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  1. If Broncos do go part time, I suspect they won't be moving to Wimbledon. That move was to facilitate a possible return to Superleague. I doubt that will be on the radar of a part time team.
  2. No I'm not. The challenges are due to the loss of central funding and the loss of the support base. The latter process started well before the move to Wimbledon was touted. It would be ludicrously simplistic to blame one factor for to the long running erosion of the supporter base.
  3. The renewal letter to season ticket holders explicitly stated support was critical this season due to the loss of central funding. I read that at the time as meaning David had funded one year as a pro team and would review for 2022. That suspicion is backed up by pretty much everyone being on a one year contract. Obviously most of the season ticket holders didn't renew, for reasons already widely debated, and gates have plunged.
  4. There was a serious attempt to pull together a consortium to buy David Hughes out about four years ago. Obviously Covid has changed a lot of people's financial position and Broncos have changed in that time too. Would they still be interested? I just don't know. My gut reaction is any consortium interested would probably approach the RFL about forming a new club rather than save the battered shell that is the Broncos. The club have alienated so many of those down south interested in RL that a complete restart may be wise.
  5. Clearly that will be under NDA. However we were told Wimbledon were approached by others. If true, and they didn't ask Broncos for a guaranteed sum once planning permission went through, they are daft. Though if Broncos fold at the end of the season Dons won't get much out of the liquidation realistically.
  6. TBH I I was rich / daft enough to buy the club, first thing I'd do is drop the Broncos tag. It's probably toxic now so not even sure there's value in the branding now
  7. Merton currently have a Planning Committee meeting scheduled for August 19th. If passed there that leaves a maximum of two regular season games there. Edited to say I suspect it will be heard in July given Broncos have confirmed all July games will be at Ealing but not August 8th v Toulouse. That would see three regular season games at Wimbledon.
  8. I used to watch Oxford. When they withdrew one of the owners told me he thought they could have turned the club around. However, they weren't willing to run up the required losses during the reboot as they expected League One to be cut adrift within five years. They didn't view Oxford as a candidate for the Championship, even if extended. As such, if their prediction came true, they would not be able to recover losses endured turning the club around. it's looking a smart call now sadly.
  9. I think it's fair to say the Broncos fans both here and on the other forum are not representative. Most of us are long term fans. I'm another, 25 years or so fan plus a spell at Prescot Panthers before that. The newer fans typically seem to engage with the club in other ways. With the club reportedly deleting comments and banning posters from Facebook it would be difficult to get a true view even if I was on Facebook, I'm not. My gut feel is the newer fans are probably not quite as disillusioned as the old timers and the % walking away will be lower. The fact that some of the
  10. Two quick points. 1. I do care what MoK thinks. They are exactly the sort of person the club needs to rock up and pay their £25. 2. You can't help a club who don't want to be helped. There have been numerous offers of of help around marketing from both professionals and people with a good track record in other sports as volunteers. The last time the professional offered help he was trolled on another forum by a club employee.
  11. I still believe 99% of Broncos fans are desperate for this move to work, if it doesn't will there be a club left? The club is at a critical point. Central funding has been slashed this season. New income streams are required. I think we all get that. We don't all agree on how it should be done It seems to be largely the long standing fans leaving. We have been through numerous ground changes, this is my sixth, MagicXIII and Quinskolar will have seen more. We have had the same promises about how it will be transformative before. The Quins link up was basically try before you buy
  12. I am aware of conversations between someone at Broncos and someone with a track record in this area. The reason I used words like think is I wasn't present and don't know exactly what was discussed. Suffice to say if growing the fan base / fan engagement wasn't discussed, it's a massive missed opportunity. My optimism is declining given what we are seeing delivered sadly. The optimist in me says maybe we'll see a push once we know the date of the first match at Plough Lane. The pessimist says the recent evidence suggests the existing fans are still of little concern to the club. I ho
  13. The identity of some of the long the fans walking away should be ringing serious alarm bells at the Broncos. In his e-mail to season ticket holders James Milner made it clear renewals were vital given the dramatic drop in central funding. A lot of long standing fans have now posted their goodbyes, though some say they may attend the odd match. Despite this there has been no attempt to contact non renewing season ticket holders and find out why they are off or any serious attempt to retain them as supporters. Madness.
  14. Steve Newcombe is the main man still I believe. They are pretty responsive. He does post on some RL forums and may see this. I won't name the user ID without his permission. lbsarl at icloud.com
  15. Mosy of them. Sadly I've seen people wearing RU related clothing being abused. People have reported on here about Quins RU fans they knew abandoning their RL season tickets due to abuse. I've mentioned a failed attempt to convert a group of friends who were abused for discussing football at half time. There is a small minority of fans who don't seem to understand that everyone has to watch their first ever game and may well already have loyalties to another sport. The fans also have their part to play if this move is to generate a new support base. Newcomers need to be welcomed and e
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