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  1. I must admit, I really enjoyed watching the Ireland v Scotland game. Very close, very balanced teams, details made the difference.
  2. All domestic team for Italy at this tournament, except Rizzelli (Rochdale). I think the "real" Euros start now for the guys, as the level of England, France and Wales was too too high for them. But they can have their say vs Serbia, Ukraine and Ireland...
  3. England, France, Wales and Scotland are trough, with Scotland v Ireland being the only close game. In the Scottish game, a very good first halp by the young Bravehearts, but the Irish fought their way back in the 2nd half and came close to winning.
  4. If so, I think they will be ok here, too. +
  5. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    Making a comparison doesn't mean ignoring the differences between the games.
  6. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    Or use GB as a rep team which it's an honour be involved in each tot years, at is happens with B&I Lions in ru. You can have both things.
  7. MatthewWoody

    Yorkshire vs Lancashire Academy

    I see what you mean, though the gap between Aus and England has been/is non as big as the one between a full strength England side v Scotland/Ireland without heritage players.
  8. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    Come on mate, we already have very few competitive teams at the WC...
  9. MatthewWoody

    Yorkshire vs Lancashire Academy

    They'll tell you you are too regional, nostalgic, etc.
  10. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    And rightly so, from that point of view. 😎
  11. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    You'd need the money to have the non tier 1 nations available and camped for 4-5 weeks.
  12. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    Yes, I see what you mean. I was just reflecting about this International or Test Match mantra. Rep sides are good, as soon as they reflect and actually represent something that exists [culturally, in sports, etc.].
  13. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019

    If it's GB, it's not an actual International.