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  1. Robert Mugabe has resigned as Zimbabwe's president, shortly after Parliament began an impeachment process to end his nearly four decades of rule. Wild celebrations broke out at a joint sitting of Parliament when Speaker Jacob Mudenda announced Mr Mugabe's resignation and suspended the impeachment procedure.
  2. Here's a Thought

    Flat Earth relies on the conspiracy about the hidden knowledge. Without the conspiracy, there's no way to debunk the evidence of astronauts or the endless footage from space craft. It's virtually impossible to be a Flattard without believing the conspiracy to falsify all the contradictory evidence. It's one of Alex Jones' oldest tactics, to denounce disbelievers as sheeple, paid shills, government operatives, false flaggers, etc. This leaves a small group of insiders who are so intelligent that they can see through the massive conspiracy. There was one last week about Marines landing at CIA HQ to snuff out a coup attempt by (presumably Clintonite) rogue elements of the CIA. Now, as I understand it, the CIA HQ is in a middle-class area of Virginia where, presumably, every witness would have had some means of documenting this event - some sort of device that could capture images or video, perhaps. But no! The Marines are so crafty they managed to plot a route through a populated area so they could sneak 4 Sikorsky choppers in there without anybody getting a chance to film it. But relax, people. YouTubers in Colorado were able to uncover the truth, partly thanks to some absolutely genuine fully believable CIA source who posts on 4chan.
  3. Here's a Thought

    So what about another obvious test: start at any point on Earth and travel due West (or East). If you come back to your starting point then there are 2 possibilities: - the Earth is round, or - the Earth is flat and you've just seen the underside and brought back heaps of evidence. QED (or if you did reach the Antarctic ice wall you would also have evidence of it.) One common argument I've seen from the Flattards is the 2 islands in Hawaii. Based on the geometric formulae relating to the alleged curvature, you shouldn't be able to see one island from the other. These fail (as arguments, not necessarily fatal for the overall theory) because the video is never taken from sea level, the second island can't all be seen, just the elevated parts. Someone needs to go there with a much better lens and repeat the exercise from sea level (or a reasonable height to counter the height of waves between the 2 islands.)
  4. Here's a Thought

    It depends on the particular Flat Earther. My main argument pro-Globe would be: Who gains by promoting a 500-year-old conspiracy about a globe Earth rotating around the Sun? What is their agenda? My other question is: If the Earth is flat, why haven't these Flat Earthers crowd-funded an expedition to the edge of the earth to put the whole thing to rest once and for all?
  5. Here's a Thought

    It's called "Virtue Signalling." It's a curse in the modern world.
  6. We don't know the fine print. Might be 2 years with an option. Hingano's not ready yet. What happens to Mason Lino? I guess he finally accepts he's never going to be the Warriors' full-time half and heads to Japan RU. I think he's Korean/Polynesian and there is some clause in Japan RU which gives preference to Asians, in terms of import players. If Green stays the full term he may end up as the 14, the dummy-half + emergency 6+7 replacement.
  7. Here's a Thought

    This is a big part of it. Blame it on the gig economy with endless writers out there with no full-time employment. Remember when a journalist just worked for the Guardian or the SMH? How many times these days do we see news commentary shows introduce someone as, "a writer for the Guardian, contributor to, regular guest on SomeShow on Radio KXKX, and host of Nobody'sListening podcast." And we don't have the time. At the moment I am interested in Evolutionary Psychology and Biological Determinism but I'm not going to spend three years studying biology, genetics, psychology, anthropology and sociology full-time just so I can critique a YouTube video. This where I think my above-mentioned High School course is a step in the right direction. Even though I don't have an academic grasp of all these issues, I can still spot an irrelevant argument or cherrypicked statistics or conflated conclusions - just because A = B doesn't prove A also equals, C or D, etc. As an example, I have no opinion on Syria, apart from the fact that I believe a lot of people are being killed for no apparent benefit to Syrians themselves. There are no "clean" sources of information. Every side has an agenda. Every side has the ability and opportunity to manufacture any evidence that would help their case and I'm sure they do it. When it comes to sources, I have a "raining Hitler" theory. Everyone hates Hitler but if Adolf tells you it's raining outside, that doesn't mean it isn't. Look at Fox News. Shep Smith makes a real attempt to report basic facts. Chris Wallace often departs from the mandated opinions. MSNBC, same story. Joy Reid is an unbearable Clinton/WallSt Dems shill. The other big danger in the single source problem is their choice of topics. Aside from Trump/Russia, there is a lot happening in US politics - most Governments run by Regulation, not Legislation. Department Heads can make significant changes without Congress and people like Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos don't need to pass any laws to destroy their portfolios. Most of this gets little or no coverage because Trump comes with a ratings guarantee. I imagine, in UK, any story that can be tied into some Brexit angle also pulls more clicks than some regional NHS story.
  8. Here's a Thought

    This is one of the most intelligent posts of yours I've ever read. The highlighted part supports one of my credos: Never ascribe to malice that which can just as easily be explained by incompetence (or laziness.) I've written many TL;DR pieces on sites railing against the Age of the 3-Word Slogan. I've highlighted areas of public policy which can't withstand even the most cursory examination and yet they are articles of faith. I've even proposed a solution: compulsory High School courses in Logic and Critical Thinking which would include: - Basic logic: premise, argument, evidence, conclusion - Collecting evidence and the hierarchy of evidence - relevant, non-relevant, relevant on one point but insufficient on others - Scientific method: observation --> hypothesis --> testing and attempted falsification --> theory --> peer review - Debate tactics: cherrypicking data, poisoning the well, deflection, ad hominem, conclusion not supported by argument In a perfect World we would make every decision from first principles in the light of exhaustive research. In reality, we don't have time. I bought some eggs last week but I've never travelled to that farm to check that the chooks really are free-range. I can't prove that my coffee wasn't grown on a plantation in Borneo after the Indonesian Army bulldozed the rainforest and shot all the indigenous people there. I will claim innocence of one of the crimes you cited - "spreading it around like it was an undeniable truth". I'm content to enunciate a contrarian position, lay out my available facts and sources, and let you make up your own mind. I'm not selling anything.
  9. No they weren't. I don't care since every team knew the rules well in advance but this statement is factually incorrect.
  11. Languages

    I think one of my grandfathers was from Gibraltar because every time he got drunk he'd start speaking Gibberish.
  12. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    25% of men who die during autoerotic asphyxiation are cross-dressed at time of death.'t_Want_You_to_Know_and_why_you_should_know_it_anyway
  13. NRL GOES BUSH IN 2018 Charity Shield South Sydney v St George Illawarra — Mudgee Saturday, February 24 Round 3 Gold Coast v St George Illawarra — Toowoomba Sunday, March 25 Round 5 Gold Coast v Manly — Gladstone Sunday, April 8 Round 7 South Sydney v Canberra — Gosford Saturday, April 21 Wests Tigers v Newcastle — Tamworth Saturday, April 21 Round 9 Penrith v North Queensland — Bathurst Friday, May 4 Round 11 St George Illawarra v Canberra — Mudgee Sunday, May 20 Round 12 Sydney Roosters v Gold Coast — Gosford Saturday, May 26 Round 16 South Sydney v North Queensland — Cairns Sunday July 1