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  1. McCrone, Wallace and O'Brien.
  2. Do you always have to wreck the fun!!!!!
  3. Barrow is one down, then one to go until the real home opener....hope the weather is nice...been a bit of a cold and nasty spring.
  4. Its time to bring our boys home...can't wait for the game at Lamport next weekend....I actually think the team will go much better in the hot weather of the summer at Lamport to be honest. Leutele is supposed to like the heat..get him going on a hot summers day and WHAMO!. Time to bring the brave Canadian lads home to where they belong. Thanks for a good game yet once again Barrow.
  5. Have you turned your water on yet?...going to do mine tomorrow early.
  6. No...get the other bleeding hearts to do it....but good luck to you anyway and I wish you all the best in the race!
  7. 52-20 but Barrow getting ready for a huge comeback...never underestimate the Raiders.
  8. Barrow is hanging in there after a good start...they always play the Wolfpack tough.
  9. Home games too early...will probably have to be pushed back.
  10. I would have loved to have been there...soon....once we are in SL...soon!
  11. It could very well possibly be a quadruple bypass.
  12. You gotta know when to hold'em, and know when to fold'em, Know when to walk away and in your case, know when to run.
  13. I thought they were going to sell pies at the games now.
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