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  1. 2 of us booking on it for sure, possibly 4!
  2. Glad they've seen sense and it's a Sunday game instead of midweek, makes it easier to wind our way over there, let's get there in numbers, do our talking on the pitch and blow the opposition over. I still think Rochdale could do a lot worse than a token gesture of reduced admission, here's hoping. Anyway, if there's any problems getting the sticks up this time they can call on me...I am a post-man after all
  3. Think you've all hit the nail on the head. The magic of the cup was you could be drawn against anyone. That for me is what made it so special. I vividly remember the celebrations from the amateur players and fans as Castleford Lock Lane took an early lead at Castleford Tigers in the opening minutes, ok they lost 88-10 but they made memories. Same in the FA cup, Hereford beating Newcastle, Havant and Waterlooville leading at Anfield, the old Scarborough football team matching Chelsea. You take that away and give us Wigan vs Warrington or Cas vs Hull when they could be playing each other 4 times this season anyway and then wonder why interest is dropping. Then there's no joined up thinking from all the clubs - why not in the rounds where attendances are low (which is pretty much every round before the semis) designate a school day round - give a whole stand over to local schools for free, who knows you might get someone hooked for life or unearth the next Paul Sculthorpe. The cup can be rescued, it just needs selfishness putting to one side and everyone pulling in the same direction.
  4. Forgot about Jubb, played the full 80mins and one of his strongest games in a York shirt. Also thought the York fans, though not big in number, were louder than in previous matches. I wonder if it's because we went into the match as underdogs, just like previous 'loud' games (Leigh at home, Toronto 2017, Bradford at Odsal etc) whereas against the likes of Sheffield and Swinton we were favourites so not as loud...maybe that backs to the wall feeling brings out the best in us. Fev away on Friday, they'll be hurting after 26-8 up with 15 ish mins to go then losing. Need to be on form on the pitch and in the stands.
  5. Cas fans do seem to have fallen out of love with Minikin lately, don't think playing centre at Super League level is helping his progress, whereas pre 2019 he was playing well on the wing. If he leaves he'll have no shortage of offers from Super League sides.
  6. A lot of players went down injured from both sides, don't think the pitch helps. I know it's been brought up countless times before and the Widnes club say the pitch is fine so I'll leave it there. Down to 11 for the last 10+ mins. We were still in the game nearing the 60min mark. Impressed with Baldwinson and thought Whitely was MOTM. Ref kept it flowing on the whole. Enjoy watching Gelling but if he cut out the Harlem Globetrotters stuff they'd have scored near on 60. York were very one man rugby, would've liked to have seen Heckford more involved. 2229 attendance with about 80 from York.
  7. Someone said the Barrow player is also a policeman! He can have no complaints about the ban.
  8. Coach details for the Widnes cup game. Hope a few of us book on, the club have been struggling to break even running the supporters coach to away games, need 30+ booking on to break even. With the increase in attendances lately and a new generation of old/new fans seeing what the Knights have to offer it would be a shame if they had to start cancelling the away coach.
  9. I hope the club push the boat out and play as high profile a team as possible. If the NRL champions are over here for the World Club Challenge see if they'll play a warm up game here! Ok that might sound like Roy of the rovers stuff but it's only 11 years ago Championship Halifax managed to play a warm up game against Melbourne Storm. I mean this with the greatest respect to the amateur scene but just imagine the hype, publicity and column inches playing an NRL team or the Super League winners. Start off with a bang. Can have Easts vs Wests as a 40 minute warmup game before the big match ( that way a local player will score the 1st try), with juniors from New Earswick, Acorn etc being mascots, YCK ladies being flag bearers etc. That way everyone is involved.
  10. I returned to Royal Mail 6 months ago having done a different job for 8 years. The main reason I went back was the money, cannot fault the hourly rate, I'm earning nearly 3 times as much as I did in my previous job, I'm fit as a fiddle, working outdoors does wonders for your health (mental and physical) and it's an easy job - end of the day I'm pushing paper through letterboxes, no stress for me and you dont take work home with you. There's people I went to uni with, who design kitchens or work hectic office jobs, they work longer hours (not 7.30am till 3.30pm!), earn less, stressed cos they aren't meeting targets and often have to take work home. They are indoors most of the day, and it shows. I dont think it's a boring job, mind you being 'new' I'm rarely on the same round for more than a few days. I can see how someone who has gone up the same drives for years on end must be bored. Most boring job I've done was measuring the plastic index of soil from construction sites. It involved sitting at a desk, rolling bits of mud into thin shapes, weighing it, putting it in the oven, weighing it, recording a few figures and repeat, about 30 of those a day, 6 days a week.
  11. Thought this was really informative, I know a lot of people can't make these fan forums because of commitments, location etc but I'd urge you next time to do what you can to attend. It's a great chance to get answers to the questions you ask on here and of the volunteers on a matchday. So many questions that have been asked on this forum over the last few months were answered - such as why the club focus more on social media and not as much on the website (makes perfect sense now). Also discussed how the funding is allocated from the RFL and why there's nothing sinister when YCK do a ticket offer and merely ask for your email address in return, it affects the funding the club receive so please don't tick the 'do not contact' box. Also got to hear James Ford's real views on the Rochdale farce and a chance to purchase Andy Atkinson's book, heads up on a new signing, stadium news, injury updates, why York are attractive to young players over Super League clubs. Really informative.
  12. Apart from the opening day defeat at Sheffield, Swinton have been competitive in every game so need to approach this game professionally. Then again I'd expect nothing different from a James Ford coached side. Hopefully the club will open 2 stands again, from memory Swinton have a slightly bigger travelling support than Sheffield. Knights by 16, crowd 1995
  13. Only my 2nd visit to Barrow (my 1st was back when Castleford were relegated into the national league), you've got a good setup there and friendly fans, IMO you have the best set of fans out of the Cumbrian teams both home and away. Is it just me or did you used to have a roof on that stand behind the posts? On the pitch you had plenty go forward (Josh Johnson is a real handful) but your hooker is too slow. I thought that back at Bootham Crescent and again on Sunday. He's picking the ball up, then looking then passing and by that time the York defence have read him. Keep the faith as there's just a few things to change then I'm sure you'll start picking up a few more wins again. Agree about Hock, fair enough he's injured and has a legally binding contract so it's not like it can be terminated easily. But the least he could do is turn up, be a presence, maybe even help with the warm ups or water carrier etc. Best of luck for the rest of 2019 and looking forward to another trip to Craven Park in August.
  14. Great stuff Andy! Me and Angela will be buying a copy tonight.
  15. When I read the team news a day or 2 ago and saw Connor Robinson was having a late fitness test I thought it was mind games and we'd see him lining up alongside Marsh, leading the team around. I feared the worst with an untested halfback pairing of Jubb and Marsh, then losing Rawsthorne and factor in a traditionally difficult ground and I think at 3pm today Barrow would've been slight favourites. To come away with any win is fantastic. Kevin Brown played well (apart from his break when he should've passed), thought Brinning had his best game since returning to York and Marsh for me was MOTM, huge game from him. But all players from 1-17 put in a shift, a good day out for those who made the trip. Barrow are an odd team, some big players but apart from little patches in the game don't play with enough intensity. Their fans should quite rightly be disappointed. 898 crowd with I reckon 80-100 from York. Fans and players having a drink together in the pub near the ground after the game. Leeds or Cas at home next will do me!
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