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  1. Gordon conversion hits the post and misses. Chooks 16-14
  2. 60min: Flake Burgerson try
  3. 45min: Connor Watson try. Chooks hit the front
  4. Matterson try chalked of for construction - it was poorly constructed.
  5. Cone Head knocks on on the first play of the second half.
  6. Re: Roosters fan numbers Back in the old days, before plastics and house music and new Labour were invented, the NSWRL wouldn't allow the GF to be televised live unless it was a sellout. It was the SCG back then so about 50K tickets. In 1980, the Chooks played the Dogs and, to guarantee it was live on TV, the Roosters' sugar daddy bought about 20,000 tickets, three days before the GF and gave them away. That's how many Roosters fans there are. They only have 4 clubs in their Junior District and the only NRL player I can think of who comes from that area is Blake Ayshford.
  7. If the Cows hadn't run Latrine off the ball, he wouldn't have been in position to take that.
  8. Cowboys on top of the Chooks:
  9. There's not much to talk about. Back 'n' forth, people running and tackling and stuff.
  10. Agreed on the Feldt foot. There are no Roosters fans, just glory fans and default fans when every other team has been knocked out.
  11. Can the Undercows get up? or will the Chooks scratch out a win? I don't care.
  12. Danny Buderus agrees with my not-deep assessment of the game. He thinks the Chooks' best tactic is to outscore the Cows. Brave call, Danny. (That's why he's a commentator and we're just watching.)
  13. RLWC Scheduling

    In "real" time there is at least 3 hours between kick-off times for these 2 games This one looks bad - a double header in Cairns with a one-off game in Canberra. No that's a mistake in Time Zones. BUT PNG v IRL will overlap with Italy v USA. Should be at least 90 minutes between kick-offs for the PNG and Fiji games.
  14. RLWC Scheduling

    It's a brilliant idea. If they use their full squads, every player gets a full-contact warmup, unlimited changes at "half" time and the crowd gets 3 games in 2 hours.