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  1. townie88

    Official Club Statement.

    And Leon confirming he will '100%' Be here next year. Going to be really even next year. I would day between Newcastle, Donny and ourselves.
  2. townie88

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Be interesting to see the squad list on Friday at least. Caine would be a huge lift if available.
  3. townie88

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Struggling to find 17 names. Assuming Wilkes and penky are injured. Miller and Newton on hols and moi moi suspended. Mellor, rooke, Morris, Moore, Hambley, Forber, Doran, Curwen, Olstrum, Dickinson, G Maudling, K Maudling, Scholey, Dawson, Patrick?, Jonno?
  4. townie88

    Squad for Bradford

    Farce. But hey, it's another opportunity we wernt expecting. If your going..... take your boots.
  5. townie88

    Squad for Bradford

    Great effort by our lot. Can certainly hold their heads high. Never in the memory of man was that a red and hopefully it will get overturned. No complaints about the result. Bulls played better on the day. HUGE game next week. Home or away? How many did we take today?
  6. townie88

    Squad for Bradford

    Everyone's thoughts? Mellor, Rooke, Miller, Morris, Hambley, Forber, Doran, Wilkes, Penky, Curwen, G Maudling, Olstrum, Scholey Subs: Moi Moi, Dawson, Newton Dickinson
  7. townie88

    New Stadium for Workington

    My brain hurts
  8. townie88

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    Howard Hill, Jacko and Cullnean
  9. townie88

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Service and MOT
  10. townie88

    New Stadium for Workington

    If it doesn't happen, neither club will be here in 20 years. The fan base of both clubs are ageing and not drawing in new fans to take there place. Have a questionnaire to find out what people really want. I'd edge my bets that more would support a new stadium than to carry on with the lack muster facilities both clubs currently have.
  11. townie88

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    When does this coin toss take place? Surely could be done now?
  12. townie88

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    Simple. Any they want to keep, the them down to a 2 or 3 year deal?
  13. townie88

    Stevie Scholey signs New 3 year deal

    Excellent signing. Stevie seems to improve 10% every year. He must be the fittest in our squad the minutes he does and they way he plays. Great news
  14. townie88

    Doncaster predictions

    Think both sides seen todays game for what it was. A dead rubber. Thought we showed glimpses of what we are capable off. But also some soft defending at times. Next week will be totally different from both sides. I'd stick Elliot opppsite England. He seemed a real handful for Dons. Is Tom fit for next week?
  15. townie88

    Newcastle away

    The bar has been set by the last 2 performances. I fully expect us to go there with the same intensity and mind set. Then possibly give a rest to a few who have a knock or two for the London game.