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  1. FearNothing

    Sammut wins the day (again) Malta champs

    We were CrusadersRL back then, and that try helped us to beat Bulls easily on the day. Jaz is a real nice guy, signed photo of him with my lads still has pride of place ☺️
  2. FearNothing

    Josh Drinkwater

    Certainly a far superior option over McCrone, he's a bl00dy liability In fact, get Kay back from injury, drop Drinkwater in there and that would give TW a pretty decent set of backs for the Championship..
  3. FearNothing


    ...and back to the original question...... How much funding do the losers get for 2019??? 😁
  4. I dunno...would be good to see both in SL next year, so really got to hope for TO to wn by a good few points
  5. Wouldn't that be something?? Much as it'd be good for the final week, I can't see it....biggest defeat for Fax in the 8's coming, I think...
  6. TO by 10, they're at home and almost always out-play anyone visiting...Robins to get plucked
  7. Looking for a reaction to last week's error-fuelled performance to finish on a win...play like we can and it's a done deal
  8. Yeah, must admit it's been bothering me too....especially with some of the opinions being reported on some of the other threads....it won't only affect newer teams, but also a fair few traditional clubs, which won't go down well...
  9. That's mostly fair - we did more than enough to make Donny look good, unfortunately. I think they'll struggle in the playoffs though, they looked far from convincing... To our credit, though, I do think we scored the two tries of the game, first mid-air dive and put-down in the corner (which Dad got a perfect picture of) and our second was a cracking move involving passing, handling, and cutting through the defence...if only we had played consistently like that this year......
  10. FearNothing

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    He can come back when he's learned to catch high kicks
  11. DavidM has re-iterated what I mentioned on another thread recently.... 14 in SL and Ch, keep Magic/Bash as an extra fixture, 2 up/down in all divisions, second promo spot decided on 2-5 playoff. Simple, meets min 13 home games in top 2 divs,....but... the central funding in Champ would need to be a lot more balanced than it is now...yes reward more for a higher finish, but not to the extent it is currently. A 10-team L1 may need slightly more per team until other new clubs are brought in to up the fixture income, but I recon this would be the best overall structure for the game as a whole.
  12. FearNothing

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    ..however we may be inundated with forward pass penalties 😁 seriously, some of those guys could transition well, but would need to be the more athletic/more robust QBs...let's face it, probably the most fragile position (except kickers) on the roster...
  13. FearNothing

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    Agreed. To be more specific, I'd look at using inside LB for props, and outside LB for the rest of the forwards except hooker. All the above would be the easier conversions.... Centres should be next, mainly from running backs. Hookers, halves and FB would be the most problematic, however some specialist kick returners could be useful at FB..
  14. FearNothing

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    Probably, along with wide receivers. However if it was a choice I'd go with the Cornerback - they are used to defending and can go forwards (interception scenario), better than a WR more used to going forwards but no defence. Personally I'd be looking at Linebackers for conversion to a RL pack - big, strong and athletic, and more likely to be able to handle the aerobic conversion.