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  2. Am watching this one. Some great plays going on, but all too often ends with a soft try. Albi winning 10-6 after 22 min.
  3. Futtocks said..... By the way, I just remembered something about the match that I forgot to mention. Did anyone notice Pelissier going in for a shoulder charge and in doing so his knee buckled? He limped straight off after it happened. Any updates on his injury?
  4. Try facebook next time that happens. I don't think you don't need an account to watch it.
  5. Elite 1 follow-up

    Yes and one of them scored two tries!
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    I watched two games yesterday. French refs seem to be getting a bit card-happy, unfortunately. A tackle that was barely above horizontal and absolutely no harm done resulting in a red card is a bit much. I think the over-eager touchies running in with their flag raised doesn't exactly help matters either. I think there were about 5 cards between the two matches yesterday.
  7. What!? Carcassonne vs Albi is being live streamed too!!!
  8. Facebook stream is about 5-10 seconds ahead of the youtube one, just FYI.
  9. Broadcast has started.
  10. Looking forward to this, will definitely tune in.
  11. A crowd of 318 is pretty decent too. For a pre-season friendly against a team that's hardly a major drawcard. Hopefully their crowds continue to steadily grow again this year.
  12. Only remotely viable one there is the 2nd Brisbane team, and at a push, maybe Redcliffe. Perth and 2nd NZ team are still my top 2 preferences.
  13. Worth pointing out: Armwrestling only became observers 3 months ago and now they are already being recommended for full membership. Let's hope we too can have a quick rise to full membership.
  14. A comment from ikram butt would be nice at this point!
  15. and you've likely been living under a rock for the last decade.