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  1. AB Knight

    On the Road

    Great post and a good idea. I'm just in Scarborough at the moment and strangely enough earlier on was thinking it would be great to bring a game here. I can understand the reservations, but with enough planning and joined up thinking I'd be confident in it being a success. IMO the Knights more than any other club in English RL have greater untapped support in their area, there are no professional football teams (other than City) in the county. It would be difficult deciding what kind of match to take on the road though - you don't want to be playing in the coast in winter so that rules out a friendly. Probably a game against a team with a smaller away following so we don't miss out on all the benefits a bigger team would bring. Someone like a Rochdale or Batley, even if it's the 1895 cup, could work. One match, promoted well, during the summer season in Whitby, Harrogate or Scarborough could be a winner. And if it's just 1 match, if it doesn't work a lesson learned and we move on. One more point to make, with about 20 hours notice we took a challenge cup game to Featherstone in the March snow without any coach travel and still drew a crowd of 525. A match confirmed many months in advance, in warmer weather and a more touristy setting (sorry Fev!) has a hell of a lot of potential.
  2. AB Knight

    Club shop at new ground?

    I wonder if he's on about that tiny old programme hut (adjacent to the club shop at BC) which I'm guessing is run by the YCFC supporters that wont feature at the new ground. The plans definitely show a club shop though!
  3. AB Knight

    York Game

    Just looking at the fixtures it looks like the final competitive fixture at Bootham Crescent will be Knights vs Rams. The football season will be done by then so I can see it drawing a lot of interest from neutrals eager to be there for the last game, I can see about 5k+ being there. Already looking forward to the rematch 🙂
  4. AB Knight

    Crowd for barrow

    11. The Barrow game is the start of the last 10 Knights (league) matches at BC, assuming there's no delays with the new stadium.
  5. AB Knight

    Crowd for barrow

    White Knight, it's stuff like that which would look great in The Press! Great effort by the Barrow fans filling 2 coaches already.
  6. AB Knight

    Crowd for barrow

    Tis an estimate Sir, did it for all the teams who visited BC in 2017 and 2018! 🙂
  7. AB Knight

    Crowd for barrow

    Wouldn't be surprised to see a few from Barrow make the trip, looking at my notes from 2017 they had the 2nd highest (estimated) away support at BC with approx 170, admittedly it was a challenge cup game but a good following all the same. I'm hoping the crowd will break 2,000, the overall Toronto experience shouldn't have put fans off and as it looks a very competitive team I hope the players are rewarded with another good crowd.
  8. I've just put this in the York forum too - wouldn't be surprised to see a few from Barrow make the trip, looking at my notes from 2017 they had the 2nd highest (estimated) away support with approx 170, admittedly it was a challenge cup game but a good following all the same. I'm hoping the crowd will just break 2,000.
  9. Official attendance at Rochdale - Toronto was 694
  10. AB Knight

    BBC Website

    Ah the press association....Last season when York set a world record against West Wales, towards the end of the match the goal kicker Connor Robinson went off and Ash Robson took over kicking duties. Unfortunately the info wasnt relayed so when the BBC did a feature it had Robinson kicking more goals than he had, this was then copied by other media outlets and even the RFL stats page I believe. It made it very difficult later in the season trying to work out how many points Mr Robinson had actually scored as he approached a club record, took a good few hours to go through various articles, match Twitter feeds etc. It seemed only me and the York Press reporter knew his actual tally! Just shows how important it is to get the right info out first time.
  11. AB Knight

    A game of two halves

    You look to have enough quality to stay up, thought Adam Ryder had a good game today, always thought he looked a handy player. Can't believe Paul Sykes is still playing though!
  12. AB Knight

    A game of two halves

    I think the performances will improve, for today I'm just happy to pick up the 2 points. Never an easy place to go, in 2018 Barrow, Sheffield and Batley all came unstuck at the Rams (teams I expect to be in similar positions to York come the end of the season). They also ran the eventual promoted side London close (0-12) and championship winners Toronto (12-23).
  13. AB Knight

    York press coverage

    Really don't think we can fault the Press coverage this week - we've had 6 articles over the weekend and 11 in total since Monday morning. By no means a pretty win today but it would be good to see people adding to the 5 comments on todays victory. As both someone here and Jon Flatman have said before the busier the comments section, the more articles we might see posted. For the stattos out there - YFC have had 15 articles since Monday (they've played 2 matches in that time) and have had 272 comments. YCK 11 articles but just 23 comments.
  14. AB Knight

    Beating ourselves...............

    Consistency was lacking for both sides not just Dewsbury. The quick tap that was made to be retaken was due to 2 balls on the pitch. You had Ronan Dixon having the ball stripped during a 3 man tackle but given as a knock on which counters the Dewsbury strip given as a knock on, a York try disallowed for obstruction then later on a similar obstruction by Dewsbury ignored. Dewsbury penalised for moving too far forward off the mark when playing the ball, then later the exact same play (by your # 34, don't know his name but he's a great runner) but this time a penalty against York. Zero consistency. Just to show I'm not too biased (too much!), the try for Graeme Horne looked forward. But overall both teams will be frustrated at the refereeing but I don't think either team can say the ref favoured one team. Penalty count was 15-12 in favour of the Knights. Onto the match itself I thought one of the game breakers was Sykes going for goal at 12-0 up on 23mins. York were on the ropes, looking tired and on a team warning, if Dewsbury had tapped it I think you'd have got a try or a Knights player in the bin. At 14-0 there was still a glimmer of hope. Anyway, nice stadium you've got there (all done without SL money) and a competitive team. Looking forward to the return match.
  15. AB Knight

    A game of two halves

    Where do you start with a match like that?! First of all I don't know if Graeme Horne moved positions in the 2nd half but he had a big 2nd half after struggling in the 1st half, just like Whitehaven away last season IMO he's best playing in his usual position and not halfback/loose forward. I'm sure Brad Hey will admit he had a poor game by his own high standards and I wasn't surprised when he was subbed. But who cares, that was a huge effort to come back from 3 tries behind. For me, I think one of the turning points was the 23rd minute when Dewsbury were 12-0 up, pressing and York were really on the ropes. York were then put on a team warning and I was surprised they decided to go for the 2, because I could've seen either a 3rd Dewsbury try or a York player in the bin. Thought Ash Robson brought a bit of energy and Jack Teanby looks a good runner. Both teams will be unhappy with the refereeing, thought we were unlucky with the knock on against Matty Marsh which hit his shin and soon resulted in a try. Also the York try that was disallowed for obstruction, then later on a similar play by Dewsbury which wasn't pulled up. But just to show I'm not biased the Horne try looked forward. Don't think I've ever seen so many team warnings at a match before! Crowd was 1200ish with I reckon 400 from York.