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  1. Although i have this seasons membership i will have to give the Swinton game a miss.As i did for last Sundays terrific win at Leigh.Been without my car since 28th Feb,as on a Sunday it is almost impossible to get to the game by public transport.Good news is the car is repairable which is a blessing as i thought the gear box might have gone.However it will cost £500 to repair one thing's for certain I WILL BE BACK.
  2. It's difficult playing Rugby with a injured thumb,even with it well strapped up it is almost impossible not to knock it during a game.Then it could mean a few more weeks out of the team.
  3. Mitch Clark

    That's a bit naughty considering how many supporters we bring to the mount,probably you best revenue of the season when Fev come.
  4. Not ideal but i would play Hardman in the centre for defence alone,however that means we will lack pace in both centre positions.So when we are on attack Hardman could drop back to full back and Thak's go into the centre.Can't see myself getting there as i lent our young un my car on Monday and the gear box went, can't select a gear without crunching them,not had a verdict from garage yet but it will not be cheap.
  5. It wasn't invented it evolved.
  6. Thing is with the scoreline and time running down Briscoe still had the WILL to chase back and not only tackle but come up with the ball as well.Highlight of the game against a poor Sheffield team.
  7. Rugby League Championships Limited

    Bring it on.Super League have ignored the traditional clubs in the Championship and below far to long.The fight back may be about to begin.
  8. He played he always does when playing for us,selected on the wing witn Missi at centre but they did interchange roles quite a bit.Don't think he picked up an injury so that is good .Most Dual Reg's we get from Leeds don't stand out above the other players in the team.We have a good squad at the moment and we still have two or three to come back,if we beat London at the weekend people might start to take a bit of notice of little old Fev.
  9. I have a feeling one or two tweak's and we may be a half decent team.
  10. Duffy

    Duffy's appointment as coach was the reason i bought my membership for this season.I travel 80 miles round trip to watch Fev and as i am knocking on devils door i needed some motivation to watch every home game whatever the weather.The team spirit is second to none and i think Ridyard has brought a bit of what Leigh had without the nastiness.Excited about the rest of the season and believe me it's hard to get me excited these days.
  11. Jimmy Keinhorst

    Keinhorst would fit into our centre position nicely at Fev on dual reg only trouble is they usually send us Walters instead who at the moment is neither a centre or second row, he may be better out on loan at a championship club and playing every week.Walters i mean not Keinhorst.
  12. Agree about Cooper and Clark,Hock looks a few games away from full match fitness he probably needs to shed at least a stone.I have been slightly critical of Moore in the past but thought he had a very good stint last Sunday.
  13. Sunday

    Egg on my face from last season i said if Fev didn't win i would show my -rse in Woolworth's window,good job they are no longer on the high street.Sunday i think Fev will win by 8 points +.Can't wait for it we showed glimpses against Fax that we can play more expansive rugby.
  14. In ten years time will there be room for two Hull clubs,I don't think so.Who would drop down into championship K.R. or F.C.I agree we could have a very strong championship including the clubs not wanted in the Super Duper League.I will be ready for turning my toes up by the time it happens but i fear a split is inevitable.
  15. 2018 Squad.

    He would be allright playing number 9 we are short of a hooker who can scoot up the middle and get the defence backpedalling,can organise the forwards as well although Ridyard can also do that.