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  1. That is rich coming from you, pot calling kettle black if ever there was. You do read your own posts?
  2. Yes I think you’ve played a big part with this lad. He’s an example that long term planned loans can work for both clubs. You’re a bit unlucky in that his chance came sooner than expected but he has huge competition for a regular spot so I doubt you’ve seen the last of him but who knows as he certainly looked the part.
  3. Catalan are the chosen team, it appears to be a heresy to criticise them. I don’t know who did this first but I have a suspicion it was Wigan, right up Wanes street. Apologies if it want but it’s been going on too long it’s just got more blatant this season.
  4. So he like so many others isn't allowed to express an opinion, that I find hard to swallow.
  5. Again see my point above, you're kidding yourself if you think Leeds dominated the game, you won the first hald possesion and territory but there was never a point where you ever looked like putting us to bed, Cas couldn't do that with a 24 point start.
  6. I wouldn't deny that but it wasn't down to Leeds dominance was it? It was down to the refs whistle. I'm not saying his calls were wrong but nearly all your meters came that way. Assuming Kendal wasn't his normal ###### self then it was down to Wakefield's indicipline not Leeds dominance, hence you're guilding the lilly a litle imo.
  7. 'That'll teach you to suggest a Wakey player shouldn't be top', thats a snide dig and you know it, it's bitter, none of yoyr flim flam will get you out of that.
  8. Your so easy and such a hyporcrite you really are. Endless snide thread derailing Tom Johnson references that you seem to find hillarious then someone gives you one back and you can't take. I knew you were one of thosewho thinks they own the forum from the start and now I know for certain.
  9. Nothing to say, that diversion worked well for you didn't it
  10. I see your back to your pathetic thread detailing you really are a nasty grub. If you want to discuss BV start a new thread or get lost.
  11. If this is the same Heckford who came through Stanley Rangers then it shows just how ###### we are at creating halfbacks in this country. I know he lost some of his career due to a wrongful criminal accusation but as a kid he looked a world beater. Even taking the incident into account I don't know what Wigan do to all the talent they hoover up. Hampshire left there a broken player whilst other have failed to bloom. Even George Williams hasn't really progressed despite making the England team as IMO he's hugely over rated. Sad.
  12. Why is it the fault of the RFL - isn't it the job of the French to sort themselves out! Why should we be expected to carry a game is a first world nation. Everything needed to make the French game competitive is already there, its not our fault that the French administrations through the years have been corrupt or incompetent or both - they make the RL look super slick by comparison. This support the French thing is getting boring, they need to shape up or ship out at International level.
  13. You still bitter, what a tragic way to be - let it go, I was proved right just live with it.
  14. To be fair it’s a very mild segregation, fans still mix. It only Leeds and Cas where they really enforce it. Even then any crowd issues that have occurred through the years have been tiny by football standards. It just a precaution.
  15. Still do - however we segregate all fans now - due mainly to BV being a 3 sided ground which doesn’t lend itself to natural segregation.
  16. No they aren’t, they are grudge matches, not the same thing at all imo.
  17. Is he, as far as I’m aware it’s been London, Salford and Wakefield although I may be wrong - hardly a journeyman - forgot Toronto.
  18. God only knows but after dominating Cas from about 2004 to 2011 it’s totally turned around. Wakey have not won since 2015 and that takes some getting over in phycological terms. Cas win for me, I’ll be happy if we make it difficult for them.
  19. That’s the point - in its day. The Leeds v Bradford derby is very much a product of the SL era. It wasn’t much before that due mainly to the fact that Leeds and Bradford were rarely doing well at the same time. The two most reliable and persistent Derby’s are Wigan v Saints and the Hull derby imo
  20. Wakefield v Cas has built up to be a nice derbey in recent times. I'd go for passion etc the main ones are Hull v HKR Wigan v Saints Cas v Wakefield Leeds v Bradford (its been bigger than the Cas v Wakey one at times but its varied a lot through the years in intensity) Warrington v Widnes as above really Cas v Fev can be very spicy Think thats it for the true derbies that have a bit of niggle.
  21. So if it doesn't suit you its wrong, interesting.
  22. It's true but we still have Reynolds and Hamphire who are hardly rookies in that position. Reynolds is a bit of an uknown quantity at Trin but Hampshire played some great stuff at HB last season and has always been considered first reserve HB. Jowitt moves to FB.
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