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  1. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    The NZ's flop was the very first shock that in a World Cup since being a RL fan... ...I wouldn't use it as proof that our International game can be unpredictable.
  2. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    But rugby union has a bigger number of top/almost top teams, so they easily can affort some 100 points scores because the week after they have an England-Wales or an Ireland-France game where you don't know the result in advance. Something we don't have and maybe we'll never have.
  3. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    You're right. Although the 2013 and 2017 format was far from perfect, at least we've seen some very enjoyable and well balanced game. In 2013 the Welsh public had the chance to see England v Kangaroos in the 1st game, etc.
  4. To he honest, it's not that English SL/Championship teams have helped more than the Australian clubs in releasing the players...
  5. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    Hmm, yes and no. I mean, while in the long term it'd be very important to "expand the games profile", it is also true that a World Cup full of 90-0 scores wouldn't help the game. And I just don't think the exposure the likes of Spain, etc. would get at home would justify it. Last World Cup, Ireland was one of the best squads and I believe it has helped sell the product. So I'm not sure that'd be enough (and I'm not exactly sure Spain are doing more than Ireland, Italy, etc. locally, given they have often played internationals with homegrown players and have produced some players who now play in England/Aus), but surely with this new format we need professional-semiprofessional players to play... in my opinion
  6. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    While it's true that this is the best/more balances format, it is also true that it leaves us without top team v top team up until the SF. In other sports, mentioned by many here, they have balanced game since the pool stage as they have more competitive nations, while we don't. But it's a risk worth taking and will build and build and build towards the semifinals. Plus, this kind of format makes us even more need the so called heritage players, as having games actually worth watching becomes more important than ever. This, if we want to have a chance to sell the whole event.
  7. MatthewWoody

    2021 World Cup Format

    Scotland and Ireland make sure games are actually watchable. You have to sell tickets at the end of the day.
  8. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Very respectful, well done
  9. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    GB / England whoever it is, a game vs Tonga in Auckland must be interesting after that semifinal.
  10. Yes and that's something I would apply to the first 2 tests, too. England and NZ are at the same level at the moment, imho.
  11. So your proposal is the Knights without the name Knights?
  12. MatthewWoody

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    My opinion is that given Scotland/Ireland involvment in the qualifiers, it will just be England + Wales
  13. MatthewWoody

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    No way, impossible