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  1. FearNothing


    So is this curtains for the Cougars???
  2. FearNothing

    Great news confirmed

    This ^^^ sometimes it takes an outsider/fresh pair of eyes/whatever to come in and speak some home truths to get things moving again... MK certainly did that, just hope the club can kick on now and get better.
  3. FearNothing

    Jarrod Sammut leaves London Broncos

    wouldn't surprise me...
  4. FearNothing

    Jarrod Sammut leaves London Broncos

    It's a real shame that... Jaz is a great player and would have caused a fair few problems for SL defences. There was talk of him going back to Worky due to having a firm job offer at Sellafield a few months back - possibly this causing him leaving Broncos?? Any marras confirm/deny this??
  5. FearNothing

    League 1 2019 table predictions

    This ^^, I think...especially with a shorter season and every slip-up will be costly.... think it's gonna be great again ....oh, and don't write us off this coming year, should be our strongest for a couple of seasons...
  6. FearNothing

    If the money is paid up front, yes

    That would be a great idea, and a cracking day
  7. FearNothing

    Golden Point

    No it wasn't, it was one quarter's worth, ie 15 mins max. You could still have a tie if no scores in that 15 mins. They've messed around with it this year, made it way over-complex.....
  8. FearNothing


    Oh no....HMRC always are first in the line...
  9. FearNothing

    Player Roster 2019

    Looking good AC
  10. FearNothing

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    The thing is, it's the time/distance combo in the UK - we're a small, highly densely populated island with not great infrastructure. It can, in some areas, take a couple of hours to get 60-odd miles (e.g. from us into Manchester), which can take it out of you physically and mentally if you have to do it on a regular basis...our roads are poor and jam-packed, and god forbid you get held up due to an accident just the wrong side of a motorway junction, chances are you'll be stationary for several hours and mss whatever it was you were going for.... As for North Wales out to West Wales, doesn't look too bad on a map, but try doing that in under 4 hrs on sh0ite roads (and avoiding the sheep ) Add into that, as someone mentioned earlier, property prices vary soo much over here, so moving isn't an option for most, especially into London. e.g. our house up here = £170k, same house you'd be looking at £7-800k in a cheaper part of London....you won't get a mortgage on that on semi-pro earnings..
  11. FearNothing

    Tom Burgess Hints at return to Super League

    Dream on 😂
  12. FearNothing


    THAT is scary.....
  13. FearNothing

    2021 World Cup Format

    maybe, but it has shown who some of the RL snobs are
  14. FearNothing


    I have a feeling we'll be in a better state than some of the higher-spending teams tbh....and not owning our own ground could be a blessing in disguise in some ways...