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  1. Don't know what to say John. Thoughts go out to you blokes and the game as a whole. Just hope the goverment can provide the necessary support to stop entire industries from complete collapse. But if you produce it, I'll still buy it.
  2. It's just likely to be a massive hit to the coffers. Wouldn't like to guess at the gate receipts but they must be pretty big. I really don't know what to think. The whole situation is going to be a gigantic mess I fear.
  3. And then lose the Grand Final? That's the biggest event in the domestic calendar at present.
  4. Thanks for that. It certainly does look like a more extensive set-up than the competitions in the home nations currently. Contrary to what you may believe, not everyone asks questions on social media to try and trip people up and score points off them. The reason I ask questions is to try and understand different view points. But if people don't engage by answering questions or providing any supporting evidence, then I'm not simply going to take their word for it. That was why because you were initially reluctant to provide any evidence that I was left to assume that your argument was baseless. But having seen that competition structure I concede that there seems to be something behind your viewpoint. However, I'm still confused as to the basis behind your argument. In your mind, what is the threshold for a country's development system being substantial enough to justify England playing against them? Whilst Wales may not have as many community clubs as Tonga has, it does have university and college teams, several junior clubs, and also several schools teams in the Champions Schools tournament. More importantly, the Welsh system has produce several players that are currently playing in the professional structure and for the national team. You admit that Tonga's current system hasn't produced any players for the national team, but deem that system to be worthy enough for England to play against them. However, you don't deem Wales's system worthy enough to justify England playing against them. It seems very arbitrary to me, and I just find your position very confusing and somewhat contradictory.
  5. I haven't. I've merely asked you to provide evidence that they were significantly better than those systems in the home nations. You haven't been able to provide any evidence, and therefore haven't been able to convince me that your argument isn't flawed and contradictory.
  6. If you don't know, then why have you come on a forum claiming that Tonga's local player development systems are better than those of Ireland, Scotland and Wales when you have zero evidence to back it up?
  7. I'm afraid you are incorrect - there are domestic competitions and development in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Can you clarify how these competitions and development differ from that going on in Tonga, in terms of numbers of teams, players, growth etc etc? It's ok to say that you don't know, if you don't know.
  8. I'm just highlighting the inconsistency in your argument. Last year's Tongan squad only contained Konrad Hurrell who was born in Tonga, and he moved to NZ as a teenager to play RU. The rest were all born in Aus or NZ. Can you define what the significant youth systems are in Tonga compared to Ireland, Scotland and Wales? How many professional players have been produced by these respective systems? In terms of interest, the last 4 Nations game between Eng and Scotland achieved higher peak viewing figures than when Eng played Aus, and higher avge figures than when Eng played NZ. There are far more Welsh-born players in the Welsh squad than there are Tongan-born players in the Tongan squad, so if this is your argument shouldn't we be playing Wales before we play Tonga? If the real reason you don't want Eng to play Wales, Scotland and Ireland is because they're not very good, then that's fine, but it's a completely separate argument. I have no problem with heritage players making up the bulk of several international squads. Without it, we'd still have a 5-team World Cup. However, if you're going to bag Ireland, Scotland and Wales for a lack of home-grown players then the same argument should be applied to the likes of Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Lebanon and arguably Fiji.
  9. Presume you're talking solely about Super League success. He won the Lance Todd Trophy as MoM 2 years running to help Hull claim consecutive Challenge Cups. To me that shows he's a big game player, and I'd have no problem seeing him in an England shirt for that reason.
  10. I bet Toronto would kill for a Sneyd in their team at the moment.
  11. Yes I agree that would probably be much better. I'd still look to keep the play-offs as giving the top placed team an advantage for finishing first, so if it did become top 4 then I'd go 1v2 and 3v4, with the winners of 1v2 going to Grand Final and the losers playing winner of 3v4 in qualifying semi final.
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