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  1. bazzzz65

    The day Jonathan Davies joined Widnes

    He should be!!
  2. bazzzz65

    NFL season 2018/19

    Clemson to beat Alabama again in the NCAAF final!!!!!
  3. bazzzz65

    PDC World Darts Championship 2018

    I see that tickets for the final are still available. At £ 66 and £56 !! And some people on here think RL is overpriced.
  4. How dare women speak out!!!
  5. bazzzz65

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    The appointment was in the Metro this morning. I hardly ever pick up this excuse for a newspaper but this is good publicity. Maybe a few Arsenal fans may think about attending a game now Although any Arsenal fans I worked with in London sneered at rugby ( both codes).
  6. bazzzz65

    MLB - London Series 2019

    It s a very simple game. The ball is pitched to a batter who tries to hit it and then if he does he tries to score runs. I can t think of a simpler sport.
  7. bazzzz65

    MLB - London Series 2019

    I pre registered for tickets and tried all day Monday to buy but all reasonably priced tickets seem to be gone already.
  8. There won t be many more tickets sold at pro RL games this year. I ll have to work out the football figures but it seems quite accurate.
  9. bazzzz65

    Widdop wants UK return

    He could live in England s second city (aftef Salford of course). It s only twenty miles from Wigan!
  10. bazzzz65

    NFL season 2018/19

    That s finished LSU s hopes of a major bowl appearance this season. The games I ve seen at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge are among my best sporting events.
  11. Are they competing with Town though?
  12. bazzzz65

    London Broncos Announcement

    I m in a pub in Ealing now and I m sure this article won t make much difference to most people s interest in here. Trebling the average attendance from 800 odd should be achievable though with away supporters and the odd London based RL fan such as me.
  13. bazzzz65

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    I was in Barcelona two weeks ago. Went to Camp Nou to see Barca v Real Betis. 84000 in attendance with a great atmosphere but we were in the top (fourth)tier behind the goal and the view was not so good. I m sure we won t be up there if the Wigan game goes ahead. I think only the middle tier should be open then. Been probably twenty times over the years. The beer scene has improved significantly recently. We did a great craft beer crawl from Gracia to Barcolonetta via eight bars. And of course the Gaudi architecture is wonderful.
  14. I ve seen something about this but does anyone if it is happening?
  15. bazzzz65

    Golden Point

    How many draws at the end of 80 minutes have there been recently? A handful ?