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  1. Couldn't make yesterday and haven't had the debrief from mum&dad yet, but we've always been a second-half team....thought we could have been in for a shocker when I saw the ht score......
  2. FearNothing


    I wish I had the time to go for both days and watch all the games - I like the sport, not just my team, and watching at a ground is the best way to do that. I do think sometimes at SB and MW, a lot of fans just go for their team's game only which seems such a waste to me.
  3. FearNothing

    Rowley and Toronto

    Oops, sorry to Bob Beswick, it was Sam Hopkins.....
  4. FearNothing

    Rowley and Toronto

    After watching it back, I think Kay was hard done-to for the yellow, and (I think) Beswick should have had it instead - yes, Kay had the player''s legs, but it was Beswick(or whoever) on his shoulders driving his head towards the floor(which lifted his feet higher than the horizontal) which made it dangerous. All of Sunday was what you expect from a Rowley-coached team - some good stuff let down by general thuggery...
  5. FearNothing

    Beware: The Qualifiers for SL sides

    I think tomorrow's CC game will be a good indication for TWP - how will they fare against Wire, and what sort of indication will that be for the 8's against weaker SL teams?? Roll on tomorrow afternoon, with the Wolves savaging the Wolfpack
  6. FearNothing

    Breakaway imminent in Wales?

    hope it's just speculation, the game needs to work as a whole to get over issues and grow, WRL seem to have been doing a reasonable job in the last few years, let's hope it's just a blip....
  7. FearNothing

    5th/6th May : BetFred League 1 Match Thread

    Isn't Haven just down the road from you now??
  8. FearNothing

    5th/6th May : BetFred League 1 Match Thread

    would like to argue with Haven, but can't...do think it'll be under 10 difference though
  9. FearNothing

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Guys, this isn't a willy-waving contest about which club deserves to survive or not...ok, there may not be as much support for RL in Wales as most of us would like, but the guys down at WWR are trying to get things going - yes it's hard work at the moment, but the point is at least they ARE trying, and are worthy of some support from the wider RL community who , in most cases, have had many, many more years to have built clubs up and get established...
  10. FearNothing


    yeah, that too
  11. FearNothing


    Must say I couldn't make it yesterday, but from a Cru fan's pov... I think at the moment we are suffering from a number of things:- 1. the ground we now play at - Queensway is mainly for athletics, so has a track around the pitch and the stands are quite a way back from the action. It's not the best for watching rugby, and I do know some fans who just won't go and watch there. The upside is the rent is affordable and the club now makes some income from food & drinks sales which we've not had elsewhere. The soccer club took the lease for the Racecourse from the Uni, and effectively priced Cru out of there (not that they wanted us there in the first place, either in SL or since). 2. After the outing of the crooked former CEO, the club has been struggling to get back on track financially, which meant a lot of the decent squad we had left. This has meant performance on-field has dropped as budget for players had to be cut, which always affects attendance. 3. A lot of people were permanently put off by the actions of that ex-CEO and have never come back. For Sunday especially, I think even some of the die-hards probably thought it would be a bit more of a walkover than it was, and could well have been put off attending because of that. I do think that we probably bottomed out last season and can now continue to grow again. IIRC the RFL put some restrictions on finances, which may end at the end of the season, and that too will help.
  12. FearNothing


    I think the better ones either retired from playing or moved elsewhere..it's a shame, but now they've moved further out west, geography certainly doesn't help them
  13. FearNothing

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    And that in itself may be all that is needed.... Give them chance to learn and grow, there's undoubtedly rugby talent down there - it may need honing, converting codes, whatever, but that can only come over time. They are a bit of an outpost, yes (even from N Wales) but ask yourself something.... ...if Rourke's Drift was allowed to fall, wouldn't that have had a negative impact on the zulu war?? Same goes for the guys putting a lot of work into that club down there, better a couple of seasons as whipping boys on the pitch if it keeps the outpost going longer-term
  14. FearNothing

    29 Apr: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    That should put York top on points difference..