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    For seasons we have been saying how we need to add experience to a young, promising squad. Well now we have that in bucket loads. Enjoy the moment. As for planning long term. Isn't that the reason we have doran (mid 20's), G Maudling, Curwen, Singleton, Scholey, Mewsey, Forrester. These lads could be here another 5 years +. So long as the books are balanced, which I have no doubt they are. What's the issue? My only concern is that of the discipline of some of the signings. But I will only judge success on how they perform in a town shirt.
  2. Keighley Predictions

    Good squad that. Forrester Foster Akehurst Singleton Hambley Forber Doran Wilkes Newton Scholey G Maudling K Maudling Bailey Subs - Barnes, Dawson, Penkywicz, Ryan
  3. Keighley Predictions

    Released previously by hull and Wakefield for poor discipline. And generally, doesn' stick round at clubs for more than a year or so tells me he isn't good news? Could be wrong. Just sceptical at some of the recent signings histories. Won' stop me backing the club in what eill hopefully be a good year.
  4. Keighley Predictions

    Tansey? Is that really likely? Are we turning into a rugby team or a counselling club for players with problems away from the game? I back the club but concerning how we seem to chase players with pretty poor reputations.
  5. Keighley away - Whats your team?

    Seen him hobbling off the field last Sunday. Hopefully nothing serious. He wold slot right into the FB role.
  6. Scott Rooke

    He's in the best place with the best care. The longer it goes on the more I worry. Hope the lad makes a full recovery.
  7. Haven reaction

    I'm sorry. But if he is of a higher caliber. He should adjust to the people around him? I'm sure he will come good and he's had limited training and minutes under his belt. I was just expecting a bit more?
  8. Haven reaction

    True. I can understand that. However teams are going to take pity because he is only 18.
  9. Haven reaction

    I'd expect callum to revert back to hooker when dion gets back. The other lad needs to do some serious work on his defence. Enough about haven. Thought Elliot was doing well at FB till his moment of head loss. Positioned himself well and came into the line a few times. I take it he will be looking at a few game ban?
  10. Haven reaction

    Just a few points to make after that game. Elliot really needs to get back in his box. It's not the 1st time he's been to hasty with his fists. In perspective, spoilt the game. After getting all the yellows and red. The like of Wilkes, penky, bailey need to manage the team better. Negatives aside. Jamie doran looks real Sharpe. Should be a real star this season. Taking the cards away, it was always going to be hard to get momentum using all the subs we named. I will finish my post by tipping my Cao to whitehaven for their 2nd half. Yes, al though only against 12 men. They managed the game professionally and completed their sets. That's all they HD to do get get the win. Onwards and upwards. Lads are in for a flogging. Haha.
  11. Haven V Town predictions

    Soo much animosity on here lately. Just referencing how it had been said haven were poor against widnes. Basically saying we can't read anything into the recent games. Chill. Enjoy the game
  12. Haven V Town predictions

    Town by 16. As the saying goes.... the form book goes out the window in derbies.
  13. Barnes

    Excellent signing. Even though short term for now. Wanted to see him last season. But wasn't to be. Christ..... Leon has his work cut out picking a 17 from our lot.
  14. Team v Whitehaven.

    Did I read that the RFL don't allow clubs to play players on trail terms anymore?
  15. Sunday

    £16 is a shocker! Might persuade a few to stay at home and watch a good day of sport on TV.