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  1. The same goes here with Champions and Europa League. Competitor broadcasters forget to mention a competition in the news if they don't own its broadcasting rights. Suddenly, they release it existes as soon as they get the rights back.
  2. Even if they'd have chosen Australia, what's the problem? You can have, in your life and your family, more than one cultural ecc. identity. Your claim would be serious and legitimate if there were nobody, say, doing things for rl in the Italian Australian community. As I mentioned several times, there a lot of people doing so, keeping Italian cultura alive among the community. This work being done by Italian(s) both in the Northern (with homegrown talent, without gov fundings etc.) and Southern (very passionate Italian Australian, who involve sponsors, clubs and communities, in rep and youth games), totally legitimate those Italian Australian players playing for Italy. Without the domestic development and this work on the field among the Italian community in Australia, I'd be with your claims. Last year in Monza, Italian homegrown played as an Emerging Italy (Italy 'A') v Belgium and then there was the test v Wales. That was the best rl game ever played in Italy in the last, say, 30 years, and those who were there were exposed to Campese, Joseph, Kopczak, Wakeman, ecc., top standard players. Rugby union (it's the target we should aim at, though I've met some Italian guys who met and loved rl before/instead of ru) fans there that day had the chance to see an high level game, which was a good advice for rl; in addition, homegrown players played, too, in the game before. John Kear told me that day we'd need more games like that, though it's impossible due to club fixtures and travel issues. But they, the Welsh, enjoyed playing an International against pro and semipro like they are. It's not, then, that Italian homegrown players are not playing International rl (see, again, what I've posted before and all the threads about it). They're simply not good enoigh ‒ aside from Bergamasco, Celerino and maybe some other 2 ‒ for the standard the World Cup needs. Things are being done to cut the gap (see this, again). The same goes with the others. If Lebanese Australians are ‒ like the Italian ‒ a strong and proud community among the Australian society, and if Lebanese RL people are doing a huge work both in Lebanon and down under, I can't see any issue. As long as there's an alive and proud Lebanese-Australian and Italian-Australian community down under and as long as rl work is being done there and here, I have no issue in those players representing their family cultures and heritage. Even if they feel Australian and Lebanese/Italian, too.
  3. 1) I can't see how and why sport should require it. Rules and citizenship requirements changes place to place and a sport needs to have all the players with the same rights/rules. In terms of being pragmatic, I'm not sure this credibility would be better with a cricket scores World Cup. People who actually love rl have enjoyed Scotland v Italy draw at Workington. It was clear players were committed and that was some game of footy. I repeat, if you renounce/stop with your domesting/homegrown club/test activity withing the World Cup cycle, this is an issue and a worrying one. But if you keep on with your development (like Italy and Lebanon are doing, not sure about Scotland, but remember they have the funding's cut and it's not easy. I see they're trying to do something at youth and Wheelchair level, tbh), no issue for me, as being there and giving the World Cup a chance to be a watchable and marketable event (tv, attendances, ecc.) gives you new revenues to then invest on the local game, too. 2) Where, exactly?
  4. Streaming:
  5. 1) It means they are both Italian and Australian. 2) In RL, you can arrive to grand-parents, not beyond. 3) Have you talked to them to know they just don't care about Italy?
  6. Just watching Storm v Roosters on RugbyPass through Google Chromecast and it's simply working perfectly. It's like having the NRL on an Italian TV, a dream come true
  7. Guys, if any of you is interested in buying some kit, jersey or polo from the Italian club, pm me and then I can see if there are some available.
  8. And why is that? Why you should descrimitate Australia, English and Kiwis? Not being able to switch from a tier 1 nations to another is simply enough, for me. See, I don't have any problem with an Australian person representing his family heritage. Simply as true. In addition to this, in terms of results, it's not that this "amount and quality of players we have to pick from" has been helping England winning International competitions about the big 2, historically, if we want to be pragmatic. Chris Heighington can't play for Australia at the moment, even if he becomes the best footballer in the planet. That's enough, for me.
  9. So, not being popular (and funded by government, which could help, you know) means we should stop? Those who play at the World Cup are not 'Australians', they are Italian-Australian and there a huge group of people working year by year (not only in World Cup year) in Australia with rep youth and senior football for Italian-Australia players. The work being done by Italian-Australian staff and former players towards the Italian-Australian community does legitimate the use of Italian-Australian players when it comes to high level test football. As I've mentioned, Italian homegrown players have improved and have done great things in test football in Europe (see last tour in Lebanon and the test v the Spanish), and there's a pathway for those who want to become rl players all year long. That's what happens. I'd agree with your "Having a national side made of australians" quote if there were actually no Italian-Australian people doing things for the game down-under. But this is what is currenly happening and there are a lot of Italian-Australian people who love rugby league and Italy and will support us at the World Cup. In addition to this, it's not easy to become popular in Italy without a proper governent recognition (something it'll be difficult until our sport resolves his SportsAccord issue) and funding and just being more and more popular towards those who play rugby league in Italy is a good result, imho. This "national team made of australian" thing is simply simplistic and inaccurate, as I've shown you: The involvment of Italian-Australian people (FIRLA, rep football at youth and senior level, Italian festivals, ecc.) for the game towards the Italian community down under. The work being done in Italy, without any funding from the government and often being boycott by ru authorities. Tests and friendlies being played each year by Italian homegrown players (with good results, too). This is happening at youth and senior level, both in women's and men's rl. The actual revenues that come from the World Cup and then are spent in the local game. World Cup itself asking teams to field strong and competitive sides, to avoid having 200-0 scores and actually providing people good and watchable matches when it comes to test football. As you see, it's not about me being sensitive but about you being inaccurate and oversimplified in your claims.
  10. So, what I said has happened is actually not true, you say. Good on you.
  11. Especially because, I was told, basketball ecc. wheelchair players find wheelchair RL actually good to play.
  12. Southern Italy – 2017 Grand Final.
  13. Mate, there's some button to be pushed to switch from ru to rl matches, in RugbyPass
  14. Totally different situation. There, in union, you'd have 5-6 (if not more) teams still able to compete without heritage players. Here, you struggle to have 3.