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  1. Toronto has signed Josh Mcrone

    Good video...looks like a 'cracker'...should make a nice add on for the team. Well its that time again DP...time for the prediction on the crowd size in Toronto...as I figure it I'm only 1 for 4 (I'm clearly bad at this) and you are also 1 for 4?. How many for the game today?: I say 6500, you? _____________.
  2. I'm writing this reply BEFORE reading Parksiders response above, just to try something out to see if it works: Let me sum up what Parksider will probably say: You're wrong and I'm right, there is no excuse for your position other than ignorance, I know and you don't, any idea relating to doing something in a different way is wrong, Toronto is bad, I'm right and you're wrong. Let me read his post above now to see how I did: WOW! I'd give myself a pretty high grade on this one!
  3. Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    Its sad...so very sad.
  4. Ya...and Henry Ford was North American...and I believe he had some family connections in Toronto...maybe the TWP isn't such a bad idea after all; doing things in a different way and thinking outside the old box...maybe its just what the game needs at this time! I know...I know...its radical.
  5. Nope...no extensive land mine planting here...kicked the Conservatives out provincially and federally long ago!
  6. So who's going to Toronto?

    I'm going to try...I really am...but I'm just one small voice amongst thousands in that concrete pillar box...but I will try my best!
  7. Toronto

    See what you've went and done now Hunslet Ramone!!...got them all FIRED UP before the big game and us with loads of injuries before the tilt on Canada Day...Wolfpack better be running and hitting today! York bunch will probably be lively. No idea whatsoever on crowd size...could be small with hundreds of free activities on throughout the city and it being a nice long weekend people fleeing the cities (traffic jam on the hill in our little town here last night with thousands coming to camp/hike)...could be average...could be HUGE...who the hell knows (only the Rugby Gods)??? Dino did you get that flag yet????
  8. Toronto

    I will let you know, am leaving the house shortly with the clan for the long drive and will be in the Brazenhead before the game (hopefully run into Deano), won't be back home here until Sunday morning and then out on the water for 5 days but will let you know how many (rough guesstimate). I can't see them singing anywhere like you guys but you never know? A few little snipets on the pipeline that they are bringing over quite a few!
  9. Heads Up for Fans Visiting Toronto

    You up DP..you up yet....you sleeping in again DP...come on we've got to get down to the barn ...ITS GAME DAY! Time to getup DP!
  10. Toronto v York city Knights

    We will remember them...we will never forget them!
  11. What about Toronto...the way some people describe it on here makes sub Sahara Africa look like a paradise...what with the crime, ugly skyscrapers. horrible people, impossible travelling distance, having to sleep in a university dorm type atmosphere, horrible people, not being given enough coupons for free breakfast, high prices, Zika virus, horrible people, Sars virus, bad weather, concrete stadium, mean ex=Leigh players, horrible people, awful manager, bad airline, terrible management, bad fans, horrible clothing logo...add it all up! He should certainly attend a game with his woman out of sheer pity! "Prince Harry Runs With The Pack!"
  12. Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    Might be wrong in the first paragraph but might be right in the second methinks! Also your little moniker about the pig might be wrong...I was always taught on the farm that you never turn your back on a sow (or a bull)...saw the results of what can happen if you do (in both instances): not pretty my friend! All the best big walker...all the best!
  13. Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    You didn't answer Giantstrides...how do you know they are not on here...methinks you could be mistaken! (A friend told me so.)
  14. Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    If I could just get Parky out into the heavy, isolated bush of Northern Ontario for one month, kayaking and living on the rocks and off the land, with no contact with anyone except myself, I know he would come back a CHANGED MAN. Who knows maybe he would decide to stay out there and I would have to come back all by my wee little self? The deep bush has a way of changing ones outlook...especially after about Day 26! Just ask Moses!
  15. Toronto chase Ta'ai.

    How do you know they are not on here?