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  1. I dont think so as we will still have the same pitch dimensions just there will be more grass behind both touch judges. Even today at BP the lines had been taken in a good few metres compared to reds games
  2. Unfortunately i agree. If they go ahead with the original plans now it will prove that their pre election scare mongering was 100% lies told to win their seats. I think most of them would like to go ahead with the stadium for the good of the area and for future generations but they cant without showing their true colours. Probably why Mr Jenkinson has had such a low profile since the elections.
  3. Looking at the photos from training this morning looks like Olstrum, Dawson, Barnes and Mellor were all present. Obviously doesnt mean they are all fully fit to play tomorrow but bodes well for the coming weeks. Could be some disappointed players who dont even make the 19 let alone the 17!
  4. Can you drink anywhere inside the ground? When reds are at home you can only drink in the area right outside the bar which isnt great when its pouring down! On another note good to see youth players from Broughton and Clifton playing before the game, hopefully in future they can get open age teams in the cumbria league again
  5. Ha i think it was meant to be along the lines of freed Caine up to go back in the forwards, not entirely sure though, i blame pink gin!
  6. Where was caine Barnes today? He was named in the 19 but nowhere to be seen. With having pez back in the centres it would habe freed tirst shut
  7. Why would workington need a speedway track when our only speedway team was liqudated because they owed money to everyone under the sun? I think its a massive shame the speedway folded but it has nothing to do with reds or town or any proposed new stadium
  8. Shows the ineptitude of our new council, they likely haven't heard of a weather forecast. Today has been a lovely sunny day perfect for working on the pitch but no machinery in sight. The machinery is due to return tomorrow when rain is forecast for at least the next 3 days. If this was happening at the Rec i would be howling at this
  9. He came on first half
  10. According to a work mate who sponsors haven most of the money on draught beer goes back to Carlsberg as part of the emergency loan they gave haven last season, so i imagine ot would take a lot more than 4 pints each to make a profit on the reduced entry
  11. Attendances are up but with people going before 1 oclock on a sunday getting in for 6 pound cheaper surely that will eat into the profits?
  12. We are 6th with a point difference of 0, Skolars are joint top with a point difference of -19, shows how tight this league is going to be, with everyone taking points off each other. Unfortunately i think top 2 is already out of reach so have to be aiming for 3rd place now and anything else will be a bonus
  13. As good as it is to look back at the good old days whats everyones thoughts on tonorrow? I think its gonna be close but think we will out score them in a high scoring game, maybe about 38-32?
  14. Im also suprised Forster has returned to haven as it was stated at the time he was reluctantly let go because they needed to get his wages off the wage bill. They must have found their magic lamp again if they can now afford him again
  15. 40 24 now doran try
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