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  1. In future years they will refer to this time in League history as the "Great Move Forward" To all of the old 'Die-Hards' in England, who are against expansion over here, you must remember: The hardest part of a 1000 km. solo kayak trip is the first paddle. The game has to evolve...it cannot stay fixed or it risks becoming redundant. "Run With The Pack!"
  2. We are here to stay and will become the greatest expansion franchise in Rugby League history period! (I mean exclamation mark!)...and we will reinvent the game and act as a lightening rod for rugby league expansion in North America...and we will continue to win and we will never, never EVER surrender to the dark side. We have it from the TOP MAN (see below)! We are at the top of the food chain and the "missing link" for expansion! We yearn for the scent and chase and bring down of the Great Leeds Rhino. Oh wiill the entire Pack feast on THAT day. Long live the Toronto Wolf Pack!
  3. Not yet but we are slowly picking it up over here...time will tell!
  4. Very, very, sad. My students wanted to send the following message from Canada. We are all thinking of you folks during this hard time...many are with you in spirit. God Bless!
  5. The Pack is growing and we are starving for fresh meat...one day we will take down the great Leeds Rhino...this will feed us for awhile. "Stalk with the Pack, hunt with the Pack, feed with the Pack!"
  6. Decisions...decisions...decisions!
  7. I'se da bye that builds da boat and Ii'se da bye that sails her. I'se da bye that catches da fish and brings dem home to Liza!!
  8. What a great write up Canabull. Hey Scubby, did you read this write up?
  9. Kiwis 13 6 It is going to happen over here eventually...but we have to go slow at the start and make sure we have positive business plans for the beginning...I know you'll think I'm crazy but Canada in 10 years (if handled properly) will be that new place in the world. Finally some relevant expansion and real growth! "Run with the Pack!"
  10. Imagine if Ottawa ever got a team...we would call them the 'Members of Parliament and everyone (even the Brits) would love to get them in a punchup!
  11. You've got it right and Halifax in the UK should be all over this as an official expansion for their club...don't even have to change name and creates a unique business model...I lived in Halifax and they would LOVE and SUPPORT a team (Could play at the stadium at St. Marys?)...also London Ontario maybe. If done properly the best would be Halifax and then Quebec City (better fit than Montreal).
  12. A rising tide lifts all kayaks...everyone knows this...this expansionist tide will lift the old clubs up and make them more relevant. Have any of the clubs ever considered partnerships with Canadian cites to 'test' the new market. Have the 'traditional ' clubs been in contact with Canadian cites e.g Halifax, England/Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada or London Skolars (or Broncos), England with London, Ontario , Canada: they wouldn't even have to change their names for a big draw of fans in a new and expanding market. A WHOLE NEW MARKET! They have to think about marketing in a different mindset and they have to do it for the 'good of the game and its future.' The fruit is ripe for plucking in Canada, why not come and have a taste? Be progressive and "Run with the Pack!"
  13. Thanks Wonderofwood for the nice post...right after the game went kayaking for a couple of days (cold on the big water!) just to clear the head. Wishing all of the Barrow fans who came over all the best! (I watched some of them when they began shooting the hotdogs at the crowd from the hotdog gun at halftime. They looked shocked and mortified!. Don't you guys do stuiff like that overthere???
  14. I have very bad news Leeds Rhinos fans...you might want to sit down for this. In the recent Toronto Wolfpacks run down and hamstringing of a number of Barrow Raiders a faint Rhino scent was detected on a Barrow jersey...did they play you recently? Are you fools???? Our understanding is that the Leeds Rhino is a large, slow and somewhat dim witted beast. Perfect prey for the Pack! A short chase, hamstringing and quick finishing; easy meat for a minimal effort from the entire Pack! Bailey even confirmed it was the stench of the brute. We have your scent (although very faint) but we will be coming for you the next time we catch it. You can run from the Pack but you cannot hide Leeds Rhinos! We are stalking you...beware the Pack. We'll be seeing you soon Little Red Riding Hood! (The Wolfpack is growing and needs meat!) One day there will be a knock at your clubhouse door and you will open it: WELCOME TO THE WOLF! We will be coming for you...but the entire pack will be on you before you know it. "Chin, chin for now" "Run With The Pack"
  15. I told you Parksider...NOBODY over here cares about the nationality of the players...we are all inclusive...NOT an issue. You people over there have got to get over this thing. Next year on June 1 pot will be legalized in Canada. I strongly suggest that many of the sort of negative English fans come over and relax *if you know what I mean, in Toronto and enjoy and CHILL OUT. You folks have got to get over this tribalism thing; do it for the good of the game. The Toronto Wolfpack are the future. Note: Are you going to apologize Parksider now that you have been proven that we do have a developmental plan for Canadian/American talent...and you know you should. Do the right thing Parksider...we Canadians have treated you more than fairly. "Run With The Pack!"