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  1. Halifax Feb 18th

    Know the game results lols good but Amon stupid I phone in washingtonpooking for trump but he left and is in florida fingers are way typo big got this goddamned thing
  2. Am banging on front door of us Supreme Court right now went to whir house today but trump had fled to Florida will look for him agin tomorrow downtown Washington is nice if you zone out the late nite gunshots will keep you informed from this I phone which my fingers are too large for kayakmsn
  3. I'm here right now in front of the White House that #### heard I was coming and fled to Florida coward brought the snow with me if you ca believe it
  4. Winter Olympics 2018

    I wish them all the best....they need to get that medal count up.
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    1 medal?...people over there must be easily pleased....one medal would never be acceptable here.
  6. Winter Olympics 2018

    I didn't know the Super League people were in charge of this.
  7. Toronto

    Thats exactly what I've been trying to tell them....they just don't get it!
  8. Halifax Feb 18th

    You are talking to a guy who goes into the bush alone for long periods of time with literally little or no supplies, for long, long periods of time, places where many people have died trying....dangerous places.... I try and do! Roger Wilco...will do! OVER!
  9. Halifax Feb 18th

    I'll try my best.
  10. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Did you see the Twitter the Wolfpack put out of Kay...I get upon Valentins Day and the first thing my wife shows me , whiling sipping my first coffee, is Kay as a naked Valentin shooting an arrow.....I'm going to have to speak to that fella soon!!!!!!!!............if this continues!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. RL on Canadian TV

    I'm with the Rhionos...I know....I KNOW!!!ITS CRAZY OUT THERE!...but I've been reading that book my wife just gave me (100 DAYS of Rugby League)....thats a good book...I recommend it to all new fans to the game from NA ...I'm learning alot...especially to fully understand the game, new to us in the New World, which is fair..... ITS A GREAT BOOK!
  12. Halifax Feb 18th

    Weather looks good. I'm going to be out of country during the game so I'll miss it but will try to live stream but probably, due to circumstances beyond my control, I won't be able to. So I have a message for our Halifax friends: Message To Halifax (UK FAN) not the Halifax , Canada, which all the Wolfpack loves! Last week we tied Barrow....understand we are a real Wolfpack !!, like the Viking Beserker, the team wears the mantra....our guts were full from the previous week, overflowing I tell ya!, So we weren't even really hungry...so it was a casual thing for our Pack; we weren't even really interested......but....... we are hungry again!!!!! What time do you think it is Halifax fans???????????? It clobberin' time!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Toronto

    Hey...you guys have got to give it up....Barrow played great and rose to the challenge...good on ya!!! Give it up will ya...another week another victim! Time to move on. "Run, Move On With The Pack!!!
  14. I want it to be noted that I was the first person to pick Leeds by 19 or more!!!!!!! Although I've made alot of posts about Leeds, I want to let known where I stand! "GO...LEEDS....GO! Note: Please delete this posts, as in the future, it could be used against me! (very important please delete!!!!!) "Run With The Pack!!!" Kayakman Out (like I do on the VHF radio late at night when I'm WAY OUT THERE ALL ALONE!...talking to the Coast Guard to to check in.)