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  1. BatleyBird

    Fax V Bulldogs MOM thread

    Yates Leak Brown
  2. BatleyBird

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    I really don’t think you’re in any position to correct anyone’s spelling. And are you aware that you come across as rather immature? Your we-beat-you-so-ner-ner posts are becoming a bit boring now.
  3. BatleyBird

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Second attempt and still left a spelling mistake.
  4. BatleyBird

    Batley Highlights

    Did anyone buy a ticket for the half time draw? Prize remains unclaimed, ticket number 8986
  5. BatleyBird

    Season opener v Barrow

    Yep, they definitely know how to slow the game down, don’t they? Tough game today against a pumped up, grubby side but should have done better. Agree with everything that has already been said. Need to up our game for Fev next week!
  6. BatleyBird

    BISSA needs YOU !

    I’ve just broken into the top 10 purely by renewing my home insurance through Go Compare via Easyfundraising. £13 donation with very little effort from me. I’m getting into the habit now of checking before I buy.
  7. BatleyBird

    RAMS season ticket holders : Fiver again ??

    I also only used my season ticket at Rams once, also for Toronto game. Probably won’t bother this season
  8. BatleyBird

    golden gamble

    Thanks, Roger 👍🏼
  9. BatleyBird

    golden gamble

    With regards to the war chest, do we just keep our numbers for this season? I know that it was said that we would be contacted, but I haven’t heard anything. I have some envelopes left from last season so will just carry on as normal if that’s the case?
  10. BatleyBird

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    100% he has, I noticed it at the end of last season. Lean mean biff machine!!
  11. BatleyBird

    Bradford win Yorkshire Cup

    Lewis Galbraith
  12. BatleyBird

    Matchday Magazine

    Glad they’re all covered before the start of the season 👍🏼
  13. BatleyBird

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    And that was a friendly!! Imagine the biff in the season proper! 🤣 Super proud of our boys, gave a good account of themselves and if that’s the shape of things to come, I predict some good times up at the Mount this season.
  14. BatleyBird

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    Looks like we will be subjected to the shot clock, but only SL teams will have clocks installed. So, as said above, clear as mud.
  15. BatleyBird

    Matchday Magazine

    And me.