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  1. I didn't make it on Sunday, but dad told me it's the worst he's seen Cru play this season.....I've said it before and I'll say it again - CONSISTENCY IS LACKING this year for some reason. Gameday 17 changing every game having an impact? Possibly a contributing factor, don't know how good/bad it is for us compared to other teams. If only someone could figure out what's causing it and put it right, we'd have a better chance....
  2. The one thing we need for the rest of the season is consistency.....if we nail that, we're back in the top half of the table and having a say on the playoff picture If we don't.... well, we'll see
  3. Good, a bit more go-forward should help...it would've against Haven last week..
  4. Its turning into a weird season this year....no clear favourites yet surprisingly.. Yeds, Haven, Cru, Donny and...and...Hunslet... ...but wouldn't be surprised if 4 of those 5 go the other way
  5. Disappointing yesterday, especially as, for a good patch in the second half, we showed how good we can be....need some consistency (and a Welsh referee!!)
  6. I'm still reeling from last week's loss.... ...but we'll bounce back this week and haven will suffer!!! ...( hope )
  7. That's the thing this season - now TWP, TOXIII, Bradford and York have gone up, this is a much more even division, and unfortunately for us we've been on the wrong end of the fine margins so far....onwards and upwards
  8. Just seen nasty rumour that we've got 3-4 starters out injured Could kybosh our weekend....
  9. 'Ere, gerroff moy laaand ...actually, I do have Wire as my second team.....
  10. Wonky to beat the Bears despite their current wibble. Cru to back up the Donny game with another win despite Skolars heroics at Hunslet...both squads could be a bit tired, but we'll be less tired than them
  11. ...and the true colours come out...it's all about money.. and a parallel for you - after having to build a club from scratch after the SL debacle and having some success, we're currently about where Thunder were 5-6 years ago, so should they have packed it in too? And Skolars? And Coventry? People put effort into those clubs because they care. Yes there are ups and downs for most clubs below SL, should they all just pack it in? I think not.....
  12. Last time I looked, WWR weren't playing in a "backward village", they're in Llanelli... and as for rugby heritage, it was Llanelli who famously beat the touring All-Blacks 9-3 in RU in 1972. So, we (RL) are still poaching promising Welsh youngsters down there... And as for us being in a "backward village" in Wrexham, the biggest urban area in North Wales and only smaller than Cardiff and Swansea in our fair country, wind yer neck in pal....
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