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  1. Farmduck


    A lot of my ancestors are in cemeteries around the Launceston area. Basically anywhere they had a gold mine, you'll find dead "Farmducks." Did you see any wombats at Cradle Mountain.
  2. I think we are now officially in a bidding war with China to see who can buy the most Pacific politicians.
  3. I've read that the whole country will starve to death and even if they do survive there won't be any pharmaceuticals so, first sign of sickness, all the famine survivors will die anyway. After all this, the Metro Police Commissioner said there'll be no way to identify any criminals coming into the country without access to EU databases. If only there was some kind of International Police organisation! I did some calculations - it was really hard to find the data - and, without the EU, UK will only have 160 countries they can trade with and only 14 of those are in the World's Top 20 economies, so it's not like they could afford to buy anything. Brexit UK = The Walking Dead with funny accents. non-Brexit UK = everybody frolicking in daisy-covered fields under rainbow-filled skies on their own private unicorn sanctuaries.
  4. Farmduck

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    But the issue here is, "Is it humane to expect a person to survive on only one case of them per day + a bottle of spirits + 3 bottles of wine?" If you drink better beer, won't that make the 24/day limit hurt even more?
  5. Farmduck

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    But there's more....... Local publican and chairman of the West Pilbara Liquor Accord, Bart Parsons, expressed disappointment with the decision. "Disappointment across the board, to be honest," he said. "It's definitely not great for the stigma of the place." Yes, why would anyone go to a place where the locals are limited to 50 drinks a day?
  6. Farmduck

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    As part of an attempt to crack down on violence, the Pilbara area of northern Western Australia is introducing new alcohol purchase restrictions. Each individual will have a daily ration of: one carton of full-strength beer a day, AND three bottles of wine, AND one litre of spirits OMG!!! That's only the equivalent of about 57 standard drinks per day!!! You can't expect people to live like that. What are we, Lutherans?
  7. It's funny that a lot of what I see from Intersectionalists on race issues is what we would have called back in the 70s "patronising and neo-colonialist white saviour mentality."
  8. This is an interesting article but I've reached my free quota on NYTimes so I can't read the rest of it. Still looking for some pirate version.
  9. Farmduck

    Equal Pay

    The entertainment industry is a poor example of any "gender wage gap" argument. The pay consists, notionally of several different segments. There's the basic work you do - turning up and saying stuff into a camera or microphone. Then there's your quality at doing the role. Then, the most important one, your audience-pulling power. If Zoe Ball attracts the same number of listeners as Chris Evans then maybe she should get the same money. Evans (and any highly-paid celebrity) got the big money because his audience will follow him - many aren't BBC listeners, they are Chris Evans listeners. How many Zoe Ball listeners will be drawn to her show because they listened to her previous show? There was a video last year from some fashion magazine with four female actors whining about stuff. Ellen Pompeo raised the issue of being paid less than male TV actors. "Why?" she said, as if she had no clue. Truth is, only 6 male actors in US TV get more than Ellen does for Grey's Anatomy - and 4 of them are in The Big Bang, so there's a huge clue. Another clue: one of the women who gets paid more than Ellen is also in The Big Bang. What made Pompeo's question even more disingenuous was the fact she was sitting next to the woman who plays Jane the Virgin. Jane should have asked, "I get $60K per episode. You, Ellen, get $575K per episode. Why?" I'm sure Pompeo's grasp of economics would have returned to her in a second.
  10. Here come the Hillary 2.0s Dems 2020 - Make Banking Great Again!
  11. I wonder if they paid consultants for this:
  12. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    I got reported and censored on another site. The topic was "What is the cultural or social impact of RuPaul?" My answer: For me, nothing. I’ve never watched the TV show. I’ve already known for 50 years what drag queens were so what’s to see? The thing I don’t like about drag queens is the inherent misogyny. If men want to dress as women, fine, I don’t care. But drag queens don’t dress as “women.” They dress as the sluttiest cheap whores they can imagine. Is that how they see women? Why does anybody applaud that. In my country you don’t see women attending drag shows. Drag shows are almost exclusively held in gay bars with male audiences. What does that say about how gay men see women? Am I wrong? I admit I don't get out much. Is this what real women look like? I understand that drag is performance and drag queens may just claim they are going to extremes for parody. But parody what? If this is a parody of women, isn't it just a bit misogynistic? To me it presents women as simply the product of tens of thousands of dollars of surgery and shopping.
  13. Farmduck

    The Culture Wars

    While I think Trump is a clown, unfit to fill any role normally allocated to an adult, my overall opinion of USA hasn't changed in the last 50 years. Eisenhower's "military-industrial complex" speech from 1960 (1961?) was right then and nothing has changed.
  14. The big speech was preceded by a nationwide email to every address the Trump people could find, soliciting donations for Trump's re-election campaign. After the speech they sent out another one. The entire US TV industry just gave Trump 10 minutes of prime-time for a fundraising ad.