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  1. If we are, and get a kickable penalty, and Grady doesn't call for 2 pts., think I'll be inclined to want to poke him in the eye
  2. Yeah, think we could well be in for a tight one....hopefully with us on the right side of the scoreboard at the hooter... we'll see come Sunday..
  3. Don't know....website not updated yet...
  4. Bloody hell, yeah it's a long way from jockland, what you doing up there??
  5. GB Lions Squad

    So there's a possibility that each of Wales, Ireland and Scotland have to play WC qualifiers without potentially 3 of their better players because of the Lion's tour? f that's the case I think I'd rather our guys stayed home and help make sure we qualify for the WC......on last year's showing that's more important....
  6. Rochdale Hornets

    Think you best get your coat
  7. This really doesn't help any of the teams in this division......I've said it before but the amount of travelling L1 have to do is a bit ridiculous....
  8. Exactly how I felt...I was screaming for them to kick the 2 points, but no.... On the up-side, we did well against a very big Skolars side, and tackling was pretty good. Could have done with Brennen out there today. I've always felt we've an undersized pack, and they looked it today with even the Skolars backs looking rather large. On the odd occasion where we kicked early/found touch, it helped keep them back in their half a bit, and maybe that and the general game management is something Mr G hopefully will work on
  9. rochdales pitch.

    Thanks for clarifying
  10. rochdales pitch.

    Isn't Spotland council-owned? Would've thought that, if they do, they'd be paying for a far chunk?
  11. You're not Big Kev or Mr Bradley are you?? Sounds like their kind of trip
  12. Donny, Hunslet, Thunder, Haven and us (obviously!!) to win, the other two I think could go either way
  13. Like so many L1 games this year, very hard to call.....as long as we win by 2 or more... ....'coz our drop-goal % is pretty low
  14. Cru by 8-ish See you there!!
  15. More live rugby on TV

    That might have been enough to put them off revisiting some places