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  1. langpark

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    Does he really think playing dumb is going to fool everyone!? Increase his ban for treating us all like a bunch of damn fools!
  2. langpark

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    I prefer the one match in a neutral location. It helps keep costs down too. I think it will be in April-May 2019.
  3. langpark

    Surviving on Two Quid an Hour

    Excellent read! I am really happy for Hodgson! I had serious doubts he'd make it in Aus, especially when the 'door incident' happened pretty much as soon as he arrived. So I am glad he's managed to turn it around and make it a success!
  4. langpark

    Lezignan stadium fire

    Shocking! So much history there too, what a shame! There is footage of the blaze here. Anyone know any more details yet?
  5. Right ok. Yes it's only natural to revert to methods that you've already had success with. But of course, different places need different recipes for their success.
  6. Danny K running the RLEF has been a success in my opinion. Yes, the game is growing due to the volunteers on the ground, but it still takes a clever administrator to be able to co-ordinate and harness all that activity, which he has done. He also secured over €700,000 in EU funding for the RLEF, which was invested in education of coaches and match officials across the continent. This is massive progress when you compare it to when he first took over. I am convinced that there are people on here who indiscriminately hate any RL administrator and don't take a second to sit back and analyse the reality of the situation. I personally am glad he's not been poached by another sport and will stay in the game. I hope his replacement will be a success too! PS: A few of you have mentioned this supposed 'Lebanon model', what exactly is that all about?
  7. langpark

    Balkan Super League

    Yes I agree, for every 5 that say "yes we're keen", maybe only 1 or 2 will be serious, and eventually 1 or none will make it over there. But, as the host team, there's nothing to lose in asking. If a team commits to travel, then cancels, there's nothing lost on your end at all. It really is a numbers game though, so the more teams you invite, the better your chances. The fact that it would be a real pioneer tour too would give a bit of added incentive to teams.
  8. langpark

    Balkan Super League

    Great work Ian! I think the score was 34-16, which I think is a fantastic result for you guys! I hope the players enjoyed the experience and continue to play Rugby League. You should contact RLEF and/or RFL, so that they can put the word out for teams to tour! I don't know how well-connected the airport is there, but being one of the cheaper countries to visit in Europe, will definitely help attract visiting teams!
  9. langpark

    Hungary v Ireland test

    Uh, YES, this is a FULL international test match! (why shouldn't it be? Because it won't be a full-strength Irish side? So what?)
  10. Hard to call it a genuine plan though. More like a skeleton plan, or wish list. They only currently have 2 full-time employees, though they are apparently now in the process of hiring 2 more.
  11. Is there any footage of this anywhere yet?
  12. langpark

    Elite 1 Round 18

    Am watching the live stream right now, Avignon beating Limoux 16-6. I watch a lot of French League, but today I notice for the first time that the free-play rule is in use. How long has that been the case? Anyone know? Or is it just for Cup matches?
  13. langpark

    Hungary v Ireland test

    Even the Irish domestic side will flog them. But, it's great that the match is happening. Hopefully Ireland will attract a bit more media and fan interest and it can be a successful event!
  14. langpark

    Balkan Super League

    They are only just starting out in Montenegro, which means they are the first ever team. So as the sole team in the country, if they want matches, this is the only way to do it right now. I cannot stress how important this first match is. Hopefully they can muster 13 blokes and no matter what the score is, it will have a positive effect and hopefully kickstart a bit of momentum in Montenegro.
  15. Almost exact same thing a few years ago in the NRL, David Klemmer vs referee Gerard Sutton. He was only sin-binned and got a 3-match ban.