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  1. This is for the big match:
  2. Women's game

    I am watching both games. Great RL this morning!
  3. If you have made some pictures, just send them to me if you don't mind. Happy to hear a so positive feedback about Saluzzo.
  4. Italian squad

    Says the guy who hadn't posted since August...
  5. Italian squad

    Call me when we're actually talking RL.
  6. Samoa RLWC Squad

    Who's your star player from this Samoa team?
  7. Seriously? Italian and Irish expats' community don't exist?
  8. Italian squad

    This. Meninga mentioned players ability to adapt to more than one position as the reason for snubbing Tedesco, but he's played world cup football as a centre, in 2013! By the way it's Italy's gain and he'll be the competition's 2nd best Fullbacks. He'd start for England or NZ, just saying. Forwards look very strong.
  9. England Squad Named

    Hmm, not sure. I'm almost sure somebody mentioned him being Australian. Or maybe it's the memory of the England v Samoa selection thread fooling me. I've talked about NRL experience, ability to handle pressure, etc., too, so it's not that I'm talking about only nationality...
  10. England Squad Named

    Agree. I came to think, Meninga mentioned versatility of some players while explaining his selections (see Tedesco out, ecc.). I'm not sure this England squad is covered enough.
  11. England Squad Named

    True and true. But my believe is that WB chose him because he wants his experience and he has a lot.
  12. England Squad Named

    Because that's what it looks like Btw, even if it's true and he's not World Cup material, is it the only 'wrong' selection?