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  1. sentoffagain2

    Fewer than 17 players

    Todays match at Fev one of the Barrow player played on with bandaged head and a bad leg which left him walking as if it was 2inch shorter than the other.He was forced off with about 15min left to play against his will and received an ovation from both sets of supporters.Players don't get paid enough to finish a game in his condition.Just hope he has not got a hard job on days in the morning ,i think he may be knocking.
  2. sentoffagain2

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    If Championship and League 1 stick together with Leeds on our side the S.L. can't get enough votes to carry their agenda through.Then it will be up to them and SKY to breakaway from the leagues.Many S.L. players start off in the so called lower leagues so i would like clubs and players to build a clause into contracts that enables the club to be able to receive a fee if moving to a S.L. team even at the end of the contract.The Championship and League 1 help develop players why should they not be paid for that.I would expect amateur clubs to receive a fee from clubs who sign their players too.
  3. Duffy and Campbell might have to get their boots out.
  4. sentoffagain2

    Dual registration discussion

    So the Entire SKY money equals the same as 1 World class football player,the game is smaller than i thought.
  5. How many Championship teams will go bust chasing the one promotion spot.And what would those backing Toronto think after dominating the Championship this season if they lost in a one off play off game against say London,Toulouse.or Leigh.
  6. sentoffagain2

    Structure: looks like news finally emerging

    I don't like the fact that over the season a team could finish 10 or 12 points clear of the second team and then have to play off .I would much rather have bottom S.L. team relegated top Championship team promoted and then a play off game between second bottom S.L. team and second top Championship team on a neutral ground.We need to give Champioship and League one as much funding as possible because that's where S.L. players can develop and gives a pathway for older S.L.players to play before retirement either full time or part time.
  7. sentoffagain2

    What is happening at Wigan?

    Did Maurice put in more than he took out or took out more than he put in ?.answers on a postcard please.
  8. sentoffagain2

    Ouch - injuries...both halves out Sunday

    He has been playing on one leg for at least 5 weeks,so we will probably have to go with Wildie in the halves.I told the Dewsbury supporters i was standing with in the first half that they could do with a quicker 6 than Sykes.They replied as we know that there are not many good halves about,and the better ones Dewsbury can't afford on their budget.
  9. Quite a few errors today Misi twice while playing the ball(again)and Briscoe as stated in a previous post squirming round while on the ground trying to win a penalty.And what were Robinson ans Hardman doing not nailing their winger who only had a yard of space down the touchline.Dwyer was just what i have been wanting at 9 since Ellis left,quicker from dummy half and had the defence in trouble with his sharp thrusts.Hock was the best forward and Cooper tried hard.Wildie played pretty well in the halves and has improved this season.Before the game i would have taken a 24 point win but we must play better if we are to get into the top four.Thack's had a good game too.
  10. Should we be worried about the future of Catalans.Post on 8th March,after first four games when Catalan lost all four and scored 38points and conceded 99points. My reply=(Although the results don't suggest it i think they are better than last season.Too much going through Greg Bird at the moment he needs some help with the plays).Glad to see they have turned the corner,and although i am ready for the knackers yard i can still make some sound judgements on Rugby League.
  11. When they drew at Fax Dewsbury were 14 points up at one stage.We can't afford to get off to yet another slow start.
  12. sentoffagain2

    Harold Poynton RIP

    Glad to say i knew Harold quite well before he signed for Trinity he used to go to Wakefield dog track with his dad.In later years i would bump into him at Owlerton dogs Sheffield.Believe Harold signed for Trinity in 1957 just before the start of their GOLDEN ERA.Harold was one of 5 Trinity players who went on the 1962 tour to Australia and New Zealand he captained the back up squad and i don't think they lost a match under his captaincy.He won the Lance Todd Trophy in Trinity's 1963 RLCup win over Wigan.Harold also captained Trinity in their Championship winning seasons of 1967 and 1968.After retiring he ran a newsagents on a large Wakefield estate and when the paper boys knocked Harold would do the rounds.Very underestimated Rugby League player but not by those who played with or against him.R.I.P.
  13. sentoffagain2

    daily mirror

    Stopped buying The Mirror when they got into bed with Blair and Campbell during Labours Tory years.
  14. sentoffagain2

    Gaz Hock

    I am with the rest of you with getting Gareth for another season.Any chance of Full, back,Half back,and Hooker for next season.
  15. sentoffagain2


    The same Paul Rowley who was hailed a hero in 1998 when jumping into a river to rescue a girl who was clinging to a rock in fear of being swept over a waterfall.He changed his clothes and set off for Fax's home game,when he explained why he was late his teamates didn't believe the excuse.HOW TIMES CHANGE.