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  1. And I hope you stay up...we will be meeting again soon!
  2. Soon..soon...patience...patience.
  3. I thought, upon my first cursory look, that it was an ad to drink milk or something...this is a degrading racially charged ad and most inappropriate....it really a sad state of affairs to be honest.
  4. Man of Kent will have to confirm the 62 in attendance.
  5. Once again..."The Toronto Effect" on display for all to see. Swinton has a very nice looking young team who play a fully committed defence.
  6. "The Toronto Effect" in action.
  7. Don't be too hard on your boys...they did their best but were outmatched on the day. A few miscues on defence cost them...they really stiffened up at the start of the second half and had some nice hits.
  8. That was one nice try that Dewsbury did score though...real pretty from start to finish. I like the way that Trout guy plays....
  9. Well I think Robert was wrong..my wife felt two (2) drops of rain and the attendance was roughly 6 200 I would say.
  10. Never go head to head with a ram..I've heard of it being done...not a good idea. Had a buddy who raised sheep and was lambing...helping a ewe in the barn to give birth.....was bent over...woke up in the straw quite a bit later after being head butted by the ram while leaning over...knocked him out for quite awhile....he never saw it coming...never go head butting with a ram...you lose every time. Off to the game now....a long drive...so you there...
  11. Signed...Canada is watching!
  12. If there is bad weather for either game it is all Doug Fords fault.
  13. Its going to be tough...lets just hope there is not going to be any headbutting.
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