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  1. Got to agree. The council need to share the outcome of the discussions ASAP after their meeting on the 28th June. It still requires pressure from the local community to push this through
  2. Just been reading the article on the N&S regarding the stadium. Positive talks have been had between the RLWC & the new council which is rather reassuring. Due for discussion on 28th June. The interesting bit is the N&S saying our friend Mr Jenkinson has now had view of previously unpublished documents. And current members of the council have had a 'change of heart'. Fingers crossed that all the hard work and endeavour to apply pressure, and get the stadium done has not been in vein
  3. In cital.games when 2 points are up for grabs isn't the time to 'have a look and see'. That's what training is for. If he is out performing dec at training. I'm.sure he would be ahead if him come matchday?
  4. Mark Jenkinson seeing first hand what benefit big sporting events bring to a community? Hopefully he will have had his eyes opened
  5. Cant disagree. BP is a far better facility for watching the game. Close to.the action. Not squinting to see which player is which. If there could be another bar/food on the dog track side. I'd be more than happy developing BP. Overall an enjoyable occasion and I look.forward to returning next week
  6. Totally agree regarding the edges. It's as strong as we have looked in the centre/wing positions all season. I think having stevie defending a bit wider makes a difference to. Nice ro see Bolton get over for his 1st try to. If we perform to that standard next week. I'd expect another victory. It was a bit odd being so close to the action but I really did prefer it to DP. Hopefully we can push the 1000 mark next week.
  7. Pretty good all round today. I thought Fieldhouse was superb. Like the one before he got injured. Tyler was very good. And I'm starting to enjoy seeing stevie in the 2nd row. Well done. Build on that for what will be a tough game next week.
  8. What improvements has the place had in the 63 years? New seats and a lick of paint?
  9. How old is derwent park by the way? 60+ years old? And has had nothing more than several licks of paint in that time? Bill Shankley opened the lounge at borough park in 1980 and I'd guess the only upkeep in there, is a hoovering of the carpet every so often. Desperate times! Never have we needed the new stadium more.
  10. Great to have him on board. Another lad who from the outside, looks to have the right attitude to playing and training to decelope into a real asset
  11. You'd like to think so. Totally different scenario from 3 or 4 weeks ago when we went with 1 sub to Hunslet. Competition for places should be making for good training sessions. Hope we can put on a show at Borough Park on Sunday
  12. As Friday gets closer I really hope the event on Friday is a success and gets the backing it deserves. Is there any update on roughly how many are expected to attend? Will there be representatives from either sellafield or the NHS? It would be good to see local businesses support also
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