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  1. Given the attendance at the last challenge cup final, I think there's room at Wembley for a lower leage cup final as well as attracting new fans to watch the main event. It doesn't have to be one or the other.
  2. phiggins

    2019 Squad

    As a Leigh fan, all I can say is, that you don't know you're born. We can only dream of having 19 players!
  3. Don't really have an issue with the club trying to reach a settlement with players. Happened before, will happen again. Just like players will continue to look for agreements out of contracts with clubs. Problem is, if he'd carried on paying wages while negotiations were taking place, the two players would probably be a lot closer to agreement now, as I doubt being one of only two full time professionals in a part time team would be particularly good for their careers long term. Would also have made DB's name less toxic across player's agents. In answer to the question on the thread title. Bad. Very bad.
  4. phiggins

    London Signings

    It would seem that all of Leigh's 2018 squad have found new clubs, most if not all remaining full time, with majority in Super League. Some will do better than others. Leigh's finishing position has numerous factors, mainly poor coaching and signing an entirely new squad and hoping they would work well together. That doesn't mean that they are all bad players individually, but didn't have the right roles in the team or suffered from poor coaching. London seemed light in the front row, even in the Championship, so need to sign some props. Mason did well at Leigh, and was missed when he was injured, think he'll be ok in SL. Richards improved as the season went on, may be a decent squad player for London, but think they still need to strengthen the pack
  5. phiggins

    London Signings

    If you'd like to offer Jamie Acton a contract there'll be plenty of offers of transportation assistance from the Leigh area...
  6. phiggins

    Jamie to London?

    What will be more, his salary, or petrol costs for trips to Red Hall.
  7. Probably easier than it was to get to Manchester during a rail strike. No more difficult on a Wednesday night than it was for the Friday night when 3k Saints fans made the trip. The reason for low crowd wasn't the venue. It was the fact that not many people particularly cared about going, and even worse, not many people even knew it was happening.
  8. Dispensation was given to both sides last week. I imagine Swinton would have to agree to such a dispensation, and can't blame them for not doing so. Why should they be disadvantaged? If there are players unavailable due to having holidays booked, there should be an offer to compensate those from a central pot.
  9. Players will already have their holidays booked, probably at quite some expense if it's half term, and rugby is unlikely to be their main source of income (i.e. they've had to book time off elsewhere). Doubt league 1 players can afford to cancel / move holidays at short notice unless they have a lucrative day job.
  10. I was more making the point that I don't think you can claim that Workington are more deserving of a chance of playing in the Championship than Swinton. I do however have sympathy for Workington in relation to players available. Can see the argument that they should be given dispensation to loan players. Not because of the Leigh / Fev precedent, but because the season has been extended at short notice. Can also see how that would be unfair on Swinton. Maybe the fair solution would be for any players who have to rearrange holidays to play get compensation from RFL / Championship / League 1 (Whoever thought an ad hoc game with venue decided by coin toss was a good idea).
  11. How much better would Workington fare next year? How many more chances of promotion do they deserve?
  12. Rimmer will be out to announce his Plan B for selling tickets for the test match. Which will involve bunging them on Groupon and hoping for the best
  13. I thought that generally if Liverpool are away from home (which I assume is the case given this game at Anfield), then Everton are at home and vice versa. Which means that barring the Everton game being televised that week, it was pretty much certain that any RL game at Anfield on a Saturday would clash with an Everton game. Very poor, and another example of how the sport is being let down by it's administrators.
  14. Euston station closing on the day of the CCF doesn't help though.
  15. phiggins

    Some good news

    And he played centre the game before that...