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  1. AB Knight

    Haven sunday

    This Sunday will tell us a hell of a lot about where we are as a team. If we want promotion we have to get over the poor form in Cumbria, no 2 ways about it. We've already seen Bradford come unstuck at Workington and I think both Town and Haven will have a big say in who goes up. Whitehaven have suffered a shock defeat at home to North Wales then followed that up with long trips to Catalans (where they competed for most of the 1st half) and London Skolars where they built up a big 1st half lead of 32-0 but then weren't exactly convincing and were outscored 26-12 in the 2nd half. This leads me to believe they are struggling a bit towards the end with fitness, something which the Knights seem to have in abundance this season. I have a feeling Adam Robinson will want to put in a big effort as always, especially as I believe he knocked on 3 (?) times in that playoff semi final. I'd like to see Mazive and Ash Robson playing on the wings because I'd fancy them to score against a potentially tiring Whitehaven. Likewise fingers crossed Kieren Moss is back at fullback although whether that means Cockayne then partners Connor is anyone's guess. Lots to look forward to, I'll be listening to it.
  2. Avg at West Wales is 306 this season, not that bad considering the scorelines.
  3. Definitely lots to build on at Coventry both on and off the pitch. Last season I estimated your away following at York to be 50 which isn't bad, and was more than the (estimated) away following of 3 other teams. Always had a soft spot for Coventry anyway as my first match as a York supporter was against Coventry back in 2016 on a Wednesday night.
  4. If I've worked it out right Coventry are averaging 281 this season, down from 366 last season but I think they'll finish with a 400 or so average especially as they still have a visit from Bradford to look forward to.
  5. AB Knight

    R10 Hemel

    Also nice to see a good number stayed for the women's game, maybe 200 stopped.
  6. AB Knight

    R10 Hemel

    Very professional performance, a good crowd of 987 when you consider minimal away support and magic weekend to contend with. Hard to pick a motm - Maskill, Marsh, Robson, Connor. Loved the effort and never say due attitude which brought up the 90 pts with the final try. Next week will be tough - hopefully we can get over our Cumbrian hoodoo (Askam in the cup aside).
  7. AB Knight


    Liam Harris scored on his FC debut too.
  8. AB Knight

    R10 Hemel

    If I've worked it out right, win by 60 and we go top tomorrow. Yes I know being top and points difference means nothing at this stage of the season but the more weeks we can spend at the top, the higher the profile of the club - not just in rugby league but hopefully the York area too, local people might wake up to their being a sports team in the area they can be proud of. Looking forward to tomorrow anyway :-)
  9. I think the York Knights twitter and facebook is good, a nice mix of humour (Harry Kane scoring for York!) while being informative. Also helps with the twitter providing match updates at pretty much every game. One thing I particularly like is they give both the time and score when they post twitter match updates e.g. 67mins Joe Batchelor Try 24-10. I know it's only a little thing, but it's frustrating with other teams when you are trying to look up a score and the update only says Try - J.Bloggs so you have to head over to the BBC live scores section, who are always 5 mins behind. Likewise it's ideal for matches when you're wondering approx how long is left. 1st world problems I know, but it all helps.
  10. Definitely. I'd also add I think he's wasted at fullback, seems too far away from the action there. Hopefully Radford can help develop him in the halves.
  11. AB Knight

    New Grounds.

    Yes, plus the new ground is situated near the A1237 ring road - if they ever make that into 2 lanes then access direct from the A64 will be easy. I think Bootham Crescent is one of the most difficult grounds to get parked at for RL, and I've been to most grounds. There are of course pay and display car parks not too far away (these are listed on the Knights website) but a lot of away supporters assume you can just turn up 15mins before kick off and find a spot. As Bulliac says, that's really not the case. Roll on the Community Stadium in 2019!
  12. First of all, I hope Liam does well at Hull FC, he is a talented player and seems a good egg too. But...his main problem is consistency. At York last season he was man of the match in the win against Toronto but faded after that, in some matches he was 9/10, but in too many matches you'd forget he was even on the pitch. He has a habit of running sideways in a Rangi Chase style, difficulty is half the time his team mates don't know what he's about to do next. Reading the Doncaster forum, similar comments - on fire against Hemel and Newcastle, anonymous against Bradford and York. Despite all this, I've gone for him as first try scorer against KR :-) It's now his chance to shine and show what he's capable of regardless of the opposition. If he can, FC have a very good player on their hands.
  13. AB Knight

    New Grounds.

    I don't think the location of the York stadium will be that much of an issue. Yes, people will struggle to walk there from the city centre so that might knock a few off the gate, but likewise at the current ground at a push I reckon there are only 50 free spaces on streets within the area, that surely discourages some fans from attending at the moment. Hopefully the club, York council and local businesses can work together and have shuttle buses linked up with some of the 6 park and ride sites dotted around the city ( (1 site is adjacent to the new stadium) - we have the largest park and ride scheme in the UK, buses running every 10mins. There are all kinds of possibilites, at the moment season tickets at the Knights are £140. Let's assume for the 2020 season York are in the new stadium and in the Championship (fingers crossed!). There could be a scheme as follows: 1. Season ticket £200. Gives you 25% discount on park and ride travel. 2. Season ticket + travel £230. Allows you free travel on the park and ride travel on a matchday. 3. Season ticket+travel+attractions £300. Free park and ride plus half price entry to local attractions on matchday (York Dungeon, Minster, Jorvik etc). Likewise similar offers could be offered on an individual matchday ticket to make it attractive to away fans. Just a few ideas, the Knights have worked wonders with the promoting and marketing so I'm sure they'll be on it. Exciting times!
  14. AB Knight

    2018 Squad

    Just read that Liam Harris has signed for Hull FC, makes you wonder who paid the fee in the first place to take him to Donny...... Reading their forum he's had some good games but never got going against York, anonymous against Bradford. Same as his time at York his consistency is lacking, but now he's got his Super League chance, possibly in the derby against KR this weekend. Now is the time for him to take his chance and shine.
  15. AB Knight

    2018 Squad

    A shame as he's a useful player and runs hard, but if he's not getting gametime then it's in his best interests to play elsewhere.