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  1. Really, Cas beating Leeds has pretty much always been normal service.
  2. it does, that wasn't the team I was looking at. Thought Gigot and Mac were out, I suppose I should be pleased really.
  3. If the new players are nowhere near as good?
  4. Personally I’d prefer Catalan to be stronger. Trinity have a decent record in France in recent times but we never seem to know how to beat a weakened team. Catalan by 14
  5. Think all three were taken off as a precaution, all were moving ok at the end.
  6. Well we certainly looked world class compare to you, should have been 50+ we were running rampant at the end.
  7. You’re right it isn’t and eventually it will collapse in a heap of indifference. sad but then the truth often is.
  8. You mean in one game, the London one was simply a game where nobody defended and whoever scored most won. Let’s not exagerate.
  9. Actually it isn’t, the reaction of certain players and fans makes it appear so. It’s also a complex game to officiate imho.
  10. RL isn’t better than RU. If you like one more than the other then fine but you can’t just state one is better than the other, it’s totally subjective. I prefer RL but I wouldn’t say it was better, tbh I don’t know enough about RU to even form an opinion.
  11. Can’t see anything but a convincing win for Saints. If we don’t capitulate in the first 20 mins then we might keep it respectable.
  12. A bender does mean a drinking session in the UK, the alternative meaning is a gay reference but is rarely used these days.
  13. Tbh mate our excuses are lessening now. Brough is the only big miss imo, Sau covers Tupou adequately as does MCB Johnstone. With the playmakers Catalan are missing they are the ones more worthy of sympathy now. On paper we now have the edge imo but sadly not in form, which is why I don’t fancy is this time.
  14. People call it tall poppy syndrome and very Wigan. I call it jealousy.
  15. BJB and MCB who averages a try a game can’t finish, what are you on about. Whatever the reasons Trinity might not win that is so not one of them.
  16. Were you really, well you weren’t watching properly. He actually got back turned and tackled him head in, he’ll of an achievement why down play the lads achievement. Well is course Jones was as good as Offiah, the record books confirm he was. That’s sarcasm by the way for stating the blooming obvious. He was however a match for him that day as a number of players were. Offiah was the best winger of his generation but he wasn’t unstoppable.
  17. Not totally correct imo, I saw numerous players catch Offiah including David Jones at Wakefield. Offiah was extremely quick without doubt but what made him a yard quicker than everyone else was that he was a terrific support player who was always in the right place and I mean always. That was what made him so fast, fast legs and a fast mind, brilliant combination.
  18. Johnstone and MCB are easily two of the fastest as are IMO Makinson and Charnly even when compared to Dixon. Doesn't matter how quickly he gets from A to B because the others will always get the ball in better positions and will always finish far more ofton than he does. Speed on the wing is relative to ability as shown by Dwayne Chambers. If you have not got the skills your pace is useless as has so ofton been the case with Dixon. As an ex sprinter and part time RL player in my youth I can tell you that my pace which was usually vastly superior to my opponants was never the deciding factor. The amount of times I was ever in the right place, took the ball well, went for it and finished were rare and my pace never improved that statistic. Johnstone is my fave SL winger partly because he plays for my team but mainly because he is so reliable, I reckon he makes 80-90% of his chances into points or catches or tackles, Dixon is nowhere near that.
  19. Kershaw may be on his way back to you, with the signing of Junior Sau MCB has moved back out onto the wing. Think you'll be getting an even better player back, he's learned a lot.
  20. Agreed, we are daft enough to do it again, we've all seen it before.
  21. You’re right other than the idea that wakefield would pay for Sau is ludicrous. We have two quality centres in Tupou and Arundel injured but on long deals. With three quality centres why would we pay for a 32 year old quota player? you may end up with PP but we won’t keep Sau no matter how good he is for us, we have other priorities.
  22. I don’t want Leeds to go down, suicidal for clubs like Trinity who live off big derby games. Madness to want that replaced by London.
  23. This ones official it’s on the Trinity Web site but it’s a loan each way not a transfer.
  24. Correct. The Bank West stadium in Aus uses a grey version and basically looks full even when a third empty, clever stuff.
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