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  1. Great all round performance. Great to see Whitely take those chances, a bit more consistency and he can become a very good winger, certainly got the power and speed for it. Not seen the crowd announced yet, I'm guessing 1500-1600.
  2. His experience will help us a lot, pleased with this.
  3. 5 days to go! Looking forward to this one.. Harrogate York Knights: Q+A with James Ford 17th June 7.30pm. FREE Empress Pub, 10 Church Square, Harrogate, HG1 4SP
  4. Just updated this after last weekend. Looking at the average attendances, would be good to see a big push and overtake the avg crowds at Fev and Halifax, we'd then have the 6th biggest average. Hopefully with big games (and crowds!) against Bradford and Fev we can achieve this.
  5. AB Knight


    Definitely a case of what if. Cannot fault the effort of any of the players, just look at the way at the final whistle a lot of them fell to their knees. 100% effort and attitude from every single one. Apart from the obvious not dealing with restarts I think we are too honest - time and time again when the opposition put a kick up near our line we actually compete to get the ball, often knocking it on or letting the other side get it (which led to the final try for Tolouse today I believe). Just do what every other team does, jump for the ball, get minimal contact, go down in a heap, get the penalty. It's not right but if you can't beat em, join em! Referee - I'd have to see that final try again, where I was stood he looked to knock it on. Does feel like the James Child show at times, he's the only ref who would ignore every restart where players are in front of the kicker then ping for one in the 80th minute giving a side a shot at goal. Maximum drama, zero consistency. A final word for Toulouse, ok they weren't anything special but to come to York and be without their 2 players for most of the match takes a lot of grit so well done to them. Reminded me of the way York battled out wins at the likes of Donny, Workington etc last season. I would not be surprised if they shocked Toronto in the playoff final...if York don't get there that is Crowd - noisiest I've heard BC all season, looked to be around 1900. New songs too, more of the same please!
  6. Damn....that was my only chance of getting to the game on time as I'm working till 2.30pm that day.
  7. White Knight, that sounds like one of my post rounds! I hope the shuttle bus idea is being looked at as a matter of urgency. I've said it before, but with the buzz the ground creates for the first season or two we'll see an increase in travelling support. We'll also (hopefully) see even more York fans turn up but most will know what bus to get, where they can park etc thanks to local knowledge. Last thing we want is 2000 Bradford fans or 1000 Widnes fans competing to get one of the parking spaces at the ground. And again we can't expect away fans to navigate various park and ride systems across town. Really need a shuttle bus linking up with strategic P+R stops and middle of the city centre such as the station. First impressions are everything, you only have to look at the reputation the Salford stadium has, even though things have supposedly improved there many away (and home!) fans won't go because they still believe it takes 1+ hourw to get out of the car park after the match. Those running both clubs need to realise if someone is unable to park, ends up having to leave it in the Asda car park and gets fined they won't be back. Let's make it as simple as possible.
  8. Updated after today's 1664 cup round.
  9. The York game finished 30-16, crowd 797. Newcastle competed well and took the lead, a big side with some good players, like their season they struggled to perform consistently otherwise it could've been closer. York will be pleased with the result, potential banana skin which they never looked like losing.
  10. Bet it's Widnes away again!
  11. Crowd 797 apparently. Biggest crowd in the cup so far?
  12. Bit of a stop start game, some good tries though and it wasn't as close as I thought. Joe Porter has really stepped up in recent weeks, Brinning back to his best, VaiVai played well and Oakes has definitely improved since he was at York last season. Appreciative crowd, guessing it was about 900-1000.
  13. Bradford dumped out of the challenge cup by Halifax...at least they won the Bradford - Leeds cup
  14. Looks a strong side, Newcastle have been very up and down this season. Think the crowd might just scrape 1,000, hoping for a Knights win, and especially one that doesn't go to the wire!
  15. These are worthwhile events, a chance to meet fellow Knights fans and have a Q+A session (previous guests include Ben Cockayne, Mark Applegarth and JJR). Relaxed atmosphere, no agenda, just good fun. The Empress pub does a good selection of beer too!
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