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  1. Looks like a strong 19 haven have named, 11 ex townies in their squad too!
  2. Still a strong squad but just concerned over the fitness of curwen, hopkins, wilkes and maudling after the leeds game, plus looks like we are expecting big minutes from a jet lagged penky! Was really hoping to see Olstrum in the 19 to put all the rumours to bed
  3. For me i would be happy for one or the other to be admitted, with no preference at the minute, however asking part time teams in league 1 to go to north america 2 times in a season is too much. Hopefully the most well equipped of the 2 will be admitted in 2020 with the other held back at least 12 months. I would like if they did use at least some locals as well as the imports as in this league you dont need to do a toronto and bring in 30 pro's to compete, surely 9 or 10 established players would be enough to finish top 5 with some talented locals
  4. My mate bought a season ticket for comets for 2019 before they announced they weren't continuing, they said at the time they would refund all money but are ignoring all emails and phone calls asking for the cash now! Comets unfortunately wont be back any time soon
  5. Definitely, London away is a much bigger game in the context of our season, 2 points is a must, then we can enjoy the occasion in the cup
  6. To play devils advocate if he has sponsored a player and not paid for it does that not give haven the right to re-sell the sponsorship?
  7. Speaking to a whitehaven sponsor he said the club are still forecasting to lose 70k this season despite all their cost cutting, so expect the begging bowls out some time in May. To be fair to them i think the idea of letting fans in for a tenner before 1 is a good idea and something we should look at
  8. Either would be good, what we dont want is a championship team or top league 1 team away who we will lose to and make no money from. Lowest ranked team home or super league team would do nicely, if we do beat newcastle that is!
  9. Yes without doing this the new stadium at Borough Park couldnt be build, so all of this will already be included in the new stadium cost
  10. After Newcastle's start in the league i would think Betts will be wanting to concentrate on winning as many league games as possible so hopefully will use sundays game to look at the rest of the squad. While getting out of this league has to be our priority we are long overdue a decent draw in the challenge cup!
  11. Good to see Ell got no charge at the RFL Disciplinary after being put on report v Newcastle. Looks like it has gone down as an accidental high tackle but from my view it looked like their lad lost his footing and ended up going face first into Millers shins!
  12. In windy conditions forber kicked 6/6 amd coleman kicked 5/5 with our penalty being the difference, both excellent efforts in them circumstances
  13. I thought initial diagnosis was 6-8 weeks and its been 4 weeks now?
  14. I dont think we should be worried by that appointment, im sure hes a good coach but his contacts will be widnes who cant afford to lend any players out and wigan who already DR with 2 teams
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