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  1. He started eating from the candy box right from the first minute and still hasn't stopped....plus he brought in the extended family and friends to have a chunk also....this is how you clean up the swamp? Oh, the irony.
  2. Kayakman


    They have widespread majority support to destroy the property of other citizens? Are you saying that people support the vandalism of their own property?: I find that hard to believe. Tell these malcontents to go get a job and become productive citizens rather than members of a free loading lazy mob. Disgraceful.
  3. Kayakman


    Someone earlier posted that the protesters were mainly farmers, as I stated at the time, clearly they were not. Just a bunch of malcontents who should be at work and not destroying public property....just a bunch of whiners and complainers...bunch of trouble making freeloaders. I say throw them all in jail for a few months.
  4. Kayakman

    2019 Schedule

    Mentioning the MLSE in the announcement is interesting. The beer will be flowing!
  5. Kayakman

    TV deal

    "We would like to thank our key partners and stakeholders, including Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) and the City of Toronto for their support in hosting the Wolfpack through the 2019 season." What do you make of this which I just received from the Wolfpack.....sounds like a relationship has developed with MLSE....a new development? The Swinton home opener at Lamport has been also been confirmed.
  6. This got a lot o play in the media over here in NA...alot! Its a showdown on the upcoming government shutdown...neither side will back down....the clock is ticking...who will give in first...who is the coward? Tick...tick....tick...... -this has the potential to become a huge story in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Kayakman


    You got it all wrong Starbug!...I've met lots of fans who have come over from many of the teams and they are a happy and jolly lot....any misconceptions that you think I have are simply made up in your own mind...nothing could be further from the truth. It sort of shows where your mind it at on those things though....you must have been drinking heavy on your recent birthday? Hang in there Oldtimer.
  8. Kayakman


    That a good one...thats a good one!
  9. Kayakman


    MY GOD!!! MY GOD!!!...everyone look....I've found another optimistic person on the forum...that makes....let me see....ahhhh...about 3-4 of us! It seem to stay in that range..but goes up and down a little with time.
  10. Kayakman


    Pretty well all of it....over and over....again and again.
  11. Kayakman


    No doubt about it...we are going to get there...just be patient.
  12. Kayakman

    David Argyle interview

    Are you daft Man?
  13. Kayakman


    Lets be very clear...Toronto is trying to not only covert football players, but EVERYONE to Rugby League. ALL of the conversions are viable options. Toronto is well on the way to the various conversions...they are currently in Year 3 of the 5 year plan. I don't know how much clearer it can be made...we have been doing it for 2 years already. The horse has left the barn on this one! Big and tall or short and small...we take them all.
  14. You guys have really put yourselves in a pickle over there! I wish you all the best of luck and hope things work out.
  15. I don't know what that short form means.