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  1. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    Barry lost substantial sums on Leyton Orient. In return ownership of the ground was transferred from the club to a company owned by the Hearns, he also paid the club some cash. The club was intended to pay rent to him in the not too distant future but the mess at Leyton Orient since his departure may well have seen that change. When asked why Barry was quoted as saying " I don't write off money. Why should I? It's not a charity." Doesn't sound too likely that he'd buy into a London club given neither own their own ground or seem particularly likely to break even putting together a good Championship side, never mind a competitive Superleague team.
  2. Lewis is a real prospect however unless London progress he'll have to move on to fulfill that potential. Lewis and Tuoyo Egodo both stood out as having real raw potential when I saw them on dual reg in Championship One. Tuoyo may yet have something to say about being the best London developed RL player, though next season is massive for him if he is to do so.
  3. Toronto v Halifax venue

    The stadium is owned by the Council. They have a contract with a football team that gives them priority. Thetimings are out of their control. Both London and Oxford have had issues with pitch work, am well aware of that.
  4. Toronto v Halifax venue

    As a dual Oxford / London Broncos season ticket holder I expected to go there last season. Personal issues meant not. However I do have an email from a friend of a friend in my inbox offering to show me around Toronto if London play there this year. He may or may not be the only RL fan in Toronto. That game may or may not play in Toronto but let's give the folks in Toronto who have fallen in love with the sport some credit. I am an ex regular at Prescot Panthers and ex season ticket holder at Oxford. It falls to bits in this country too.
  5. London Broncos 2018

    It may just be he wants to return to live in London. Skolars have picked up a few players over the years who could probably play higher due to them wanting to return to London. With Oxford and Gloucestershire gone and Hemel based in Yorkshire he doesn't have much choice unless he wants to spend a lot of time traveling.
  6. London should try a groundshare with Wimbledon

    I believe that name is trademarked and Wimbledon have permission to use it. I suspect there may be issues with a nomadic rugby league team trying to use it.
  7. London should try a groundshare with Wimbledon

    As a long standing Dulwich Hamlet fan suffice to say that whilst the situation is very serious, it is far from game over. Much of the recent press coverage is derived off the back of one press release by one party in current events. It is just possible an element of spin was applied to their press release. Southwark Council have confirmed talks with the developer have restarted. There are numerous potential endings to this still. The club may go, don't stick your mortgage on it just yet though. It's currently still quite possible that it will survive. Broncos did view Champion Hill years ago with a view to moving in. I can't see it happening now. I can't see them buying into another stadium. David Hughes seems to be cutting back investment/hurling less money down the drain. Unlikely then he'll find a share in a stadium, even if he can find someone offering to sell a share.
  8. How do we make Bristol a success?

    Long since sold out. It is owned by Meadow Residential LLP from memory. One lesson Bristol can certainly learn from Dulwich is try to secure your own ground as soon as possible. Land in Bristol isn't particularly cheap so there's a risk of developers lurking there too.
  9. How do we make Bristol a success?

    As a Hamlet fan all I will say is there is more to this than meets the eye. The developers have a real interest in plugging the worst case scenario. The council / council leader have previously made bullish statements saying they want the club to survive / believe they have the tools to ensure this happens. The developers statement puts the ball firmly in the council's court. The situation isn't good but not all is as it seems. Also the club itself is not left wing, it is strictly a party political. There is a left wing presence in the fan base but the club is run a party politically. The causes they collect for vary. At times they reflect the background/beliefs of many of the fans, other times less so. For every cause that attracts publicity many more fly less controversially under the radar. Friday sees their annual Remembrance Day event for example. Last season's main sponsor was an estate agent. They put in far more money than Unison. The Chairman himself has stated that he has little in common with many of the newer fans but that he welcomes them. Any attempt to learn from Dulwich must take that on board. You cannot be party political as a club and you may have to live with people whose views you disagree with. A broad church of beliefs is more likely to draw people than a club that takes a party political stance. Any attempt to market a club as either left or right wing would be disastrous.
  10. How do we make Bristol a success?

    Gloucestershire, Oxford and South Wales all had players living within relatively easy striking distance of Bristol and the new club will have little competition for their signatures. They are likely to want a few day trippers from up north but perhaps less than may be expected.
  11. How do we make Bristol a success?

    He isn't a money man and has a 9-5 job as an employee. Dulwich do not have a benefactor on their committee. Broncos did inspect Dulwich as a possible venue once, many many years ago. The idea was to add temporary seating as Saracens did at Enfield (apologies to those who don't know London non league ground.....) I think the idea was dismissed pretty quickly when the saw the ground.
  12. How do we make Bristol a success?

    The Bristol club has a provisional entry in 2019. They are not yet accepted by the RFL. A few boxes to tick still. To answer Paul who was typing simultaneously, I believe he did offer to talk to them. The fact it didn't happen had nothing to do with him. Should add I can't remember when this was and it may not have been anything to do with those currently in situ.
  13. How do we make Bristol a success?

    The most obvious location for a Bristol club at this moment in time may be Dings Crusaders RFC which is a little out of town. As an Oxford fan the key take away for me is that the club have to know what they are entering and the league has to stay in that format or something very similar. Not change overnight from a development league to a mainstream league. Secondly, development officers are needed to raise awareness of rugby league in the area. If they can devote a little time to the Oxford and Cheltenham areas to support the work that has commenced there even better. Thirdly the club do need to ensure it is a good day out for people who are experimenting with watching rugby league. Realistically there aren't several hundred die hard rugby league fans waiting for a team to pop up in Bristol. League One rugby league isn't a hugely expensive day out, especially if they use family ticket offers etc, and if you make it a nice day out those people who know little about rugby league are more likely to return. Over time they will turn into genuine rugby league fans with a deeper understanding of the sport. If that means pop up food offerings and craft beer offerings so be it. I spent a decade in London watching Dulwich Hamlet FC as well as rugby league. I was one of the 250 or so who used to prop up the terraces there. These days the crowds are well into four figures. They get a lot of flack from other clubs as some of the fans talk to each other rather during game meaning others deem them not true fans, they run community focused events that some deem political - the club call it socially responsible. It generates publicity and the events have brought in large numbers of people for the first time.. Who cares if some of them chat a little, they have paid to be there, enjoy themselves when they go, they return and they recommend it to their friends. Exactly what Bristol need to happen if they do start playing. The DHFC Chairman is an ardent rugby league fan, Broncos season ticket holder and used to be involved in helping run a junior RL team down here. I'm sure he'll talk to those behind Bristol, or other teams, if they want advice. Bristol would be wise to speak to him. It's not all transferable but not re-inventing wheels is a pretty sound policy. (He may be a bit busy at the moment after today's news about Dulwich's ground mind.)
  14. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    When Oxford started out they were quoted as saying their break even point was 3-400. It's often overlooked now due to what subsequently happened but initially they were at that figure, or very close. It started to go horribly wrong gate wise in season two after they had to go on the road. From that day onwards the gates were an issue, and it just got worse as time passed until we reached the bitter end. By then the comment there was no demand was very fair however at one point they weren't a million miles off where they said they needed to be. Had it stayed that way and there had been a more vibrant match day experience and a few more quid to market with in seasons two and three as a result and who knows. I don't think you could ever generate demand at Tilsley Park due to the flaws in the stadium as a spectator venue for rugby. Truth be told I suspect their playing location hindered All Golds for similar reasons. Neither locations were a good spectator experience.
  15. 2018 fixtures

    They rent the stadium so the timings are probably out of their hands.