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  1. Just reading the T&S it says the match against Whitehaven is 3pm kickoff . This is wrong , it's a 2pm kickoff . Please spread the word to all your mates and as many people as possible cheers
  2. Can anyone hear the game bet the commentator as forgot to plug the mic in again
  3. Cheers Scott . Your doing a great job for the club .keep it up
  4. It's started . Chris knows what he is doing . Have faith.
  5. But if you don't know how many have been bought before you buy how do you know
  6. Where do you find out , what your numbers or number is .
  7. The fixtures are a joke . 5 at home out of the first 7 matches . What's wrong with home away each week . Totally agree with DavidM and Cumbria RL .With the season being an early start we will be playing most of our home games .in the winter months .so there could be a reduction in the crowd numbers . If it's pouring down, Rather than standing in shirt sleeves in the summer months . .What is the logic in the way these fixtures have been done . Would love to hear an explanation from the RFL.
  8. Brown as not retired , He was wondering what was going on with all these rumours , and informed Town he would be playing next season
  9. It was announced at the presentation night . That Conner as signed a two year deal to stay at Workington Town . . It was also stated that tonight wasn't the right time to announce players coming in .or leaving as this was all about the players that had got us promotion. . But keep looking on social media over the next week and leading up to Christmas because exciting times are ahead .
  10. Where as all this talk about the volunteers come from . You've been talking about players recruitment . Have faith in Chris he as got us up into the championship a year a head on schedule . Yes clubs have had a head start .But I am sure he will fetch the right players to the club . UTT
  11. Don't think we will hear out on Saturday . I think New players will be announced when they give out the shirts to the players with there squad numbers on . They usually do that one evening down at DP
  12. It's been announced that Ottawa have entered L1 For the 2022 season so if that is correct we will still have 3 leagues
  13. Maybe more experience players replacing the lads that have gone back to the amateur game . The ones that are still there most are young ambitious and got a season under there belt . I think they can step up . Apart from a few clubs in the Championship that are full time the rest are part time .So I think we can hold our own . . Can't wait to find out UTT
  14. Brilliant interview . Brilliant coach . Things are only going one way .That's up . It's a short change round till we are playing again . AND I CANT WAIT. UTT
  15. What's people's thoughts on the uncertainty of the League structures that's been talked about . I Listened to a pod cast where the two top men in RL were doing a Q.A with supporters from different clubs . There was discussions on funding and league structures mostly . But the RL never gave a positive answer on anything that was talked about . All you got was ,we are looking at every possibility and that things will be a lot clearer in the coming weeks . Last week Coventry chairman said if the central funding from the RL was the amount that seems to be getting talked about .There would be NO Rugby League in the Midlands . After the Town match on Sunday the Doncaster chairman congratulated Town on there win ,but then said we don't know what we are going to do . Clubs in League 1 and it will affect some clubs in the Championship they could fold, if the money off SKY isn't shared out , so that no clubs would have to take this drastic action . This last few week on the OurLeague app they have televised the play off's for promotion in both the Championship and L1 . And the standard and entertainment of all these matches have been every bit as good to watch as many Super League matches . These League's are a starting point or stepping stone from the amateur League for many a player to get into the Super League . And if this dried up , there wouldn't be a Super League . So why cant the men at the top see this ,and stop all the uncertainly that's going around and support every club .
  16. Thanks to all the other Clubs supporters who have congratulated us on our victory today .Can't wait to see you all next season
  17. WE ARE GOING UP. WE ARE GOING UP WE ARE TOWN. WE ARE TOWN .WE ARE TOWN . Every player on that park today gave there all .Best performance of the season . The fans were just fantastic
  18. WE ARE GOING UP. WE ARE GOING UP WE ARE TOWN. WE ARE TOWN .WE ARE TOWN . Every player on that park today gave there all .Best performance of the season . The fans were just fantastic and When Jamie came over as the post above says. That's for You. it was just an incredible moment that will live with me forever ..
  19. The best atmosphere at a rugby ground is Leeds and the reason is a trumpet and drums . There is nothing wrong with it If they can play them
  20. Ive been thinking that all week .Come on Town one final push .
  21. Great advert for league 1. 3rd time lucky for us next week UTT
  22. Congratulations to Barrow on there club of the year award .with running a successful ladies team ,and there off field dynamism which led to INCREASED match day attendances. As the report says on the Ourleague app . Pity We couldn't have had increased attendances due to COVID . When we played at Barrow it was like it didn't exist .eating on the terracing walking round the ground with a pint in your hand, over 3000 spectators. Mind it was nice to get back to normality for a few hours . But we were restricted to a few hundred supporters ,couldn't eat or drink on the terracing .If you wanted a drink you had to sit in a designated area and it was brought to you by waiter service . Area's were in zone's that you couldn't walk in . So it made me laugh just reading that it was mentioned about increased attendances in such difficult times . What a joke !
  23. 1pm kick off .Hope Keighley and Doncaster knock 7 bells out of each other . We have two week off to rest and give time for some injuries to heal . I thought Dec and Marcus were superb today having not played for a few weeks due to there bad injuries , and certainly bring something to the team . But what a great Team performance . 80 min to go , one more step ,come on lads you can do it . UTT
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