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  1. Brian Noble collects his MBE

    Great picture. As a pundit I find Brian a great authority who makes the game easier and better for me to follow. well done.
  2. This is good. At its simplest it makes Magic more exciting. What about Bash, does it get a replacement match and if not does that matter?
  3. Post-World Cup blues!

    I just completed the League Express Readers Poll. Some therapeutic good memories.
  4. Happy World Cup Final day everybody! Good luck England.
  5. Promoting England as world champions- that would be something!
  6. Inspirational. Great post. anything can happen Saturday it's just two teams.
  7. Thanks I see there is a separate thread on this.
  8. Gerrard Sutton is appointed referee. Good news?
  9. I will be surprised but happy. the poll with this thread doesn't bode well for England.
  10. SPOTY

    I don't watch it but plenty do? I hope Big Sam storms the final on Saturday and SPOTY will have missed a trick.
  11. When are the squad announcements?
  12. can bateman pass to his winger

    I feel that. Not sure if any stats but I recall Bateman got man and ball once. Hall is my favourite player but involved himself less today than previous weeks . He stopped one overlap in an awkward but effective way.