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  1. AB Knight

    swinton v salford

    I thought I'd missed something and the RFL had changed the league structure again!
  2. AB Knight

    Hull KR will continue with Knights partnership

    I actually meant they wouldn't have joined ahead of the 2018 season! I don't get inside info and quite right too, everyone loves a surprise 😁
  3. AB Knight

    Hull KR will continue with Knights partnership

    If the 2019 DR players put their body on the line like the DR class of 2018, we are onto a winner. Plus I don't think we'd have signed Marsh without the agreement between the two clubs, or convinced the likes of Cockayne and Horne to join. A good move, for the short term.
  4. That same statto can also say avg attendance at York were as follows: 2018 1628 2017 1088 2016 592 2015 428 2014 628 2013 735 That's a hell of an increase. Also of interest, just compare the top attendance in each season - 4281 in 2018, 2602 in 2017, 778 in 2016, 607 in 2015. As for 2019, I think 2500 is a good target. I have a feeling Knights will play the very first game at the new stadium which could see a good 6k+ turn up.
  5. AB Knight

    swinton v salford

    Am I missing something? Neither team is in the same league.
  6. Player of the year: Connor Robinson. Not much in it, the likes of Spears and Batchelor are all up there but without Connor's interceptions and goal kicking we'd have lost a few of those close games. Young player of the year: Not sure how old Brad Hey is but I'd go with him too, really bulked up his defence. Interestingly of the class of 2018 he has the most appearances for York (68, followed by Carter who's played 50 over the years) Most Improved: Going to give this to Connor again. I thought he struggled last season at times, he's been a different player this season. Best game: Simple - Bradford away! Highlight of the year: Seeing the attendance's grow, getting big crowds against Bradford, Catalans and Whitehaven. Memorable moment: I have 2. The build up to Whitehaven, things clicked into place that week with me getting a new job, a big crowd and York playing the game not the occasion. Also making a weekend of the trip to West Wales Raiders. Mind you there's something wrong when your passenger is having to check twitter every half hour to make sure the game hasn't been called off due to the doctor not turning up....here's hoping the Welsh club get sorted on and off the pitch in 2019! Also on a personal level being allowed to do a few pages in the programme was a great personal achievement for me. And a few more to add: Turning point of the season: Holding on to win at London Skolars. I wasn't at that game but I believe London were pushing hard at the end and had they got over the line, there would've been too many points between Bradford and York ahead of the Odsal showdown. Instead York held on and the rest is history. Comedy moment: Certain Hunslet fans saying theyd finish 2nd! Or John Kear's 'we have a chilling message for York' comment. Don't think I'll ever get my head round that one but thanks for the laughs John and I'm sure everyone connected with the two clubs look forward to renewing the rivalry in 2019.
  7. AB Knight

    England v France @ BC

    I was thinking the same. A few weeks ago I spent half an hour googling for details and gave up. Can't find anything other than its taking place at Bootham Crescent. I believe City are at home that day so it would have to be an evening job. I've kept the afternoon/evening free anyway.
  8. AB Knight

    2019 Season

    Would like Batley or Dewsbury. Still local but a more than winnable game to start off well. Then Bradford first game at the new stadium.
  9. Well played Bradford, will look forward to renewing the rivalry next season. Fair play to any Town fan going to all these games, if I've worked it out right they'll have played 4 away games in a row: Doncaster away, Doncaster away again (playoffs), Bradford away and now Swinton away. I have a feeling Swinton will just have enough to stay up.
  10. AB Knight

    All very quiet regarding council

    Would be great to see something planned, even if it's just an evening at the training facilities with a chance to see the trophies, a speech from James Ford etc. I know there's the end of season dinner which I'm sure will be a great event but something a bit less formal would be a good idea.
  11. AB Knight

    Favourite player?

    Only followed the club since 2016, but I liked watching Kris Brinning in that season. Otherwise Ed Smith and Tim Spears, neither take a backward step. Geoff Pryce has been in the club shop a few times this season and seems a really decent bloke.
  12. AB Knight


    True, but then I've seen in the club shop countless times this season where someone has liked the away shirt but not the home shirt, and vice versa, so they buy the one they like. If all we have is one shirt, and Joe Bloggs doesn't like it, that's £40 odd he's potentially spending elsewhere other than within the club, if others think along the same lines it affects player budgets. Like I say its all about maximising income (please let's have scarves in 2019!), the more different revenue streams from merch the better. That's also why you have some premier league clubs with at least 3, sometimes 4 different strips each season. On another note I wonder when a RL club last had just one strip?
  13. AB Knight


    2 shirts = more income. If it helps bring in another Tim Spears, perfect! Also with one strip there's always the potential for colour clash so I imagine it's in the rule book that a team must have a 2nd strip, so might as well maximise income by selling it. Black and amber for me, the Catalans shirt was great. Would like to keep the City part though.
  14. AB Knight

    Good things about this season

    Coventry and London Skolars beating heartland clubs. More clubs making use of social media - York, Bradford with live streaming etc. Our league app. York's rise on and off the pitch, I never thought they'd come this far when I first saw them struggling to a home win over Coventry in front of 452 just 2 years ago. Jon Flatman coming into the York club shop at a recent home match to thank all the volunteers for their efforts this season. Meeting different clubs fans throughout the season at Bootham Crescent. Special mentions to North Wales and Oldham supporters. Making weekends of York games in West Wales, Workington and Hemel and seeing club and world records set. Cas holding their own when it looked like after the first game they'd be the latest grand finalists to be in the middle 8s. Being part of a huge crowd at Elland Rd for the Cas - Leeds match. Also seeing Headingley take shape, looking like a nice stadium. Touching a 15ft snake at Odsal (insert joke here!). Comedy moment: Sanderson at Doncaster cupping his hand behind his ear to the York fans for no reason (he hadn't been goaded or anything) then dropping the ball a few sets later. There's a lot not right about rugby league at the moment but likewise there's plenty to be pleased about.
  15. AB Knight

    Shopping List

    Just to go even further, there's been a 280% increase in average crowds in the last 4 years. I don't keep records for the Championship (that will change in 2019!) but I assume the following teams averaged more than York for 2018: Bradford Featherstone Halifax Leigh Toulouse Toronto