward in his playing days.First saw him play 1957/8 season in the feared Hull pack.And one of the Great Britain back three Turner ,Karalius,and Whiteley who all played 13 for their clubs.
  11. sentoffagain2

    2019 Squad

    Someone at the club has a plan that's for sure.
  12. sentoffagain2

    England v France this Wednesday

    I have enjoyed watching the Conference games on Freesport Saturday afternoon(recorded and view later when there is cr-p on SKY, 80% of the time).Towards the end of the season it started showing adverts so that is a good sign no one wanted to advertise early season.Remember when Chanel 4 started showing NFL on sunday nights the advertising slots were blank and the Daily Express sponsored the viewing.If S.L. split after 2021 which is possible the Championship clubs will have to collectively find an alternative source of income.
  13. sentoffagain2

    private equity company land plans

    Problem is the planning permission,if it looked likely that it would be given especially for the far side which was left to Rovers with covernant saying it had to be used for sporting or recreation use only.If planning permission was very likely a building firm would have offered 80% of the lands value and put in for permission themselves.One of my old mates used to travel the country buying land to build on for Bovis Construction he would value the risk factor of planning and bid up to that.Would have accepted a debt of half a million but 1.2 million is gross mis- management of funds.Remember when we sold Paull Newlove to Bradford we got over 300 G for him and the money(quite a sum in those days didn't last very long)we should accept that we are a middle of Rugby League club, and stop chasing the rainbow of Super League.
  14. sentoffagain2

    2019 Shirt

    I like it i would buy one for next season if i wasn't so tight.
  15. One thing Duffy has done is beat the teams with no disrespect to them that we should beat.Batley,Dewsbury, and Sheffield plus others which has not always been the case .Positives = winnng at Leigh and Toronto,dissapointments losing in the Summer Bash and the home game with London.Give duffy another year and let him start the rebuilding process we may not get a better coach if we let him go.