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  1. Charlie RL

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Any suggested date and time for this or is it TBC?
  2. How does the intensity of the Hull derby compare to other big matches you've played?
  3. Charlie RL

    Coventry Bears #ForTheNext

    Great video. No fixture list yet is a shame.
  4. Charlie RL

    Rowley to Leigh

    Was he the one who woke up and it had all been a bad dream? Sadly not so for the loyal Leigh fans.
  5. England seem to employ with some success standing off Johnson, keep their line and let him run sideways. I find it nerve wracking to watch! He's been involved in kiwi tries this series but set piece plays have been their best success I think?
  6. This is a good read. It got my 12 year old picking his own top 50 Saturday morning. He put Gildart higher than you which proved good work! Overall great edition.
  7. I've posted previously that Gildart is one of my favourite players. As a junior club centre aeons ago i 'm biased? I think in the close, big matches defence will usually be key. Being hyper critical some players made errors yesterday, Connor was once done for pace and Makinson off-load..... Gildart in my eyes was error free?
  8. I care and am pleased England beat a top team in an uncompromising match. The NZ team is really exciting. From the haka onwards they didn't ease off. England, old and new players, matched that. Look forward to next week.
  9. Let off. Lesson to be leant off....
  10. Excellent result in what seems a tough, close contest. Look forward to next week. Credit the organisers for a good start this tour.
  11. I vote GB for my nostalgia of exciting and flamboyant 1980" s against Aus. That said this series against NZ has great potential. I am really pleased it's England with new players coming through to watch.
  12. Match threads on TRL can be very entertaining. Not this one. Maybe reflects the match quality. Pleased England won and sounds like TJ, Holmes and Conner impressed. All good!
  13. Dave Woods just had nearly 10 seconds on R5L. He didn't actually have much to say!
  14. Good luck England. No offence to France but I'm hoping for a big win with new squad members doing especially well. That gives WB a selection headache for the NZ series.