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  1. Thanks but that doesn't say there's going to be another one. That's the info I haven't seen. I'm not aware of any internationals having been planned past the World Cup.
  2. This is the problem. Unless the NRL gets on board with the international game and starts really pushing it, then it's never going to develop in to anything more than what it is now in the Southern Hemisphere/Pacific region IMO.
  3. Have you got a link to anything about this? I haven't heard anything along those lines.
  4. Fair point. Sounds like you know more than I do. Do you know where they're at with players?
  5. Bit harsh on West Wales (unless you have some inside info). They seem to be making appointments to their coaching team and have said they're making announcements on players next week. Presumably they will have been in contact with all of their players from last season, and will have re-signed a number, so they're not in the same position as Cornwall - i.e. completely starting from scratch.
  6. Cheers. Is that still the case now we've left the EU?
  7. Any idea what the visa situation would be for this? Presumably not straightforward, especially now we're not in the EU.
  8. You call it 'trash talk'. I call it scepticism. It's going to be a massive, massive challenge to be there on day one. And it's going to be an even bigger challenge to still be there at the end of the season. I really hope you're right. But at the moment, it reeks of another Northampton Rebels, with the people involved massively underestimating the challenge ahead. Please tell me they have a quality coach and the bulk of their squad signed up.
  9. This is exactly why so many people are sceptical about Cornwall. And just because people are sceptical doesn't mean we're being negative for the sake of it. Watching that video back you can see so many similarities between Northampton and Cornwall. If we're wrong, and Cornwall go on to be a massive success, then I'm sure all us naysayers will be delighted to be proved wrong. It's just that the weight of evidence points to another Northampton. Everything in that video looked and sounded really positive. But for one reason or another, all of the expansion clubs from this period have now disappeared or relocated. Northampton folded before they started. Hemel, All Golds and Oxford are no longer pro clubs, and Coventry have rebranded and moved to Birmingham. And all of those clubs had a hell of a lot more going for them than Cornwall currently do.
  10. I'd like to see more use of GPS stats. E.g. who were the fastest players in the first half, who had the most air time during a diving try finish - the sorts of things that help to emphasise the qualities of the players. Do they have GPS in the ball these days? Could you look at things like bullet passes or kick height during a bomb? They do all sorts of stuff with cricket around the way the ball is moving. I've previously said calculate G forces to work out who put the biggest hits in, but the way things are going with the concussion/brain injury stuff, maybe that's maybe a bit ill-advised now. It definitely needs some out-of-the-box thinking though to freshen it up a bit, just like Channel 4 did with the cricket.
  11. I think it's going to be a much harder job unfortunately. Skolars had solid foundations before they turned professional. Cornwall are virtually starting from scratch. Have they even appointed a coach yet? And do they have any players signed on? If so, they're keeping very quiet about everything, and the season is starting very soon.
  12. Are you comparing Cornwall to London Skolars? This is extremely disrespectful of Skolars' history and the development work that has been going on in that area for decades now.
  13. I appreciate this won't be an issue for 99% of people, but why not just have the home and away the same design but in a different colour? I think the home would look better if it was the same irregular hoops as the away shirt. This lack of consistency is always an irritant for me!
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