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  1. kiyan


    You took so much time to be wrong on every point! If I had the time you obviously have to spare I would take you through it point by point - but I don't so I won't! Think what you like and remember this conversation later.
  2. Sorry I did not mean to come across that way. Future deals are all well and good but there is a few years to run on the current one, so discussing what happens then is sort of immaterial unless you can explain what happens to the current SL TV deal. I am also pretty sure that this thread has been talking about the next few years and problems to be resolved now - not something that may or may not happen in 2020. There have been numerous threads on that topic, I thought the question was more immediate in what happens in TWP gets into SL this season? Sorry if we are talking about possibilities in 2020 rather than what actually happens in 2019.
  3. kiyan

    Dear Diary

    Bloody NHS managers, should all be rounded up and.... oh hang on opps! Such a generalisation (Mine) that all managers in the NHS should be fired and ( while I have never worked in it) I have no doubt a good few should be as a waste of space, but equally I know that the NHS could not function without some of those managers. Its all too easy to blame managers ( many times justified - generally in all civil service )but few Doctors have the skills necessary or interest, and even if they do, I would rather they be treating people than ordering mops or sorting a £4 payroll issue!
  4. kiyan

    Dear Diary

    I never though you were holding a grudge and am sorry if I suggested that, though I now understand why you might. Surely that is a grudge against other managers in the NHS who expected you to work though a horrendous time in your life , not the medical staff? Other than that I am pretty sure we are agreeing in what we are saying. "Medical Science generally tries to keep you alive long enough for your body to fix itself or provides palliative care so you can pass away in the least amount of pain as possible"
  5. I don't think you understand how Sports Broadcasting in Europe Works. Sky has paid £xm to have sole rights to the SL and the Championship. TWP worked out a deal where Sky allowed their matches to be shown - I am not sure how it works for the French Clubs . Sky bought the TV rights for the competition, no matter what TWP have the rights to show; SL ( and the championship) belong to Sky. That was the issue flagged up by Leigh at the start of this season -when they refused to allow Premier Sports cameras into their stadium. A solution was found, but if TWP progress into SL do you think Sky will say no problem. "We don't mind Premier showing a SL match a week " even though we have an exclusive deal worth £millions? Someone is going to pay for it - I doubt existing SL clubs will give up 9% of their TV money, I know the RFL do not have that sort of money, Sky being the charitable broadcaster it is will not give away content to their mother let alone a rival, Premier can no more afford it than the RFL which leaves TWP with another decision - how much more money do they put in? At a guess £4m to pay Sky for rights to their games. The TV deal was a £"$%%$ to start and anyone with a fraction of sense could have spotted the issue of 3/4 non English Clubs with their own TV deals playing in SL would cause. I stress it is not the fault of TWP or Toulouse, this is firmly at the door of the RFL and the Take it or Leave it TV deal they presented.
  6. kiyan


    Ohh dear - do you think Sky Sports only broadcast to the British Isles? : leaving that aside: I won't argue with what you say about international rights, but on the last TV deal SKY acquired rights to all championship games ( which had previously been with Premier) I also would agree that World wide rights are normally separate, but 4 years ago ( when the TV deal was signed) there was no TWP, or Toulouse - how confident are you that the RFL out negotiated a multi£billion worldwide sports broadcaster? If memory service me correctly there was a bit of a disagreement at the start of the season and TWP had to get SKY permission to broadcast their Championship games. Indeed I very specifically remember a certain owner refusing to let TWP ( Premier) cameras into the Leigh Sport Village. But as you say there is no issue and no question about rights. Indeed TWP may well own their TV rights, but they do not own the rights of the teams they are playing! And when it gets to tasty games in the middle 8's then you might find Sky are not prepared to let their competitor broadcast the games they have rights for.
  7. kiyan


    Do Sky not own all the rights to SL and Championship rugby as per the deal a few years ago? ( just because a Canadian Team enters the competition does not alter the broadcast rights they purchased for a competition) Up to know Sky have permitted other broadcasters to show the TWP championship games but does anyone know if that Goodwill will extend to the middle 8's. Sky holds the worldwide broadcast rights so it is really up to them.
  8. Except that is not what happened. If you take the Marwan K version ( which has now been accepted by most SL clubs as an accurate version) they where invited to a meeting - presented with the SKY deal and told they had 4 hours to say yes or no. They left and were telephoned a few hours later for an answer. He said no, as no other options had been asked for. Some clubs needing the offer of an immediate cash injection said yes, others voted yes and within days admitted they where wrong to do so and BT Sport confirmed that they had been interested but had not been asked to make a bid. Maybe this time give them more than 4 hours to take or leave a deal!
  9. kiyan

    Dear Diary

    Glad your wife pulled through and I hope she is fully recovered now. You post reminded me of something I was told 20 years ago by a Doctor friend ( now deceased), which was roughly: 90-92% of Human ailments are cured/fixed by your own body. Medical science can only cure 8-10% the rest is pain management and trying to delay things long enough that the body kicks in and fixes itself. I really don't know how true that is, but I know lots of Doctors and none have corrected the statement. For Richard Bacon, your wife it was the amazing skill of keeping people alive long enough so they pull through! When people blame Doctors for nor doing enough or the wrong thing ( which you haven't) I get abit annoyed. These are people like us all, they are not perfect - they do not claim to have all the answers or even always to get it right. They have a lot of knowledge which they try to use to help people . It is often an educated, best guess - more often than not it is correct, but we have to accept that sometimes it won't be. Ir is not a perfect science! Edit: having re-read ckn comment about the perception of an old folk disease, I thought I would add an extra bit. The Doctor who told me that story, a 27 year old A&E Registrar ( who had been my best friend from 1st year at uni), died at 27 with pneumonia. He spent a week in hospital, they couldn't work out what was wrong but he wanted home so they agreed ( if he went to his parents), 4 days later he was back in ICU and 2 days later was dead. It is not a old person illness..
  10. The last view days have shown that pretty much everything President Trump publicly says is for his domestic base. The rest of the world know his figures do not add up, but if you are a Trump supported you only read his tweets and listen to FOX. Paying for NATO: US pays approx. 22% for NATO, but that is a few command and control structures, beyond that NATO has no actual funding. Countries have specific roles in NATO - eg the UK is supposed to provide most of the specialist Marine Mine Clearance - 20 years ago it could, today I think it would struggle. President Trump today decided that the USA provided 90% of NATO funding - allowing that he believes that to be total military spending you still cannot get to his 90% figure. European members of NATO spend approx. $230b on defence ( The US $610b, China $228b, Russia $66b). The whole US defence budget is not spent on NATO ( there are more US troops in Japan than Germany), but even if it was there is no way to get to his 90% . Most NATO countries fudge the figures: The UK includes military pensions in the figure The US includes medical treatment and health care for vets( which in the UK comes under the NHS) France includes the Gendarmerie which is really just part of the police (80k of them) His Claim that Germany gets 70% of its energy from Russia - it currently gets 50% of its GAS from Russia ( which may rise to 70%) but only 19% of German Energy usage is gas - so about 10-14% of its energy from Russia. The UK is even less at about 3% Is it a disgrace that Germany runs with a budget surplus yet only pay about 1.2% of GDP on defence while the US, the UK and others have troops stationed there to defend them ( against what I am not sure). Is it a disgrace that Luxembourg pay 0.2% of its GDP ( I guess a few land rovers and a helicopter to fly VIPS in) while expecting others to provide a military for them. Ireland isn't in NATO, but has spent 100 years, hoping saying they are Neutral and hiding behind the UK is a cheap option for a defence policy. When UK leaves the EU, their overall defence spend is going to take a approx. $60b drop - leaving France as the only EU country with overseas military capability. Trump is wrong on many things, his approach is bizarre, but if he gets certain European countries to start funding their own defence -it is not a bad thing!
  11. I was going to make a comment on the Trump thread about his lack of basic understanding, but I thought it would be too simple to include it in his personal ignorance of the world. Many people forget that the USA had no choice in going to war and it wasn't an act to support Britain ( as often portrayed) The USA has maintained a "neutral position" while selling UK arms at hugely inflated prices. The US was sympathetic to Britain's cause but was extracting every penny they could. The Japanese declared war on the US and attacked Pearl Harbour . The US declared war on Japan. Germany, being in defence pact with Japan, declared war on the USA A few days later the US declared War on Germany. Japan and Germany declared war on the USA, they really had no choice. The US learned a lesson in WWII, in that it was better to fight a war overseas than at home. It saw that the major world powers ( France, Germany, Japan and UK) had been reduced to rubble. US infrastructure had not been affected. There was no carpet bombing of any US cities. For that reason the US came out of WW2 as a superpower. US military policy has been the same since, During the Cold War the plan was to fight the battles in Europe, today it is to fight those battles in the Middle East. US Troops are not here to protect us - they are here to ensure battles are fought here not in America. The difference is THIS President does not know how much he needs NATO if he is wants to carry on his foreign policy, nor does he explain that the US has called on and used NATO resources more than anyone else, and while he trumps US military spending at 4% of GDP, he is the only country with a global security claim ( no other NATO members have 240k troops in Korea or 210k in Japan to pay for) There are numerous EU countries who need to be embarrassed at their pitiful attempts to pretend they have a defence budget, leaving the UK and France to be the only capable military. Equally if Trump pulls out of NATO, the US will lose all its main airbases and ports in Europe and lose the only countries who have supported the US in its many actions. The EU could pick up the military agenda, if they all equally paid towards it - Luxembourg, Ireland spending less than 0.2% , so when the UK leaves it is down to France ( while they are the close to NATO target of 2%, currently 1.7% they include the 80k Gendarmerie as part of the defence budget.) so even they will have a way to go.
  12. kiyan

    The TV Thread

    Blind spot goes even more off track than the Blacklist from Season 2 on. Be warned. If you haven't watched it have a binge at the Good Fight. ( unless you support D Trump) or Designated Survivor ( which is scarily current - esp S2)
  13. kiyan

    Renewable Energy

    hydroelectric batteries? Just to explain to the forum that is a polite way of suggesting you flood half the peak district or North Wales. ie hydroelectric batteries in reality means building dams, flooding large areas and releasing water to create electricity on peak and then pumping that water back up again off peak ( or when the wind is blowing) Your quoted example is Norway, who have large uninhabited valleys which are easily made into hydroelectric batteries. In England and Wales the only suitable areas are National Parks, so which one do you propose flooding and moving people out of?