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  1. Stadium's.

    It is not a RL thing. Athletic tracks around any sport pitch makes for poorer viewing. Unfortunately until we can afford to build our own single use stadia and rely on council funded multi purpose sport grounds we have to accept that multi use facility.
  2. You may belittle a chicken shortage, but it is a national issue!
  3. It never ceases to amaze me, the ignorance of some people. Let's try a very quick lesson;
  4. All very good points, but when more and more people get their news from online sources , how do you regulate a blogger in China who is quoted in the UK? Most false news starts within social media and (unless you want to become a dictorship) there is no way to legislate that. You can counter it by making sure sources like the BBC are factual and neutral. If you do that then people will start to seek confirmation of what they read. Governments (of all types) stopping spinning events to their agenda and being honest would help as well!
  5. 2018 Admission prices

    It's not though is it? The Salford price you give is for VIP seats in the West stand. There are other seats in the same block for less, or "as your definition is a central seat" a central seat in the East stand for £15 less than you state!
  6. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Or it can wake people up! Toronto have the Salford "Dream team " of Brian Noble and Martin Vickers which failed miserably and then added Rowley into the list of failures . What do you expect to happen?
  7. Toronto (Merged threads)

    When certain people have sent months bigging the pack up, when the truth hits ? Bite me.
  8. thank you richard lewis

    PS I am Irish so as well as having a reputation for ; I also am throwing out there that you shouldn't kill a leprechaun! Lol
  9. thank you richard lewis

    Big lad, I agree with EVERYTHING you say!( I like me as it is thanks) Even if it is bolox
  10. VAR

    While a brilliant demonstration of the forward pass rule, you do realise that posting RU video you are a heretic and deserve to be made to walk up to every RL game saying shame! Ridiculous it may be but those are the rules!
  11. If India (who we send aid to) can have a successful stand alone space programme, can you think of any reason the UK can't?
  12. Job hunting

    Good luck! You can always turn it down, but is great to be offered a job (even if you think you know nothing about it!).
  13. Toronto (Merged threads)

    So the initial experiment at (money no problem) Salford had Noble (coach) and Vickers (dubious CEO who had no idea to pay bills, was sacked and went to Swinton and nearly bankrupted them) replicated in Toronto with the addition of a coach who failed to get Leigh into SL. What a dream Team!
  14. Army adverts

    There are many Royal Naval traditions, I am just waiting with baited breath what our Canadian friend has to say about the Royal Navy ( which he has never heard of). From his previous comments I guess it is nothing to do with Churchill. More the RCN, or the RAN as opposed the Royal Navy!
  15. Army adverts

    Your opinion obviously doesn't matter then! 😋