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  1. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    I already saw the Avi Yemini video on YT. I've never had a high opinion of Jefferies but I don't know how much grunt this expose will pack. I don't think Yemini has a big enough audience to damage Jefferies and I don't think Jefferies is a big enough target to encourage people with clout to take up the cause. I like some of Yemini's stuff but overall he;s too conservative for me. For me, he's a bit like Tim Pool: I don't usually agree with him but he picks some good issues.
  2. People claim that our compulsory voting is a violation of human rights but it's hard to argue with a result after a 97% turnout. Ours have always been on Saturdays, although now we have pre-polling booths in bigger centres that open a week or 10 days before election day. Throw in the online voting and we should get close to 100% turnout.
  3. except there's one big difference: the 2020 election is mandated by law. (and was already carved in stone before the last election) My State introduced online voting and i voted yesterday. If the USA ever introduced it, it could be a whole new ball game. Nobody having to get time off work. 5 minutes at home with a coffee, no queueing. It would be interesting to see how many "couldn't be bothered's" actually vote online.
  4. Don't forget there will be 10 million new eligible voters this time and a lot of the Fox News generation will be dead,
  5. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    So it's voluntary unless you choose the wrong option. Would you like to come to Room 101 for an interview? Yes or No. Not often I give the Yanks credit for anything but I'm really starting to admire their Bill of Rights.
  6. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    Is the Interview under Caution voluntary? What happens if you choose not to participate?
  7. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    This is Lactacia, another drag queen who started when he was 8. Here he's appearing with an older drag queen who had some covering over his genitals, I can't remember what. and here's Desmond again, when he was 9, I think, getting an award for being gay, or something.
  8. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    That's what my last post was about. Desmond is Amazing is a 10(?)year-old drag queen who hit the news at the end of last year for performing in a gay bar in NYC with the patrons throwing money at him. Here's Desmond as Gwen Stefani collecting cash from the patrons.
  9. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    There's another good tactic being used on YT to shut down dissent. A channel called Live Nation Video Network has lodged copyright claims against at least 8 channels who made videos critical of Desmond is Amazing. Now Desmond has an agent but it's not Live Nation so I'm not sure what's going on there. Also Live Nation has never uploaded any videos about Desmond so I'm not sure which parts they claim to be copyrighted. The beauty of this tactic is that YT immediately blocks the video in all countries. The channel owner then has a right of appeal but, the appeal is to the person who lodged the copyright claim, not to YT. On top of that, the claimant has up to a month to reply to any appeal. I can't remember all the channels hit but they included Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial), Tim Pool, Omegon, and others I didn't recognise. I went to Desmond is Amazing's website and used the Contact form to ask what was going on. I was very non-confrontational and phrased it as, "Someone is using Desmond to run an extortion scam against all the YTers." I haven't got a response yet. I have heard of this tactic being used before as an extortion scam since the video can go up again as soon as the claimant withdraws the claim.
  10. Widdop converts from out wide. FT: St George 18 - Souths 34
  11. 74min: St George get a penalty when Souths miss the drop put clock. 2 tackles later ...... Lafai TRY
  12. a SamBurger double? Bunker ...... bunker ........ bunker ........ TRY!!! Reynolds converts from in front. Souths 34-12 8 and a bit left
  13. 61min: Graham Campbell try for Bunnies. Definite forward pass in the lead up but no comment from refs. Reynolds from sidelines .......... No. SOUTHS 28 - 12
  14. 56: Braeden Burns TRY. Reynolds converts. SOUTHS 24 - 12
  15. 46min: Cody Walker try. Reynolds converts. Souths 18 - 12