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  1. It could very well possibly be a quadruple bypass.
  2. You gotta know when to hold'em, and know when to fold'em, Know when to walk away and in your case, know when to run.
  3. I thought they were going to sell pies at the games now.
  4. Quit talking to yourself in the mirror like that...people will begin to wonder. Oh ya, and tell that ISIS woman you support (you know the one who faked a pregnancy to get support from bleeding heart liberals) that when she comes to the border to have her passport ready or there could be a long delay and detention for a long period as the authorities will need to ascertain her identity.
  5. Good for you...hoping to get on the water myself (maybe Sunday). Whats the best way to clean and eat it? Just steak it?
  6. Not at all, rather the opposite. You are just not happy with the answers. Don't get mad at me for just telling you the truth.
  7. The episode about the small group of Spartans being on a wooded island surrounded by the Athenian Navy might be more appropriate. They let their small cooking fire get out of control and accidentally burned all the forest on the island so they were like red dots....now easy to spot...Athenians picked them off with arrows and captured some....then took the prisoners to Athens in chains. That one might work.
  8. Why are you always so grumpy and negative and belligerent? What is your problem? We are trying to have a grown up discussion here and you keep interrupting with another temper tantrum. Do you help? Polly want a cracker?
  9. Ya, and they paid for the sponsor sign at the stadium...I am going to eat double fish and chips there the first time I am in Barrow.
  10. Spartan Synopsis or SS for short. I like that line you got there.
  11. My point is that the British Gov't (and Canadian Gov't for that matter) is under no obligation in any way shape or form to bring her to Britain or Canada. The law is that you can't turn down entry to a citizen at the border...I'm for that right equally applied to all...there is no degradation of any right or chipping away here of personal freedoms here...I stand for these as do you. Now it appears the nationality of said individual may be in question, so she would get a hearing before an impartial judge/panel, just like anyone else. No abrogation of any constitutional rights here. The judge doesn't have to toe the gov't line whatsoever....he could even ignore the law. That is my point....I don't know why theses guys have a problem with that....something about the minister in question I believe ...must hate him. That is my point. I know or care nothing of this British MP being mentioned...I neither know nor do I care about that....seems the others have some sort of vested interest there.
  12. Well, let her show up at the border and I am certain that you will find out. But that act is her obligation, not Joe Citizens.
  13. I've studied and read large parts of that history, on many different occasions, and methinks that you might not be fully explaining it properly.
  14. You just said it; not me. Is it because she is a woman who faked her pregnancy for public sympathy?....is that why you support her? Don't fall into the old ISIS trap....they are the enemy of every freedom loving person in the world...they are murders and ####...they deserve nothing except a bullet.
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