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  1. Here are the teams but no numbers:
  2. Go Wests!! or is it Allons Ouests!!
  3. In the lead up to the current comp I advocated against having women's teams mirror existing NRL teams. Since one of the most popular whines is "there's too many teams in Sydney," I don't think we should simply translate the same problem over to a new comp. I don't see, in terms of players available, how we can have a strong Souths AND a string Easts. This year's Roosters team is largely made up of players from the Redfern All Blacks team. If Souths had got in instead of Roosters, we would have had virtually the same players in different jumpers. I also can't see a strong St George AND a strong Cronulla. It may have been smarter to give the slot to Cronulla. St George-area girls could have joined Cronulla and South Coast players could aim for a future Canberra team. I would be looking for a 2-team per year expansion. I would also rig the draw to ensure the Warriors got a lot of home games next year. I know it hands them an advantage but these players need to appreciate that, at the current stage, there are important off-field goals which must be pursued.
  4. Farmduck

    Sydney football Stadium

    The reason the SFS is where it is has nothing to do with anything fan-based. It's there because it is/was owned by the SCG Trust. They weren't able to extend the cricket season because other sports were still playing finals until the end of September. They decided to upgrade the old Sydney Sports Ground to push all the football types off their cricket ground. The Sydney Swines still play there but back in the 1980s I think all the VFL finals were played in Melbourne so cricket could start a month earlier than the NRL GF.
  5. Jake Friend has been charged for the tackle on GI but a guilty plea will get him 75 points and no suspension. Oddly, Slater's tackle on Feki is worth 200 points. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. The relevance of this lies in the finalists: Any expansion in the NRLW needs to be gradual, IMO, because its biggest advantage currently is the high standard caused by concentrating all the available AUS/NZ talent into just 4 teams. Where should the next team(s) be? Here's where the above finalists come in. Crawford PS, Rooty Hill HS, St Agnes, and Chifley College are all in Blacktown which is part of the Penrith District RL. Bass HS is in Bass Hill, in Bankstown. Wiripaang and Hunter SHS are both in the Newcastle area. A strong point in favour of a Newcastle team would be this from the Country RL Look how many teams have nominated for the Seniors: There are also 10 teams nominated for the 18s and 18 for the 16s. Apart from a couple of Central Coast teams these are all Hunter Valley teams. On top of that, the last NSW Senior Women's GF featured North Newcastle v Redfern All Blacks and many of those Norths players signed with the current 4 clubs in this year's NRLW. (Redfern players mainly signed with the Roosters.) So, that's my vote. NRLW 2019 should expand to include Newcastle and Penrith.
  7. Farmduck

    Sydney football Stadium

    Sydney has a stadium-building-based economy. If we ever stopped building/demolishing them we'd go into recession.
  8. Why didn't the Bunnies even try to run a whole set of 6 at Cronk?
  9. It's like a camping ground - all tents.
  10. I'm watching. My dog finally let me have 3" on the edge of the couch and I'm making the most of it.
  11. I'm getting sick of all this warm, fuzzy nostalgia about Allianz. If you went back and found the 10 worst crowds of the last 30 years, I bet 9 of them were at Allianz. So everybody loved it but not enough to go there.