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  1. My memory might be fading but hasn't Oceania always been in an alliance with Eurasia and at war with Eastasia?
  2. 75min: try to Dufty kick mossed by Gwiddop. 16 - 20
  3. 69th min: try to Gwiddop then converts. St George 12-20
  4. Marsters goal. Tigers 20 - 6
  5. GWiddop line dropout goes out on the full. Penalty in front.
  6. Chris Lawrence down injured. Judging by the trainers' signals, he's either flat or rolling.
  7. Aloiai goes to head bin after getting Grahamized.
  8. 58min: Noff O'Luma try and ref blows it straight away. If it had gone down to the bunker they maybe would have chalked it off for
  9. Marsters kick in off the post Tigers 12-6
  10. Blake Green's been very good but he doesn't have that extra level that Widdop can display.