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  1. barrow

    If it was up to me Barrow,Workington.Whitehaven,Keighley,York,Doncaster,Hunslet,Oldham,and even Newcastle would be in a revamped championship.The present teams not in SL are not wanted by the so called elite division i fear it is only a matter of time before championship teams are cast adrift.So the clubs need to unite .try to find investment which can be distributed equally to create a competitive league of two tiers . Two leagues of ten geographically formed one division plays each other twice 18 games and then play once against teams from the other division IE 5 home 4 away or vice versa a total of 27 matches for the season,then you could have a play off formula to find the seasons champions.Believe me Super League don't give a sh-t about teams not in it.
  2. Hock

    We have been short of GRIT in the pack since Dickens retired.Hock fits the bill,he plays R.L. from his heart more than his head hence his bad record.I think he will turn out to be one of our better signings and the one year contract leaves it in his own hands to improve his attitude.I would hope if he has a good season we may be able to offer another year.
  3. Malcolm Alker on trial for KFC robbery

    Hope he learns from his crimes, and while inside decides what he is going to do for the rest of his life. At 39 he could have another 50yrs it would be stupid to spend more of them in prison.
  4. Giants

    Surely Giants can play whenever they like on the weekend when Town play away.or are Town at home every weekend.
  5. Kato Ottio

    Sad news gone far too early.R.I.P.
  6. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    All this for a 37yrn old prop who gives the team a good 10min each half.I think Fev will survive without him.
  7. Darrell Griffin

    I was against retaining Moore and Griffin due to their age and the time they spent on the field last season.If we cant find a prop between 26 to 30 yrs the game is in a poor state.See nothing wrong with Griffin playing R.U. as it would have helped keep him fit but to do so without the clubs permission was not the way to go about it.Morley is only about 15 miles from Fev how did he think it would not get back to the club.Given a choice of keeping Moore or Griffin i would have given Griffin the nod.The decision has been made we need to move on, but try to find a replacement.
  8. Nigel Wood

    Looks like championship clubs need to break away from Super League.Could be a good thing in the long run no more throwing money at trying to get into that competition.Surely we have enough chairmen and directors with championship clubs who have business knowledge to bring in money from broadcasting,TV,and advertising,i would like a division of 16to 18 teams and any revenue apart from gate money shared equally with help given to the smaller teams who have been left behind under the current structure.
  9. stage comedians

  10. Kyle Briggs

    I'll second that.
  11. Otherr Teams signings

    Don't worry Oxy in 2 years time we will all be locked out of Super League,happy new year.
  12. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    So Bradford have a Magic Money Tree as well as the Tories.
  13. Tigers sign Aston

    He was always first to be left out when plenty of other players played worse and kept their place.He got the ball to the centres quicker and for me he was an improvement on Wildie.However Aston does lack that sharp burst of pace needed for good half backs.Powell is the coach to improve him, as at the moment he is only a Championship player.
  14. Playing in the snow

    Foxy would have taken that as a compliment.
  15. Super League restructure coming

    I would like the Championship and division 1 to form their own competition outside of S.L. and try to find their own viewing contracts but the problem comes down to lack of funds until they can find a sustainable income for all clubs.There is more to R.L. than S.L.