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  1. What are you people doing to yourselves over there?
  2. Aren't they supposed to be televising the Wolfpack games?
  3. Sometimes its better cold!
  4. Its a fantastic PR stunt and will get alot of play on the networks...looked like a nice spread.
  5. Hey Harry: Stockpiled any food/medications yet?....now be honest about this Harry ....have ya?
  6. Kayakman

    Season ticket sales

    I believe there is a new rugby term for the increased sales of season tickets at all the clubs: its called "The Toronto Effect".
  7. Kayakman

    Yorkshire cup

    Where did you get that?
  8. Kayakman

    Yorkshire cup

    Plus its a good looking Cup isn't it?
  9. Kayakman

    Season ticket sales

    Good work Hull KR!
  10. It had to happen at some point, then the rubber hits the pavement this week? Put that seat belt on Sally.
  11. Kayakman

    This Forums Members age

    Is it how old we actually are or how old we feel? What if we self identify as a much younger age? If other people say we act a certain age should we include that in our answer? Just asking if i should include the opinion of my wife is all.
  12. I think this Brexit thing might be heating up over there this week. Thats my prediction.
  13. Trump refuses to categorically deny working for Russia...he won't directly answer the question.
  14. Who cares?...its like saying more hockey games were played on Olympic size ice than standard sized ice...it don't really matter, not even a little bit. Moot point.
  15. Kayakman

    Yorkshire cup

    I think its a good idea.