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  1. AB Knight

    R21 West Wales vs World Record Holders YCK

    Just a quick update WK, Connor is now on 340 for the league campaign, 72 short of Danny Brough's record with 4 matches to go meaning he needs to avg 18 a game. Speaking to the man himself after the Hunslet game, he said "I want to beat Broughy's record!" Who'd bet against him achieving that?
  2. AB Knight

    Challenge 25

    Just looking at the total through the gates at Bootham Crescent this season...including the Catalans game there have been 19,333 total. With 2 home games to go against Oldham then Whitehaven, with the latter possibly being the one that seals promotion, I wonder if we can break 25,000 which would be a good achievement. Obviously if it comes down to the playoffs the 25k mark will be easily broken but it would be nice to go up as champions. I know promotion is a bigger achievement than any crowd figures but just a little something fun for us all to aim towards - bring a mate for the remaining matches and continue to make BC a fortress!
  3. AB Knight

    Bulls struggling again?

    Ah that will be the executive package Sir which includes a spa bath experience with Garry Schofield, a streamed match of your choice from Workington Town, a 'chilling' evening with Uncle John Kear and a place on the bench at a West Wales match. ;-)
  4. AB Knight

    Bulls struggling again?

    Yes, all U16's are free. I believe it's the same at a few NL1 clubs. It's a tough one, I've made my feelings known before on disliking £50 season tickets, but likewise £225 does seem a lot at this level, especially when you'll be paying even more if you don't want to get wet and would prefer to sit.. Obviously I know what Bradford are doing - making fans commit before they know which league they will be in. York have done exactly the same, having the early bird deadline before the season end, it's good marketing and helps the respective clubs budget for the following season. The difference is it's £169 for adults at York in 2019 regardless of whether promotion is achieved or not, and it comes with the bonus of a new stadium move in (hopefully) July 2019. I think Bradford will need a rethink on pricing or a successful end to the season to make the price worthwhile.
  5. AB Knight

    Big John’s post match interview.

    Also I think Uncle John needs to do some 'chilling' 😂
  6. AB Knight

    Season tickets

    If you go to the York St John University (just off Lord Mayors Walk) and ask at reception they'll direct you to the Knights temporary office...from memory a few weeks ago you go through the canteen, turn left then up a set of stairs. You might want to ring ahead though as it won't be open if they are out doing foundation work in the community - struggling to find the landline number for the temp office, Gav can you help?
  7. AB Knight

    Big John’s post match interview.

    If he can stay clear of injury. Classy player on his day but does seem like a lot of injuries are catching up with him now.
  8. Thanks West Wales/Angelic Cynic/Steve Parry/Llannelli. Not entirely sure what York need to say thank you for but at least there's no mention of DR, NRL players or the York Press this week so thank you again ;-) Well played Workington, sets things up nicely for the clash at Dewent Park a week on Sunday. I said at the start of the season if York are to go up they need to learn to win in Cumbria. If York do win at Worky, I believe they set a club record for consecutive wins, James Ford gets his 75th Knights victory and York then have one hand on the championship - with 1 away game in Hemel and 2 home matches against Oldham and Whitehaven...not that any of those matches will be easy but York have lost just 1 home match this season and that was in controversial circumstances. So as I say, sets things up nicely, will Workington be streaming the match?! As for Bradford, not that I'm criticising their structure as their fans will be hurting today and don't need digs but for me, £23 (or whatever it is) is too much for League 1 rugby. Also constantly messing around moving some home matches to Friday and Saturday is disrespectful to their loyal supporters.
  9. AB Knight

    Poor poor Hunslet side today

    Worst kicking game I've seen from an opposition side this season apart from West Wales. DFJ is a talented player but his talents are wasted when he hardly gets any ball, thought the Hunslet halfbacks would've linked up better with him, especially as they ripped York to shreds earlier in the season. Your MOTM was Mvududu who ran hard and looked dangerous, he took a huge (and fair) hit from Edwards but fair play to him for getting straight back up and carrying on.
  10. AB Knight

    And now onto Hunslet.

    Fantastic win, I'm guessing that is Hunslet's biggest defeat of the season. Hunslet's kicking game and last play options were dreadful, I counted 2 kicks straight out of play, only once did they reclaim the short kick off and that was because we were somewhat harshly penalised and the number of times they tried to run it on the last but got caught in possession was poor. I'd go so far as to say the only team I've seen with a poorer kicking game this season was West Wales. You could see DFJ getting frustrated so chose to kick through himself which he messed up, he looked wasted in that Hunslet side. Good crowd too, obviously our Hunslet friends are going for 2nd spot this season so it was a good vocal 'dual' between the sets of supporters. Hard to pick a MOTM. I'd give it to Connor but Edwards had a cracking game and that tackle on Hunslet's number 4 (Mvududu) was a beauty, as they say down under. He actually went for a similar tackle earlier on and missed, but you just knew he wasn't going to miss the next time. Fair play to Mvududu who got up and carried on, thought he was by far the most dangerous Hunslet player and their standout player.
  11. AB Knight


    I've been waffling on these last few weeks about there being another twist this season, and that was it! Still a long way to go but it's in the players hands now. It sets things up very nicely for the Workington trip. I said at the very start of the season if York are to go up they need to learn to win in Cumbria. I believe if York do win at Workington it sets a Knights record for consecutive win - we could've set that record earlier in the season but lost in Cumbria (at Whitehaven). Also a win at Workington will be James Ford's 75th win. A huge game, should be a good crowd...any chance of it being streamed live ;-)
  12. AB Knight


    Plus it would be good physio to aid her recovery!
  13. AB Knight

    Game Day

    I just hope they are happy now they are challenging for the playoffs instead of battling with London for the League 1 shield in front of 400. See, both clubs have improved!
  14. AB Knight

    Game Day

    The bear has had his porridge and is just finishing a bottle of whiskey but predicts York by 16. He can't stop laughing at the following exchange on the Hunslet facebook page: 'Not really sure how York went from been bankrupt to joint top of league 1, in space of 12 months' 'Two words dule reg' i hope when the new stadium is finished the council 'dule' the A1237
  15. AB Knight

    And now onto Hunslet.

    I've done it again, picked Josh Tonks as one to watch in the match preview and apparently not playing (holiday). Hunslet fans a bit quiet this week...I know some of them were predicting they'd finish 2nd but it's not been a bad season for them surely? ;-)