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  1. townie88

    Town V Newcastle

    Yeah think this will be close cut. Can' afford to kick to tee on the full in broken play. But fully expect us to capitalise on home advantage. Town win by 8.
  2. townie88

    Coventry bears V Town.

    By the looks of it. That could be the strongest 19 we've had all season?
  3. townie88

    Oldham reaction

    Been away for a few days so haven't had time to comment. Wasn't at the game. But I questioned tansey after only a couple of games and yo me he has not improved on bit. Cunningham had a howler the other week so I was shocked to see his name in the squad. The group as a whole seem to have lost all the early season enthusiasm. Hard to see how we turn to hee corner at the moment.
  4. townie88

    Squad for NWC

    A wins is a win. Against a side who are on the up. 2 points in the bag. I was quite impressed with how crusaders moved the ball. Passing was excellent. Crashley is probably the worst refaree I've ever seen down at our place. That's for both teams too. To the point I actually left with 5 mins to go because I couldn't watch any more of his officiating. Every game I have seen that he officiates, is always stop start. No flow as he intervenes far too often. So so poor. I thought olstrum, Wilkes, doran and barnes were our stand outs today. Can't remember a game where doran and Wilkes weren't in the running for mom. Which is quite concerning how much we rely on them. The Leigh lads. Patrick was decent. Plays hard. Others were average at best. Cunningham had a shocker I thought. Special mention to rooke who had a good game. Done nothing wrong really and played with confidence after his unfortunate injury. Much to improve on if we are to take 2 points off Oldham. Hopefully some of the 'suspended' lads will have learned their lesson and be eager to prove a point.
  5. townie88

    Squad for NWC

    Very interesting. What an opportunity for someone to claim the FB place. How good to see rooke named in the match ay swuad also.
  6. townie88

    Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    Agree on foster. He has set up most if not all of forresters tries. Shame to lose him but singleton was on fire before his injury
  7. townie88

    New signings

    Some condition for having a pre season. Wether he had or not he is not up to speed and behind the rest so shouldn' warrant a shirt in my opinion
  8. townie88

    New signings

    Some sort of pre season/fitness before being thrown in as starting FB!? Like leon said. He' went from driving a van for 6 month to starting every game!? With no prior training or efforts to get up to speed fitness wise.
  9. townie88

    NWC predictions and Fui Fui

    After the dressing down from Leon last Sunday I expect a reaction from our lot. One or two are not pulling their weight. Town 36 - 14 NWC
  10. townie88

    New signings

    Hard to look past Dawson and Wilkes. Penky has been exactly what we need too with his experienced head winning crafty pens etc. But the pleasent surprise for me is Kurt Maudling. I cannot fault anything he has done so far. And after been left to rot at whitehaven I wasnt overly chuffed when we signed him. But now I can't believe he couldn' get a game at whitehaven. Tansey has been poor. Although he won us one game at the death and nearly another at haven. He's behind the others. Can't understand how he keeps getting his place till he is up to speed.
  11. townie88

    Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    Shame about Bailey. He has been going really well and was my mom vs Bradford. In his short time with us he has come across very professional and didn't seem to bring any of the bad baggage some expected. Good luck to him in the future. How long is singleton out? He is nailed on a centre for me and should be left there. Him and ell would be my 1st choice centres. With foster to come back and nd JP. I don' think we need another.
  12. townie88

    Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Problem is there's more than 17 players who justify being in the squad at the moment. Good problem to have though.
  13. townie88

    Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    It will be an interesting game this weekend. What has that performance took out the tank? If we are looking to compete, we should be getting a win. You' fancy the likes of Bradford, York and Donny to get points so we should be looking for it also.
  14. townie88

    Moimoi signs town deal

    One of the worst kept secrets but what a statement of intent and ambion by the club! Congratulations to the board for securing this one and thanks to the sponsors. Scary to look at the quality in that squad and be in league 1
  15. townie88

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    Seen FFMM. That' been a long dragged out affair. Whose the other? Still bouncing from that win and performance. Caine Barnes.... what and future he has. Scary how good manages himself for his age. 18 or 19 is he!? Hope Gordons injury isn' a season ender. Kurt was excellent in his 2nd stint. Made a couple of good line breaks. Tansey..... average at best for 95% of the game. But came up with the decisive play. Like he almost did last week.