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  1. Kayakman

    New league structure revealed

    Come On!...give us a crack at it...let us have a fair go....we earned it...what are you so afraid of?...Come on Coach Parky!.....put us in! Come On Coach....put us in!
  2. Kayakman

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    You are a positive man...I hope it works out the way you envision also.
  3. The Pack is hungry and the Pack will feed . The last time Vikings came this way was under Leif The Lucky over 1000 years AGO....they were driven off and then told, at that time, not to come back....we will reteach the lesson yet once again since the Vikings seem to have a hearing problem.
  4. Kayakman

    RL on Canadian TV

    We are going to take them down...on Thanksgiving Sunday no less....talk about karma. The stars are aligning my friends.
  5. No...no....he is actually serious Wolf.
  6. Toronto needs the win and Widnes are on the way down...Toronto by 5234 to nothing.
  7. Toulouse by 4....Hull will be a little overconfident and get burned.
  8. Hoping for Halifax to finally get a win ....Halifax by 2.
  9. A London win...Salford without the hired gun Hastings just isn't the same team. London by 4.
  10. Well said Robert....well said!
  11. Kayakman

    Jack Bussey sent back to UK

    I think Bussey is done.
  12. Kayakman

    Jack Bussey sent back to UK

    At least let the guy have his hearing....doesn't look good though...both Captains agreed to send him home...looks like the end of the road for Bussey, as a Judge once said in an isolated little town in Northern Ontario, "Bring that guilty #### in here to receive his fair hearing!"
  13. I wish I could have been there....looks like alot of fun! How was Argyle, in fine form?