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  1. Kayakman

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Ahhh....we know your pain! "Or a chance to play in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA!" (what an awful option for a player)
  2. Kayakman

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Just take a second and honestly think about what it means to live on a small island in Northern Canada...no internet...winter can be long and hard. Time takes on a whole new meaning.
  3. Kayakman

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    That is hard to believe.
  4. That is a bizarre reply....totally out there.
  5. Kayakman

    McDermott In As New Coach

    He has a nice way about him....Hes going to fit right in in Hogtown methinks.
  6. We've got to try and bring theses people together.
  7. Kayakman

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    I have many students who travel 2 to 3 hours a day to AND then back again from school everyday of the week (on a school bus)...many times in brutal snow storms. Some of these kids are very young and wait at the snowbank at the end of the lane to be picked up with high wind chills. At least you seem to understand that I'm having trouble with the sympathy angle. And isn't traveling over there easy in that it is by train?
  8. Hey Ottawa is a good town....many fond memories, both rugby and non rugby related. One thing is for sure....it will get colder.
  9. Kayakman

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    What kind of distance and/or travel time are you talking about here.
  11. The knowledge by the British of Australia is HUGE when compared to the lack of knowledge of Canada by the British public. Canada is geographically much larger, has a much higher population and is more industialized than OZ....on pretty well all fronts it is a more important nation (e.g. G 7 country). Since pretty well all news out of North America is dominated by the States thats what the British public knows. They repeat and regurgitate that which they are fed.
  12. Alot of different answers from alot of different people on the location of the final for the Championship. Does anyone know for sure?
  13. We will get better....its going to take a bit of time....but we WILL get better.
  14. Well the guy hasn't coached a minute at Toronto yet and he gets this kind of comments/attention? I'm sure he will be welcomed and liked at Toronto. Him being grumpy and moody fits into the mold of many a hockey coach so that won't be an issue (could be a plus). He has to win. It sounds like he has a good work ethic....its not easy being the coach at Toronto...as someone said previously it entails much more than just regular coaching (especially with all of the travel). The thing is he won't be questioned on the finer points of the game in Toronto...whatever he says will be generally considered as Gods own truth to the novice fans in Toronto. None of those horrible press conferences and questioning sessions he had in Leeds. There really will be no one to question him and I'm sure he will like that. The bottom line is he has to win and Toronto need to be in SL as soon as possible. i would like to see one or two more top notch signings just to give us some wiggle room....Argyle needs to ensure we get in this year; there is alot riding on it. This coach needs to win.