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  1. Wakefield to absolutely hammer Cas! No I'm joking, I have no idea who will win but Cas always seem to find a way.
  2. Least its ours, remind us when the football team are going to evict you from their stadium?
  3. Fifita didn't play last week and Tanginoa is fine. We used to be a one man team, no Dave, no play. Now Dave just adds a valuable option, I think we still hugely benefit from him being out there but there is now a Plan B and a Plan C.
  4. I’d like to address a fundamental misconception being peddled by some on here as to how RL works in Wakefield. This idea that Trinity won’t sell their share of tickets, if, and it’s a huge if, they make the Cup final. Trinity have a base support of around 5,000. Although not terrible it should be better but there are reasons. 1, a total lack of real success since the late sixties. 2. an appalling stadium as is well noted on here. 3. a shocking tendency to sell players just as we start to progress. 4, an equally appalling record financially over a number of years that has alienated the club from many. 5, a poor relationship with the amateur and the junior game in particular. In the last 8 years most of these issues bar success have been addressed to some degree. 1, no success as yet. 2, being sorted. 3, have not sold a player in years. 4, best kept finances in SL even if they are the lowest. 5, vastly improved relationship with local RL and the community in general. What people need to understand is that although Trinity itself isn’t currently as well supported as it should be, see above. Wakefield remains a massive RL town, with numerous large and well run clubs and played or supported in most schools. Stanley Rangers, Crigglestone, Eastmoor, Sharleston, Normanton and a fair few more clubs. There is a huge support for the game in the area and I guarantee you that the above people along with the casuals and past fans and bandwagon jumpers will flock to see Trinity in a final. We will have no trouble whatsoever selling cup final tickets. How we translate that to fans at BV is another matter.
  5. So you just chose the ONLY game, in fact the only half we've played badly in all year, brilliant.
  6. I actually think he's an above average player or could have been. That said I can confirm you are 100% correct on this subject. It isn't just family either, but a small and deluded group of so called Trinity fans who seem intent on using this lad as a martyr to bash the club over and pursue there own silly little vendetta. You know the type, they spout stuff like 'the local lad betrayed by his home town club', 'the talented genius kid ignored and victimised by every coach', all total rubbish. A bunch of saddos with huge ego's who've lived through this kid for years and just used and abused this likeable young man from day one. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves, the whole lot of them. Freed from that kind of stupid over expectation I reckon Ryan would have actually made it as a reasonably talented SL H/B. Now i reckon the lad lost his joy of the game years ago. Wakefields response when asked about Ryan is that they simply didn't offer him any kind of a deal. I think the club actually liked Ryan but had just had enough of those who followed him around. Sad
  7. You related to the moderator? How you get away with your constant trolling is a joke, yet when anyone pulls you up they get a ban. Same on the other forum. That's me gone again, can't have a go at the village idiot can we.
  8. I could never really understand Cas obsession withe Glasshoughton tbh. Wheldon road has plenty of space for redevelopment, more than BV. Can't see any planning issues other than improved road access. For a start they don't need that training pitch, a total waste of money in an era when there are plenty of all year round pitches at reasonable rents.
  9. I have no doubt this scheme or similar will eventually happen, or at least I hope it will. However it's nowhere near as straight forward as that story makes out. There are a number of issues but the main two are as follows. It has taken Trinity three years to get to this point and should everything go to plan it will be another year before completion. Cas have not even started yet or not in any real sense. Far more important is impetus, do Cas have a plot 8 or 6 or 4? York Courts sudden about face didn't come from their innate decency as they have none. It happened because they found that they needed to have plot 8 repurposed much sooner than they thought and that gave Trinity and the new Council leaders the leverage they needed. Truth is YC probably intended to sit on that piece of land until Trinity went pop and nobody cared anymore. Now I have no idea what Cas have to push the deal but even a half decent developers like Axion won't put the money up until they absolutely need too, why would they. Cas and the Council will need an enabling deal and that will mean Axiom having new tenants ready for whatever it is they have planned. Added to that there is no guarantee that Axiom will come up with a project that will see them willing to hand over 8.2 million, it may be more but most likely less. For various reasons plot 8 became very hot very quickly and in due course you will see why, whether the Glasshoughton plot has the same value to Axiom is yet to be seen. It's very important to remember here that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. The enabling deal that has hopefully gotten Trinity the monies it needs is not compensation as such, there is no legal calculation that forces the developer to pay X,Y or Z. The amount will be totally down to what the developer feels they can afford to turn a profit and if it's to much they will just sit on the land until it is. Land is money in the bank to these people. So again I honestly wish Cas all the best but it will be a bumpy ride for both clubs, I know it's a cliche but until the diggers are leaving and the lord mayor is cutting the ribbon then its not a done deal.
  10. TBF being archaic is kind of the point of the Royals, I'm marginally pro Royal but frankly if they become to current and with it then I really don't see any point in them. They are there purely to take the limelight off the likes of Tony Blair or David Cameron which is the drudge we'd get with a Presidential system. Truth is they are utterly pointless in so many ways but that's what makes them useful. Boris has avoided truly apologising to the nation over party gate for now but he had to grovel to the Queen and she's wise enough to make it clear to him that his apology was not just to her. Every little helps.
  11. Correct and he should be sacked. Unfortunately the knee jerk reaction these days to anything that some people don't like is to pull the race/gender/gay card. Not just in RL but in life and it's a disgrace, it's every bit as bad as the alleged offence, in fact its worse. The racist or homophobe is at least being honest, all be it from a very warped and tragic perspective, he/she may be a nasty nut job but they are expressing their truth. This on the other hand appears to be a total and vindictive lie, one that could have cost a man his livelihood and especially his reputation. Reputations can remain tarnished no matter how vindicated you are by a court and it's a huge problem for some people. We need to put an end to this trial by media/social media, these allegations need to be tested to the limit before sentence and should never be made public until the appeal process has been completed. The RFL is not a Court of Law so it has no right to publicise damaging information until all lines of enquiry have been exhausted, this clearly wasn't the case.
  12. You know that how? Even if Wakefield have made an error it doesn't immediately mean a fine and points deduction deduction for an out of season offence seems highly unlikely. It will depend on the reasons, even in this day and age honest mistakes are a consideration. It's highly unlikely Trinity won't have deliberately deceived anyone, it was just a friendly so why would they, so as I say an honest mistake and a warning in this case is most likely.
  13. People with an agenda LOL. I'm pro vaccine, I thought I'd made that obvious DOH There is as yet no absolute evidence that it does stop transmission, see the Omnicron version, at the moment it remains pure conjecture. Ditto natural immunity once you've had it. Covid effects will in most cases be reduced due to the vaccine but there is no evidence that it remains in your system for any shorter period. You are still just as infectious to others, you've reduced your own risk but not theirs unless they too are jabbed. Are you a doctor? No, I'm not either but my wife is.
  14. Why are Hudds an offender. Yes they will never fill the place or not often but I can't see why it's not fit for purpose. Half the NRL clubs don't fill their grounds very often.
  15. Breathtaking arrogance and ignorance even by the low standards of this forum, as exemplified by the level of the 3 amigos who've loved your post. The last sentence is astonishingly stupid and shows you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how vaccines work. Being jabbed does not stop you from getting Covid or spreading it, the only protection it offers is to you. It's arrogant because you assume vaccination is the only correct option, well it isn't, it's a matter of choice and we are still a free country. I am triple jabbed by the way but that was my choice, I respect the choice of others all the same. This applies to Mr Carter, he cannot force anyone to have a jab and he doesn't have to in the UK, hence his business is not compromised. However it is when his team goes to France, yet the French teams have no such restrictions when operating in the UK, that is a fundamentally unfair advantage END OF. The current difference in UK policy to that of the French warps the level playing field that should exist in the sport. It clearly does in the same way it did when certain clubs took advantage of the Covid situation to cancel games last season. Anyone with a brain can see that. Have to laugh because if this were the other way around pro-French zealots like you would be screaming foul straight away, you are a total hypocrite. Carter is right and IMO both French clubs should be suspended until the situation is cleared and then play their games later in the season. That won't happen because of their holy cow status and the general delusional mentality amongst some fans as to what is and isn't right.
  16. Trinity won 52-24 Apart from 20 minutes in the second half when we over substituted it was a dominant display against a committed Fax side. For Trinity, new signings Jai Whitbread, Tom Lineham and especially Liam Hood went really well, all great additions. Most pleasing was again the showing of Trinity's impressive batch of youngsters. Yusuf Aydin has now pretty much graduated to a first choice prop. However young prop Isaac Shaw ran him close with a very powerful and mature display for one so young. Liam Kay's transition to the hooking roll now looks complete. Of course they are only friendlies so it's impossible to judge the team as a whole, but there were definitely some good individual performance. Halifax, they won't win the Championship IMHO but I reckon they will have a big say in who will.
  17. What will be the capacity? Will there be any standing terracing around the rest of the ground?
  18. Not a bad effort from a Trinity side missing it's entire backline and first choice HB's. Leeds, look like they expected it to be easier. Still second half may tell on Trinity where experience counts.
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