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  1. I ve seen something about this but does anyone if it is happening?
  2. bazzzz65

    Golden Point

    How many draws at the end of 80 minutes have there been recently? A handful ?
  3. bazzzz65

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    I d never heard of him until he appeared on The Big Bang Theory!
  4. Cricket used to have Smokers v Non Smokers. How about that,but in these healthy times it may be a bit one sided.
  5. I m not sure many of the Celts team on the wrong end of a hammering would impress enough to get in the GB side!
  6. I went to one game at Wigan and there were about ten late withdrawls which rather spoiled it.
  7. Are the other stands any better? We were sat there versus New Zealand and it was so uncomfortable. Couldn t face six hours on two days!
  8. bazzzz65

    NFL season 2018/19

    Come on you Saints!! Also great game tomorrow night,LSU v Alabama in college football.
  9. Unfortunately I ll be in Malaysia. Pity it s not in Singapore,I would have gone.
  10. How much would renting Craven Cottage cost? Beyond the reach of Broncos I would think. If you were only charging a fiver , even more so.
  11. I m a Fulham supporter and we play both Huddersfield and Southampton in the near future so you both will be happy given our pathetic defence!!
  12. bazzzz65

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    There is a limit on how many games at Wembley can have the full capacity. Including the NFL games and Spurs' keeping changing their return to White Hart Lane this limit has probably been reached.
  13. It s not very hard to qualify is it?
  14. bazzzz65

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Why? Where else would you suggest west of the Pennines? Wigan would have been slated by most people on here! Liverpool is within easy travelling distance of most RL towns. I m coming from London and that is only two hours. There is just no pleasing RL fans,there are always excuses not to attend so they can complain about how bad the crowd looks on TV!!
  15. bazzzz65


    RU club games are on Channels 4 and 5 too.