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  1. Another ref howler, he ruled that Keighley had been tackled in-goal and signalled a goal-line dropout. Player then gives him a serve and gets sin-binned for dissent. He then gives Bradford a tap restart on the 10m line. YOU CANNOT DO THAT. The restart was supposed to be goal-line dropout, the dissent is irrelevant and cannot become a penalty once a different restart has already been given!! (any refs here to confirm this?)
  2. One month on and still no genuine details about what this is all about.
  3. Summed it up perfectly. Paid "pundits" ridiculing the unpaid people, working tirelessly, to build the very podium these idiots are standing on.
  4. Nothing has been announced yet. But my argument is that they should take these two fixtures there and would get decent crowds if they did. Let's hope so. Regarding the 'lack of French players at Catalans' debate. It's easy to take a stat about Catalans and say France are not producing any top players. But you need to remember, right now, there are more Frenchmen playing at SL and Championship level than there has ever been before. So, they are producing players, it's just that Catalans cannot keep them all.
  5. Yes! You would expect Catalans to bring more travelling support than any other team, it will be the one away match of the season that they can easily travel to, for a change! Let's not underestimate though, that numbers of travelling English fans will likely drop if there are two French teams in the League, as they will start to be spread between the Toulouse and Perpignan matches, and many fans will choose one or the other.
  6. Assuming yesterday's crowd, could become their average for their first season in SL, then they should absolutely move all their matches there. It allows room for growth, and offers a permanent, long-term solution, unlike a lot of those other smaller stadiums.
  7. 6103 was the exact figure. Well done to them for showing ambition and using this great stadium! It does look like a great stadium, built for rugby and really close to the action. Must be a great atmosphere when full! I'd love to see them take at least one more match this season to that stadium, either of these two (or ideally, both!) would be great: 25th May: vs Leigh 6th July: vs Bradford Let's hope they can get promoted and make it their permanent home for next season!
  8. One of the most gutless acts I've seen on a Rugby League pitch. I believe American import Brandon Anderson was the victim. Incident starts at 1:42:00 in the video... (and kicks off again at 1:43:40) https://www.facebook.com/red.star.rugby/videos/1186097721550134/
  9. This is still considered an RLEF Group C match, so according to group C rules, each team is only allowed to field 4 heritage players in this match.
  10. Has that guy ever played for Norway? Or was it just a desperate attempt to get his bail conditions eased?
  11. Logos are great, but I'd rather see a team photo. Do they have players first, then make a logo? Or is it being done the other way around. I've been following them on FB for a while now and am yet to see anything of real substance get posted there. All I see are logos of new "teams" and the odd UK-based Nigerian speaking in an interview.
  12. Yes, which game are they showing this week? Does anyone know? The streaming quality has been excellent, but it seems to be mission impossible trying to find out which game is being streamed each week, doesn't seem to be written anywhere on their site!
  13. All too often, people obsess about heritage players far too much. Give me 10 active teams in their local league, over 10 gun heritage NRL players. One is good development and an investment in the future. The other is just pure luck and brings only short-term gain. Good thing for Turkey though is, right now, they seem to have both. I expect them to put a severe dent in the WC 2025 qualifiers, and perhaps even qualify!
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