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  1. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Yes I do Pemby, it was bloody freezing! If I remember rightly it was Steve Norton's last game in charge before Paul Kavanagh took over.
  2. Wolpack v Barrow game info required

    Thanks for all your help John. I will contact Paul accordingly. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Wolpack v Barrow game info required

    Thats teriffic John and really appreciated.
  4. Wolpack v Barrow game info required

    Hi John, Thanks for your reply, It is a programme for the forthcoming game on September 9th that Im looking to get. I already have a programme from the game played in May. Thanks, Steve
  5. Away Day Blues

    Talking of wins at Humberside, what do you remember of the amazing 1-0 at Hull KR in 1994 Phil?
  6. Away Day Blues

    We actually scored 3 drop goals in that semi final v Warrington in 83. There was one each for Dave Cairns, Ian Ball and Mossy. Even though I was at the game (one of the very few Barrow fans who were as it was mid week and we were expected to get smashed!) I cant remember who got the third one. I do remember the score wasnt 18-18 at the time it went over though as Barrow had something like a 19-10 or so lead and the Wires came roaring back late on. Dave Elliott who was standing in for the injured Steve Tickle made two amazing, try saving tackles on John Fieldhouse and Bob Eccles in the dying minutes to seal the win. I do remember Barrow playing at Hull in the Regal Trophy in 94, I think the score was something like 26-14 to Hull which was a very creditable result at the time.
  7. Wolpack v Barrow game info required

    As a keen programme collector I was wondering if it was possible to buy a match programme directly from the club for the forthcoming Wolfpack v Barrow Raiders game? In the game earlier in the season a friend who attended the game kindly brought one back for me but unfortunately he is not attending the game this time. If the club are unlikely to offer this service would one of your fans be willing to kindly obtain one and post it to me? I would of course be happy to pay all costs involved. All the best, Steve.
  8. Away Day Blues

    Just out of interest Phil, I think you will have played at Hull but did you ever play at the other three grounds (Headingley, Knowsley Road or Odsal)?
  9. Away Day Blues

    Well done KeithB, bang on!
  10. Away Day Blues

    Good effort Morty, one team correct but not in the right order Im afraid. Youre right Keith, so heres a few clues. Team A are a Lancashire club who have moved to a new ground in recent seasons. We did manage a draw there in a cup game in the 80s too. Team B are a Yorks club who are still at the same ground as when we last won there. Plenty of people who read this forum will have visited this ground in the last 12 months. Team C had their lowest ever crowd, just 324, when we won there in 1963 by 0-29. Team D have also fairly recently switched grounds. Our last win there came in controversial fashion in an RL Cup tie when we won 6-5. Hope that helps!
  11. Away Day Blues

    Whilst checking a query for a fan earlier this week, I was looking at our club records and noticed there are 4 current professional clubs that we have not beaten at their grounds for a very long time indeed. Purely for a bit of fun see if you can name the following four clubs in question. There are no tricks here, each one of these clubs has been visited at least 10 times (in some cases many more than that) since we last gained a victory there. League and Cup games only (friendlies, charity games, testimonial games etc not included). A The last time we beat this club away was incredibly March 1946. B We have not beaten this club away since November 1956. C Not a single away win against this club since November 1963. D A dozen fruitless trips to this clubs ground since our last win in March 1967. Remember, all four clubs are current professional clubs and Barrow have played them away many, many times since our last victory there. Also, Im pleased to say, we have beaten all 4 at home since we last beat them away!!
  12. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    I dont remember them Mike, Ive just read about them haha. Daveh, if you didnt already know, is one of the authors of that interesting little booklet "Keeping the Dream Alive" so should be believed implicitly at all times and without exception!!!!His knowledge of the clubs history pre 1930 is far better than mine. The research he has done over the years is little short of amazing. One day he may share his findings with us................
  13. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Heres some others that are so long ago only Eric Wood and Mike Ashton will remember them!! We played 3 friendlies in 1952 and 1953 at a ground called "The Oval" inside Stanley Park, Blackpool. The games were against Salford (twice) and Huddersfield. The games were to drum up support for the soon to be elected to the rugby league, Blackpool Borough club. "The Oval" was originally going to be Boroughs home ground but they made an 11th hour decision to play at The Stadium, St Annes Road and stayed there until about 1963 when they moved to the purpose built Borough Park. We played friendlies in 1945 (v Wigan) and 1947 (v Salford) at the Giant Axe Ground at Lancaster, both attracted good crowds and both were lost narrowly. I think we also played at least one pre war charity game there too. We played a league game v Leigh at Holden Road Athletics Grounds, Leigh on 8/2/47 which was their temporary ground for a single season whilst Hilton Park was being built. They played at a ground called Mather Lane pre war where Barrow would have visited regularly. Another ground we would have visited regularly until their demise in 1939 was City Road, home of St Helens Recs. The amateur club Pilkington Recs are a direct decendant of this once successful pro club. three more grounds in the Capital were also visited in the 30s. Firstly the White City Stadium (close to QPRs Loftus Road) was visited by us when we played London Highfield in April 1934. Acton & Willesden who played at the Park Royal Stadium, Acton got a visit on 12/10/35 and we played Streatham & Mitcham twice at the Mitcham Stadium in 1936 (one of the games was farcically in the Lancashire Cup!) Finally we played Llanelli (Welsh amateur league club) over two legs in the first round on the RL Challenge Cup in Feb 1951 winning both legs comfortably but Ive no idea what the Welsh clubs ground was called.
  14. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    I remember that game at Carlisle RU Phil, I think it was Brett Mcs debut and he absolutely smashed Stuart Rhodes who looked totally shocked that this scrawny kid had hit him so hard!! It wasnt on a par with when he flattened Barrie McDermott at CP and Barrie got up and shook his hand but it was still very impressive for a 17 year old! The dog track at Doncaster we played at in 1996 and 1997 was called The Meadow Court Stadium and I think we lost both times, once heavily and once narrowly.
  15. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Eric Wood tells me he has seen Barrow play against York at 4 different grounds namely Wiggington Road, Huntingdon Stadium, Boothan Crescent and Heworth ARLFC. Also 4 different grounds against Hunslet, South Leeds Stadium, Parkside, Elland Road Greyhound Stadium, Elland Road Football Ground. Recent visits have included the Racecourse Ground (North Wales) and West Hull in the cup. Cardiff Arms Park (south wales) in 1996. Not certain but I think we played Bramley at Leeds RU that season too. Going further back we played at Barley Mow (Bramley) in the 60s and Stanley Track and Knotty Ash (Liverpool Stanley/City) in the 50s/60s. The Zooligigical Gardens at Belle Vue (Belle Vue Rangers) in the 50s and probably most Surprising of all we played Leigh in 3 friendlies at Newton Abbot, Cambourne and Penzance, (Cornwall) in June 1947. I bet Eric was at those 3!!!!!! Anymore for anymore?????