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  1. Ivarr the Boneless

    London in Superleague

    Richard Branson bought in on a whim, reputedly his son liked watching the sport on TV. He assumed he could sprinkle gold dust on the sport and it would work. Like several brands branded Virgin it didn't. Sorry but dragging a bored stupid Tiny Hadley to sing pre match and see him announce he wasn't watching the game but was off to the bar was hopeless. And that Virgin Records signed band who never had a hit only to walk out and say nice to see both of you to a crowd of 3,000. Far bigger than they ever pulled probably. He did invest money in players assuming locals would flood to watch Jason Hetherington and Ritchie Barnett etc. Sadly most people in London didn't have any idea who they were and no money was spent on marketing them in order to educate people. There are people lurking. I hope they have done more research than Richard Branson. It's hard to over state how important the next year or so is to London RL.
  2. Ivarr the Boneless

    London in Superleague

    Very little chance as ETRUFC don't own it. It is owned by the charitable wing of Trailfinders with ETRU as anchor tennants. I can't see the charity wanting to sell that asset on.
  3. Ivarr the Boneless

    London in Superleague

    He's correct. There was a serious attempt to pull a consortium together to buy David out a couple of years ago. Whether the interest will firm up into a formal bid this time is a very different matter. Some of those people are certainly still lurking though. With London back in Superleague this is the time for them to move if they are going to. We shall see. The second part to the equation is that David Hughes would realistically have to write off substantial sums out of the money he is owed by the club to facilitate a take over. Will be do it? Any serious bid offers him the opportunity to step back from directly funding the club and to be remembered as the man who kept London alive to return to SL. It may just appeal as a way out. It's difficult to see any exit route that sees the money he has invested being fully repaid. I personally believe the next few months are crucial for the future of RL in London. I have absolutely no idea which way of will go.
  4. It was a bit more than a rumour. I believe they had a coach on standby for this season and had certainly started investigating training facilities and talking to players etc. However it was decided not to enter this season but to instead prepare for 2019. Subsequently one of the money men chose to take a different path and I believe the idea is dead though I'm no longer in direct contact with anyone involved.
  5. Ivarr the Boneless

    West Wales Raiders

    There may be a financial side. The parent club usually want money towards that players wages that week and someone is going to have to find the petrol bill. It may be that WWR have written this season off, see little value in spending £x to lose by y points less and would rather keep the money in the budget for next season. Huge respect to the players who are still travelling knowing they almost certainly face another humiliation. I know how much the 96-4 humiliation hurt most Oxford players so this season must be horrendous for the WWR lads.
  6. That's close to my recollection too. The initial deal was very generous with low rent, share of bar taking etc as Quins RU were interested in forming one unified club. The main drivers behind that left the RU set up and the idea died. After that it became a commercial ground share with market rent and I believe the cut of match day revenues went as well. The 'it's too expensive' line was certainly trotted out when we left for Barnet. Rumours that Quins RU told us to leave and that a key person in the RL set up wanted us out of a RU ground at all costs were also flying. Only a few people know for sure why we left and they have never gone public. It's also fair to say with Quins RU expanding the capacity and our gates falling it was becoming a pretty depressing place to watch the sport. Sadly where we ended up next was even more depressing and the move certainly lost the club a fair chunk of its support base.
  7. Ivarr the Boneless

    All Golds-Oxford Merger, is it still on?

    I'm no longer in touch with anyone involved and don't know the current status but can confirm it was a very serious proposition and that they weren't a million miles off playing this season. I believe a coach was chosen and players were being approached before it was decided they needed a longer lead time to increase the chances of making it work.
  8. Ivarr the Boneless

    McMeeken off to Union?

    Believe that's right. I'm sure I saw him playing for Farnborough Falcons years ago. I lived close to Farnborough RU back then and happened to walk past and spot an RL game in progress.
  9. Ivarr the Boneless

    London Skolars funding (merged threads)

    As ever the devil is in the detail and at the moment we don't have the detail. However, at a time when one London RL benefactor is showing worrying signs of possibly tiring of his "investment", I'm not going to get too excited at the news another London team is looking to become more reliant upon benefactors. As I said the devil is in the detail and this may prove to be good news but a few alarms are ringing at the moment.
  10. Ivarr the Boneless


    The RFL need to learn that expansion isn't a case of admitting a club and walking away. Supporting Deve!opment Officers are needed. If that can't be funded then quite simply don't do it on the cheap, it doesn't work. We've proven that a few times in recent years. Frankly we'd better off funding a Development Officer or two now with a view to a future semi-pro team than funding a semi-pro team and no development work. The briefest look at the story of Oxford RL shows that. Best wishes to all at West Wales. We had a few horrible days at Oxford but nothing quite like that. I hope the support you need is forthcoming. It certainly wasn't at Oxford.
  11. To be fair to the RFL, the didn't get rid of Oxford. As an ex season ticket holder my understanding is the club owners pulled the plug. The failure to provide agreed Development Officers and the decision to change C1 from a development league to a semi pro league were the RFL's watch and probably had a large influence on the Oxford owners decision but ultimately I believe it was their decision. Having said that, turning C1 amateur would be a massively retrograde step for southern RL. If they do it the player pathway down south is likely to collapse. You either then massively fund Broncos and southern development to preserve the southern pathway or wave goodbye to it. Talk of a serious standard southern conference now is total pie in the sky. We don't have either the players or the clubs. Wipe out Skolars and Hemel, and if you take away the pro elements I bet a fair few volunteers will walk, and it's likely to be hopeless down here.
  12. I think it will be me done too. Not through choice but I can't see a southern player pathway surviving this. If that collapses then I can't see any serious level RL being played down south in a few years. Living in Aldershot the decision to stop watching RL may be being made for me.
  13. A C1 owner I was speaking to last season predicted that C1 would be cut adrift. Looks like he may have been on to something. I'd agree the amateur distinction is important. If this is genuine amateurism then Hemel, Skolars and West Wales, in particular, will be hugely impacted. If this is still semi pro why use the word amateur?
  14. Ivarr the Boneless

    London’s latest rising star

    Darrell started out at Cavs, he was sent down by his RU team to stay fit over the summer. I don't think the two younger lads played serious RL until they moved north. Mark 'Bulldog' Shaw could confirm if he passes through as he was a leading figure with Cavs then. To be honest I think it's a pretty impressive list irrespective of where the younger Griffin's first played RL. I don't think it's exhaustive either, Rob Worrincy and Will Sharp spring to mind.
  15. Ivarr the Boneless

    London’s latest rising star

    Whilst I'd agree with you on the younger Griffins being northern developed, Michael Changing is very much a southern RL product. Born in Surrey, started in RU and converted after being released by London Irish. He moved north for career reasons, Tony Rea told him he was going to be released so he went on loan to Cas, earning a contract. He went to Fevfrom there and then returned south. Which other ones do you consider to be dubious? I've seen nearly all the other names play for Broncos at academy level. There's one more I'm not sure about but that's still a pretty impressive list.