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  1. Watch the all the Try's on the league one show with Leon Pryce from Sundays match against Coventry .
  2. If Mrs Fitzgerald and Mr Jenkinson and the rest of the Independent party ,after seeing the business plan realise this is to good of an opportunity to miss out on .Go ahead with the development , rather than stopping it. In my life time I have seen The Steel works, Chapple Bank Foundry, High Duty Alloys, Eastman . all with large work forces, plus many other smaller businesses close , Building this complex will bring Employment into the Area plus the Impression it will give to other Businesses, that Workington is a Town with Ambition . Another reason why this should go ahead ,is how many of your Children , relatives, and friends Children have left the Area because of the lack of EMPLOYMENT opportunities . Don't keep this Town in the dark ages look to the future .
  3. Supporters can go on and on who is the better player and should be in the team .But at the end of the day its up to the Coach who He wants .The most pleasing thing about yesterday was not the individual performances . but we actually had a squad to pick from , up until this week you could just about name the team . . Sam Hopkins wasn't even on the bench . Another pleasing thing was the way the team performed .Every team we have played so far, have made easy yards ,after the 3rd or 4th tackle we have been defending our line, due to us standing waiting for the opposition to get to us . But Sunday we moved up as a Team at play the ball ,and Coventry struggled to get out of there half most of the game . Its also great to hear how many players are turning up to training and the team spirit is certainly showing on the pitch . Hopefully we can pull this around and get in the playoffs . One thing is for sure we have a brilliant Coach who will give it a good go. UTT FOREVER .
  4. Town blue. Put in his post that if they were going to develop one ground he would choose BP ,well that's what we all want. Only not repairing things ,But knocking it down ,and building a brand new stadium that will have modern facilities used not only on match days , but every Day of the week .Also we don't want people getting carried away with the match day experience of been closer to the pitch ,thinking it ok at BP as it is . Look at the big picture . there is no better match day experience than standing on the terracing along the touch line at Whitehaven your even closer and looking down on the pitch but you wouldn't want a stadium like that . The plans that were drawn up for the New Stadium look fantastic and would be the envy of every other club in Cumbria . So we just hope the New Councillors go ahead with this development for the good of the Area .
  5. Hope there was some Reds supporters that went to todays game and enjoyed it , because we could really do with both sets of supporters supporting each other . United we stand and show the councillors that we need a new stadium .
  6. I read that Chris had seen a Lad in Leeds crying out for help on Social Media ,So he got in touch and arranged to meet Him . The night the Fans of both Clubs met the managers Chris mentioned about Mental Health issues . I thought then that Chris is a very intelligent Guy , But to go out of His way to meet a Person He has never met . shows He his a TOP TOP GUY . I hope TOWN keep hold of Him at the end of the season .because He is a Coach you would have nothing but respect for . UTT FOREVER .
  7. Fantastic Centre in a fantastic team . Well deserved to be entered into the Hall of Fame .
  8. Leon said that as a joke and burst out laughing when he said it . Town have got to win this one easy. and hopefully not take the foot off the gas ,as what happened in the London game , if there well in front at half time. Its getting near the business end of the season so we don't want any slip ups .
  9. Sorry to here that former TOWN player Jamie has had to retire from the game after a Spinal operation . Good look Jamie in the future and hope it doesn't restrict you to much, and you can enjoy other interests . UTT
  10. People talk about a 8000 seater stadium . as though its massive . its not much bigger than the Reds stadium is now , So you don't want out much smaller . if its to be used to host concerts ,rugby world Cup , and who is to say what the future holds , think positive ,REDS back in the football league ,and TOWN in the super league . People may say ,are you kidding , but its happened before . so it could happen again . So here's to the joint venture with the REDS AND TOWN
  11. What's the reasons the Independent party giving NOT to go ahead with the STADIUM I would rather call it a COMPLEX as the two clubs are just a small part of this project . The big picture is office blocks to hold SELLAFIELD WORKERS , NHS, COSTA, and a HOTEL .plus LIDL nearby .Your talking of a lot of opportunities for people to get jobs in the Area . plus the money they will spend in the Town Centre . So if anyone knows the reasons to go against the COMPLEX please come out with it . As all I can see are the positives . Another reason to consider is the revenue the World Cup will bring .The last time it was held here . did it not generate £7 million to the Area . MY MOTO TO THE COUNCILLORS IS DONT STAND STILL MOVE FORWARD
  12. Should be a good night ,and nice to see that both Clubs are getting on so well over the planned stadium.
  13. Think its time to close all this talk , and reading Sticklebricks comments after he said what he did . I think now he said it in jest without thinking what others including Me would react to what he said , I think if he ever bumped into Blain I hope he would a apologise . I think everyone knows its a fantastic signing and wishes Blain a wonderful career in a Town shirt .
  14. I'm sure she will see sense and realise its an opportunity to build the stadium is a no brainer ,and tell all those Independents who are against it ,to wise up and shut up . all those jobs it will create, more people using the Town centre , a self financed Stadium .New Hotel, Restaurant . its called moving with the times .
  15. If he is out like his Dad you wont be coming out with a comment like that ,you will be only pleased He is putting a Town shirt on . Welcome aboard Blain im sure you will enjoy yourself and become a fans favourite . Well done the BOD .
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