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  1. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Might need to rethink my prediction! Love the buzz it's created, and shows what can be done for the profile of the sport when everyone is pulling together.
  2. I wasn't there, but did manage to listen to it on the radio and I've seen the highlights. I'm not too concerned at the close win - last year, in our near-conquering season () we were 22-10 down at home to Widnes who at the time were bottom and in the end 'only' won 32-22, hardly a convincing win. So likewise Sundays non convincing win isn't something to be too down about. I said pre season I don't think we'll be near the top again, but likewise Sunday showed we are unlikely to be the latest Grand Finalists to be in the Middle 8s come the end of the season. I think we are good for 5th or 6th position. The Hardaker situation is frustrating, I wish we could cut our losses and move on. The uncertainty doesn't help. It did sound an odd game - DP will be happy to have won, yet frustrated that with the first half possession and second half being 13-6 up we couldn't close the game out in a better manner. Betts will be happy to have pushed Cas all the way but annoyed that after a good first win, they couldn't follow it up against a somewhat out of sorts Cas team - it's not the first time his Widnes team should have performed that little bit better against Cas.
  3. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    I'm going for 3001-3500.
  4. Bradford Game

    Likewise anywhere between 3,000 and 3,500 would be fantastic. I think we need to put the Toronto game into context though - it was a nice summer day, York were in good form, Toronto were undefeated but looked to have a few growing weaknesses, and a transatlantic game has a bit more of a buzz factor and is easier to sell. Bradford on a cold February afternoon, where we don't know how either team will fare isn't quite the same draw but Bradfords away following (I remember when they used to bring 4-5K to Cas!) should ensure a big crowd. I'll go for 3205.
  5. Championship 1 odds

    Well the bookies are clearly wrong because Hunslet are supposed to finish 2nd Looks about right anyway, Bradford are quite rightly favourites and then you have a whole host of teams who could snatch 2nd including York. Think Newcastle are an outside shot but like others here I don't bet!
  6. Butler Fleming

    Always a pity when a quality player leaves. Hopefully the fee helps the club, what I'm concerned about though is the squad will be well underway with preparing for the Bradford match, they'll have been working on tactics, set plays, strategies etc and that's now likely to be fed straight to Bradford - for whom JBF might play. Would've liked to see some agreement whereby JBF can't play for Bradford on Dual Reg in this upcoming match, but then I'm not the one negotiating. Onwards and upwards.....
  7. Toronto (Merged threads)

    I'd hate to see that part of banter removed from rugby league. It reminds me years ago of those Liverpool fans who slated Gary Neville all match, Manchester Utd then scored a late winner(as usual) and he of course celebrated/gestured to the Liverpool fans....some of whom then made official complaints to the police. Same happened I believe with Ginola. One of the best bits of banter I've ever witnessed was Barrie McDermott walking back towards the Wheldon Road end at Cas after Leeds had scored. He was getting a lot of abuse as normal. He got in position with his back to that stand, turned his head round, gave a grin then stuck 2 fingers up behind his back. Harmless banter which goes both ways.
  8. Bradford Game

    For everyone asking, this is the info I've been given - I'm sure the club will put out some more matchday information nearer the time: Eventbrite will not be collected on the day. There will be a ticket only turnstile for each stand which will accept both Eventbrite & paper tickets only.
  9. York vs Hunslet

    What was the Pop Stand Choir? Before my time, I imagine!
  10. New Cup for 2018.

    Looks good, I've made a note of the dates.
  11. Dual reg

    In an ideal world, it would be a team of York home-grown players pushing the club to promotion and beyond. Maybe that's something that can be achieved in the future. In the meantime, I'm happy seeing the club use whatever means they can to gain an advantage, so long as it's not unsporting (which DR isn't). Barrow and Keighley fans can say what they want, they have their own way of doing things and good luck to them - although to the Barrow fan on here, hope Barrow embrace the Toronto experience this year on and off the pitch I'm interested also to see James Ford got to spend the day with Tim Sheens at the Hull KR vs Hull FC match, learning first hand from a coach of his calibre is invaluable and can only benefit York.
  12. 2018 Squad

    I like all the work that's been put into the club and I think it's heading in a great direction. However it would be great to have something a bit more special when players of a stature like Jonny Presley and Ed Smith leave the club - players who've given many many years of service. I'm not saying the club should retire their shirt numbers, rename a stand and announce a public holiday (that would be nice!), but something like getting them along to a fans forum (assuming they've left on good terms) and allowing the York fans to publicly show their appreciation, or getting them on the pitch at half time at a match this season to say a few words. I understand contract negotiations work differently in NL1 compared to SL, there are different timeframes etc but at Cas all the players confirmed as leaving the club give a little thankyou over the microphone following the last home match, it gives everyone in the ground an opportunity to give a proper farewell. I always think it's a nice touch, but maybe that's just me :-)
  13. Tonight's game

    Neither, but I believe he could cover all 4 wing/centre positions if need be.
  14. Predictions for league 1

    Hope so. A pity I'm busy for the Keepmoat game. Donny brought very good support to both matches at BC, only topped by the three Cumbrian teams and Toronto (who allegedly don't have any away support!).
  15. Tonight's game

    Forgot about Ben Cockayne! Either way I think Saxton brings a lot of reliability, maybe even centre if need be?