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  1. I read somewhere it is a game of 4x20m quarters and unlimited interchange. Very much a run out with result of no importance to a England (assuming we don't ship lots of points....)
  2. Dave woods

    I saw a very brief trailer about 4 weeks ago and some discussion after the MPG that Brian Noble will be in Oz for the bbc and robbie Paul the north west of England . Proof it's not just Dave Woods - but I agree with the frustration. It is exciting so can bbc ramp it up now!
  3. someone at the RFL!

    With Toronto and Toulose possibly involved a rethink because of support probably dipping is snesible- albeit late?
  4. I back Bennett to get what he wants out of the warm up and respect his squad pick. Some hiccups along the way but WB knows his business.
  5. Yes a decent training run out seems a good idea. Injuries are the risk? It's occurred to me Bennett has packed his squad with forwards knowing it will get tough as tourament progresses.
  6. World Cup Last 8

    This seems right. Wishful thinking on my part favours France but Levanon appear a good outfit. PNG should be great to watch at home but I assume any QF is away which will make a tough transition for them?
  7. Media Watch World Cup

    BBC TV coverage here:
  8. England Squad Named

    Is there a standby list in event of injuries? Eg Stevie Ward although I read elsewhere he is eligible for Wales but not seen that squad?
  9. i am pleased England won and close score suggests both nations will benefit from the experience.
  10. I too would like a wall chart and scubby England mug. Please tell if anyone knows how to get these!
  11. Totally agree. it is what it is and shall be exciting. lots of sports have the heritage type issue- something about Equatorial Guinea football team being Brazilian this week? Eg For my part if Gildart plays for Italy I'll be extra keen to see that.
  12. Italy name squad for RLWC

    The squad announcements are a great drip feed of info. I assume if Hardaker is out for England the resulting space will not be taken by Gildart?