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  1. New Captains

    Josh McCrone Captain Aston Sims Vice Captain This is great news...the players are behind them...as I stated before I really think that as McCrone goes this season will go the entire Pack. Great signing and leader. Sims is going to be larger than life and an instant crowd favourite. He will also be seeing lots of playing time.
  2. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    The Rugby League is a different sporting culture for us...glad to see Rowley got the long term deal to show who is the boss of the team (the coach). Hope things work out for FFMM, wish him all the best. Time to show Rugby League how to run the show like a pro hockey franchise. League entertains way too much nonsense and drama off the field. Hockey ideas: Pro players; train and stay clean or you are gone (and no one else should pick you up); dress and act properly while in public or you are gone; you are role models for children (and nobody else should pick you up). You are a well paid professionals; act like it. (look at Gretzky) Coach: Do what the coach says in training and deportment; Coach also need to walk the walk or he is gone (and none should pick him up). (look at the Sutter brothers) GM: Oversee everything and give the coach and front office the tools they need to succeed. (look at Bob Gainey) Fans: Stay loyal and expect high standards, you deserve them. (Look at the new franchise in Las Vegas) This nonsense in Rugby League of entertaining these players smallest whims and accepting immature school boy antics is not acceptable...we all have a collective responsibility to stop entertaining it at all ASAP. Time to move these aspects of the game up to a higher professional standard, both on and off the pitch. Hockey isn't perfect and its had its cases/problems but they were dealt with to a higher professional standard....there is something for Rugby League to learn from it in these regards....for the love of Mike kids are watching!
  3. Toronto

    Your in a bad place right now, you are not seeing things clearly. Its not me thats on the internet forum doing the wailing and balling and tearing up crying all over the place. Seems like the reality has hit you like a brick wall...hit the gas boys after we let the passenger out at the old age home. Time to start ripping Championship up!
  4. Toronto

    Well get up from your chair, go into the washroom and stare long and hard in the mirror...you have become the 'bad guy' you always used to bemoan. If you want to walk away that is fine but you are only isolating yourself further....we don't want to push you out of the way but we will if we have to. The Toronto Wolfpack is here to stay...you can love us or you can hate us but you can't ignore us Time to hit the gas and rip Championship up!
  5. Toronto

    Bad karma man...take a pill. We've only just started up the car and drove one block on a 1000km journey...wait until the TWP hits the gas! You gotta relax...you're gonna have a heart attack!
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Come On Montyburns...spill the beans, if you do I'll get Monkey Lover to do a trick for ya!
  7. Toronto hand Rowley new three-year deal

    His coaching style, although problematic in England, goes over well here. Like a combo of a tough American university football coach and a hard nosed NHL coach (like Brian Sutter was). The three year deal means its going to be his way or the highway (as three have already found out).
  8. Toronto

    We lost three players? Funny little monkey, come on show us a trick and we will give you a treat...
  9. New Captains

    You can choose your friends but you can't choose your relatives. Hopefully it all works out, I had the same problem with some Australians myself in the past! Thank God Toronto is a long way from Australia (although with all the Aussies we are signing, we might have to make a 'Little Sydney' in Toronto).
  10. commonwealth 9s

    Its really important that 9's is pushed in the Commonwealth Games...if we can get 9's recognized there is funding that goes with that and it would really help League internationally. Just look what Union 7's have developed into...a real success story. League are late to the game on this,it was a missed opportunity about 10years ago (big error but so be it), and we need to focus and catch up...its very important especially for the weaker nations....there is a real opportunity here still...its a beginning which could have a great end story if played right. I know I might see it from a different angle but this should be a PRIORITY...right up there at the very top of the list.
  11. Leigh vs Toronto: Where to Watch

    You are not allowed to eat that...you are still on the mend!
  12. Toronto

    Well the appointment of the new two Captains should help in calming things down...good choices too.
  13. Toronto

    We've missed ya but have been carrying on the fight with the help of many others...the anti-Toronto bias is increasing and they arer getting a little cocky...soon will be time for the slapdown. Couldn't agree more about FFMM...he could have had a very good post career in Toronto...he really blew this one! DUMB!
  14. commonwealth 9s

    There are great opportunities in Canada (and you're right BC is doing great things for rugby league) and don't forget our ladies, don't forget the lassies!
  15. commonwealth 9s

    Its a good beginning!
  16. They have and its Toronto...but we are ready, willing and able!
  17. Toronto

    Charlton Heston is the Wolfpack rep., that guy who was the stunt double for the chariot race is Leigh though...hope you know your film history of what happened to the stunt double.
  18. Toronto

    Centurians are totally confused, running in tangents and angles after every false rumour, whisper...dealing with multiple perceived grudges and past injustices..plan has worked out perfectly as they are in total disaray...Pack prepare for the finishing! We gotcha right where we want cha...now for the finishing!
  19. Toronto

    Even our own double agent Hotel Sierra bought into the diversion...this is simply too easy. NOTICE TO ENTIRE WOLFPACK NATION! Pack Leader to Pack: " Scout has returned and report has been noted....diversion has totally worked....continue with prep. for "Da Pillage of Da Sports Village" ...everything on track... We dine soon my friends!"
  20. Toronto

    Sounds like you are getting really worried now Harry. Pack Leader To Pack: "Diversion has worked, legion is now overconfident, continue with main tactical plan...diversion has been successful. Prepare to raid da village, sentry rotation has been decreased....they've fallen for it boys...feast well Pack!" P.S. I hear Bussey and Emmitt are especially hungry!
  21. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Come om Montyburns, spill the beans.
  22. Toronto

    Ooooh...Yuck!....its zombie flesh! Sounds like someone has issues.
  23. Toronto

    Hey!...what about the rule about not hitting a guy when he is down?
  24. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Sound like a nightmarish repeat episode of "Republic Of Doyle".
  25. Have a nice, long nap...everything seems less dark after you wake up refreshed! Today is a great day!