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  1. Charlie RL

    Super League Show on BBC

    I enjoy it on BBC or iPlayer. Last season it was often on red button 10pm which was good. I find it OK in non HD. Not seen it yet thus week. The titles needed a refresh?
  2. Charlie RL

    total rl mini league

    I have entered. A few more entries will add to the fun folks?
  3. I have it online but find it jerky. The Red Star 2 & 13 look big?
  4. Do you still do fab four or similar offer? I have a birthday present to get a friend this should suit.
  5. Fascinating division again this year. Maybe if Widnes start well they can challenge TWP? Fev. appear unprepared? Forster seems to be an achiever and Rochdale could improve? Fax always seem to be competitive and can be this year?
  6. I included Giants for top 5, as they seemed to be improving well last year, and Leeds as new players and coach should make an impact (a bit concerned I read they have lots of away games early on)
  7. Charlie RL

    Fantasy Super League

    I shall look out for this fantasy league. I enjoyed the LRL version until IT issues took it down sadly. It should be a good marketing opportunity and I hope fun!
  8. Charlie RL

    This Forums Members age

    Thanks this definitely gets me in a younger category and I feel better!
  9. Enjoy Super League, are there any players you are especially looking forward to competing against?
  10. Charlie RL

    RFL petition

    Whatever the petition merits it now has 500+ signatures. Credit the organiser for generating that interest.
  11. Happy Xmas and thanks all for a fun and entertaining forum Enjoy 2019
  12. How excited is the club about playing in Barcelona and who speaks Spanish best?
  13. Do you do sprint training and if so what is your 100m PB, and who is quickest at Wigan?
  14. I reckon JD will politely say read it! I did take from it Ralph's genuine commitment and work ethic in a organisation facing great change. Mind you that is in comparison to the interviewer who seems to think 7:50 am is an ungodly hour!