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  1. langpark

    Elite 1 live streams

    Carcassonne streamed their match with St Esteve yesterday. Really good quality too! No replays, but there were multiple camera angles. I believe they will stream all their home matches again this season.
  2. langpark

    Fans standing behind posts

    Simple, it's always cheaper than the stands on the sidelines.
  3. Well, no, it wasn't at all. Until you brought it up. Some had made passing comments referring to heritage players (which is only natural) but it was never going to become a thread solely about that. Unless of course you wanted it to?
  4. Please re-read the article and everything that has been posted so far. The RLEF spend an entire year doing just that! Then decided to suspend, and then expel him. Perhaps that is directly linked to the antagonistic part?
  5. It's not "the greek government", it's one rogue idiot! Once he's moved aside, a lot of these problems will go away! I appreciate that someone does have to play devil's advocate, but you are grasping at straws the more this goes on. You say want WRL crushed, yet want to take a gentle round-table approach with them, and still haven't been able to explain exactly how that could ever work.
  6. Yes, and only 6 of the squad members that recently toured Italy were actually of Asian descent! The rest were just 'regular' Englishmen, who probably got a free trip out of it.
  7. You do realise, the same guy who founded and is the self-annointed 'president' of this WRL movement is the same guy behind all this sh*t going in Greece, right? So you want to kill it off, yet sit at the round table with them? How exactly would that work?
  8. I see they've now gone to facebook as well with this, where a much fuller explanation has been put up. I have to say, Steve Mascord's silence on this is deafening. When the "Sol Mokdad incident" occurred, it was all he spoke about for the next 6 months!
  9. That is a fantastic idea!! If even just a dozen of us were to do this, it would make a difference, let alone if we were to start bombarding them in bigger numbers. It takes 30 seconds, if anyone is willing to do it!
  10. langpark

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Squad announced, no Dupree! If it's not due to an injury then I'd be stunned if he was left out after his performance in last week!
  11. Am I being naive? Or am I right in thinking, RLIF should have the right to tell world pentathlon to shut this guy (who is essentially funded by them) down, or face legal action? Is it a legal issue or more of an ethical issue here? Anyone know?
  12. New tweet today. They are urging people to Retweet it and TAG World Pentathlon in it. With the end goal of hopefully forcing them to take action against him. Please anyone who is on twitter, take 2 seconds to do this. There is strength in numbers, together we can achieve big things!