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  1. bazzzz65

    Shaun Edwards

    STV made the same mistake according to wikipedia!!
  2. bazzzz65

    Shaun Edwards

    Since he joined Talkcr*p neither can I. He was good years ago when he wrote in the Guardian.
  3. They can t help where their parents chose to send them.
  4. bazzzz65

    The Brexit (political) Party thread

    Same old racist tossers. Any party connected to Farage will not be any different.
  5. bazzzz65

    Barcelona record crowd?

    So they average as many as the whole of Superleague approximately.
  6. bazzzz65

    The 6 Nations hype...

    I m reasonably comfortable moneywise but I don t think I could afford to go to all those events.
  7. bazzzz65

    Barcelona record crowd?

    The average crowd in the league this season at Camp Nou is almost 74 000 so how are most games 40-50 000? I went versus Real Betis and there were well over 80 000 on.
  8. bazzzz65

    The TV Thread

    I saw fantastic things about Derry Girls so I watched the first in the nrw series. It was OK but I don t know why it got such great reviews.
  9. bazzzz65

    City breaks

    I m going for four nights to Gent on Wednesday for about the tenth time. Beautiful city ,great museums, easy to move around and lots of bars with fantastic choice of beers.
  10. I was there as a Wigan fan. London deserved to win. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Trailfinders ground on my first visit. Luckily I only have to go six or so miles home. Glad I don t have nearly 200 miles back to Lancashire.
  11. I ve just seen that after the game there is a Q and A session with Brian Juliffe Adrian Hadley and others. Should be good. Unfortunately a bad weather forecast . Rain and high winds.
  12. It does. It didn t run on Sunday until about five years ago and it runs later in the evenings now. Making it better for me to get from home to the Dodo and Owl and Pussycat micropubs.
  13. Will there be any native born Greek or Norwegian players in the game. Or will both teams be made up of Australians from lower grade clubs? I know the eligibility rules but there should be a maximum number of 'heritage' players(about seven?).
  14. I ll be there. My first game at Trailfinders ground. Only 20 minutes on the 207 bus from my house. Think I ll give the beer a miss and have a few beers in Kew or Brentford after the game.
  15. Except their bank managers!!