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  1. Purely my own opinion, and with no official data to back this up: With hindsight, the referendum was a binary choice for (unfortunately) three groups of voters - 1) Leave 2) remain and 3) stay in single market or customs union but get rid of as much of the rest of it as humanely possible. Again, with hindsight, the voting blocs would seem to be about 42%, 38% and 20% (who split fairly equally) And the 20% are the swing voters. Every time no deal is a possibility, they side with remain. Every time remain demand another vote, they side with leave. Whoever thought a yes/no vote was a good idea needs stringing up - Oh, it was Cameron.... And it all comes down to Cameron's decision to gift the whole country with the illness that has split the Tories for 40yrs. Muppet.
  2. Leeds won't get relegated. They may finish bottom, but I'm fairly sure Elstone will increase SL to 13 or 14 clubs for next season in response.
  3. I assume he's talking about TV money and how it's shared and proportions and new income streams etc. But it's technically SL (Europe). I don't really know for sure based on that mishmash of an interview. In the beginning 1/14th of the cash went to the Paris club. Then a period where the TV cash went to all English clubs, then 1/14th went to Catalans and now, for the past few years, 1/12 of the (Super League proportion) cash is going to Catalans. I think his point is how much income is Catalans making in the French broadcast market and what proportion is coming back to SL? Are they allowed to sell independently in france? Does there need to be flexibility with the current broadcast partner to allow that? Then extrapolating that forwards to other overseas clubs.
  4. Generally these days, you win a penalty and an opposition player goes down "injured". The ref prevents you taking a quick penalty and calls time off. The defending team gets water, messages through the physio from the coach and sets their defence. If this all happens, then Kear obviously believes in taking the two on offer is a more certain thing, especially in a close game.
  5. I think, including 15’s, 16’s, the academy, reserves & first team, Bradford have approx 110 registered players, of which about 20 are on full time contracts
  6. When it happened to Bradford, the administrator sacked all the coaching & performance staff. Then had to rehire one of the coaches as a condition of player insurance is that they are using weights/training under the supervision of a conditioner. That may be a factor.
  7. Key word being trying I think. Reported attendance 6024 for our 1st home game. You can't budget for away fans, that's financial suicide. You set your price and watch ticket sales. A couple of extensions of Early Bird prices helped and a flexi-ticket for those who can't commit to all the home games of a season. The first year we were in championship I think we averaged about 5.2k regular season and 6.2k for the middle 8's - so if we stay in the 5-6k bracket, prices are sustainable. As is the club, which is the main thing....
  8. 2 income streams - RFL have advanced next months central funding for player wages. SL have withheld the next instalment of the parachute payment as they can pocket approx. £40k each and they don't have any responsibility for Widnes anymore.
  9. Or the player himself made the decision to refuse to go to a local hospital once a couple of hours had passed.
  10. Also, it must be said, Batley do good stadium food options. Have done for years. And when did they put up the wind turbine? All these little extras, minimising costs, maximising income.
  11. I don’t understand why a decent curry can’t be offered. You would need 3 options - meat curry, veg curry, chicken curry. 3 vats, pre-prepared, kept hot. Once you’d been there for a few weeks, you could get the quantities/demand right. As there are a few issues with keeping rice hot & fresh, I would go with chapati. When Bradford had a sponsorship with Akhbar’s a few years ago, I kept expecting something like this to pop up. But it never did.
  12. http://www.keighleyalbionarlfc.com/ Keighley Albion over the last 10years has grown remarkably. Every age group has a team now, several age groups are having to run 2 teams due to the demand. The RL politics side of things - up until maybe 2yrs ago, Cougars players were always willing to take a specific session for the older age groups & it worked well. But then it really slowed down. Don't know why. Cougars issue? Albion? Because then both Leeds & Bradford foundations started being more visible now at Albion at events - school holiday camps etc. Although Wakefield have signed a couple of the most recent Albion boys into their scholarship programme.
  13. Workington will have to do it tough. Looks like Penky went off with a hamstring (usually 1-2 weeks, minimum) and Wilkes went off with a heavily strapped calf strain(also 1-2 weeks). FFMM will probably get 1 week ban as well. Good luck, but odds stacked against think.
  14. Roughly, we lost about 1500 regulars every time we had an administration (new owners/new promises to break) event. And we lost about 1500 fans dropping each division. Everyone has a limit. Theres still a large latent fanbase which has got out of the habit of going to games. The only answer I have for getting them back is: 1 - Competitiveness on the pitch 2 - competent board level management 3 - honest communication 4 - Local kids coming through the academy. And don’t screw it up again
  15. I do know the club are opening the gates at 1.30 on Sunday. Usually it's been 2pm this season.
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