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  1. bazzzz65

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    He and Frank Muir were one of the greatest comedy writing partnerships of all time along with Galton and Simpson.
  2. But not at less than an week s notice! I support Fulham and some games have been moved because of Sky or BT with three or four weeks notice and the fans were up in arms!! Why do RL clubs put up with it? The money involved for RL is miniscule compared to the Premier League.
  3. Impossible! Ten minutes to walk to Fulham Palace Road. Hail a taxi,go through Hammersmith Saturday afternoon traffic,along the Great West Road towards Ealing. Then if the driver has heard of the Trailfinders ground I may get there by half time!
  4. Make that eight! I was going but since I ve already paid £37 to see Fulham v Watford I ll have to give it a miss. The Fulham KO is 1230 which would give me 30 minutes to go from Craven Cottage to Trailfinders By public transport or even taxi no chance!
  5. I m going and I m a local. Only my second game this season but I ve just come back after two months in SE Asia. I went to the Hornets game so I hope this is a lot closer. I hope London win but I m not hopeful! As for encouraging locals along RL is on hardly anyone's radar around here!
  6. bazzzz65

    The TV Thread

    I m really surprised that there have been no comments about the BBC2 film Mother's Day! Very moving and thought provoking.
  7. bazzzz65

    Wembley Crowd

    I ve lived in London for 27 years and I love it! I agree with the over crowded bit and I m not worried about the gridlock as I don t drive. I travel everywhere by train or tube. Oh! The old northern cliche about London beer. Rubbish!!
  8. I was there for Fulham s play off victory. After the celebrations we walked to Wembley Park station and caught the train within five minutes. It s the walk up Wembley Way that takes time when there are 80 000 there.
  9. What was the attendance? I would have gone as I live only five miles or so away but I m in Hua Hin at the moment.. I went against Hornets a couple of months ago and I ll go again when I come home if London are still in with a chance of promotion.
  10. bazzzz65

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Perhaps only Ella Fitzgerald is in the same class. Another part of my youth gone RIP Aretha!!!
  11. bazzzz65

    Ashton Sims on Radio 5 now

    I m listening on the beach in Koh Samui in Thailand. Great stuff! Now playing bit of You Really Got Me by the Kinks. Damn the BBC radio app has stopped.
  12. I have a subscription to The Times and enjoy reading the political pages and the news pages are better than any other paper. The sports coverage is great( except for RL of course). I don t see why anyone should dislike Owen Slot (Stephen Jones is a different matter). I think Caitlin Moran is good but can t stand Giles Coren, Matthew Syed or Mad Mel!
  13. I don t think many of the people at the tennis yesterday will be rushing to Broncos next home game! I live in West London near Ealing and nobody is interested in any sport apart from soccer. I go in a micropub in Hanwell and they give free tickets away for Ealing Trailfinders RU with no great uptake!