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  1. Great result Bears. My plan to attend got thwarted but very pleased for the club and supporters.
  2. Charlie RL

    What is left to play for?

    Oldham play early this week and if they win the weekend results are less meaningful? Do Hunslet still have a mathematical play off chance?
  3. I keep thinking this and it doesn't happen! Hastings foolish sending off last week should help Leeds? I hope Leeds win well and end the season with a flourish.
  4. Well I am pleased Leeds won. Hope they build on this if Salford are understrength next week. As an aside a bloke in the park just told me a strong rumour Betts a possible defence coach at a Union club.
  5. Charlie RL

    The Forbidden Game by Mike Rylance

    Is there a good general history of English RL available? I just read an interesting thread about 1960's play offs which predates me.
  6. I watched on Free sport about 11pm yesterday. Good panel and discussion. I appreciate effort is made to vary the panel and offer a different insight. Worked well this week.
  7. Leeds has the stronger squad and should win . They obviously must cut out the sloppiness if leading.
  8. Charlie RL

    Paterika Vaivai

    Is this the player that a few weeks back had the commentator saying - as he streaked away for a try - bye bye from Vaivai?
  9. Too late to vote it says Cats have won on 40%. It also says a victory for Peruvian rugby...bizarre L'equipe translation!
  10. I agree. Wire not clinical or accurate. Cats were great in defence and at taking their chances.
  11. Looking forward to watching the cup final on BBC tomorrow with my 12 year old. We've followed and enjoyed the Warrington cup run so will be cheering Wire tomorrow!
  12. Watching Free sport now I hope its the correct edition! Is it a different bar or change of seats from earlier weeks?
  13. Great result for Thunder. Does that put them in the play off mix?