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  1. Dog forever

    Xmas , Black Friday and BISSA

    Great idea pm. I was going to put a sizeable cheque by person into one of your jars, but unfortunately I have a severe nut allergy.
  2. Dog forever

    Championship odds

    But this is why a lot of supporters are totally against d/r it wasn't York that won promotion off there own back, it was a massive leg up by hull kr. Don't get me wrong I'm glad York are back in the championship, but to put out a side with several sl players while you have got contracted players sat on their behinds must be demoralising when they turn up for training week in week out and not getting game time. To me the sooner they get rid of it the better. The divide in the championship league table is now there to be seen. Just look how far away the top 6 were away from the bottom 6 .
  3. Dog forever

    Average Attendance 2018

    I know which game you mean I was there. The attendance it gave in the papers was a joke.
  4. Dog forever

    Toronto 2019

    For future reference the season is from feb to sept. If your allocated hols aren't in that time scale kayakman put in a complaint to the management. Or are you the management.
  5. Dog forever

    Toronto 2019

    You might have a lot of people depending on you, but surely you get holidays like all people that work do. Could you not book one to be able to come to England with all the dollars you are earning.
  6. Dog forever

    Average Attendance 2018

    Not bad at all ktf. Do you know what the previous seasons averages were.
  7. Dog forever

    London yes

    Goes to show time and time again that no matter how much money you throw at a team it doesn't always buy you success. Some interesting comments about Toronto's well being for 2019 at the end of the match.
  8. Dog forever

    September Try of the month

  9. Dog forever

    Latest Recruit

    So has our lass, but she can't throw a ball but sure can throw a punch.πŸ˜‚
  10. Dog forever

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    You got a thing for Scotty.
  11. Dog forever

    Leigh home

    Crikey AlanE what's happening at Leigh. I thought that Leigh might be resting players for next week's final, but to turn up with only 13 players must be very worrying.
  12. Dog forever

    Any thoughts

    Sorry to disappoint you ernieone it finished 44- 10. You fell asleep again didn't you. Tut tut tut.
  13. Dog forever

    Any thoughts

    Certainly food for thought dogfather . But I'm sure if either make super league they will be gladly accommodated. Btw wakey still there and look at their ground.
  14. Dog forever

    Any thoughts

    Anyone been thinking about who will be in super league after the play offs next season. Will fans be wanting shut of Toronto and/or Toulouse. I'm going for Leeds Salford Toronto Hull k r
  15. Dog forever

    Batley v Swinton

    It is. My first initial thought was going to be 70 - 0 so I think it's pretty close gameπŸ˜„