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  1. Do you actually know nothing of the history of the United States?....your position is so ignorant of deep thought that it bewilders even the most passive of critics....sanctimonious! Do you not even understand that the defacto position of the United States of America (and Canada) is one of unbridled immigration? Eurocentric mindset indeed! Your ignorance of North American history is truly astounding.
  2. Kayakman

    Sky to Broadcast Toronto Wolfpack Fixtures

    That Argyle is a smart operator...he is actually creating the market for his future product..RL needs more of this type of thinking.
  3. Kayakman

    Rant thread

    Only the wannabes.
  4. Kayakman

    Rant thread

    I've never had wild salmon that way and I've caught alot of 'er. I love tuna steaks but I like all my fish open grilled with a spray of veggy oil and a light coating of Mrs Dash. I like her cooked over the open coals. If you ever take me upon my offer I'll grill ya a large very large fillet of fresh chinook salmon and a couple of elk steaks over the open coals for ya to eat...with a couple of three eggs and fried back bacon and some taters...fresh bread wioth dollops of nice good country butter. Thats just breakfast....you should see what I serve for supper! Hope you like pepper fried fresh catfish!....thats the best!
  5. I can speak to that...yes they can but it takes awhile to get here....sometimes sooner, sometimes later....you know how Canada Post works.
  6. Kayakman

    Rant thread

    How were the steaks?....did you grill 'em?
  7. Kayakman

    Jon Wilkin

    Just imagine if we come home undefeated! Its not fair that we are the only fans that have to wait so long for a home game.....you would think the others would understand and cut us some slack in other areas but they don't seem to be willing to cut the Pack an inch, even though all of the barriers and odds are against us....who would not support such an Underwolf?
  8. Kayakman

    Jon Wilkin

    He certainly has the credentials...will be interesting to see the 'new' Pack members feel when they finally come to Lamport....we need a sellout on opening day!
  9. You gotta try to get your mind out of the gutter Clogger!
  10. U..U..U.. umbrella. Um Um..Um umbrella. Umb....Umb....Umb....umbrella.
  11. Not in Canada!...thats not the way we operate here.....look at the young Saudi girl that no one would take for fear of repercussions from the House of Saud...we took her anyways. Look at the Chinese executive who we arrested for extradition to the US...no one else would have done it for fear of reprisal from China...we did it anyways. We are a brave people in words AND deeds...we fear no one, we shirk from nothing. We are Canadian...the finest and best of the best...we are the future and we embrace it. Long Live Canada!....Long Live League!
  12. No one should ignore the lessons of the past...but being fixated on what has happened before sometimes distracts us from looking to the future and what will/could be....there must be a balance...there must be Hope. Great things are just around the next river bend or lake point! Keep paddling and keep the tact of the boat in the proper direction....FORWARD!
  13. Don't worry...we are closely monitoring the situation....but there has to be a better way..there has to be a chance for a fresh start....don't extinguish HOPE! Canada and the Wolfpack will lead the way for RL on this....you can trust us to get it right... Don't Worry: WE ARE CANADIAN!
  14. My God! You people over there must understand that we don't need to bring the Old World grievances over here to the New World...we will show you the new way. Union and League don't always need to be enemies...we can work together in the future...Canada will show you how it is done.....but will you observe and then listen is the question?
  15. Its political only to the point that is draws attention to the issue as a form of civic involvement....non partisan certainly. The lad in question was intentionally wearing a hat invented for the Trump rallies...this is factual.
  16. You got this totally messed up.
  17. Its just a game...its just a game....
  18. I prefer to look to the future rather than being stuck in the past.
  19. I think you should have a look in the mirror and repeat that comment.
  20. Its only political if people intentionally make it so...like intentionally wearing a political hat at an unrelated event....exactly what happened in this case.
  21. Children should NEVER be used as pawns to politicize issues which are unrelated to school events/activities.....just because someone has the right to do something does not always make it the right thing to do....this is obvious. Rugby League should be apolitcal and not involved in the politics of any country...it is a sport to be enjoyed by all by definition. You need to step back and take a good hard look at the issues....you are in too deep.
  22. You are missing the point....the issue goes across political boundaries and does not endorse, nor should it, any political party or candidate period. A Right To Life Rally in Washington DC has nothing to do with Brexit...it is totally unrelated and a real stretch to try to make it so. As I've stated it should be apolitical and you mentioning the Trump rallies simply confirms my point....you are mixing up the issues and this creates confusion....stick to the facts....the kid should never have worn the hat during school time, and by doing so on a class trip, he was intentionally taking and making a political statement...highly inappropriate under those circumstances...the rest is history.
  23. The issue is not overtly political and the purpose of the rally is to draw attention to an issue....it crosses all political boundaries and is represented in all areas of the political spectrum....it does not, nor should it, be in support of a political party or President....you are intentionally mixing up two totally different issues.....this leads to confusion and perceived bias....that is my exact point.
  24. Yes but the rally was not in support of any politician or any political party...it was a Right To Life rally....it was issue based...to make it about a politician or party is going way too far and highly inappropriate.
  25. It has been warped and twisted by some to become political....in reality it is a personal moral and ethical religious question...by wearing a pro Trump hat it becomes political, and the agent for this is the wearer of the hat...the boy has made himself 'weaponized' by wearing a political hat (he must have known that by wearing the hat he was doing this).....that is why it should not have been allowed in the first place. That is the essence of my very point.