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  1. Lupset Ram


    Back in the early eighties I used to enjoy going down to Saviletown (wouldn't be seen dead there these days) and watching both the Darryl Woollin and Mermaid Trophy matches. Loads of local teams in those days playing in the warm summer evenings. Local cup finals and representative games were held there too. Happy days indeed. Where did it all go?
  2. Lupset Ram


    Don't forget about Razor, waz, Scagga, Boothy, Shawy, Leado, Snelly and a few more.
  3. Lupset Ram

    New Rule Changes

    Are we adopting the new Super League rules in our division?
  4. Lupset Ram

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    999 year lease from Kirklees Council.
  5. Lupset Ram

    Wish list

    Has Neil Kelly left?
  6. Lupset Ram

    One SL scalp taken

    Hookers - Dave Ward John Dalgreen.
  7. Lupset Ram

    Derek Beaumont

    Leigh v Featherstone for the prestigious shield final. It might be worth a few quid to the winner. 😂
  8. Lupset Ram

    Derek Beaumont

    When we had the fan's forum a few weeks back, big Mark told us all what they were paying their player's. If they didn't reach the top 4 (which I don't think they will) it was all going to go belly up. Long live the financially literate chairman.
  9. Lupset Ram


    I'd like to see Bullock playing in a Rams shirt. What a player. Big and strong, and thundering in like a runaway train. Everett's about the same size. that's where the comparisons end though.
  10. Lupset Ram

    A D M

    Against Batley, two seasons back.
  11. Lupset Ram

    Toronto away

    Thanks for those comments. Much better than the two sarcastic ones I received earlier.
  12. Lupset Ram

    Toronto away

    Is there anybody out there who went to the game, or who saw it on the telly? just to give some sort of idea about it.
  13. Lupset Ram

    A D M

    Blind Side Johnny. I was just quoting what Mark said. And what the supporter said to him.
  14. Lupset Ram

    A D M

    They cost two grand per game. Big Mark told the audience last Thursday. One bloke asked him about volunteers like what Batley have, but the big fella was having none of it.
  15. Lupset Ram

    Batley v Dewsbury

    Batley Reserves? Which League/Competition/Division are they playing in this season then? They probably had to cancel their fixture this week. What with all the lads being called up for first team duty.