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  1. I may be wrong (often am) I have never witnessed anti-semitic opinions in Labour (not saying there aren't, just I have never witnessed them). I have witnessed many pro Palestinian opinions though, it may be the enthusiasm to support that cause over many years has led to some people only considering 1 side of the argument and hence why recently people have obviously stepped over the mark? Voices within the Labour Movement have always been muted on some subjects, but generally there was always an underlying opinion of respect and equality. Sometimes hate simmers over, and people are exposed for what they are.
  2. If I get likes from someone who is generally opposed to my political opinion I am happy to have reached a middle ground, however I am unsettled by your under lying tone, which verges on intimidation.
  3. Maybe the first openly gay lord mayor of a major city, who has been a Labour councilor for over 10 years but has been deselected as a candidate for the next election in favour of a momentum candidate in a Manchester Ward? Imagine the outcry on here if a LGBT Tory had been ousted?
  4. Well done! A great defence offered. I don't associate left wing options with thuggery - Labour MPs do! I associate Momentum with harassing LGBT candidates, sending death messages to women, and bullying local Labour membership. I associate Momentum with putting forward candidates who are more homophobic than Thatcher. I only remain a member to vote against every !omentum candidate. (Opposed to momentum members who stay members to sexually harass people (allegedly))
  5. Don't join? I have been a member for a years and actively supported the message. You may have missed my point. O'Mara and momentum are not the views of the party I joined. They have been foisted upon me. You are right O'Mara could be a bit daft. I could have used Livingstone, Abbott or others to explain how my party has been hijacked. As for making noise, unfortunately majority of Labour members are to scared to make a noise because of the abuse get from a vocal minority.
  6. Explain why it is daft? Explain why a momentum supported Labour candidate was not checked to flag up his "in his youth" tweets? Explain to me why his more recent comments where not discovered in a vetting process? Explain to me why JC intially supported him then threw him under the bus as the media hit on his case and uncovered more . It stinks!
  7. No I am not! I was trying to point out a difference on how people are perceived. My point being that people with conservative views are labelled homophobic, but left leaning people with worse views are given a free pass? Anyone who is homophobic should be called to account, bur that has to include left wing Labour MPs as much as it does Tory MPs!
  8. Having been a senior TU rep for years, helped change LGBT policy, having received over 99% of the vote from over 3000 members, I think people like you need to get a new cause. Unions are there to support workers and defend them when they are wronged! It seems you have forgotten what the Labour Movement is actually about. You may rant about a new socialist era, but none of the working people you claim to support actually support that. There is a socialist party you can join. Maybe you you should go there and not try and take over this one? Maybe it is because the party you want got less than 0.5% of the vote? Sad and deluded!
  9. 15 years ago, maybe but some like to quote conservative laws from 30 years ago so 15 is recent! Anyway' further allegations from months ago and his suspension from Labour show teh left wing thugs are not yet in charge.
  10. As you told me in response to my original post,; why do you stay a member , - just leave!
  11. Much as we like to consider and discuss the Torys as the nasty party, recently there has been several Labour MPs and party members with quite disgusting views. One of the latest : The Labour party today is not the one I want to be a member of
  12. New Badge

    Again your hate for anything Salford just comes across as sour grapes and yet more woe us from Bradford. Have you not got a few pending court cases to discuss rather than be fixated on Salford? Perhaps you could suggest a new logo with a dying bull looking to be out of its misery with a few hyper excited fans running around it as a suggestion (being an entirely new company with NO links to the previous TWO bankrupt ones(apart from the ground, the name, the logo....) - surely it needs a new start?
  13. Actually the ONS has said the technical adjustment in has made on how it reports the figures have resulted in the lower amount over the last 30 years So it seems Labour have lost as much down the sofa as the Torys..
  14. Manchester Rangers stadium is owned by Manchester City Council. Considering Salford Council built the AJ Bell to help Salford, when MK took over gave them 2 years rent free, then renegotiated lease agreement. And deferred the CVA for the last 4 years what better terms do you think they could get?
  15. Couple of years ago he wanted to leave RL and next week he ended up at Leigh. Is any RU club that stupid to take someone built like a brick and the brain cells of a jellyfish on?