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  1. kiyan

    Equal Pay

    You are now hitting the crux of the issue. The majority ( though not all) of the equal pay claims are backdated. The Council's problem and the TU is that if these claims are awarded it will cost councils £billions which will shred public services beyond repair. There probably was an opportunity 15/20 years ago for unions and councils to balance things but that would have involved large pay cuts for predominately male roles. Unions ran away from that scenario and agreed deals like the one in Glasgow. This has all been brought to a head by solicitors taking pay claims to court and winning. I think Birmingham council was one of the first to deal with this ( please google) and had huge pay discrimination claims from employees in a certain role. I also believe a large TU was also sued for agreeing unfair terms and refusing to support their members in their campaign ( because as mentioned above they believed it would bankrupt the council and be a detriment to other members) and it was these private court cases that drove Unions to change tack on equal pay.
  2. I thought all clubs expressed a preference as to the day of their home games? Salford used to be a Friday night ( depending on TV games etc) and now they have made a preference of Sunday ( depending on TV games etc.) Sale's preferred home games are on a Saturday ( depending on TV etc) so what is the issue? All SL clubs have a preferred day for their home games which they inform the RFL off and hope they consider that when putting together a fixture list. Why has Salford's preference become an issue on here? Maybe because they announced it, which I assume is to drive season tickets sales by giving the day they hope to play at home allowing fans to judge if they can make a commitment or is it just because it is Salford?
  3. kiyan

    Equal Pay

    Luckily enough many years ago I was lucky enough to be sent on a 5 day TUC course to explain this issue, so let me educate a few knuckle draggers on here. People doing the same job ( regardless of sex)generally get paid the same amount. A female refuse collector gets the same amount as a male one as they should for doing the same role. The issue is that 15/20 years ago roles were compared and those in what where normally female roles where paid a lot less than male counterparts. A formula for pay was devised, based on actions they take and job scales should be based on that. eg. ( simplified)A Bin man: is on their feet all day, lifts heavy loads, has no responsibility for others v a Dinner lady who is on their feet all day, lifts heavy pans and is responsible for not poisoning 1000 kids . Yet the binman salary is more than twice that of the dinner lady who has a greater responsibility. The issue is not that woman get paid less for the same job, it is that if you break jobs down to what they involve, then roles traditionally filled by women are underpaid. That has been more an issue for councils than most ( because of job roles) private companies, but has been known about for over 20 years and is a low point in the Labour Party that they spend 11 years and nearly £2m in legal fees fighting the claim in Glasgow but this week are tweeting their support for the strike!
  4. kiyan

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    How many chances does someone get? I am all for second chances but when you are banned for drugs, arrested for assault, sent home from international duty because of alcohol, banned for homophobic abuse of a referee ( 2 in one there), convicted of drink driving and "evading arrest" all within a 2/3 year period! How many chances does the lad get before he is locked up, never mind given rugby contracts?
  5. kiyan

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Forgetting the role model argument; Is there any employer in the UK who would be happy to employ: A person cautioned for assault of a student Banned for drug use ( fought length of ban on appeal, but did not deny use) Suspended for yelling homophobic abuse at a referee Pleaded guilty to drink driving, evading arrest ALL within 2 years! The fella needs help - NOT a Rugby contract.
  6. Great Gesture/Support from Transport for GTR Manchester! Hope the Warrington fans ( from Cheshire) appreciate it! 😁😁 Kidding aside, we all are hoping for a great game!
  7. kiyan

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Really? I couldn't coach an under 10 team, but if you gave me an unlimited ( up to salary cap) budget for a RL team I am pretty sure I could put together a team that whipped Part Timers in the Championship and below. When it got to playing other Full Time teams I would be shown as a useless coach - that is what has happened to Rowley TWICE ! Taken a cashed up Leigh to top of championship and a cashed up TWP to the top of the championship and failed on BOTH opportunities to get them promoted.
  8. kiyan

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    In all these discussions Noble and Rowley are the team discussed. In the 2 seasons after Dr Koukash bailed Salford out and pumped a lot of money into the club they both under performed, broke salary cap and ended up in court with all kinds of allegations of players not being paid, kit suppliers taking them to court, etc. Koukash may not have helped but Brian Noble was the guy he hired and gave unlimited money to build a great team and he failed results wise. What is forgotten that Martin Vickers ( after approving a secret £million loan to Salford Red Devils, resigned from his senior position in Salford Council to pursue "personal opportunities" and a month later was the Chief Executive of Salford City Reds) . After numerous companies, suppliers and players taking Salford to court "claiming" unpaid debts ( some upheld some not) Koukash announced that the team at one of his other companies would be talking responsibility for the financial details at the rugby club - as far as I am aware there was no further claims of non payment. After that announcement there was no mention about Martin Vickers - until 6/7 months later when he appeared as Chief Executive of Swinton RLFC, which within months just about avoided bankruptcy. Within all that he was personally sued by Salford Council for a debt he owned them on a car! ( which he resolved before it got to court) Anyway, he didn't last at Swinton long and finally we get to the point - where is he now? Yep he is an advisor / head of UK Operations ( depending what you read) of TWP and the "Salford failed team of Noble/Vickers" are back together and added ( Leigh failure)Rowley into the mix to make a bigger force of failure. It is almost as if Dr Koukash efforts at Salford were all a secret and someone else wants to waste another few million trying EXACTLY the same thing. And some of the TWP ( like Some of the Salford ones 3/4 years ago) are blindly sticking with it! Koukash spent £5/6 million before he realised it was the wrong approach - Right down to the same people!!!! FFS why repeat it, learn from his mistakes and get into SL! ref:
  9. Normally we wold expect him to end up at Toronto, but on this occasion.....
  10. Now, that is NOT true and a slur! While they not think much/ever about supporters or what is best for the game, they spend a lot of time thinking about people: specifically THEIR lunch, THEIR salary, THEIR expense account, THEIR fact finding trips to New York/Toronto/LA/Dubai/Hong Kong, and now they have hired a new PR team - we will realise all the hard work they do for little reward - because they love rugby ( some one will have to tell them at some point this isn't union - Big Nigel has them all convinced and given them all a "RFU" scarf before he went.
  11. Can I have some of what you are on? 6 SL games live over 3 days and a couple more Championship games on a Sunday! Do you think you are RU?😏
  12. So you chose to call me a liar on polling done by Lord Ashcroft? The Conservative peer who Labour have spent 4 years proclaiming his polling figures are statistically wrong and he is a Tory mouth piece - yet here I am being called a liar based on his poll! That said you have proven my comment correct! 65% of the poll you quote does not want a United Ireland in the next 5 years! ( 56 plus 9) and that is only the response in the Republic Of Ireland! Polls are set up to make the result you want. A major academic study published in the Irish Times and repeated in the Belfast Telegraph last week predicts that the standard of living would reduce by 15% if a United Ireland would happen, and may never recover to current levels. The original Irish Times article ( based on an academic study by Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University) is here which may be behind a paywall or an summary below on the Belfast Telegraph here: Knowing that the GFA (Good Friday Agreement - for those wanting a say but not sure what they are talking about) requires a separate referendum and a majority in both for a United Ireland - having been told how much it would cost those in the Republic of Ireland, how do you think that would affect the poll quoted above showing 9% in favour of reunification ( the academic piece showing a 15% drop in living standards came after that poll)? Back to you using Lord Ashcroft polls to call me a liar: I can show various polls and articles and academic studies to show where my figure came from: eg,820734,en.pdf or recently who omitted to ask those in Southern Ireland their opinion! You use Lord Ashcroft who numerous people on this forum ( including some who liked your post) decried as nothing more than a Tory Fake News Monger as your evidence that I make stuff up and lie! You need to catch a grip and stop believing the bumph some others on here are feeding you!
  13. So when I said remind me of the lies, you didn't provide any quotes. All you did was throw some more FAKE NEWS rants! Defend your point and allow some scrutiny/discussion or accept you are a parody of Donald Trump; shouting FAKE NEWS from behind a key board, hoping some will believe you!
  14. Someone who knows he is wrong stops the discussion and blocks people - Donald Trump!
  15. From the top of your head you believe I was mistaken/incorrect in those posts. Please quote the posts you believe I was incorrect in and I will happily try and defend them - I may be incorrect and happy to be corrected, but shouting FAKE news with a lot of I "believe you said" hoping that the opinion sticks is Trumpism at its best. Lets pick the middle one on your list - Polling for Irish reunification ( NI doesn't have to the reunited). What have I said and what facts do you have to show I am incorrect?