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  1. Coventry Bears v London Skolars KO 3pm Keighley Cougars v Doncaster KO 3pm Oldham v Hunslet KO 3pm North Wales Crusaders v West Wales Raiders KO 2.30pm Workington Town v Whitehaven KO 3pm Yeds-Hunslet too close to call I think.
  2. Looks like I'll be able to attend my first game of the season on Friday As you rightly said, NEED/MUST WIN and in a good fashion....if we scrape past WWR with a 2-score margin I think we'll have to reappraise how much of a rebuilding season this is going to be....
  3. fighting irish makes a good point about junior & amateur clubs around Blackpool - the lack of such has hindered junior RL around Wrexham. Even though our teams (& parents) were willing to travel up into NW England to play games, they soon found out that teams from up NW England were most unwilling to travel to Wrexham to play return fixtures, and so participation tailed off pretty sharpish - irregular, non-league friendlies don't cut it with maintaining enthusiasm with kids, they want to be in leagues, playing regularly and wanting to compete for something, be it promotion, cups, or even just not finishing bottom of their league. Would Blackpool juniors suffer a similar fate? This is an area which your Wigan whatevers, Leeds area, etc. amateur clubs will always do better than those without any local opposition....
  4. I don't know....would it actually help, or should it be a case of it's time to knuckle down and sort out the issues. Give it a couple of months (no game for 3 weeks now) and re-assess. Grady hung on too long while he was here, and that wasn't helpful, need to avoid similar this time but by the same count Muzza should be able to turn it around (unless there's something going on we don't know about)...
  5. TBH we've suffered no end after the bent ex-CEO got found out and ousted. The club's been on a shoestring with the final parts only just being paid off to the RFL during the first half of this season. As for The Racecourse, when the soccer club took over the lease from the Uni, they wanted £5k per home game from the club for us to play there, completely unaffordable.... they did it to effectively evict us from there. Queensway isn't great but it's the only other ground within Wrexham town - there are others within 12-15 miles but not the best for access (or possibly the playing surface - not an RFL-approved type of Astroturf) We've had a constantly shifting squad for the last 2-3 seasons and team selection varies a heck of a lot from week to week which doesn't help either.... What we do have is a hardcore of support and directors who are determined to keep the club and RL going up here, I'm sure we'll ride out this period and rise again
  6. Well done Thatto, deserved with the effort they put in. As for us...one word - pitiful
  7. Nice one Mark, looks lke the weather is going to hold for Saturday so you should have a good ride of it
  8. Although, after a try chalked off for no apparent reason, I'm sure we've got a case for petitioning the RFL that Mr Sweet never refs a Cru game ever again....he stitches us up each & every time he refs us - that disallowed try was the difference Seriously, though, a bit of consistency in team selection will only help...
  9. Over the last few years, for various reasons, I think we've been weaker at international level than if we'd had a full first-choice squad available. Injuries are unavoidable, but this attitude helps neither the nation or the individual... Can't say I've always agreed with Kear's selections, even when players have been available, but the attitude on display in that article are pretty despicable.....
  10. I remember us going to Thatto for a pre-season friendly a few seasons ago..... I think the Thatto lads thought we were cheering for them ?
  11. Yeah, we're still not quite there yet, but performances are encouraging....hopefully be in the top half of the table come season's end and challenging in the playoffs next year. I hope we get a decent draw on Tuesday, with either 1. a good home tie we can win or 2. away at a team with a big gate
  12. The current team (semi-pro, I think, could be wrong) are RGC1404, who are based in Colwyn Bay. CB has also hosted junior Union internationals, Cru pre-season RL games among others. I'd say it's definitely favourite...
  13. Spectacular fold by Skolars....must've been some half-time team talks
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