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  1. Salford, but by how much depends on what kind of fight Widnes put up..... I can see the first 20 mins being a right tussle.
  2. I put it in inverted commas to try and convey there was no disrespect meant or implied.....I just don't see them finishing anything other than bottom. I don't dispute how well they've done to get into the top 4 (and like the fact they've got some young Welsh talent in the reserves )
  3. Aren't TWP and TO ahead of their respective x-year plans to make SL?? If I recall that correctly, neither should be too disappointed if they don't make it this year. One of these, though, I can see replacing Widnes this time around. London, much as I'd like them to do well, I think are still not quite ready. Halifax are the "making up the numbers" team this year, as were Batley and Fev the last couple of seasons.
  4. FearNothing

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    We didn't get relegated to the Championship, at the end of SL the club (Crusaders RL) folded completely and ceased to exist. North Wales Crusaders was formed, a brand-new club and started in League 1. We did get promoted to Championship for our third season, and got restructured back down the year that 5 Ch clubs got relegated/restructured. So, not in the same boat as a relegated SL team*. * however we have suffered from a dodgy ex-CEO but should be clear of the debt he created for next season.
  5. Agree with most of that, we're not as bad as sometimes the results suggest. I still maintain we're physically too small a team still, been the same for a couple of seasons now, need some more beef on the park... crowd given as 886 over the tannoy today
  6. very much so...when he first came over to Cru, you could see it straight away
  7. Hopefully your buses will do a drop'n'scarper, so's not to bung up the (small) carpark As for the game, it was only 30 pts at York last week........
  8. Hopefully they'll feel a bit at home with our banked quarter
  9. Oh well.....at least our gate and bar takings wll be up Other than that.... York by loads Donny by lots (less than loads) Hunslet by somewhere between lots and loads Cougars - Thunder... a draw maybe (depends which Cougars turn up) Oldham by a few Town by somewhere between lots and loads