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  1. Cameron Highlander

    Viewing party

    Can't swing it this Sunday Robert. You'll need to "Party Hearty" without me. Enjoy.
  2. Cameron Highlander

    Vegan Warrior Joins TWP

    Good reply ojx. Were you at 3 B's today? I had a good afternoon there. Re-connected with "old" fans and met up with some "new" fans.
  3. Cameron Highlander

    Toronto Wolfpack v Widnes Vikings (at Newcastle)

  4. Cameron Highlander

    Toronto Wolfpack v Widnes Vikings (at Newcastle)

    OK. You missed a G-R-E-A-T afternoon.
  5. Cameron Highlander

    Toronto Wolfpack v Widnes Vikings (at Newcastle)

    U.K. at 5:00 P.M. and 12 NOON time in Canada
  6. Cameron Highlander

    Toronto Wolfpack v Widnes Vikings (at Newcastle)

    You coming down from "Groundhog" country for the party at 3 B's?
  7. Cameron Highlander

    Positive CBC Article

    To the 5 posters on this thread. I know that you are all (as am I) TWP supporters, and you appreciate all that they and David are trying to achieve WRT expanding the game. And I'm quite appreciative too of the fact that most of the negativity towards TWP stays away from "our" TWP Forum threads and resides in the "General" Forum threads. Which brings me to my point. The last thread/topic specifically about TWP in the General Forum was one called "Salford start legal proceedings.........against Toronto" started by Harry Stottle on February 5. Gents, that is a whole NINE DAYS AGO. I've been on these forums since July 2017 and I believe that I'd be correct in saying that there would not have been a spell of 9 consecutive days without a thread being started in the "General" Forum about the Toronto Wolfpack. Does this indicate that the negative types are tiring of the TWP baiting sport or is it just pure coincidence? I dearly hope it's the former because the negativity really starts to wear one down. Thoughts/comments?
  8. Cameron Highlander

    Watching Super League and NRL in Toronto

    Well said ChoboMog.............from a totally Non-Tech Savvy fan.
  9. Cameron Highlander

    Olsi Krasniqi

    Robert, if you go up the page on here to the Bulls Forum they have a link to the Telegraph and Argus Newspaper story on this. It says its for one month which make sense to me.
  10. Cameron Highlander

    Pre-season friendlies

    You and PoorHousePete were closer than I. The lead article here (as of now) calls it at 1954. Moi thinks that is pretty p-poor for a testimonial match for a 10+ year player.
  11. Cameron Highlander

    Pre-season friendlies

    But they sold 6K in Season Tickets....I'd have expected at least that in attendance.
  12. Cameron Highlander

    Brett Carter drunken high jinks

    Boys will be boys........he's 30 years old!!!
  13. Cameron Highlander

    TWP and ISC

    A fiver from me also.
  14. Cameron Highlander

    TV deal

    I hope you are correct Robert. Time will tell.
  15. Cameron Highlander

    TV deal

    I'm hung up/confused/troubled by the wording that I've BOLDED above. To me, the connotation here is that MLSE (as a host), are equal partners with the City in Lamport Stadium, and that TWP are kinda lucky that they are being allowed to play their games there. TWP's wording is just too deferential for my liking.