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  1. Rimmer will be out to announce his Plan B for selling tickets for the test match. Which will involve bunging them on Groupon and hoping for the best
  2. I thought that generally if Liverpool are away from home (which I assume is the case given this game at Anfield), then Everton are at home and vice versa. Which means that barring the Everton game being televised that week, it was pretty much certain that any RL game at Anfield on a Saturday would clash with an Everton game. Very poor, and another example of how the sport is being let down by it's administrators.
  3. Euston station closing on the day of the CCF doesn't help though.
  4. phiggins

    Some good news

    And he played centre the game before that...
  5. To be honest, not seen many Leigh fans blame the bash. Most of the blame has been pointed at Beaumont, Cunningham and Jukes. Summer bash wasn't a "home" game for anyone. Not sure what you're getting at there. The game in Toronto at the end of June was the Toronto home game.
  6. Reliable is better than terrible. There's a large gap between terrible and outstanding.
  7. If one of the top 16 ranked teams in the country is made up of "terrible" rugby league players then we may as well pack in with the sport in this country.
  8. They're clearly not terrible players. Otherwise they wouldn't be playing in the qualifyers.
  9. Leigh couldn't do it due to inept coaching during pre-season and at the start of the season.
  10. I agree with lots of this. He's stressing how much other people have done to get the club in this predicament, without looking in the mirror first. However, two points I don't agree with. The parachute money wasn't to enable Leigh to fulfil contracts. It couldn't be, because while SL were issuing the parachute payment, the RFL were voiding all of the contracts. So even if the club wanted to fulfil all contracts, players had the option to walk away if they wanted, which some did. In hindsight, looks like another ill thought out move by SL clubs (of which DB was one), to show independance from the RFL. Secondly, the club didn't add to the salary, in fact this year's playing budget is likely to be less than last season's. And as has been discussed on this thread, you can't add top 4 clauses to contracts and you're not going to build an entire squad on 1 year contracts. But for all his deflection of blame, DB sanctioned the overhaul of the squad, and more importantly, allowed them to be coached by Neil Jukes and Keiran Cunningham, which led to the disastrous start to the season which was never recovered from.
  11. We're used to 5000 word statements from him by now. One thing he continually fails to recognise is that he stayed loyal to a failing coach for far too long. For me, that is the single biggest mistake and it was made by him.
  12. By that reckoning, Leeds, Salford, Hull KR or Widnes should not have any players contracted to next year yet. Budgets are set based on forecasts, whether it be attendances, sponsorship or league position. If the club budgeted for a top 4 finish, then that was pretty conservative, albeit let down by terrible decisions on how to spend the budget. If the club budgeted for promotion then it was reckless.
  13. Should they have set their playing budget to 200k?
  14. phiggins

    This may sound like sour grapes, but.............

    As a Leigh fan, my main frustration was that our scrum half put a stupid cross field kick in, when down to 12 men to gift Toronto a set on our line. Along with the dubious decision to rule out the penalty at the end. You were unlucky to lose both half backs. Don't think any of the top 4, except maybe Toronto would've stayed in the 4 with 2 such influential players missing for so long. Half backs at Leigh were also missing for large parts of the season. Unfortunately, they were still on the pitch though!
  15. What if it's thinned by 11 or 12?