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  1. Yeah, it might have been a good idea for the cup tie, but then we'd be in the same boat on that weekend....
  2. I'm sulking coz we don't have a game
  3. FearNothing


    On the contrary, I think it's given them a big boost insomuch as there WILL be a Cougars team/club playing this year!! Having the club fold would have been a much bigger thing.....
  4. FearNothing

    League 1 restructuring

    Err......guys....League 1 Restructuring????? I personally don't think L1 is too far off. 2 up& 2 down from L1/Ch, and maybe 2-3 more teams would be good for a full home & away season. Other than that, nothing stands out as needing restructuring. It's been a decent comp these last couple of seasons.
  5. FearNothing


    I think the -12 points has done the new owners a favour...no promotion (or relegation) to worry about, just get the club back on an even keel and a good foundation to rebuild from. That has to be more important this year than where in the league table they end up.
  6. The only problem I have with Dave Woods is that he keeps saying "yards" instead of "metres" Other than that he's a good egg..
  7. whole stream has stopped... wind a factor today??
  8. FearNothing

    The NFL Route

    ...and what about the other teams outside the 20????
  9. FearNothing

    so whats the sky deal this year?

    possibly not.....
  10. FearNothing

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    I think it's quite telling that Beaky (JD) mentions that most union players wouldn't be good enough to come to League these days......and I would have to agree. Considering he's watching and commentating on both codes, he's probably in a very good position to judge.
  11. FearNothing

    Season ticket sales

    ..add another couple for Mum and Dad...still seeing if it's worth me getting one or PAYG for the games I can attend
  12. I think we may be the surprise package this year....the last couple of years of financial hangovers from the bent ex-CEO should be behind us and we could well get back towards where we belong - top half challenging for promotion
  13. FearNothing


    So is this curtains for the Cougars???
  14. FearNothing

    Great news confirmed

    This ^^^ sometimes it takes an outsider/fresh pair of eyes/whatever to come in and speak some home truths to get things moving again... MK certainly did that, just hope the club can kick on now and get better.