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  1. Simon Woolford

    I was just describing him, since a few here don't seem to know who he is.
  2. Simon Woolford

    Oh dear, another Rick Stone, but less experienced. What on earth are they thinking!? He was a very, very average player, not sure what he's done as a coach.
  3. Balkan Super League

    I saw the pics too, 500 looks accurate. Great promo work being done there locally, I have a feeling the Albanians might pull a similar crowd too, they've done a few TV appearances, so will be interesting to see what happens there.
  4. Nice work with the Dutch. Who approached who? Or did it just happen by chance?
  5. Balkan Super League

    500 spectators at the match in Nis today apparently!
  6. Buckle up, we could be in for 4 major blowout scorelines (Hemel, Skolars, Coventry, W. Wales on the receiving ends).
  7. Balkan Super League is already underway, teams from Serbia (5), Greece (3), Turkey (2), Bosnia (2), Bulgaria (1), Albania (1) and Montenegro (1). But travel costs are so high, that each team only plays once home and once away. That's it. For it to become a year-round league you'd need to find another dozen teams or so that are at Red Star's standard (and budget), which isn't going to happen anytime soon. More info here:
  8. Great, finally a post about something outside the goldfish bowl, and we get a bunch of irrelevant comments from people who didn't even read it. Plus, they never said they are aiming for Super League! Their goal in their 5-year plan is to apply for entry into League One. They have already started charging admission for matches, for the first time in their last match vs Partizan. The crowd was approx 50.
  9. A few articles are doing the rounds, that the Catalans president Bernard Guasch is furious with the referees' performances. Now please excuse the rough google translation, but here's what I got: The president of the Catalan Dragons, prowler to arbitration since 2006, entered Saturday night in a black rage. Like a large part of the public. The reason for this rant? The performance of 22-year-old referee Liam Moore (5 Super League matches in 2018 and 5 of Middle 8's in 2017). "You have to go, it's no longer possible, you have to let them play between them (the English). They do what they want, this year, we are sent as young referees here in Brutus, do not tell me that it is not done on purpose. What do you want me to say to my players? What can we do there? They will only have to play between them. We take twice as many penalties as they do in the last thirty minutes. They are never offside, the referee refuses a try and the video grants it. I'm furious because the second half I just saw is scandalous in terms of arbitration decisions. Can any of our French friends here tell us what he actually says? And does anyone believe they would actually follow through with such a threat?? Original article:,3914474.php
  10. You are right, and I don't live in UK and enjoyed the Bradford vs Oldham stream last week. But that being said, that website, which averaged 1200 viewers for the game, is clearly gaining something from it, in viewership, which = money. If not right away, it certainly will be long-term. So it's only common sense that the ones providing access to the ground (and potentially losing a few fans from it) should charge them a small fee. Then everyone's happy and everyone wins.
  11. Agreed. Or charge them £1000 (for example) for the broadcasting rights.
  12. Skolars 36-0 West Wales at half-time. Oh dear, it's not looking good for the Raiders this season, if they are copping such a flogging from what will likely be one of the bottom 4 teams.
  13. Very windy conditions today in Toulouse apparently.
  14. Toronto Wolfpack Global Memberships!!

    "Belgrade Red Stars"? Really??
  15. So if Toulouse will average just under 2000 this season, I have no doubt that they can average about 3500 in Super League (not including their match vs Catalans, which will likely be held at the larger Ernest-Wallon Stadium and hopefully draw over 10k). I think for a first year in SL, that's not bad at all and already better than the likes of Salford.