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  1. Just wondered what next season's kit will look like? It'll be 20 years since they won the NFP, and maybe something similar to the white jersey, with the black and amber hoop that they wore for that season? Just wondering, that's all. By the way, where has the last 20 years gone? It's absolutely flown by!
  2. My take on all of this, is that for this season and last season as well, we've been a very average team that's underperformed for most of the time, with only the odd decent/suprise victory thrown in. Lee Greenwood's got his work cut out in trying to assemble a quality championship side that he can then coach into being a competitive team that's able to challenge the top end sides. And please Lee; don't be using more players than an American Football side, because it just got on my nerves this year, just signing one average player after another. I've watched this club for many decades, but any more of what I saw this year being replicated next season, means that I won't be parting company with nineteen quid anymore. It's as simple as that. I'm not sure what direction big Mark is looking to take the club in (this man has got my utmost respect by the way) but new supporters will only come and watch the matches if we can do the business on playing field. I don't see many younger fans at the games these days, just a group of mainly older supporters who are rapidly ageing. A bit like most of the church congregations in the town, and we all know what happens to the churches when they run out of worshipers? Most of them are already closed down. I'm not intelligent enough to know the answer to the situation that I see the club in, but just hope we can relive some of the good times that I've seen and enjoyed over the decades.
  3. Well said mate. A win's a win by any margin. Just ask Ben Stokes! Enjoy the feeling of having had a good season as well. I'm praying for that to come my way in the future.
  4. Let's stay within the rules mate. Hard but fair, yes. Anarchy and thuggery, no thanks.
  5. Well I think I've seen number 40 on one shirt, and I've seen a few shirts with no number on at all, so it could be more. But you've replied back to me twice and still not told me, so I'll give you the last word. How many?
  6. The point I was making is that we've gone through players like disposable nappies this season.
  7. Does anyone know how many players we've used this season? By my reckoning, enough for a first team, reserve team and B team as well. Similar to most Rugby Union teams. All we need is a veteran's team and we've got a full set. I've spent most of my time this year, saying to myself - "where's he from" or "what's he called". Players have just come in through the front door and been blown out of the back door by the wind a week later. A fan needs to make a connection with the players who represent the team, and not be wondering who's who each week.
  8. It would be nice to get the tatty end of the ground sorted out. There's a great chance to have the length of the pitch done to a full size specification before any building work begins, just to shut up all the people who moan about our tiny playing pitch. I reckon that one decent gust of wind is going to send the rickety fence towards the farmers field on Owl Lane. Has all the house building/ground improvements finished now?
  9. How do they do it at Super League games when they're on the telly? Everyone can see the clock ticking away.
  10. You're talking a lot of sense there actually. For most of the game, when Dewsbury had the ball, they were coming out from near to their own goal line, which in technical terms is known as a recovery set. By the end of the set, they'd be kicking into Fev's territory while still in their own half. When Fev were starting their set's, they had the benefit of good field position first. By the end of the set, they were in a position to either execute an attacking option or force a mistake by Dewsbury, thus giving them a repeat set. Basically, when you're playing recovery sets for most of the game, it's a bit like tredding water, and at some point you're going to sink.
  11. I was of the understanding that if a player received any kind of head knock, then he had to have a mandatory fifteen minutes off the field to assess his condition? When the incident happened, the game was held up for ages, but he eventually got up and resumed playing for a brief period. Can somebody enlightenment me on this? Rob W finished level par with his performance yesterday. He gave them two trys, (Shockers at that) then scored two back, but was guilty of losing the ball in the tackle a few times, as were some of the other players. Goal line defence was pretty flimsy at times, especially Finn and Ryder, who needs to square his opponents up and get his shoulder in nice and firm to effect a good tackle. All said, I'll take the draw.
  12. Leeds Rhinos have been doing exactly the same. They're scarred to death of going down, and so have back filled certain positions within their squad, hoping to avoid the drop.
  13. Would I be right in saying that the club that you're involved with is having some new terracing behind the posts? Which club would that be by the way?
  14. If you get a chance to see it, you'll know what I mean. I think it was Carlisle's ground that looked the worse.
  15. I remember seeing the DVD a few years back. The one thing that stuck in my mind was how shocking the playing surfaces were and how dilapidated the grounds looked. Think of Belle Vue but ten times worse.
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