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  1. Cameron Highlander

    McDermott In As New Coach

    Ex Royal Marine too. My take on that is that we can say goodbye to "ill-discipline" on the field, which IMHO can only be a positive for the team and the organization.
  2. Cameron Highlander

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    That's OK.
  3. Cameron Highlander

    Rowley leaves Toronto

    There is a separate THREAD on just exactly that!!!!
  4. Cameron Highlander

    2019 Early Season games

    Arrows games are ALL on Sundays. So far, TWP have managed to avoid Sunday home games.
  5. Cameron Highlander

    Paul Rowley fell for his trolling.......LOL. But you have given a pretty good synopsis here of the Championship next year.
  6. Cameron Highlander

    Team for next season

    Krzzystuff......I think the rules preclude teams from loaning a player(s) to another team in the same Division. Willing to be proved wrong though.
  7. Cameron Highlander

    Million pound game

    Looking forward to quaffing a glass with you......... communion wine perhaps?
  8. That's good news John......from the RFL. To your knowledge, have we seen similar yet from SLE?
  9. WWD - thanks for this. And yes, re. Para. 2, understand where you're coming from. Should TWP win on Sunday, I await with not a little bit of trepidation what the fallout/ramifications might be from SL(E).
  10. Genuine question WWD........why would there need to be an emergency board meeting of the SL?
  11. Cameron Highlander

    Season ticket holders appreciation event Sept 17

    Bolding is mine. I'm not young enough!!!!
  12. I read it as each 2018 S.T. holder will have 2 free tickets, plus each 2019 S.T. purchaser will have 1 free ticket. For the missus and I that means 6 T's for Sunday's game. And we are only two of us....... Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Cameron Highlander

    Season ticket holders appreciation event Sept 17

    John, I can't keep up with this. The missus and I will have 2 T's each for being S.T. members this year plus another 1 T each for renewing for next year. That's 6 T's for next Sunday game.....on Thanksgiving Sunday no less. I'm going to have a hard time finding folks that want the 4 surplus T's. I imagine that you and your "better half" will be in the same situation.
  14. OK then.....we will all be there then at Lamport next Sunday.