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  1. I think Bussey will get a ban but Beswick and Simms won't...they are innocent.
  2. If they keep it up it will certainly affect the kicking game...maybe we might actually be able to make a few converts!
  3. Canada is your closest ally: WW1: Canada 1914-1918 USA 1917-1918 WW2: Canada 1939-1945 USA 1941-1945
  4. Not staying at the palace I see...does even the patience of the Queen have limits when dealing with such a lout? Speaker does not want him to address Parliament either...at least someone in the House has a brain.
  5. Are you saying that an intentional knock on is not a violation of the rules?
  6. There was no crusher tackle! As soon as the head of Bussey was starting to get cranked down Simms totally backed off...no ill intent whatsoever......and as for Bewick, that man has a Halo around his head...sort of reminds one of an Irish monk for the Love of Mike!
  7. You mean the intentional knock on by a Fev player when Toronto was pressing near the Fev line...are you saying that should have been an automatic red? The ref is there to make the call...even though I might not always agree, hindsight is always 20/20.
  8. You could do it...you have done it before...you have a good team there.
  9. And many of the players have already shown us the answer and signed with Toronto. Thats a fact.
  10. So now Bussey is a poor innocent who must be protected...that poor little defenceless kid. Bussey is a big boy and has shown in the past that he can take care of himself.
  11. If you keep that up i will have no choice but to send you off with a red card.
  12. Oh quit the whining, there are always close calls that could go either way...I could say Bussey should have gotten a red for head butting....close calls are a nature of the game. I support the ref in his/her decision making process.
  13. You intentionally confuse the issue....we are not talking about state visits by others....stay on focus....the issue at hand is a state visit by the current President of the United States...the man is a disgrace. Just another awful decision by May which further demonstrates her incompetence.
  14. We all know they are a little odd over there.
  15. Why do this for him...why??????? Talk about stroking an ego.
  16. It is, once again, the well noted 'Toronto Effect'. This effect transcends all things RL League....and we are just at the beginning my friends....just the beginning!
  17. Oh don't worry I will be there with my crew no matter what.....its the others (from the city) that I worry about. If the weather is good it will be a large crowd. Plus its my showdown with Parky on the bet we made last year. Both the League and Union sides are playing at the same time and, according to Parky, the Union game should outdraw the Wolfpack game. I said long ago that it would be the opposite. If Parky loses he will become an expansionist and take back all of his anti TWP comments....if I lose I will drink an old English ale. If I win I will be drinking craft ale at the stadium on the day in question. Kayakman vs Parky...place your bets folks.
  18. Long term weather calling for showers...lets hope things change.
  19. Come on...give it up. Your team played very well (as they always do against Toronto) but came up short...you had your chances to win but could not execute in the end. The better team won on the day. Good effort Fev
  20. Peterborough and Oshawa have had some magnificent games over the years.
  21. It all comes from the silliness of not letting Toronto play proper block games at home due the weather early on in the season...no excuse for it really...RFL needs to gets its head out of its ass on this one.
  22. Bussey is a good player, great potential, but has to stop the constant whining and cheap shots...needs to maintain his mental focus in the games. He had the same problem when he was with Toronto.
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