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  1. Yorkshire League at this rate need some good news on the 22nd without it I fear for our existance and im not bigging that up at this moment I would not be shocked if we do not start next season
  2. Best Player To Never Produce For Eng/GB

    could add Keith Senior Danny McGuire to the list maybe Morley but not Sculthorpe or Newlove
  3. Sad news - Terry Newton

    Tragic news my thoughts go out to his poor wife, kids and parents. What a terrible waste of life from somebody who still had so much to offer the game of rugby league. Please let him be remembered for the right reasons he was a fantastic player one of the very best. He made one mistake and credit to him he held his hands up R.I.P
  4. Wakey sign..

    Penny for Blanch that will do for me
  5. Unlike Oz RL is a minority sport in the football mad UK
  6. Why are Foorward Passes ignored?

    Leeds never score from a forward pass
  7. Bradford and Odsal

    i have nothing against Bradford but Odsal is a s@ithole its the 2nd worst ground in SL no prizes for the worst may be the worst in RL Cant see how The Bulls get away with it when Salford Cas Sts get so much stick
  8. Town make a profit

    great news will the Super League clubs do the same or will they continue to lose 500K plus a season
  9. Bradford Bulls v Wakefield Wildcats

    Wakefield by 8 A season that promised so much for both clubs cant wait for it to end now
  10. JDs last home game young Fox set for debut at centre cant see past a Wire win just want to see 100% from our lads that will do for me
  11. Christine Cullen

    Condolences to Paul and his family.
  12. I will tell you now Wales gates in 100 years time will be no better they will fold without the backing and funding from the RL just like they have done before then some idiot will try again in 20-25 years and it will fail again don
  13. Congratulations Fev

    At the end of the day if there was any justice Fev would be playing at the top table next season with the team who finishers bottom of SL going the other way
  14. Wembley Challenge Cup Final 2010 - The build up

    Warrington for me hell will freeze over before i support Leeds against anybody Leeds will be too good for Wire I fear
  15. Congratulations Fev

    Went to the game today good game Batley had it in the bag at 28 26 but ill discipline and silly mistakes cost them Batley scored a good try very early in the first half only Mr Laughton has the answer to why play was pulled back 80 yards and the resulting scrum being a Batley head awful referring Well done Fev