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  1. AB Knight

    Toulouse Away

    I was at that Cas game too, seem to remember they'd switched venues so had to put coaches on, we stopped in Barcelona and drove over. My dad and sister did the club package only for the flight to be cancelled from Doncaster and they couldn't go. Great town/city though (Carcassone not Donny!).
  2. AB Knight


    Good set of fixtures, just 3 I can't attend (Toronto away, Toulouse away and the Summer Bash). Bit frustrating the Toulouse home game is a Saturday as I work that day but I'll just have to get my skates on. If the first game at the new stadium is against Bradford, that suits me. I expect that to be the first competitive fixture there as City's season doesn't start while August, coupled with a big following from Bradford and I boldly predict that will be a sellout. I notice it's a Saturday evening at 6pm, possibly televised? Plenty to look forward to.
  3. AB Knight

    Bulls V York.

    Would be nice to have a decent boxing day fixture but I'm more interested in the Yorkshire Cup, not seen even a rumour about it let alone anything official. I wonder whether its confirmed.
  4. AB Knight

    Attendances - Updated R19

    I think with even bigger away support (as well as more home fans) next season the average should be pushing 2500 which would be a fantastic effort. No reason why the fixtures against Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax, Toronto and Widnes can't break 2,500 alone. One of the City fans who comments on York Press (he always has a dig at James Ford) reckons the Knights estimate their home crowds which is rubbish. I don't care what he think, one club is on the up, the other is treating its paying customers with contempt, just look at the condescending Q+A session on the Press.
  5. AB Knight

    2019 squad

    Ormondroyd has the right attributes and size but seems to be one of those players who knocks on too often. Would be happy with Danny Tickle, very experienced, still plenty to offer at this level and decent goal kicking if Connor is ever injured.
  6. AB Knight

    Good luck in the championship.

    Only improvement I'd like to see is a matchday park and ride linking up with other park and ride sites, perhaps a bus picking up from Askham Bar or Designer, and one from Poppleton then going directly to the ground. Means away fans and those Knights followers who live on the outskirts or outside of the city aren't having to faff about changing buses after they've parked up.
  7. AB Knight

    Attendances - Updated R19

    A few City fans wondered what the Knights average crowds are this season. I've worked out the difference between the clubs, makes for interesting reading (perhaps!): City Avg 2013-14: 3773 Knights Avg 2013: 735 Difference +3038 City 14-15: 3554 Knights 14: 628 +2926 City 15-16: 3218 Knights 15: 428 +2790 City 16-17: 2570 Knights 16: 592 +1978 City 17-18: 2755 Knights 17: 1088 +1687 City 18-19 (so far): 2557 Knights 18: 1628 +929
  8. AB Knight

    Press Coverage.

    Not saying I'm responsible, but last month I dropped an email to Local Link magazine about the on and off field progress at the Knights getting zero coverage while there's an in depth report of York City's latest defeat to the Dog and Duck FC. Lo and behold in this months issue there's a nice feature. Progress!
  9. AB Knight

    2019 squad

    Pleased with that, I get the feeling there's a lot more to come from Judah.
  10. AB Knight

    2019 squad

    Don't know much about Marcus Stock but I thought Jason Bass was Coventry's MOTM at Bootham, think I had him as one to watch in that game. Promising player.
  11. AB Knight

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    I keep seeing Hull KR lumped into the teams with poor fan base category. Can anyone confirm their averages over the years? I'm sure in the season just gone it was 7-8k.
  12. AB Knight

    New Grounds.

    Fully agree, my only issue with Headingley is with the new stands they don't seem to have planned for any future expansion, which I think at some point they'll need. Still one of my favourite grounds in rugby league, and I'd settle for even 1 new stand being built at a new stadium by Cas, let alone 3. On a similar note I long for the day Cas, Wakefield and the council put aside any differences and threats of legal action and work together to build a new stadium in Normanton.
  13. AB Knight

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    I think a big factor is making it attractive enough for some to want to stay all weekend. I can't see many rushing to book hotel rooms if it was in Doncaster or Halifax! York would be ideal, a great city for a weekend break and the new stadium will have great transport links (park and ride buses are every 10mins). The right size capacity at 8k. Newcastle Kingston Park is a nice enough ground but seems a bit far from the centre with not much to do around the place, I've visited once and it just seemed to be in the middle of lots of housing (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Holding it at the same time as magic would be ridiculous. Headingley would be my 2nd choice but the ground is perhaps too big. Knowing the RFL they'll pick Cas Vegas or Keighley instead :-)
  14. AB Knight

    The future of League One

    One of the most sensible ideas I've seen here for ages. That would make sense, because for every Hemel there's a Coventry who are steadily progressing, and a system like that helps them progress. Obviously there'd be a few location issues to resolve - I assume the Cumbrian clubs could go in the Lancashire league, Newcastle in the Yorkshire league...not sure which league Coventry would go in, I get the feeling they'd prefer to be facing Hunslet, Doncaster each week than West Wales and Skolars. It also replicates football by having a clear pyramid from the lower leagues right up to the top which I think is good for the game.
  15. AB Knight

    2018 Player Stats - Updated R16

    Yep, here you go: NAME - APPS - TRYS (T) - GOALS (G) - DROP GOALS (DG) Joe Batchelor 27 23T Jake Butler Fleming 6 Harry Carter 12 4T Matt Chilton 5 5T Ben Cockayne 27 11T Will Dagger 4 3T Ronan Dixon 18 6T Rory Dixon 2 James Donaldson 1 1T Joel Edwards 7 2T Andy Ellis 20 3T Dan Hawksworth 15 3T Brad Hey 25 8T Graeme Horne 23 9T Liam Jackson 5 1T Josh Johnson 6 1T Josh Jordan-Roberts 8 3T Will Jubb 18 5T Mike Kelly 14 8T Matty Marsh 12 10T Danny Maskill 3 1T Judah Mazive 18 16T Kieren Moss 10 14T Jake Normington 7 2T Will Oakes 10 6T Jack Ormondroyd 8 2T Joe Porter 28 7T Adam Robinson 22 3T Connor Robinson 28 13T 182G 4DG Ash Robson 26 18T 17G Colton Roche 5 Tommy Saxton 2 Sam Scott 24 8T Chris Siddons 13 2T Aaron Smith 3 4T Tim Spears 24 6T Jordan Walne 6 Perry Whiteley 2 3T  TOP TRY SCORERS 1. Joe Batchelor 23 2. Ash Robson 17 3. Judah Mazive TOP GOALSCORERS 1. Connor Robinson 182 2. Ash Robson 17 TOP POINTSCORERS 1. Connor Robinson 420pts (13T, 182G, 4DG) 2. Ash Robson 106pts (18T, 17G) 3. Joe Batchelor 92 pts (23T)