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  1. The UK aircraft carrier program was cancelled in 1966 by a Labour government! The RN subsequently managed to obtain funding for the Invincible class because they were designated as through deck cruisers. When I was serving in the RN (early 90s) the issues you describe existed then (HMS Intrepid was in dry dock supposedly at 3 months notice to go to sea, but I wandered on board one day to sea gaping holes on the deck with rust). It has always been the case that 25% of ships are in refit, 25% are in. Training/workup, only 50% of the fleet is operational. I am not sure what you mean by "selling the only major repair ship" The Fleet Air Arm actually increased in size in 2009 -2012 We haven't had a carrier fleet since a Labour government cancelled it in 1966.! We have 2 be new carriers which will be equipped with the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world, which we have a 20% stake in! While I bleed Senior service and consider it the best in the world. It was being cut even 20 years ago! A 4 month deployment to the Falklands was tempered by visits to Rio, Barbados. Fort Lauderdale on the way home - now they can't afford the fuel so it is straight home no stops.
  2. Why does he need leverage? He has deferred payment for the old loans, he does not own the stadium , he could simply walk away tomorrow and leave Salford in £millions of debt.
  3. What do you mean by that? As an ex matelot I am just wondering they reasoning for the comment?
  4. The Trafford Centre is the same distance from the water treatment plant yet it is the second most visited site in Europe.
  5. Having worked on a few, intially a 10% success would be considered good! Why do you think we perform the tests in the middle of no where!
  6. China had the opportunity to rein NK in, but I think they too have missed the chance. Trade sanctions from China now will only impact his people and do you think he cares?
  7. Are they really? Is Salford aiming to be bigger than Wigan/Warrington? SS are after a very different crowd and being the only AP team in the NW I really don't see them competing with RL. (Wigan/Warrington/Salford/Leigh or even Widnes and St Helens.).
  8. Again why? If you own 2 rugby clubs one of which has 6000 supporters paying £400 a year and the other has 2000 supporters complaining about £200 a year. One gets £milions in sponsorship the other gets £thousands and costs £millions . As solely a business proposition you would let it die and hope to pick up some of the supporters! From a purely business point of view(which Acqcorp is) why would you subsidize a loss making RL with "fans" who think £5 is too expensive for a ticket? Without Marwan paying the bills Salford is dead! Even Swinton has ended up playing in Sale at the RU club!
  9. In answer to the OP, nothing! The opportunity to do something about NK was years ago and the UN, the US, China and the EU has long since missed the opportunity.
  10. There are so many Salford fans who live in La La land it is little wonder MK has an uphill battle: Salford Council should help us build a new stadium (despite having just spent £13m (with another £13m from a developer) on AJ Bell ( bet Wakey fans would be delighted with just £10m) West 1 retail park would be ideal for a stadium - so knock down a retail park that recently sold for £35m and spend another £20m building a stadium We should play at the new Salford City stadium (which has 4000 capacity, NO carparking ) and no chance of future planning upgrades. AJ Bell is not in Salford! Much as some like to think that Salford is only a half mile radius of the precinct in encompasses Irlam, Worsley, Brought on..... It is hard to get to - it s a 28 minutes walk from Eccles train station. A 25 minutes walk from Eccles tram/bus station It has no public transport - during match times there is a 67 bus every 12 minutes and a 100 bus every 30 minutes. So from Eccles there are about 7 busses an hour past the stadium. You can't get out of the carpark! Exit from the car park is closed for 15 minutes to let pedestrians and coaches leave, last 2 times I have been and sat in the bar the CP traffic had disappeared 35 mins after the hooter. A whole 35 minutes to get out of a stadium car park when other options are available? I could rant on, but you get the point!
  11. Why? Assuming both Orange and Koukash are business people, both had a 50/50 stake in the stadium with each responsible for 50% of the stadium maintenance, and allowed all non rugby revenue to help pay for this, while both keeping match day revenue (minus match day costs) for their own club? Any stadium profits/losses at year end split 50/50. Surely if Orange bought Salford he would allow it to die slowly if it was (as it currently is) losing a couple of million a year.
  12. Again I mostly agree. Currently neither own the stadium and most of the bar/food profits and all of the other function profits go to the Stadium company. If SS bought the stadium, nothing would change for Salford in the short/medium term (SS may make more, (but the stadium currently is losing money which they would then be responsible for) while Salford payment and income would not change). Medium to longer term I think it would become more an issue for Salford as agreements came up for renewal SS may well start demanding more. But again if MK is genuine about buying the stadium (in the last 4 years he has not made an offer) and if SS are genuine about buying then it makes perfect sense for them to go 50/50. Create a company "Manchester Rugby" which owns the stadium. Salford could move out and share Carrington freeing the first floor. All weddings and conferences are used to pay for the upkeep of the Stadium. (Amy shortfall covered 50/50) Each team decides what match day experience it wants to provide and pays for it out of their own gate receipts and bar/food profits which they keep. Amy reason that couldn't work (With a little bit of give and take)?
  13. It was built as a community stadium, while the intention was that Salford played in it, it was NEVER built exclusively for Salford. The timing was wrong in that the shop lease, the naming rights were up for sale when Salford were about to go bust and hadn't enough money to pay staff, let alone lease a retail space or buy naming rights for the stadium. By the time MK showed up, SS had leased the shop, bought (then sold the naming rights) Before the infamous meeting of big Nige and Marwan on a flight to Dubai Salford were days away from being made bankrupt, can anyone blame a very worried and financially exposed Salford council from trying to get a tennant into the stadium (ie SS)?
  14. I don't disagree with your point but I am not sure they are economic competitors ( eg SS have Thomas Cook as their travel partner, Salford have a travel agent somewhere. SS have Bentley Manchester, Salford have Irlam Van sales....) They both have a very different target crowd, and target sponsors so not much overlap. Personally would love if SS and Salford bought the stadium together 50/50 and made it into a real rugby destination for fans of both codes. With the new bridge to the the ski slope, Trafford centre,. Event City, Indoor Sky diving and numerous bars and hotels only weeks away; a large bus station and a tram line 2 years away it could be the best stadium in the country!
  15. Kennedy over his last 2 years converted over £15m in director loans he was owed by SS to personal losses, effectively passing on the club debt free. We can only wish that someone in RL would do that!