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  1. silverfox

    Coventry bears V Town.

    I cant anything other than an easy win for Town . If Moi Moi and Penky and Tom Curwen are in the Team this will allow Wilkes Scholey and Newton more rest time to refresh during the game instead of running themselves into the ground as whats been happening the last few week . This forward line is starting to look the strongest since the Bradford Match .Im sure Leon will love the luxury of having players of this quality in the squad . UTT
  2. silverfox


    Well done it was nice and refreshing to read something sensible . sick of reading a topic that goes off the subject .its bad enough going on about Whitehaven all the time ,but now Oldham fans are coming on talking about there rivalry with Rochdale .Keep it up Troutmaster UP THE TOWN
  3. silverfox

    Town v Oldham

    I'L second that ,about the town shop . VERY FRIENDLY , and GREAT merchandise,
  4. silverfox

    Promoting and communication

    Spoke to Him last night at Maryport's U12 Rugby match , the lad was on crutches and his leg strapped up , he said it could be 3 Month lay off ,Hope he recovers before that , and best of look .
  5. silverfox

    Promoting and communication

    She is still working in rugby league ,she run round the pitch with kids at the Whitehaven v Town match . BIG MISS THOUGH at Derwent Park . Kids thought She was GREAT
  6. silverfox


    Couldn't believe it when we had a penalty right on the hooter ,and Newton just kick the ball into touch to finish the game . Last week at Hunslet we were awarded a penalty , the water boy was running on with the kicking tee ,when Newton ran the ball . , four certain points lost over bad decisions , why are the players not looking at the bench ,or the captain . before taking it upon themselves what to do . Points difference could be a major part in this division at the end of the season ,
  7. silverfox

    Promoting and communication

    I mentioned about getting into schools ,at one of the clubs fans forum at the start of the season . And was told by Leon that yes its a good idea ,but at the present time ,his main job was to work with the players. The chairman also agreed ,(but said also at this present time , a lot of work was to be done first in getting the club finances and the running of it in a professional manner . Which I have to say they are doing a brilliant job . we wouldn't still have a club if it wasn't for the hard work what's going on behind the scenes). But it is a thing they will look at in the future . I hope this does happen because the kids are our future .
  8. silverfox

    Leon's radio interview

    Of cause its a big deal that's why we had dual reg players today
  9. silverfox

    Catering van

    Why is the bar on the popular side only open now and then. And why was it blocked off next to the catering van to get round to the popular side .
  10. silverfox

    Leon's radio interview

    Don't agree with Anonymouse's reply , but I do with Anok4u's Leon's dealt with it .end of . All I was asking was it would be nice as a supporter not to be kept in the dark
  11. silverfox

    Leon's radio interview

    Interesting to listen to Leon about the Team selection after todays match . Saying He left players out for Disciplinary reasons ,and he had to fetch players in from Leigh .He is certainly showing that he is the Boss , which is a good thing . But it would be good if the fans weren't left in the dark to who was unavailable for what reason , Lots of rumours that Penky as broken is wrist , why as the club not come out and said if this is true , Foster what's happened , If players are unavailable through injury ,it would be nice to know . As for those left out for Disciplinary reasons, the supporters should know ,But the reason why should be kept in house , because this is a club issue and if the BOD and Coach came out and said why . players would soon lose respect for the club ,even though it was them that caused the problem .
  12. silverfox

    Squad for NWC

  13. silverfox

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    Well said THMS we have just beaten the favourites for the league who were unbeaten until today ,and you still get people not satisfied .It was a great performance and how many of those have we seen over the last few years , So get behind the team and what Leon is trying to achieve .
  14. silverfox

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    Coaches would love to have players with the same commitment , desire, loyalty that Carl as shown throughout is playing career . great servant ,and still giving is all to the cause . Jamie shines more when Carl is in the team .and that's why Leon picked him today .
  15. silverfox

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    You have that right ,Carl as always put is body on the line ,tackles well above his weight . which often goes unnoticed