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  1. kiyan

    New Grounds.

    A few years ago the other code introduced financial penalties if stadia did not meet set standards. It is well documented the reason Sale Sharks moved from the Stockport Ground (they owned) to the AJ Bell is it was cheaper to rent a stadium than pay the penalties that were imposed every year. Is that an option in RL? Rather than try and enforce a minimum ( and regulate clubs) You set a standard: TV Facilities Disabled access seating ( v average crowd) corporate etc And the clubs who fail to meet the standards are fined £millions. It would set a standard achievable , and force some clubs who do not comply to either decide to pay the fine or sort out a new/upgraded ground.
  2. Ex terrorist? Like to name any DUP MP or MLA who has been convicted of terrorism? Backward, creationist homophobic, anti- abortion I agree with you. Sinn Fein, supported by Jeremy Corbyn , however has numerous convicted murderers/terrorists/bombers as its elected representatives. Not entirely sure you have the moral high ground here!
  3. I am not saying it is the same, but you must at least understand the frustration: Young Conservative and vocal leave people are physically assaulted by extreme left during their Manchester Conference and nothing happens! Yet when Owen Jones/Anna Soubury are called some names ( no physical contact) in London there is a national issue and people get arrested? I believe both sides need to take a step back ! Owen Jones and the shadow chancellor sharing a platform today with someone who called on Theresa May to Shoot herself is not an acceptable political point! Anyone who thinks it is, needs a long hard look at the dictionary definition of hyrprocacy!
  4. iWow! What a lot of bluster for no reason. In the event of a No-Deal BREXIT the Irish government have predicted a 8% drop in GDP, 3% more than the worse predictions for UK. No matter where NI does or does not get its energy from does anyone think the RoI with a tanking economy is not gong to be desperate to sell spare capacity ( if that is what they have) to ANYONE? They only have one buyer!
  5. Does it matter? I am and have been for years and a Senior TU Rep ( before I joined the LP - I believe a lot more in fair representation than I do a political party!) My CLP is in Salford and has been on the left of the party ( long before it became trendy in Islington and Hackney), I and I suspect many others will quit the day the London Labour Party backtracks on its manifesto and the result of a referendum which they ALL ( MP's at the time) voted to enact! The worrying thing is where would people like me go? Am not voting Conservative after this mess Lib Dems are Remain and I am not Greens wider policies are plain daft and remain In Salford there are always a couple of far, far left candidates who run on some fairy tail about a Communist utopia UKIP - I hate just about everything they say, they stand for and their supporters, but unless any other party appears they are going to be the only ones many Brexit supporting voters ( including many Labour Members and voters) will vote for. The divisions are not going to stop and I really worry that certain people who keep banging on about 2/3 votes are going to end up pushing millions of voters to the likes of UKIP, or worse. I never thought I would see a UK government move much beyond the centre ground ( centre right, centre left) but it is hurtling that way. ( Owen Jones describes nearly every Brexiteer as far right - what will he call the actual far right if they gain votes?) No matter what happens over the next several months, half are going to be unhappy and demanding another vote!
  6. I get confused by this sort of rhetoric? Is Labour pro Brexit or are they not? The Official Opposition really don't seem to have decided and the splinters must be hurting by now! The unofficial opinion appears to be oppose anything the Conservatives say and don't commit to anything. Labour fought the last GL promising to respect the referendum result. It was in the manifesto that EVERY labour candidate stood and was elected on. At least the Lib Dems fought an election being honest about that they would not accept the biggest vote in UK history. Less than 20% of the UK voted for parties who supported staying in the EU ( LD, SNP, SDLP, SF, Greens, etc) and overturning the referendum result. Like them or not, at least the Tories are trying to deliver on what they promised while Labour has become more London centric and trying to work out ways to ignore their northern membership who voted leave. I just do not understand how people can question a referendum that was then backed by over 80% in a GE?
  7. I do not want to start of this become a thread on immigration ( legal or otherwise), but something struck me in all the recent press reports. Depending on how you measure it the UK has anywhere between about 7.5k and 18.5k miles of coastline. In years of old, the Royal Navy was responsible for this , more recently HM Customs and Excise with the Royal Navy were; until 2008 when it fell under the UK Border Agency which ( after numerous failures) became UK Border Force in 2012. As we have now discovered UK Border Force has 5 "offshore" cutters, 3 of which are in the Med, which means there has been TWO offshore Border Force vessels patrolling 8000 miles of UK coastline! 1 of those has been in the English Channel so 1 has been patrolling 7940 miles of coastline. ( UK Border Force has no reason to be in the Med - if you have made a political/humanitarian decision to help in Search and Rescue then that should be given to the RN, or use UKAid to charter ships certainly not 60% of the UK border force!) A large part of the government, opposition and media seem transfixed about 60 migrants a month in Kent and not in the least interested what is being smuggled into the county via 7940 miles of unpatrolled coastline. Just a thought!
  8. kiyan

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    Maybe you should click on the link, on the page you posted, then you would find the club's online retail shop: I appreciate this internet malarkey is difficult for some.
  9. You specifically mentioned Salford as a club that should not be in SL. You gave reasons including a poor crowd, not owing their ground, not bringing others to RL.... Like London, Salford has won their place in SL on the pitch. Bad as Salford Crowds are, there are 2/3 times that of London, Salford may not own their ground but at least they play in a ground that meets the "supposed SL" criteria and not move every other year. "Advantages Northern Clubs have " you mean like Salford having 4/5 other SL clubs with 15 miles, in a catchment area of approx. 6 million whereas Broncos is the ONLY SL team in 100 miles, in London with a catchment of 9 million ? I think Broncos have done a great job ( and hope they continue to go from strength to strength), but to come on here pretend you are superior to Leigh/Salford/Widnes ( based on that you are NEARLY in London) is delusional!
  10. You have described the problem, perfectly! If you were "born and bred" in Salford you religiously defend the name of your city and fight against anything that means Salford becoming part of Manchester. However for the majority of new residents they really don't see the difference. It may be a city older than Manchester, but to most Salford, is just part of Manchester (just like Westminster is part of London). Salford University has adverts claiming it is closer to Manchester City Centre than Manchester Uni ( which it is), Media City largely describes itself as Manchester ( technically most is in Salford and part is in Trafford - NONE of it is in Manchester) Some Salford fans like to say the AJ Bell is not in Salford ( it is, with a boundary change over 20 years ago) and is part of Irlam ( which 30 years ago was in Cheshire) though it ( the stadium) is about 1 mile from Eccles and 2.5 from Irlam. Few people can define the boundary between Salford and Manchester these days, not many care apart from a few hundred vocal Salford fans! The ones who hounded Koukash out of the club for suggesting a rebrand or playing a few games at City Academy Ground.
  11. Sorry, but that shows a lack of understanding of the US system. Congress ( in general in in control of domestic money) and hence policy. The Senate is charged with foreign policy decisions and confirmation of federal appointments by the President. Trump will continue to fill federal judges with his picks and ( God forbid if another Supreme Court position becomes vacant) and there is nothing the Democratic Congress can do. May has far less power that Trump,
  12. kiyan


    Do you find it strange that the Free Presbyterian Church tried to insist that the National Trust display creationism along side scientific best knowledge at the Giants Causeway (publicly funded) visitor centre? The church literally wanted a publicly funded body to pretend that the world is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs never existed! World wide Christianity is on the decline and latest census show that the majority in the UK are not religious let alone Christian! (An interesting fact is that there are more people in the UK go to gay bars on a Saturday night, than attend church on Sunday) so while belief in an old imaginary figure may be growing in 3rd world countries , the fact is that those counties who have been aware of an imaginary friend, belief has nose dived.
  13. The UK is small in comparison to Canada or Australia. In either of those the local team is an easy 100 miles drive! In Greater Manchester ( all on the same public transport day ticket - tram or bus) is Salford, Wigan, Leigh, Warrington, Swinton, Manchester Rangers and for an extra £5 and less than an hour on a bus you have Widnes, St Helens. Nearly half of SL is within a 1 hour bus trip! Canadian and Australian people just do not understand that - they are happy to travel that to get a Drive Thru! It is a different place, in attitude and scale so people need to stop comparing them like for like, because they are not!
  14. The Irony of a London Broncos fan commenting on Salford support, or Swinton lack of a home ground or even a club that does not technically play in Manchester is absurd and somewhat pathetic.