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  1. phiggins

    Widnes problems

    There might've been the same circumstances with parachute payments, but I think the Widnes and Leigh situations are very different. At Leigh, most if not all fans didn't like how DB dealt with the situation at the end of last season, and a high number would argue that it was avoidable. But, every fan could understand that there was a clear catalyst for the issues at the end of last season. Failure to make the top four and subsequent drop in income. Doesn't make it acceptable, but at least you can understand what the trigger was. Widnes appear to be on the brink of administration within a month of the season starting, having renegotiated all player contracts in the close season. What was going through the heads of people budgeting for this year? Widnes fans deserve much much better.
  2. phiggins

    Widnes problems

    In this case it seems that the issue is that a potential investor has backed out, rather than somebody pulling existing investment out of the club
  3. phiggins

    Featherstone Rhinos

    Leigh have (had) 2 players on season long loans. Josh Woods and Olly Russell. Woods is injured and Russell was recalled by Huddersfield. For the game at the weekend we had Luke Douglas on loan and Richardson, Ashworth, Costello and Smith on DR
  4. Not sure why month long loans are being brought into this. The loan system has always been in place, and never been an issue.
  5. Anderson would’ve just squirted some water at him
  6. Someone shouting the odds? Degsy 1/10
  7. Where has the rumour on O'Donnell come from. I hope the returning grunt is someone that has played within the last 4 years. 2 bonus wins in a season that is purely about survival for Leigh.
  8. I thought that the first Fev try was a knock on, and the yellow could easily have been a red. Though, I admit that could be my Leigh tinted specs given how far I was away from that particular tackle. That said, our second try was a fluke, and your lead should've been a lot more comfortable at half time. Second half, we played a lot better and hardly made any errors. This was helped by the fact that the ref only seemed capable of holding his arm towards the South Stand for penalties all game. Overall, I still see Fev finishing the season above Leigh. I still think our main target is to avoid relegation, and we're using DR to help us survive. The two wins we have are bonuses in relation to expectations. As for Fev, obviously difficult for me to judge based on one game, but thought one of your halves had an great short kicking game, while the other has a great step. But I think the better teams will wise up to his step quicker than we did yesterday and he'll have to show what else he has to his game. Lastly, what are the rules now regarding how much of the clock is eaten up by a conversion? Was expecting to see a bit more urgency over your last one.
  9. While the delayed ambulance clearly isn't the fault of the RFL / Sheffield Eagles, isn't there a minimum standard of facility that clubs should adhere to, for players waiting for the ambulance? Sounds like the RFL have asked questions of SE on this, as seems ridiculous that he was left in a corridor. Isn't there a treatment room he can be held in, any pain relief that can be prescribed?
  10. I don't think there's any argument about fee being paid up front. If that was the arrangement then this would've been brought up long ago, like it was with Caton-Brown. Sounds like a claim of a missed payment. As said already, if they're just trying to push it and pay at last possible opportunity, they need to be careful
  11. phiggins

    Leigh team next season

    Aim for the season is to avoid relegation
  12. There is a conflict between the idea of expansion and the use of showpiece events to give the game wider exposure. If Toronto had replace Hull KR (or even worse, Leeds) as well as London replacing Widnes, then the RFL could've had an issue on their hands with the Magic Weekend. The answer of course would be for the RFL to make some effort to sell their event to new people. Sadly, they seem unwilling or unable to sell the sport
  13. If the RFL have asked money to cover low gates, then it's an absolute disgrace. Even if there was a Catalans - Toronto final and both clubs stumped up a load of cash, the problem of empty seats will only be solved by the RFL promoting the event, and selling tickets for it. However, part of me thinks we're only getting part of the story. Asking for a bond to cover lost ticket sales for the final seems low, even for the RFL. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a bond to cover travel for each round, up to and including the final, with money paid back that wasn't needed. After all, Toulouse decided they didn't want to play in the cup last year, and can imagine Toronto aren't too disappointed to not be playing in it this year.
  14. phiggins

    Petition to Wind up for Toronto

    Not necessarily all for work on the Bailey case though. Could be various pieces of work they have done for them
  15. It would appear he's already had his last full time contract, so he's got to factor in how a deal will fit in with whatever he'll be doing for a living long term. If he's decided he wants to stay local then it's a case of Leigh, Swinton or Rochdale. Suspect he will be getting a testimonial though