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  1. I'm nobody to judje a professional players' requests, to be honest. We'll see what happens in the future but I just don't find anything strange in somebody coming from a lifelong professional career asking for some money. Of course this is not the right place to discuss this kind of matters, but I wouldn't blame him if what you've been told comes to be true.
  2. canada & malta seeded for emerging nations

    So joining this competition would help, wouldn't it?
  3. Sargison back to SL
  4. Or the other team was closer to where he lives...
  5. Sargison back to SL

    Hmm, not sure. I mean, he developed into the player he is coming through the Aussie game. Though I recognize he must have been a good youngster when he moved. But it's hard to put him in the category of those who become very good Super League players and then moved to the NRL.
  6. Sargison back to SL

    Grown up in the Australia system, hasn't he?
  7. Well done to our 2 Italian coaches who qualified. Good improvements from other nations' candidates, too. Very important to train and then have well trained coaches in developing nations.
  8. canada & malta seeded for emerging nations

    My hope is that there will be a livestream of the games. Seen Malta playing v Italy this season (though I've seen the game via streaming, as I hadn't arrived there yet) and they're very passionate and well organized. I think they're gonna mix locals with Australia based players and will use this tournament to improve and gel as a team. Are Serbia joining the tournament, too?
  9. Cause it's the national league who actually has the money... Not saying it is right
  10. Latest World Rankings

    Beating the tier 1 nation makes the difference. Or drawing against it (see Scotland last year).
  11. World playing nations at present

    Belgium played a game in Italy in 2016 and I believe they're still doing RL.
  12. Licensing

    Yes. that would made me happy.
  13. Licensing

    A return to licensing would be embarassing.
  14. Latest World Rankings

    Actually, Lebanon made the QF...