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    Widnes Game

    We need this game...weather forecast looks great for rugby. They have a very good forward named Houston who needs to be hammered right away and every time he touches the ball. Also need to stuff the halfback right away and then I think we will be off and galloping. Hopefully we can put in one full game without any time lapses which allow them to get in it. This is the game that the team needs to 'gel' in. We need a good win here and then take a team playing in fine form to Leeds. This is an important game for the future of the Club if they wish to go up this year. To win, Houston must be hammered and hard every time he touches the ball...if he is allowed to go forward he can control a game. Predicting Wallace will score.
  2. Harry...how many times do we have to go through this? Its a long day on the road for me, long drive South for the game (leaving soon)..then back up North. I won't get in until late Saturday night and I'll pull out the boat and be on the water by 6 AM Sunday morning for another long day....this time on the water. My spirits will be joyful after the Toronto win...the syrup will be flowing! Such is life.
  3. Kayakman

    Eric Perez

    Well we did just have the Toronto International Film Festival and all of the stars were in town for it....plus the Wolfpack is on a roll and there is the real possibility of SL this year (only Year 2 of a 5 Year Plan)..so YES...I am starstruck and giddy! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL IN HOGTOWN! "Starstruck and Giddy With The Pack!!!!!"
  4. What was Rowleys won/lost record that year?...was that the year they went up?...of course he would be around the Park often.
  5. So people saw the guy 77 times in the season...he was sighted at the Park often...was that not the year they went up?
  6. Some Leigh supporters don't feel he is responsible for 100 %, but rather 110%.
  7. -me too. Wife doesn't like me drinking the stuff.
  8. Kayakman

    Widnes Game

    It would be a nice touch if they replaced the burnt out bulbs in the game/score clock!!!!!!!!
  9. Kayakman

    Attendance Obsessives....

    Predicting 8 400-8 500 for the game at Lamport on Saturday between Wolfpack and Widnes.
  10. Its like a total super dooper all wheat beer..its okay but I'm not a big fan. Its appears white when poured. Some brands hop it up more than others.
  11. Kayakman

    Eric Perez

    Parky is finally starting to seethe light...slowly but surely he is coming around...he will eventually get there but we must be patient with him....I've taken him under my wing as a 'special' case.....but even my patience has limits.
  12. It was on the evaporator a little too long and that increased the strength...a wicked brew, really syrupy if you know what that means Harry.
  13. Kayakman

    Eric Perez

    Even if we don't make it this year (which we will) we will draw greater numbers next year and have even greater exposure to the market. After the game last week I ended up in the backpart of a smalll Portugese Drinking Establishment and three guys were in their TFC gear getting loubed for their game ...they were talking about how they had heard the Wolfpack had won by a point from Toulouse and the Argyle interview on The Fan. What that means to our English friends is that we have reached the cusp....the team is about to be a recognized by the greater sports community as a major franchise in the Big Smoke...we are right there now. This means SUCCESS! WE HAVE DONE IT WOLFPACK FANS!! Many of the English fans seem to believe in a a false premise...in that if Toronto stays in Championship people will not support the team and people in Toronto won't come out....that a failure has occurred. These English fans have no comprehension of the sports sad sacks know as the Toronto Maple Leafs....its not their fault but they have no equivalent to compare it too....none whatsoever. They would have a hard time believing it....not their fault! SO NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I you don't believe me ask any of the Wolfpack fans...go ahead!....we are here to stay. GROWING>>>>>GROWING>>>>>>>GROWING!
  14. We won't need to...our skill is too high already.
  15. Extra strog amber maple syrup slow brew/extra old....sure you can handle it????
  16. I'm not accepting that apology!...I really want to see that pass...you gotta make it work Bearman...you just gotta.....
  17. Kayakman

    New league structure revealed

    Come On!...give us a crack at it...let us have a fair go....we earned it...what are you so afraid of?...Come on Coach Parky!.....put us in! Come On Coach....put us in!
  18. Kayakman

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    You are a positive man...I hope it works out the way you envision also.
  19. The Pack is hungry and the Pack will feed . The last time Vikings came this way was under Leif The Lucky over 1000 years AGO....they were driven off and then told, at that time, not to come back....we will reteach the lesson yet once again since the Vikings seem to have a hearing problem.
  20. Kayakman

    RL on Canadian TV

    We are going to take them down...on Thanksgiving Sunday no less....talk about karma. The stars are aligning my friends.
  21. No...no....he is actually serious Wolf.
  22. Toronto needs the win and Widnes are on the way down...Toronto by 5234 to nothing.