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  1. Kayakman

    FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    You are looking for a handout aren't you...what are you after, money? Let me guess, you are a victim of something....Yes, indeed, a poor victim of circumstance....poor Kiyan....poor kid.
  2. Kayakman


    TMF you guys shut down those fire hoses you got soaking the field all night....shut down those hoses right now!
  3. Kayakman

    FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Let me guess....ummmm....thats a hard one..still whittling it down.....but I'm pretty sure...Yup!, pretty sure:Got It.......that would be KIYAN!
  4. Kayakman

    FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    Are you or are you not a Rugby Union troll?.....do you deny it?
  5. Kayakman

    Westerman leaving TWP

    Its all Okay as long as you keep winning...there is not one valid argument against winning...makes you a WINNER!... Hey everybody we got us a winner!////TWP is winner!
  6. Kayakman

    Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Aren't ya British?...I thought youse was all British Folk over there? You're British ain't ya?....your motiff is a Britsh Bulldog ain't it?
  7. Kayakman

    Westerman leaving TWP

    Only one thing can do that...winning, and we are winning.
  8. Kayakman

    Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Are you a 'spy' or something??? Are you talking East German?
  9. Kayakman

    QLT to Halifax

    I don't think he causes any problems in the clubhouse either....he seems to get along.
  10. However, there is a very wide range to creepy and sometimes they conflict: what was it again, "Terminator vs. Predator?"
  11. Kayakman

    Westerman leaving TWP

    Well we will find out if that was it then.
  12. Kayakman

    Westerman leaving TWP

    In training does he train very hard?, sprint hard on every drill? Rowley has high fitness standards and expects full on effort in training....I suspect this might be the root of the problem.... Rowley/Noble are calling the shots over here...it takes a special type of player to play with Toronto because of the unique situation....possibly great rewards at the end of the tunnel though.
  13. That is the point though....I'm no fan of Trump but Comey is a little creepy. Every director since Hoover has collected dirt on Presidents and isn't afraid to play that card....Comey was acting more like a politician than a lawman, hes no Angel in this....full of himself bureaucrat.
  14. Kayakman

    Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Well were gonna find out soon, he had better step up.
  15. Kayakman

    QLT to Halifax

    Don't forget about Bussey....he is improving....many of the other players just might rise to the occasion too!....I wouldn't count anyone out....there is a good KARMA happening over here, about to get red hot on the return to Hogtown for TWP....rising tide lifts all kayak (its a Law of Nature).