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  1. RL is the future

    Jackson Hastings.

    Where do you think? To the NRL of course. Many players have burnt their bridges over there and no club was interested in them, but they know that if they come here pull some trees up they'll get noticed and clubs over in Australia will think they have learned their lesson so they get another chance. It's good for the clubs over here in the short term and fans because we get to see these genuinely talented boys, Barba, Carney, Hastings etc but they're here for a stepping stone and to get noticed. We either get past it players looking for a last pay cheque or boys who have been a bit naughty and looking to show they have learned their lesson
  2. RL is the future

    Jackson Hastings.

    Another Australian that has burnt bridges over in the NRL and no club was interested in him but of course SL were. He's only 22 as soon as his stock rises with some good performances he'll be back away
  3. RL is the future

    England announce squad for u16 France tour

    Yeah I saw him play for England yesterday and for Warrington this year and he looks a really bright prospect. Some very talented boys in this U16s squad and some lads were missing as well
  4. RL is the future

    England announce squad for u16 France tour

    Is George Roby a relative of James? Some unbelievable names in this squad!
  5. RL is the future

    England announce squad for u16 France tour

    I watched the England v France U16s last year when it was held at Kingston Park and one lad in particular had a great game that day and I thought I'll remember his name and see where he ends up he was called Guilhem Munuera how is he getting on since then?
  6. RL is the future

    England announce squad for u16 France tour

    Yes http://www.rugby-league.com/england/article/52881/watch-france-u-v-england-youth
  7. RL is the future

    England Squad Announced

    At the World Cup he was in the top 10 for both metres made and tackles made, absolute workhorse and solid as a rock defensively. Attacking wise he was class before he went to Australia but defensively he's went to another level since going over. Him, McMeeken and Milner are completely different players
  8. RL is the future

    England Academy

    I've heard the Australian schoolboys are touring here the end of the year
  9. RL is the future

    Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    The main thing about that really irritates me about these RL events and I mean all of them is ticket prices. It doesn't pay to book in advance, for an example I booked tickets as soon as they were announced for last Magic and a few months or so later they had a Black Friday sale on 40% off, then a few more sales with % off, then a few weeks before Magic the prices were slashed to about £20 for the weekend when I had payed a bit more than double than that. And the same happens for GF, CC and the rest. It's watering down the product and putting people off buying early when they can just wait and get them cheaper a bit closer to the time. I'm really not surprised that early ticket sales of any event don't do well then when the day comes the crowds look decent and it's as you were after all the worrying about advanced sales being down. It's not that hard to figure out
  10. RL is the future

    Future of England

    Wasn't a bad call that Emosi
  11. RL is the future

    Amateur RL websites

  12. RL is the future

    Pearce Signals Away

    Can't stop thinking about Pearce and DCE in the halves
  13. RL is the future

    Red Star Belgrade to join League One?

    League 1 isn't an easy league but if you recruit well and especially are full time you should get through it. The gap between Championship and League 1 is pretty massive. That's when the hard work really starts when you get promoted. Can't wait to see what RL is going to look like in 5 or so years time, will be interesting
  14. Happy with Currie starting, he's a genuine real talent and looked good coming on against Australia considering his game time this season although for me would of preferred him at centre with Bateman in the second row, it seems like the most obvious choice but Bennett is a bit more qualified than me to make the judgement. Same goes for Williams, his size and ball playing ability could of been dropped into the pack from the interchange against Australia and against Lebanon. All in all I'm happy with the squad, hopefully get a few points on the board early and settle some nerves. Come on England
  15. RL is the future

    Jonny Lomax

    Would of liked to have seen Percival with Lomax, he has a great link with him (obviously), and Lomax does that double pump that works so well. But understand why Percival wasn't chosen. Lomax didn't have his greatest game, but he wasn't a stand out bad player. He's not the quickest but with his knee problems I'm surprised the lad can run at all. Not entirely sure Ratchford would be a better option although his link up play is class he worries me defensively. Lomax is probably the best "all rounder" we have at FB. Just a shame that Sam Tomkins didn't get longer to impress in the season as I think he would of done a great job if fully fit against Australia, we could of done with that bit more zip and guile. Come on England