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  1. It may all have changed by the time you arrive, if you do. There are rumours of a cull of teams, mergers of teams and so on. The southern teams seem to be primarily in the firing line which must increase the chances of a 12 team league, everyone playing each other twice, as the split seems largely to be in due to the current total mismatch in playing standards. Not too sure how anyone in the league is supposed to work out player budgets, start recruiting etc. at the moment so hopefully all will become clear soon. Edited to say a ten team league is also being rumoured.
  2. More trouble, albeit not one that will impact too many hopefully. If you are coming in from the west, platforms 1 - 14 will be shut at Waterloo for engineering work. A substantially reduced train service will be running to / from the station.
  3. Three Oxfordshire lads who hadn't played RL prior to ORL founding are now on the Broncos academy books. An Oxfordshire school reached the final of one of the southern schools contests, they run a substantial Sky Try program, will be running RL courses this summer, the U21 team is a work in progress, the U15's played Skolars U16's recently and playing numbers at Oxford Cavaliers are bouncing back. To be fair to Hemel they are re-establishing their junior / community aspect after a wobble. I think they employ two development officers out of their own funds. Would you prefer they spend that money outbidding Skolars for first teamers? Most of the above would realistically vanish if the senior teams go. If you can identify a source of good enough players down south who aren't already earning more money for less travel in RU the southern expansion teams would love to know. Until then they have to play a long game and build up with the aim of bringing more southern RL players through and use northern lads until that is done. It would be a big ask with adequate resources. Given the resource crunch southern development resources are woefully inadequate. That frankly is far more important than where the individual ORL players train.
  4. I'm not convinced a stand opposite the current main stand would work. Surely it would have to be built on the back pitch and I can't see Trailfinders being willing to accept that. It's primarily a community facility and that pitch probably pulls in good revenue, bar users etc. Not to mention them probably having to repay some or all of any grant funding they got towards installing it. The sightlines would also be shocking given the presence of the control tower etc. The far end would work subject to them being willing to sacrifice some parking. It is however the area closest to local houses which may cause planning issues. Trailfinders is fine for a club with the current gates London draw sadly. If Wire turn up in the second part of the season its limitations will be exposed but the simple truth is London can't / won't fund a big stadium on the off chance a big well supported team may stuff up and finish in the bottom 4 / end up in London in the cup. Moving to a bigger stadium alone won't generate the extra home fans required to help fund it. Clearly the possibility, unlikely in my eyes, of promotion means forward planning is necessary, it seems that is under way.
  5. No. Oxford have said from day one they don't want to be a SL team as they can't do it. By that they effectively mean they don't want to go pro. Their aim is to build a RL community in Oxfordshire. Frankly that's a huge challenge but far more realistic than being pro. I know less about Hemel, Skolars, Gloucestershire, South Wales etc. but suspect they would agree their primary aim is a local RL community not a pro team.
  6. Slower than ideal truth be told but three Oxford lads from the Cavaliers U15's who had never played RL until Oxford RL were founded joined the Broncos academy this year. The U21 team is a work in progress. They run a large Sky Try outfit - to the extent Skolars complained about the Oxford proggie being too big and more focus should be on London, and they are running summer RL camps this summer. Bartholomew school in Eynsham, Oxfordshire now play rugby league. They eached the final of the Year 10 London & South East Champion Schools Competition and were in this year's national championship. This is basically down to one man one of the unsung heroes of southern RL, teacher John Connaughton, who is linked into Oxford RL. Small steps I agree but the tiny number of people working on shoe string resources to achieve this deserve huge credit. The main to focus is to keep the club alive. If that doesn't happen I'd expect the gains to date to be largely lost. If only they had proper resources, sadly the game doesn't have endless resources and it is currently hugely challenging. Lots of RU teams round here have substantial fixture lists and many pay. RL just can't offer that other than at first team level.
  7. Oxford are very much about growing the game. It is at the heart of the club's ethos. Unfortunately money is horribly tight and it isn't happening as well / quickly as perhaps was hoped. What is certain is that it will be a lot harder to build RL in / around Oxford if Oxford RL cease to exist. Sky Try, work in the schools etc. will vanish overnight.
  8. Good news. Much needed, just hope enough clubs are interested. Re Oxford, as a season ticket holder I'd be surprised if they survived being cut out of the league but Oxford Cavaliers may be a possible contender for membership as they have a bit of advance warning to build up where needed.
  9. Apologies, it does look like my memory was playing up. Looking back at the press coverage of the Marc Lovering / Neil Williams take over Marc is indeed described as Chairman of Siddal and not as the owner.
  10. Siddal are an amateur set up but I believe they are privately held by Marc. Not sure if he has 100% but am sure I remember reading he was their owner in a Welsh RL PR when he bought into what was then Scorpions.
  11. Welsh RL sold them on a while back. The main shareholder in the take over was the bloke who owns Siddal. I spoke to a Welsh RL official not long after and they felt the club needed new investment to move forward. Time will tell what the truth is and I'd rather not speculate. If there are financial issues the last thing they need is the whole world knowing.
  12. Promisingly, Ironmen seem to be expecting to honour the Toronto fixture shortly as details of a joint ticket / shirt offer has appeared on their website. Hopefully something is being quietly sorted in the background.
  13. They won't be getting 9k out of many of their players as they offer scholarships. http://allgoldsrugby.com/all-golds-to-offer-university-scholarship-packages-alongside-first-team-contracts-for-prospective-professional-rugby-league-players/ The flip side is a full scholarship would be very valuable to most players and it seems unlikely they would have to pay out too much as wages on top of a full scholarship. I was talking to a Championship 1 team owner recently. They certainly didn't seem to be aware of imminent issue at All Golds.
  14. Dan was ex London Broncos player
  15. Oxford have publicly questioned how they square their duty of care towards their players with playing Toronto. I think a few of the C1 teams are worried about the Toronto fixture and not just because of the probable final score. Having endured Oxford 4 Rochdale 96, I wouldn't wish that sort of score on anyone but the possibility of a serious injury is more worrying to my eyes than a blow out.