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  1. Poll: Raiders v Souths Panthers Cronulla Parra St George Raiders Chooks Melbourne Titans 324pts 5 home wins
  2. Interestingly, Breitbart is taking Sessions' side against Trump.
  3. Trump's hoping the Senate will pass some health insurance legislation (let's stop pretending that the USA even has a concept that would be recognisable in any other Western democracy as health care) so they'll go on their month-long break. This would allow him to either force Sessions to resign or fire him. Because Senate is on break, Trump could then appoint a new A-G who could take office immediately, without Senate confirmation, for up to 2 years. The new A-G could fire Mueller (and probably Rosenstein) and open a Hillary investigation. If they have so much damning material on Hillary why hasn't the Senate or House opened an investigation? Many of her alleged "crimes" were committed while in office and so there must be "witnesses" still on the Govt payroll who could be questioned.
  4. Trump's new plate-licker, Anthony Scaramucci, aka "da Mooch," "Scary Mooch," "Tony da Mooch," "Tony da Wop," "Tony Two eyes" "Tony Horsecock," and "Tony Big Sack," wasn't always a big Trumpist.
  5. Parra 17 Wests 16
  6. 78min: Brooks misses the field goal. 90 seconds left
  7. 76min: Corey Norman field goal. Earls 17-16
  8. 69: MWZ try but bunker ...... FFS!!! Adam Gee! try making a decision just once. Lolohea misses the kick?@?#?$?#?@?! 16-16
  9. 65min: French touches down but bunker .........mmmm.........replay, replay, slow-mo............ NO TRY
  10. Crowd: 30,291
  11. 61min: Gutherson try and goal. Eels 16-12
  12. 54: another Lolohea penalty. Wests running away with this game at 12-10
  13. 51min: Lolohea penalty. 10-10
  14. EELS 10 Wests 8
  15. 31min: Semi try. Gutherson missed the kick. Eels 10-8