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  1. Kayakman

    85000 at Wembley

    I don't watch the NFL anymore...way too many interruptions and commercials for me. plus those inflated egos are way out of control....its become a circus performance now. It has lost all appeal to me.
  2. Kayakman

    Team for next season

    We need those new bulbs in for the start of next season....no worries though, the Union is on it.
  3. So I guess the title of the thread is wrong and should read "Wilkin to snub London and go for Toronto".
  4. This is a telling time in the good old USA...the mid term elections are the key for both sides. Either Trump will be checked by losing control of one or both of the houses or his polices will be endorsed by retaining said houses. He will either be impeached or continue to fix the system and have another term (and make no doubt there would be a rule change and that would become a life term). The founding fathers designed a system so there could never be another dictator...we are about to see if it actually works in modern times. Very similar to when Julius Caesar took control of the Roman Senate and the time of the Republic, in all actuality, ended (although he retained it in name to give credence to his polices). Quite shocking how the events and cycles of history repeat themselves. Interesting times. As for the mobs and violence, be prepared to see it escalate. This mayhem on the streets suits Trumps purposes very well...much the same in Germany pre Hitler 1933.
  5. Kayakman

    Toronto 2019

    They won't listen...."They never listen!!!!!" P.S. TWP is planning for their season to end in October!
  6. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Jesus Man!!! Rowley could save a drowning child from a waterfall and you would still hate him.....wait a sec.....he did do that in his playing days.....stop making things up. if you look at Club trips to the disciplinary Toronto isn't even close to the top....the fellas love playing in Toronto.....and you know it.
  7. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    If he is so great why did Leeds get rid of him then? We like Rowley in Toronto....many of the fans (including many posters on this forum) think he has earned another year. It must be something different in the sporting culture...we like to give our Coaches a good run at things over here...we are loyal. You gotta be loyal to the Club.
  8. Kayakman

    Toronto 2019

    WOW!!!!....we are told...no flexibility whatsoever! Will this change after the Brexit? P.S. Sounds like a French thing.
  9. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Admit it though, you would say anything just to get rid of Rowley....for some reason, unknown to myself, you hate the fella. There are no discipline problems at the club...this is contrived.
  10. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Well we will have to wait and see but I humbly disagree. I feel that we will make it next year for sure.
  11. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    You are the one that has it wrong Pimper...we beat Siddal, but I give them credit for playing the game of a lifetime. Rowley in not the GM but rather the Coach...he has the players given to him that the Club brings in. We lost by 2 points in the Million Pound Game...we move on to next year. We do need to bring in some new big mobile forwards that can score...on that we agree.
  12. Kayakman

    Toronto 2019

    No...I tried. Twp put on some games to come over as a package deal...e.g Magic Weekend and some other games...none of the dates worked. Hopefully it will fit this year around. They had nothing for the March Break that worked and this is a change they will hopefully make this year. P.S. I don't get to 'book' holidays....what is this, some type of socialist thing?...I'm told the dates.
  13. Kayakman

    What now for Toronto?

    Let me explain it to you. I know you think you understand the misery of being a Leafs fan but you are not getting it....its really hard to fathom. Close you eyes and think of the disappointment of the English football fan as a large island of despair. The disappointment is so great that the island has no boundaries and is the largest island of disappointment in the entire world of football...you can barely make out the horizon your disappointment is so great....there is none larger or greater. The poor English football fan has a depth of disappointment like this largest of islands of disappointment. Are you with me? Now once again close your eyes, and multiply physically that island by a factor of 10 and you have the Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
  14. Kayakman

    Paul Rowley

    I couldn't agree more Canabull. Lussick has had some good moments though. Krasniqi certainly has potential if he doesn't hurt himself first! Sims , I thought, had a good year but needs some power forwards to support his style of play...he can't always be the battering ram. We desperately need some forwards that can score now that Patterson is gone. Sidlow is my wifes favouite player and has done a good job since the very start...he has found a home in Toronto which is nice to see. Next year another year. Nice to see you are feeling better!
  15. Kayakman

    Toronto 2019

    You buyin?...I was there in spirit...unfortunately I have to work for a living. I wanted to come over last year but the only game that sort of worked was Sheffield but then work changed. If I can come over next year I intend to but, unfortunately, work is a problem and I have many people that depend on me...need to keep those dollars coming in. Priorities you know.