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  1. I remember that game at Carlisle RU Phil, I think it was Brett Mcs debut and he absolutely smashed Stuart Rhodes who looked totally shocked that this scrawny kid had hit him so hard!! It wasnt on a par with when he flattened Barrie McDermott at CP and Barrie got up and shook his hand but it was still very impressive for a 17 year old! The dog track at Doncaster we played at in 1996 and 1997 was called The Meadow Court Stadium and I think we lost both times, once heavily and once narrowly.
  2. Eric Wood tells me he has seen Barrow play against York at 4 different grounds namely Wiggington Road, Huntingdon Stadium, Boothan Crescent and Heworth ARLFC. Also 4 different grounds against Hunslet, South Leeds Stadium, Parkside, Elland Road Greyhound Stadium, Elland Road Football Ground. Recent visits have included the Racecourse Ground (North Wales) and West Hull in the cup. Cardiff Arms Park (south wales) in 1996. Not certain but I think we played Bramley at Leeds RU that season too. Going further back we played at Barley Mow (Bramley) in the 60s and Stanley Track and Knotty Ash (Liverpool Stanley/City) in the 50s/60s. The Zooligigical Gardens at Belle Vue (Belle Vue Rangers) in the 50s and probably most Surprising of all we played Leigh in 3 friendlies at Newton Abbot, Cambourne and Penzance, (Cornwall) in June 1947. I bet Eric was at those 3!!!!!! Anymore for anymore?????
  3. We didnt play at Valley Parade or Roots Hall but did play at Ninian Park, Cardiff (Cardiff Blue Dragons), Owlerton and Don Valley (Sheffield), Whitebank (Oldham) Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium (Fulham) and Parkside (Hunslet).
  4. Have also seen Barrow play at Brewery Field, Bridgend (Crusaders), Grundy Hill, Horwich (Chorley Borough) Well, "seen" is stretching it a bit here as the game was played in thick fog and you couldnt actually see much at all!. Field Mill (Mansfield Marksman) and we also played Mansfield at Alfreton Town FC but I didnt go to that one. Blackpool Mechanics FC (Blackpool Gladiators) where Keith Pemberton invented and perfected the "Millom Sidestep". Houghton Road, Sutton (Highfield) home of the worlds narrowest greyhound track. Prescott Cables FC (Prescott Panthers) where an irate Geoff Fletcher threw myself, Andy and Yorkie (RIP) out of the boardroom where the players refreshments were being served after being snook in by Phil Everett and Gary Spenceley, Happy days!! Gigg Lane, Bury (Swinton). Moss Lane, Altrincham, Trafford Borough and finally bringing things right up to date this season the Athletics Stadium at Doncaster. Also I seem to remember Barrow playing at Doncaster Rovers former ground, Belle Vue, sometime in the late 90s. I didnt go but does anyone remember that?????
  5. I guess it could be either Pete but I know which is the better song!!
  6. Not that I can recall Pete. I remember we played Roose at Roose in a pre season friendly in 1990 but other than that nothing springs to mind. To paraphrase those fabulous Motown brothers The Temptations I think its "Just your imagination running away with you".
  7. Thanks Pete, really appreciated. I always said you were a true gent!
  8. Bit of a long shot this but Im struggling! Has anyone got a spare programme from the recent London Skolars v Barrow game? My usual ultra reliable sources (through no fault of their own I might add) couldnt get me one. Happy to pay all costs etc. If you want to contact me direct my number is 07807185855. Fingers crossed, Cheers, Steve.
  9. Close.... but no cigar!! haha
  10. Very good Pete, I was going to award you the ten pints, sorry points, untill I realised you got the info from that superb publication "Keeping the Dream Alive" so Im claiming them all back!! Top marks for dogged persistance, no marks for brazen cheek!! Haha!
  11. Excellent stuff Pete. For an extra ten points tell me the two Barrow players who made their only first team appearance in this game, one of which scored a try.