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  1. On the positive side Swinton with J.D. in charge lost narrowly 23-26 at home to London beat Halifax 13-12 ,Toulouse 27-20 and knocked Huddersfield out of the cup 28-24away, so i am looking forward to seeing an improvement under his coaching skills.
  2. Surprise surprise according to that report Sir Rodney Walker appears to be on the side of the developer and not W.D.C.C.AND Trinity.Who would have thought that.
  3. Could anyone truly say that Sharp as well as he has done could take us to another level.I don't think he could.He did not replace Ellis with a player as good or better and a busy number nine is essential in the modern game.Also stand off whoefully slow without Briggs hence the centres getting clobbered when they receive the ball.What is the true Briggs story is he carrying an injury upset J.S. or M.C..Hardcastle has been a success in his first season at a higher level and should go on to better things.Over the years we have had more coaches than National Express so everyone get behind John Duffy lets see if he can improve the players or style of play.
  4. I think the reason he has not put more than a couple of successive appearances in is because of a niggling injury.I thought he played his best football when at Barrow but he usually had a good game against us when playing for Eagles.Good luck to him for the future as when he did play he always tried his best.
  5. I am not fed up with the club,far from it .We have one of the best grounds in the championship and own the land.Nice clubhouse and some wonderful volunteers who give their time free.What i am fed up with is watching dour down the middle one ups trying to grind the opposition down when we have the best set of threequarters the club has had for years,our wingers get few try scoring chances.And Sharp failed to improve our vital positions ie:stand off and hooker two important positions in the team.Mark Campbell is like us a supporter and he can see that most of our games have been lacking attacking flair.Under John Duffy don't be surprised if we beat Toulouse.
  6. Gareth Moore has always had it in him but he only produced it for Fev in the odd game.That's why our supporters were frustrated by his so so attitude.Neil Kelly has got through to him and it has probably saved your season.
  7. For the first time watching Fev i walked out with 10 min to go,says something when we played better with John Davies at stand off than we had before.Twenty points down and we were still doing one ups for the first four tackles.
  8. Maybe but Leeds must have seen something to sign him.When Sheffield beat us away last season Aston had a better game than our halves making two tries.Sharp did the right thing letting him go as he was not going to be here next season.But other players played worse than him and did not get left out.He could also kick goals something we have struggled with all season.
  9. Centres got much quicker ball when Aston played stand off he could throw a decent pass.
  10. Without Campbell we might be playing Oxford Ironmen and Newcastle.
  11. I agree totally with the first two sentences,but think getting into the top two a trifle over ambitious.Third place would have been an achievable target.
  12. Coaches come and go we all know that,give him a chance to freshen things up.Success would be a win in Toulouse and at least a couple of wins in the middle eights.My wish list for next season a full back.stand off.hooker and a big prop.
  13. I presume if the money is O.K.he will serve out his time in the Championship.More players facing retirement should step down to the Championship i am sure they could help younger players by passing on their knowledge.
  14. If they had paid Fev supporters to watch on Sunday against Fax it would still be too expensive,we would have asked for more.
  15. That is why i cringe when i hear talk of changing Salford into Manchester.Salford has a proud history in its own right.If Manchester want a Rugby League side it would only take Petty cash from Man City or Man United to build a team to dominate our cash strapped game.