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  1. Cameron Highlander

    RL on Canadian TV

    Why are you guys not considering a top 3 finish? Beat Widnes and Leeds (K-Man considers that to be a "given"), and we're on 10 points and that might give us a top 3 dependant on other results and points difference. I'd prefer that to the do or die of the MPG. Think positive guys.
  2. It'll be fine. The weather gods shall shine upon us.
  3. Bolding above is mine and to me is the key. IMHO TWP should be sitting on 8 points, not 4!!!!
  4. Cameron Highlander

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    Thread subject getting derailed!!!
  5. Cameron Highlander

    Salford sep 8

    Thanks for the insight. I did not realize things were so bad financially.........only 1 profitable Superleague club then. And it fighting to retain its' SL status in the Qualifiers.
  6. Cameron Highlander

    Salford sep 8

    Astute and accurate observations Bearman. I've Bolded your last sentence. I'm interested in what you believe Mr. Argyle's response should/might/needs to be to counter the conspiracy threat from the Superleague clubs. Thanks in advance.
  7. Looks like Salford/U.K. got a rival for "the Donald". What a jerk. And it gets 211"Likes"........JHC!
  8. Cameron Highlander

    toronto question

    For safety reasons each stand (West and East) is capped (oooooh there's a dirty word) at 4,800. You'd likely be able to shoe-horn 5,550 maybe 6,000 into each stand though.
  9. Whew......are you a rocket scientist? Your point 2......agreed.
  10. Cameron Highlander

    Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Pardon my ignorance. What is Imgur?
  11. Cameron Highlander

    London Broncos

    Likewise......last year I finally got parked at Queen West and Cowan......a brisk 20 minute walk from Lamport. Surely with the early kick-off it won't be as bad to find parking.
  12. Cameron Highlander

    London Broncos

    I'm on it....................done.
  13. Cameron Highlander

    London Broncos

    You sound like "the Missus". Every day she asks if I've renewed for 2019. You sure you're not related?
  14. Cameron Highlander

    London Broncos

    The bolding above is mine. I agree with you completely. And I've been asking around to see if anyone can give some kind of assurances about game times next year. Not surprisingly they can't and I'm thinking a lot might depend on whether TWP are in SL or Championship. SL means more bending to SKY wishes/needs than would Championship. Personally, as an out-of-towner, if we were looking at 12:30 P.M. kick-offs for the majority of games, then we need to think seriously about renewing our (missus and I) Season Tickets, since we'd be more inclined to pick and choose what games we want to see live. I'd be OK with 2:30 P.M. kick-offs. Since this game time thingy likely won't be settled before the reduced pricing for existing Season Ticket holders expires on September 30th. we will probably end up doing the bite the bullet thing, renew for 2019, and hope the scheduling gods look kindly upon us.