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  1. I've underestimated HKR previously but reckon they can win this. Rovers to maintain momentum from last week - if they keep Barba quiet?
  2. Double Standards

    L1 teams some great results. I am impressed by Leigh getting a result in a tough looking fixture.
  3. Good result Leigh in what looked a tough fixture. Well done.
  4. We'll played KR. Like the majority on this poll thread I underestimated you. Mulhern appears to be doing well?
  5. Giants win. A good chance to get out the bottom four and build momentum from their decent win at Widnes last week.
  6. Well done Cov Bears. Maintain an unbeaten run next week please!
  7. I really anticipate this fixture to be good. I'm torn between hoping Wakefield and TJ maintain exciting momentum and Wigan having some of my fave players (Sam and Gildart) doing well. whoever wins or a draw I should find a positive!
  8. Cats performed ok at home to saints and Trinty. Cats to win by 6.
  9. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    I am home from work browsing and cannot recall such a positive thread. Great! I also like the University interest in the site.
  10. I was told last parent meeting the number places you on a Flightpath. Has Nigel left RL ready for take off? To be fair the media scene is seeing big change far beyond one person or sport control?
  11. And spectators. Hardy souls all.
  12. My Freeview does not show channel 95 or Freesport. Makes me grumpy.
  13. Challenge Cup 4th Round Draw

    Brilliant for Cumbria. Workington v London on the BBC ?
  14. Neil Jukes Resigns

    Am I correct Leigh has an entire new team, more so than Toronto and other sides? The players individually are good? They should/will come good but the expectation is so high somebody- Jukes - had to be responsible now. I hope the players quickly perform as the club and fans seem to have lots positive to offer. Beaumont appears more like a passionate fan in the press reports!
  15. Well done Crusaders. maybe I shouldn't be surprised they would expect to give a same division team a good match? Pleased for Cov.after a tough result last week. When is the draw?