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  1. No crying or tears, just great disappointment that we lost the game is all. Purchasing my season tickets for next year today so that should answer your second question...
  2. Thanks for your full some response Harry and I hope you are right. Your answer cleared somethings up for me especially about the A B C thing. The only other question I have (sorry to be a a pain) is why don't new clubs become full members?...seems the non British Clubs are sort of guest members and not full members...why aren't all SL clubs getting full voting rights, not just the British clubs? Strikes me as possible discrimination unless there is another logical reason?
  3. Yes but what is the TWP plan for a ref that is colour blind...what are they going to do about that? Like TWP should have had a backup plan for that or NO SL!
  4. But, in the case of the United States, having people with the clearance and they then leave their jobs/roles but still have clearance, they could not be able to access relevant documentation because this is on a 'need to know' basis. Even a person with valid clearance, who has left their position of responsibility, could not access current information since they no longer 'need to know' and will therefore have broken the law.
  5. If you look at documents/diaries from the time it seems that all persons of political and military power had to take sides and the issue, as it was framed at the time,was clearly one of a states rights to secede from the Union. West Point was ripped apart by it, not just the cadets but the administration also...in the federal gov't at the time many senior and junior administrators were forced to openly declare, people had to declare their personal stance on the issue which was one of a states right to secede. Many resigned from federal gov't positions and sided with their states
  6. Could be related to when the Argos (Canadian Football) used to play some games there in the old days and the markings were carried over in the plans...???
  7. I just wanna know if you think they will be in SL next year thats all....I know you have great knowledge of how it all works so no caveats or extrapolations: In or Out. Harry I'm totally gutted with the loss to KR and after the final whistle I thought of you and the Leigh thing...I'm pretty sure I felt like you felt is all.
  8. Harry I want you to make a call:"Toronto in or out of SL next year?"-whats your take on it...and don't sit on the fence Okay.
  9. Now the next thing will be: "What if a visiting player is colour blind...what is TWP going to do about that?"
  10. Its starting to get to me Scotchy...they are starting to get me down.
  11. Kayakman

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    What ifs DP...you know I only deal in cold hard facts. They have a nice team, all around speed and quick to counter attack, good defence too...an all around nice squad overall. Thing is, we had them and failed to squeeze but we did our best. On another day the outcome might have been different, but, as I said, what ifs. Totally gutted on this end.
  12. Kayakman

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    No one is as down as I my friend....but tomorrow is another day!
  13. Kayakman

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    I forget exactly but there was quite a few...the most yet from a visiting team as far as I could tell and did they ever sing and they were loud. They are the champs so far.
  14. Kayakman

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    Tough loss but Hull KR took advantage of their chances...TWP did their best but it just wasn't good enough on the day...missed opportunity but thats the way the cookie crumbles. As far as the visiting fans they were well behaved but they didn't approach Hunslet for the singing. On to London now.
  15. Congrats to Hull KR on the win yesterday...I'm just gutted for what its worth.