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  1. sentoffagain2

    Widnes problems

    The sooner Super League break away from the rest of R.L the better.Then we can have a strong Championship without throwing cash clubs havn't got trying to get in.Widnes,Bradford ,Sheffield,Fax, Fev,and Leigh have all been in financial difficulty with the dash to the top.CRAZY.
  2. One of the games i didn't expect us to win although the weakend squad was no help.I won't judge the coach or players until the end of the season because with such a change of players the team was going to take time to find its level.One thing i would say is although Turner and Cameron Smith are good at Championship level we don't know if we will have them every week.We need a permanent full back to replace Ian,a number 9 who can control the ruck and attack and a stand off required to offer more in attack.If riddy had been on our side today we would have won.We will finish where we deserve to in the league table but i think it will be with about 10-12 losses in the regular season.
  3. sentoffagain2

    Supporters club

    When i lived in Ponte my car was broken down one week and my daughter pestered me attend Widnes away.It was over 25yrs ago.Just managed to get two places on the coach and i do believe we won the game.As the coach was leaving Widnes about 3/4 mile from the ground a house brick smashed the window just infront of us.We had to wait for the police and then someone to put plastic sheet over the broken window and the return journey took about 4 hrs.Needless to say that was my first and last time i travelled on the supporters bus.Norman was a gent he knew i was not a regular or a supporters club member but at short notice helped me out.
  4. sentoffagain2

    Ben Barba's new career...

    With Barba behind the wheel it will keep the Kangaroos on their toes.
  5. sentoffagain2

    FEV's new ticket scheme

    And to keep dry when it's Hissing down.
  6. Agree with above,altough i think Sundays Batley side was probably the least effective i have seen in the last ten years.I always enjoy our trip to The Mount and class Batley as one of the teams i like to do well.1st September for our game this season so we may get some good weather.
  7. sentoffagain2

    No matchday programme?

    It would be easy for all clubs to have a single sheet with the expected line ups ref and assistants on the front.Then on the back a few notes about opponents and maybe our coaches view of our progress.These could be printed off on a lap top for next to nothing.Then as supporters enter the ground have volunteers hand them out for a small donation into a collection tin.Amount could be from a few loose copper to 50p and i bet that idea would show a profit.
  8. I don't know what The Parksider has to say but i am on his side 100%.
  9. Not much comment about the game in the last few posts.For what it's worth i thought we were poor in the first half with ball control and leaving Campbell free for his easy touchdown.In the second half our forwards laid the platform for our half backs to find space.Singleton, Cooper,Smith. And Cameron King was all i expected of a hooker and what we have been crying out for at 9 since Andy Ellis left.Think we need a bit more at 6 than just runnning across the line and dropping passes off to forwards it's not a crime to take the line on .Think Walters will blossom playing regular rugby for us and i think his S.L. career is still in his own hands.Looking at our fixtures after the first 6 games i would think anything better than 3-3 would be a good outcome.We will get better.
  10. sentoffagain2

    If being born in Whitwood is a Cas fan

    Remember when Cas won the R.L.Cup beating Salford Frank Parker who owned the dog track and Club invited all the team back and presented all the players with gold rings.Frank had backed Cas at big odds to win the cup and he was a big gambler.Great night was had by all and i kept quiet about being a fev supporter,although Keith Hepworth the cas scrum half who was on our table with his wife knew.
  11. Hope so but i think you are being a bit optimistic.
  12. Getting back to the match thread i am very confident that Fev will win on Sunday i think we will have too much for The Gallant Youths.
  13. See we now haven Josh Walter a member of the squad on a permanent basis.It's up to him now to develop the potential Leeds saw in him.I am sure he will be all the better for playing regular Championship Rugby week in week out if selected.He needs to decide which position to play centre or second row and give it a real go.I could see him developing into a loose forward although that role is now multi position prop ,second row ,or loose forward.
  14. sentoffagain2

    Correct ticket reminder

    I know just couldn't resist the comment.Still juvenile in some ways.
  15. sentoffagain2

    Correct ticket reminder

    No wonder we are always skint,giving tickets away.