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  1. I didn't know Kenny Edwards had such a long history of issues. There's no way Fifita gets to pick NSW and Tonga. Either he's available for all 3 Origins or he isn't.
  2. For about the first time this year the Doggies actually looked quite good for most of that game.
  3. Foran scores a not-try
  4. I've gone from a full acre of garden to about 10sqm of lawn. I don't need secateurs.
  5. Try-scoring freak Matt Prior crosses for the Fish
  6. Crocs? bit of a non-sequitur.
  7. With 20 mins left The Fish lead 16 - 14
  8. Jesse Ramen-Noodles try.
  9. Doggies dodged a self-inflicted bullet there.
  10. J-Moz not coming back for second half.
  11. So this shouldn't be far away
  12. Looks like the construction on the Sharks' land is finally underway. These free versions of Google Earth are often 12 months old so there may even be building there by now.
  13. Now a B-Moz try. Morning/evening G. I
  14. J-Moz with some legular injury, shows replay ....... Cool! his knees can bend backwards. Wow! I would have thought would hurt too much to do that.