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  1. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    You mean back OT to show it is illegal in both the UK and Canada? Or would you rather have pigeons?
  2. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    The actual quote is: "Debating creationists on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory." -- Scott D. Weitzenhoffer Edit and adjust as necessary! It is one one my favourite ever metaphors.
  3. A day late,(how work falls) but as as an Irish lad in England,in this house we are taking the excuse to celebrate Sr George's Day (belated) even if you don't (hic) In this hallowed day I would also like to remember 17 March , the day of St Patrick, when Ireland beat the hell out of England to claim the grand slam, the six nations and tge triple crown. Here's to ya George! A slange

    I'll make a bet. I will go and if Jean show up to support his favourite team I will donate £100 to the gate. Just has to be obviously French so I can spot him and then speak French.
  5. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Pointless even trying to explain. h
  6. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    The day everyone agrees with all I say I will stop! I just say it as I isee it and try very hard not to be 2 faced about it. If it is any consultation my approach winds just as many up on RU forums.
  7. Who's next to join our ranks?

    You are just making mischief! I get into enough trouble on my own without your help!
  8. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    i joined the RN in 1991 so whatever you got up to in Temple Bar, Dublin , Republic of Ireland 13 years later is relevant how? My comment on the topic was based on experiences as a senior TU rep arguing equality cases for years. Your comments on the actual topic are based on? Oh yeh, you have had a few pints in the hipster part of Dublin and you are are now a fully fledged "know it all". Remind me of the largest crowd for a RL game in Ireland? RU is 84.5k, GAA is 90.1k, soccer is 66.6k and RL? They are being Irish and Irish people are friendly and want to make you feel welcome. You could have been talking about camel polo and they would have let on they loved it.
  9. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Midlands eh? I had a TV at home and you could grow up in N Ireland now and never see a game of RL, let alone 30 years ago with channels! I am still curious to what bubble you think I was brought up in. I have given some examples of how it wasn't but you insist. What bubble? (I even spent a week in working in Birmingham -still no RL) And yes the topic is about cheap tickeys for a Toronto game, which is what I responded to before you went of on some sort of mission to drag me into your personal demons about RU. Glad to see you have got back on topic.
  10. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Insular in having a working class upbringing? Insular in joining the RN and living in Dartmouth, then Plymouth and Rosyth? insular in having travelled the world? Insular in having left the Navy and working with kids for a year? Insular in having joined a blue chip company. Also becoming a TU rep rising to an NEC member voted by 12,000 TU members nationwide? Or is it just a reflection of my point and how you have become so self centred you cannot see beyond your personal bubble and all you see are conspiracies?
  11. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Nope. Your reply says more than I can put in words!
  12. Who's next to join our ranks?

    Any reason you omitted Wigan from you list of Gtr Manchester teams?
  13. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    News flash! I have often said on here I grew up in a council estate in N Ireland, went to a grammar school where the main sport was RU, moved to England to join the Royal Navy and it was still another 10 years before I even knew there was a different code of rugby. (In those 10 years I probably did see/hear something about RL, but having 18 years of rugby being RU, any mention of the word Rugby probably meant I assumed it was the only rugby I knew) Indeed I had lived in Manchester City Centre for 4 years and still had no idea RL was a thing. It was only when I bought a house in Salford, and passed the AJ Bell stadium twice a day I took an interest. So while you may not think there is a RU world, there really is! Rugby in Ireland (North or South) means only one thing. So, is that my fault? If my actual experience annoys you, then don't blame me for it.
  14. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Wow! You claim to be a teacher but any right minded person would object to having a clueless, opioniated , bigoted bully like you involved in a child's life let alone teaching them! Your posts are borderline racist, and often incorrect, but when that is pointed out to you you go on a personal attack! If you are an example of RL fans in Canada we need to get out quickly. I have been on this forum for 3 years. You less than 1 and you have got the distinction of the first person I have blocked! Many borderline Schizophrenic people have tried my patience but none have broke it until you. Congratulations you win the mad person competition! Pathetic.
  15. More problems for Big Sam?

    That is a click bait topic worthy of the defunt News of the World! You mean a rugby player gets a 3 week ban for a high tackle?