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  1. Dan was ex London Broncos player
  2. Oxford have publicly questioned how they square their duty of care towards their players with playing Toronto. I think a few of the C1 teams are worried about the Toronto fixture and not just because of the probable final score. Having endured Oxford 4 Rochdale 96, I wouldn't wish that sort of score on anyone but the possibility of a serious injury is more worrying to my eyes than a blow out.
  3. There's plenty of talent around Oxford and Hemel. It's just that most of it has never played RL. Those that have can often make more money playing RU at a reasonably local level and not slog up to Cumbria, the heartlands pretty much every third week. The whole point of Oxford, Hemel is to open up new player pathways. Hemel once did this excellently at junior level and seem to be slowly bouncing back there though the loss of development officers and thus weaker opposition won't help them. Oxford have developed a senior player pathway with three lads signing pro contracts after leaving. One was a union convertee, one an ex Broncos academy lad who had dropped out of the sport after not getting a full time contract and the last a northern ex NCL'er whose job moved him south. They are also developing an U21 team this season to try and bring new talent in that way. Whether the sport has the money to fund this is a moot point but the alternative is to fall back on the heartlands and pretty much give up on RL player development to a level beyond social rugby in the rest of Britain. Not a great place to be for the long term future of the sport.
  4. Spot on. It really is that simple, the cut back on development officers was a disaster. Whilst Sky Try may tick boxes in terms of protecting Sport England funding to the maximum degree possible it doesn't produce the players Broncos, Skolars, Hemel, Oxfordshire and even Gloucestershire, who fielded a London based player last season, need.
  5. Just to point out the last round, which I presume the poster was referring to was South Wales v Oxford and not an Oxford home game. Whilst their gates are not great they can't be held responsible for this one. With Whitehaven v Oxford presumably likely to become a midweek game another poor gate seems likely.
  6. Should be more southerners this weekend. A wedding reduced availability last weekend.
  7. Varied from week to week but it was usually around half and half - assuming you count the likes of Northampton and Oxfordshire as southern. Oxford are one of the poorer southern teams and are outbid / geographically wrong for many of the southern C1 standard players. Any 100% southern Oxford team at the moment would fall woefully short of the required standard. It's also worth noting in the past three seasons three Oxford players have moved into full time rugby. Two were southern trained and had not played first team professional RL before - one hadn't played RL. The other was northern but living down south due to his job, I don't think he had played professionally before Oxford.
  8. If the University is unhappy with All Golds I'd suggest it'll have nothing to do with results and more to do with the bottom line. With government cuts hitting higher education any semi pro university sports teams requiring university funding, All Golds aren't the only one, are likely to find both their funding and expenditure coming under serious scrutiny. Good luck to All Golds and hopefully there is nothing in the rumours. It's unlikely all the recent additions will be around in another five years and All Golds looked one of the better bets to make it.
  9. The conference south has been abolished. Shame, at its best it was a good league playing to a good standard. There were certainly issues however I fear that this will prove to be a retrograde step in the long run. http://www.totalrl.com/goodbye-conference-league-south/
  10. Not aware of Chargers having any short to mid term plans to progress into professional RL. Indeed with the demise of Conference South they are likely to be playing a lower level in 2017 than 2016. Moving up would see costs rise significantly in terms of travel, players wanting paying and having to hire a C1 standard ground rather than an outpitch at Old Blues. It would take a lot of work to move up for little obvious gain right now. Truth be told we don't really have enough C1 standard players willing to do the travel to fill the existing southern teams. Another southern C1 club right now would not be good news. Such a move would probably also cost Chargers some of their best players due to the extra travel and / or work permit issue. It's long since been true that some of the best southern RL players either don't want to or can't play C1. I remember a Souths player returning to them from a short spell at Skolars. He travelled to Workington, played for just 7 minutes and was on what was basically pocket money. He decided he couldn't justify the cost to his family life and dropped out of the semi pro ranks.
  11. Almost certainly, that's traditionally been the case with many community RL sides in Wales. Whilst I'd expect London to win - they beat much better Welsh sides than Blue Bulls last season - the scoreline is a surprise. Reminiscent of Crawley Jets all those years ago. Usually poor during the union season and virtually unbeatable once the union season finished.
  12. I made the same journey from football to RL. Initially I was a football season ticket holder and watched a little league. In 2017 I have season tickets at two RL clubs - my initial club is defunct and I support the sport more than a specific club. I've watched one football game this season. I'd echo the comment about going around your local clubs and see where feels like home. Personally I have a soft spot for Batley, you may find another club appeals more. I'd also echo the comments re catching some National Conference RL. I live in Hampshire, when I take in an away game for either of my teams I make a weekend of it and watch some NCL, it's amazing value for money. The skill and commitment is something else. Beyond that just enjoy your new journey. Best wishes.
  13. You cannot run a professional Superleague team on the gates London get, that's obvious. It's even worse for London as they rent a ground and have no obvious non match day income stream and may well not get all match day incomes - the bar take probably goes to Ealing for example. It is quite clear then that the club would be unsustainable if he did splash the cash for promotion and either got bored or worse. The club has written off £3m not that long ago, £1.5m of which was taxpayers money. Please let's not do that again. I agree a lot of other clubs do it but given David has been seeking other investment from the day he bought out Branson there doesn't appear to be a queue of willing investors come the day David steps aside. No plan reliant on his money can be considered viable in the long run.
  14. As a London season ticket holder I sincerely hope David Hughes doesn't flash unsustainable amounts of cash chasing promotion. The club isn't ready to go up on or off the pitch. The long term future of RL down south should be the goal now, not chasing one or two seasons in the sun funded by a man well into pensionable age with no obvious secondary source of funding.
  15. Aberavon was a home game for London however after reading back through the full thread it's actually not relevant to the original request as it was in 2003.