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  1. Farmduck

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    One of my nephews is flooding his Facebook with photos of his apparent European beer tour. Who knew there was Czech Goat Beer? Is it made out of goats or for goats?
  2. Farmduck

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Wouldn't you be able to hear him Bleeping?
  3. If person A is 50kg overweight and person B is 5kg overweight, and person A loses 10kg but Person B only loses 5kg, does that mean Person A is healthier than Person B? I'm not even slightly surprised that USA had more fat to shed than Ukraine or Venezuela. The US reduction would be part of the power stations; move from coal to gas. Also US coal production has been declining since 2006 so no individual can claim credit for it.
  4. Papali'i on. Playing for his country in the same year as his Mum did the same.
  5. Those Golden Boots really stand out against the white line
  6. He gave England a try. It was Bentham that chalked it off.
  7. NRL players have their holidays from GF day until the first week in November when pre-season training starts. Of course a lot of them would have had surgery as soon as the last round was over so their "holidays" are probably spent in daily rehab sessions.
  8. I wonder where I got the 16% from. Maybe it was a Ryan Faulk video and he was talking about white people - he's a White Something? I don't know what I'd call him, not a supremacist, really, more of an identitarian, a kind of soft voluntary apartheidist. Anyway he did quite a good prediction vid for these elections.
  9. ..... or the age breakdown, when that comes out. In 2016 only 16% (or 18, maybe) of 18-29s voted. (Most of them probably just tweeted "Hillary #I voted" and thought that was it.)
  10. What I saw watching the election was a battle between Urban v Rural. I don't think there are many Jewish farmers in USA.