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  1. sentoffagain2

    Blessing in disguise......

    Top Championship teams getting too HOT for S.L. less money will suit them after all they don't want too much competition to the Sooper Duper League.
  2. sentoffagain2

    2019 Squad

    Supporters will have to realise it's a rebuilding job and we probably will need next season to get organised.If we achieve anywhere in the top 6 i will be happy for once.
  3. sentoffagain2

    Thunder name 10 academy and local players in squad

    Correct way to build from the roots upwards,they seem to be getting more youngsters playing R.L. in the North East.A lesson for others to follow it may take 15-20 years but teams need to have steady growth for a sustainable future.
  4. sentoffagain2

    Season tickets 2019

    Well what do you know, guess i was right with 14 teams in Championship for next season.Despite a couple of posters doubting it thinking we would stick with 12.We will need the extra 2 home games with no middle eight fixtures.Champions will not go up outright next season but the winner of a top 5 play off will.It will keep the season interesting for longer as the 5th side could be promoted to S.L.Remember Leeds winning the Grand Final from 5th.There could be a breakaway by S.L. clubs after the SKY TV contract ends in 2021.
  5. That's why they probably wont go for it.After two or three years you could increase to 14 teams,and i would then increase the Championship to 16,15 home matches would bring in more revenue.League 1 could be match terms only with the option of 2 full time if affordable.
  6. Just hope that Leeds don't loan him out to Bradford if they are in the Championship next season.Newman seems to enjoy playing with us and i think a season in the Champioship playing every week would enable him to step into the Leeds team the season after.Even then he would still be under 20 and he may have filled out his frame.
  7. O.K. with that it would be nice if we could get Harry Newman on a years loan as well.Big rebuilding job at Leeds can't see him playing more than a handfull of games for them.His career would benefit from playing every week in the Championship,the first game i saw him play at Batley i said what a tremendous prospect he is.
  8. sentoffagain2

    Clive Griffiths

    Best wishes for a return to good health.Clive has put so much as a player and coach into both codes of rugby.
  9. sentoffagain2

    2019 Squad

    Shaun is a hard working winger who has not let us down but if he wants to move on for more money fair does to him.However he is replaceable,a good centre can make a winger and in the modern game one six seven and nine are the key positions.Good luck to him next season apart from when we play Fax.
  10. sentoffagain2

    New league structure revealed

    How many players do the Championship develop who go on to play a major part in S.L..Quite a number i would think,don't the clubs deserve to have a cut from any TV money.
  11. sentoffagain2

    New league structure revealed

    I have been posting for the last year that it should be one up from the Championship bottom down from S.L. then a play off game between second top in Championship And next to bottom of S.L. on a neutral ground.The proposal is even better having a series of play off matches between second to fifth in Championship as it will keep teams interested in meaningfull games to the end of the season.I commend this motion to the House.Oops sorry wrong Forum i'm up to my neck in S-IT with this BREXIT mess.
  12. Our young un had Brett Daunt and Brendan Tutta coaching him at school he rated Brett.When we moved far side of Sheffield he had Ryan Sheridan coaching him when Ryan played for Eagles.Our young turned up to Rugby practice in his Fev shirt and Ryan would push his head into the grass and whisper i hate Fev,didn't stop him turning up in it the following week.Brett Daunt was a very good scrum half wish we had one as good today.
  13. Not if they plant their leading foot and turn their shoulders inwards.Reason for most forward passes are too flat attack to gain advantage over defence.Player receiving the ball should aim to be at least two ft behind ball handler not flat as some players are.
  14. He was never a Top scrum half at the time but he could manage a game.He did lack pace which is invaluable as a half back.But main thing was his heart was never in it at Fev and the fans knew it.
  15. It's not as easy as we viewers think, Marwan should show players more respect.Its a hard game for meagre rewards considering the hammering the body takes.Although in tonights game i think Salford were quite a bit too good for Toronto but they are unbeaten so far and another 6 points for Salford would have been a fair reflection .