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  1. Would I be right in saying that the club that you're involved with is having some new terracing behind the posts? Which club would that be by the way?
  2. If you get a chance to see it, you'll know what I mean. I think it was Carlisle's ground that looked the worse.
  3. I remember seeing the DVD a few years back. The one thing that stuck in my mind was how shocking the playing surfaces were and how dilapidated the grounds looked. Think of Belle Vue but ten times worse.
  4. I feel sorry for Donny. A good win is rewarded with a lousy away fixture. The Challenge Cup is not what it was for some strange reason. I can recall some fixtures in the past were the atmosphere, attendance and the game itself were just magical. Will I ever see this again?
  5. Playing Warrington in the cup at home in 1981. What a performance by us. Playing Hull in the John Player in 1984. What a crowd. Playing Leeds in the Yorkshire Cup in 1985. Cliff Lyons made his debut for them. What a player. Playing Halifax in the league in 1989. They'd been in the John Player/Regal Trophy the week before. They were murdering us at one point, but we won in the end. What a comeback. Playing a very good Widnes side completely off the paddock in 1999 with the most amazing kicking tactics off all time. What a feeling as the hooter sounded. Watching all my favourite player's over the years. What a privilege.
  6. Back in the early eighties I used to enjoy going down to Saviletown (wouldn't be seen dead there these days) and watching both the Darryl Woollin and Mermaid Trophy matches. Loads of local teams in those days playing in the warm summer evenings. Local cup finals and representative games were held there too. Happy days indeed. Where did it all go?
  7. Don't forget about Razor, waz, Scagga, Boothy, Shawy, Leado, Snelly and a few more.
  8. Are we adopting the new Super League rules in our division?
  9. 999 year lease from Kirklees Council.
  10. Hookers - Dave Ward John Dalgreen.
  11. Leigh v Featherstone for the prestigious shield final. It might be worth a few quid to the winner. ?
  12. When we had the fan's forum a few weeks back, big Mark told us all what they were paying their player's. If they didn't reach the top 4 (which I don't think they will) it was all going to go belly up. Long live the financially literate chairman.
  13. I'd like to see Bullock playing in a Rams shirt. What a player. Big and strong, and thundering in like a runaway train. Everett's about the same size. that's where the comparisons end though.
  14. Lupset Ram

    A D M

    Against Batley, two seasons back.
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