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  1. Brierley Butterworth Ward Tackle of the season award to Smeaton though!!
  2. Whatever it was, the Swinton fans at that end were furious.
  3. Just to be clear - it was Reittie who got sent off and Ward who was sin binned? Commentary on the radio said Brown sent off at first, although later corrected, but said sinbinning was Taira!
  4. Yates - took so many late hits and showed his potential Scotty - for the touchline conversion that essentially won us the game Brearley - impressive week on week
  5. I was proud of each and every one of them, they all played their socks off. Hopefully, this is the sign of things coming together a little bit now. Either way, that must have provided a massive boost in confidence and motivation, which can only be a positive.
  6. BatleyBird


    I'm just gonna leave this here
  7. I haven’t said that at all, have I? Am I happy that we’ve only won one game this season? Of course I’m not!!!! Am I of the opinion we are going to get relegated? Also no, but who knows? I could be wrong, so could KN, but I see nothing wrong with trying new things, that’s all I’m saying.
  8. But this isn’t about season tickets, it’s about the War Chest, which is a supplementary income stream for the club. At the end of the day, if you don’t want to do it, don’t. Nobody is being forced into it and I can’t actually believe that it’s caused such a furore, if I’m honest. Like I said, they can’t seem to be able to do right for doing wrong at the moment.
  9. I kind of see what you’re saying, but it would make no business sense whatsoever to offer half price season tickets, that would be lost revenue straight off the bottom line for the club, especially at a time without a top six finish. And in fact, that's still staking a positive outcome on a negative result, so what's the difference? The war chest idea I’m sure has come about from the 100% belief within the club that we won’t go down, and as an extra idea of something a bit different to get people to sign up. Seems the club can’t do right for going wrong at the moment. But the key thing is, they really, really don’t think they will have to give anyone their money back, that’s positive thinking in anyone’s book, surely?
  10. No, he’s really not. The point is to make money for the club, not the supporter that is investing the money. He’s staking his intent that the club will get to keep the money, as he doesn’t believe we will go down. The whole point is to bring in revenue for the club, discounting season tickets will not do that.
  11. BatleyBird


    Totally agree, and yes our current situation is made much worse with the Rams not propping us up, lol. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. This is one of the major frustrations of supporting a second tier club, isn’t it? Our favourite and beloved players go onto bigger and better things, it’s bittersweet.
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