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  1. The Culture Wars

    Bearing is just pandering to his audience because that's how business works. In fact he's exactly the same as Anita Sarkeesian or Franchesca Ramsay. I don't know too many people who denigrate women's sports. Don't most people simply exercise their rights as consumers by not watching it. I don't watch men's curling or lawn bowls. Does that mean I'm denigrating men's sport? What I object to is people saying women are just as good at RL or soccer as men and expecting me to agree with it. If women really believed that they are as good at sports as men then why don't Tennis comps pool the winners' prize money and have the women's winner play the men's winner - winner takes all? It's because people expect us to agree that they're just as good but they never want to have to prove it. I'd love to see a women's team play in the NRL, as soon as all the people who think it's a good idea put their money where their mouths are and stump up a fund to cover medical expenses.
  2. The Culture Wars

    The other case which is often cited is when both Williams sisters were beaten by a guy ranked 250th in the men's rankings.
  3. The Culture Wars

    Whatever happened to "My body, my choice?" The most interesting thing about that video was that they've had to move Franchesca Ramsay to Facebook and off YouTube. MTV Decoded starts from the old Sarkeesian misquote, "Everything is racist ......" and builds up from there. It never spends a second on questioning whether there may be other factors at play. Psychologists have determined what people find attractive - symmetry in faces and breeding capacity in bodies. Whether the breeding capacity matters to gays is questionable but, if you're a determinist you might point out that the gayness of a small group of genes wouldn't necessarily alter all the other genetic drives encoded in humans. Whiteness has always been the beauty standard IN WHITE COUNTRIES for very obvious reasons. It's completely disingenuous to fail to understand that. You're pitching consumer products to the maximum possible audience so that's who you represent in the ads. See, no conspiracy or racial supremacy or anything. And because it's MTV, they always lay the blame at the feet of white people. There was a study at one of the mid-Western Uni's, Michigan or Illinois which condemned the fact that Asian international students weren't being incorporated into general student activities and condemning white students for expecting Asian-American students to do all the socialising. Of course the study didn't ask the most basic starter question: Do the Asian students really want to mix with the white students? From my experience, I would guess no, they don't want to mix with the decadent, horse-faced gweilos. You don't know what racism is until you've met a few Chinese people. When I married a Chinese woman the reaction among her friends was that it was sad that she had to lower herself but they accepted that she was taking one for the team - sacrificing herself so that her parents could use her to migrate to OZ. I don't think people in the West understand the use of skin whiteners. It's often not about race but class. When I was in Africa many years ago, urban women used to carry umbrellas to keep the sun off their skin so that people wouldn't think they were peasants, not so people wouldn't think they were black. Among Indians, it's a mixture of race and class. The Northern Indo-Aryans always saw themselves as a better class of people than the southern Dravidians who belonged, possibly, to a completely different migration out of Africa and consequently had much darker skin. It's not the white Europeans they are trying to emulate. They are trying to differentiate themselves from the other Indians. I'm not surprised to see Decoded lose its appeal. It is obsessed with race to an extent that is beyond most racists I've met. During its hiatus, a new SJW mouthpiece stepped into the void - .Mic, which is every bit as dumb and divisive but on a lower budget.
  4. Thank god for that. I love the 80 minutes from kick-off to FT but every year I lose more and more interest in the off-field. In another 5 years I won't care if they're all serial killers who change clubs every week and get busted for drunk driving on the way to the game as long as the 80 minutes is good.
  5. Yep. Crisis actors, FEMA drill, no blood, CIA, MSM, survivors reading off scripts, etc, etc. There were 3,000 students at that school. How long do you think all 3,000 teenagers could keep a secret?
  6. I just saw the first Florida School Shooting Conspiracy video. Apparently it didn't happen.
  7. The tackler over the top pushed him across the line
  8. It's not rigged it's just the product of enshrining things in a Constitution which become too hard to remove later when they are no longer relevant. Australia has the same problem in the Senate. Tasmania's 350K people get 12 Senators and NSW's nearly 8 million get 12. Basically, if every voter in TAS voted for you, you still wouldn't get into a NSW Senate spot.
  10. Overall murder rate in UK is higher than Switzerland 0.92>0.6 / 100,000. Both very low, lower even than Denmark and nobody thinks of Denmark as a dangerous country. The real problem with the US numbers is that, for a First World country, the numbers - 4.88/100K - are absurd. It's not just the guns. Even in Australia, we have 4 times the number of guns per capita as the UK but our murder rate is only slightly higher: 0.98 v 0.92/100K. There's definitely something wrong with Americans
  11. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs coach Dean Pay hasn’t wasted any time enforcing the new standards expected at the club, recently sending home new recruit Moses Suli after a string of disciplinary breaches during the past fortnight. can reveal the new Bulldogs recruit has received two warnings after being late for multiple training sessions and failing to finish several others as he struggles to adapt to life at his new club. Pay has shown that shortcuts won’t be tolerated under his regime at the Bulldogs, telling Suli to leave training to reassess his commitment to his career. He's only been there 2 weeks. At this rate the Doggies will dump him and his only option will be to play for the Wallabies.
  12. That album - Population Override - is mostly like Too Many Humans. So is his most "famous" track Padmasana which always ends up on the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos lists, for some reason. (I usually like my songs to have more than 2 chords)
  13. Benji won't see the inside of the first-grade sheds this year anyway so I don't know why he's on the list. 2018 TRIAL MATCH SQUAD (In alphabetical order) Alex Twal, Bayley Sironen, Ben Matulino, Chris Lawrence, Chris McQueen, Corey Thompson, David Nofoaluma, Elijah Taylor, Esan Marsters Jacob Liddle, JJ Felise, Josh Aloiai, Josh Reynolds, Kevin Naiqama, Luke Brooks, Mahe Fonua, Malakai Watene-Zelezniak, Matt Eisenhuth, Matt McIlwrick, Michael Chee Kam, Pita Godinet, Robbie Rochow, Russell Packer, Sam McIntyre, Sauaso Sue, Taane Milne, Thomas Mikaele Tim Grant, Tuimoala Lolohea, Tyson Gamble — Coach: Ivan Cleary This is against the Cows in Cairns, Saturday night from 7:30pm local time (8:30pm AEDT), which will be live streamed on the club’s website.