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  1. You cannot run a professional Superleague team on the gates London get, that's obvious. It's even worse for London as they rent a ground and have no obvious non match day income stream and may well not get all match day incomes - the bar take probably goes to Ealing for example. It is quite clear then that the club would be unsustainable if he did splash the cash for promotion and either got bored or worse. The club has written off £3m not that long ago, £1.5m of which was taxpayers money. Please let's not do that again. I agree a lot of other clubs do it but given David has been seeking other investment from the day he bought out Branson there doesn't appear to be a queue of willing investors come the day David steps aside. No plan reliant on his money can be considered viable in the long run.
  2. As a London season ticket holder I sincerely hope David Hughes doesn't flash unsustainable amounts of cash chasing promotion. The club isn't ready to go up on or off the pitch. The long term future of RL down south should be the goal now, not chasing one or two seasons in the sun funded by a man well into pensionable age with no obvious secondary source of funding.
  3. Aberavon was a home game for London however after reading back through the full thread it's actually not relevant to the original request as it was in 2003.
  4. Apologies if I have mis-read but I think both Crawley Town FC and Aberavon RUFC are missing from the London home games list.
  5. I live in Hampshire. I went to Huddersfield and went yesterday. Doing the miles is just the way it is if you live down here. I'm looking forward to next weekend, only a three hour round trip, happy days. The RFL cannot arrange every game to suit everyone. Personally I think Coventry was a reasonable call, but a double header kicking off at 5.00 in November was stupid. I got home at 01.30 frozen however if there is a sound financial reason or long term plan based around building the game in Coventry the fact that it is less than ideal for me and others is irrelevant. It's up to the RFL now to build the game around Coventry and show the choice was right. We shall see.
  6. Given the Tim Rumford connection loans to Oxford seems possible to me. Both are good athletes with a good level of raw talent but haven't had as much exposure to high level RL when young as a good northern lad should. This means they need work doing, don't expect miracles on day one. Tackling techniques often need work on southern trained lads for example. Both are a little hot headed, they'll need to work on that too. Potentially you have too good uns. If one works out you are quids in
  7. He looked promising when I saw him play for Hemel. Not the absolute stand out of the Broncos lads I saw in Championship 1 but certainly one Broncos would have wanted to keep. View him as a work in progress, he has been signed for his raw potential there's still a lot of work to do but I can see why Cas took a chance. The same applies to Daniel if that one is confirmed. He came back to the game this year and was very hungry. He improved game on game for Oxford, seems a quick learner and ticks a lot of boxes in terms of potential. Again bot one I'd expect to see playing first team just yet.
  8. To be fair Matt was excellent at London whilst Mike showed real promise. Suspect Denny struggled to adapt to life in London - not a criticism, it happens. He was also around at a time London were coming out of a spell with desperate splits in the changing room by all reports. Not a great work environment to be in. He seems to be a confidence player, those two factors drained the confidence out of him. Throw in the fact London were nearly always badly on the back foot, I think we'd all agree Denny is better in attack than defence, and it just got worse for him. Good to see him turn it around, huge credit both to him and the staff at Cas.
  9. The Oxford southern based players train at Abingdon. Early last season there were around 20 players at that training session, not sure later on in the season. I think the northern lads trained in/around York not Cas however the basis point southern RL fan was making holds true.
  10. To answer Southern RL's question, it's combination of things. Firstly a club where the committee and fans are in open dispute doesn't sound like a fun place to watch sport. The politics impacts the vibe of match day even if you stay out of it. Secondly it's pretty soulless watching much southern RL. Not many people rattling around in a worryingly empty ground. Guess a few of those previously watching Hemel will walk away now making the idea of a two hour drive each way less attractive compared to a shorter trip to the Broncos. Finally I want southern RL to thrive. I'd rather put my money into a club that is likely to use it wisely. Frankly the Hemel club seems more interested in in-fighting at the moment. That's just me though. More worrying is the potential impact on those locally who may consider watching Stags. Hemel currently has a thriving football club and basketball club that can pull half decent gates. If you are a local sports fan reading about all three in the local paper which are you most likely to watch?
  11. I'm a Prescot Panthers fan who ended up down south and now supports the game not a specific team. Due to house moves I have had season tickets at three southern teams in the past 20 or so years. I've not particularly enjoyed this season and and am thinking of changing my primary watching location next season. Hemel is actually the closest ground to my house but as the 45 minute drive there often takes two hours pre match I have never had a season ticket there. I was seriously considering changing that next year however after point three in that statement there is no chance of that. What sort of picture is that selling to people like me considering watching the team? Looks like it's either back to Broncos, a combination of the drive to Barnet and Gus Mackay saw me give up on a season ticket there though I have carried on watching them when possible, or a season just picking a good game to watch and jumping in the car. Not sure that's a great business plan for Hemel.
  12. Good luck to him in whatever he has planned next. A fantastic servant of southern rugby league. I've been watching him for more years than I care to remember, usually getting annoyed by him nailing another conversion against my team, and am pleased he got a chance to step up into the pro ranks with Hemel.
  13. Just to follow on from Rach's comments. Re the 52 min half. A friend was stopping his watch at the ref's signal and was broadly in agreement with the timekeeping. We had numerous official conferences to sort out brawls, possible tries and few minor knocks taking a minute or so each. Re parking fee. The club seem to think this is OK a parking was 5 quid at Iffley Road, with the money kept by Oxford University Rugby Union Club. Personally I agree with Rach it's ridiculous and causing a lot of ill will for little money gained. I know some people park on the estate opposite. It also seems to depend on when you arrive. I got charged for the first game but not at the subsequent two games. Re the running track. I think we all preferred Iffley Road but high rent and 6 - 9 weeks on the road every season meant staying there was not possible. There would be no club had it tried to stay. Re beer prices, set by Abingdon School - who hold the lease. Beyond the control of ORL and I doubt they see any money from the bar. Re the crowd. Yup depressing sadly ORL are far from unique in this respect down south. No finger pointing but declared gates and bums on seats seem two different things at a few grounds. The absolute rubbish we endured on the pitch today doesn't exactly make it easy to attract new faces sadly. In 21 years of watching league that one make my worst 10 matches of all time list with ease. Junior representation - I arrived bang on kick off but several kids in Witney RUFC kit were present so suspect something happened. It's fair to say organized competitive junior RL in Oxfordshire is currently the exception not the rule, though it is far improved on where we were when ORL were founded. There was a junior tournament before the last game however it won't happen every game.
  14. Excellent, we need to get a win somehow! Have to say I recall Hunslet scoring 40 but who am I to argue with the likes of the RFL and Aunty Beeb?
  15. It is partially financial, partially pragmatic - all Oxford teams will train and play here - and partially inevitable. Oxford were evicted from Iffley Road for 6 -9 weeks each summer for pitch works. Not only did this lead to high costs and low crowds on the road, including the infamous gate of 51 v Rochdale at Hemel, it also saw the loss of fans. Every time the club went on the road a few familiar faces vanished. The club would not have survived at Iffley Road (personal opinion). We shall see what Tilsley Park brings. A regulation win for Hunslet today. Oxford tried but never looked like winning. Two silly yellow cards, leaving them with 11 players for a few minutes, hardly helped the Oxford cause.