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  1. Have you been watching Another Bloody Sunday?
  2. To be fair Trojan our (FEV) scoreboard is nowt to write home about when the sun shines on it we see F--k all.
  3. Aston is on a 1 year loan to Featherstone so for the loan period he is as much a FEV player as anyone else.
  4. No real stand out players but a very good team performance .Misi did well on his first game back and Davies was as busy as always.Thack's is having a bit more time with Aston giving the opposition another option to think about.Think London went wide too early they may have done better if they had taken our forwards on more down the middle.But i would have taken 7 wins ans 2 losses at this stage of the season.
  5. He may be a Leeds player because Eagles were skint and close to going under.So Leeds boss G. Hetherington helped his old club by signing a player with potential and solved a cash flow problem for Cory's dad.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn had his photo taken on the pitch at FEV,good luck but Wakefield supporters must get together and fight.Supporters did against the S.L mergers and the R.F.L.backed down.
  7. Well i don't read the Star but i take my hat off to them for a accurate piece of reporting the situation.I would like to see the new stadium option,how many houses social and private could be built on the Belle Vue site?which is in the middle of a highly populated area.about 150 houses at £50-60 grand a plot would bring in 7.5 to9 million then there is the profit or rental income on them.If W.M.D.C had bought the ground off Trinity it would have been a win win situation.The Star has raised the stakes its up to the people of Wakefield and surrounding areas to make their voices heard(or have people gone soft)I support Fev and we have had minimum support from W.M D.C. but think Trinity's heritage deserves to be preserved.
  8. Has he upset someone ? Thought Aston had a good game today got the ball out wide quicker than last week's stand off.Gave Thackeray a bit more space to play.Handley always puts in 100% and seems to fit into the team as if he was a Fev player.Moore is old enough to know better than to get sent off just for a bit of niggle.It was not a pretty game for the supporters of both sides and the referee was well below what is expected at any level of R.L..Could do with another big forward if Moore is out for a few games we seem a bit light in the pack.
  9. Steering may have been fixed they may have turned the corner.!
  10. Aston at Eagles may have let Misi go because he realised there may be problems when his visa expired.(JUST A THOUGHT).
  11. Toulouse half backs totally outplayed ours,too much room to dictate play our forwards stood back and waited for them.They could have had a couple more tries as out wide the winger was unmarked but the ball didn't get to him.Hornets defence needs to stop the ball getting to the centres .Our players looked like they had pit boots on compared to the pace of Toulouse,GOOD LUCK.
  12. If they stay up it will be because they have earned it by their performances on the field,which is as it should be.
  13. My brother in law was an extra he was the one at the front when they pushed at the Mecca doors.Big lad with dark hair,they told him to keep in touch as they thought he did OK.He worked at British Jeffrey Diamond and had to work alternate weeks day and nights so it he never did take up their offer.
  14. Guinness is dear enough £3.60 a pint i only payed that for a pint at an hotel in Kings Cross when i went to see the Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars game.