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  1. Dog forever

    Toulouse game

    Too much time on you hands coolie. Go out and get a job. Lol
  2. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Probably just letting Kevin know that it was good to have a response to this debate about Matt diskin.
  3. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Up until your post Kevin, Matt was heading to the supporters gallows. You might just have earned him a stay of execution.
  4. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Couldn't agree more with you phildog. But I'll get you a penny to my pound dom rettie and maybe a couple more are back in for Toulouse.
  5. Dog forever

    Scratching my head.

    Maybe it's diskin game plan telling the players not to stand deeper. They can only play to what they are told before any game. Maybe thats why there is a lot of frustration on the players faces knowing that his tactics are all wrong and its killing our free flowing rugby and try scoring opportunities. Who knows.
  6. Dog forever

    New 7

    It will be tough they have just banged barrow by 50 . 0
  7. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Sorry bsj, really should have run it past you first. Lol
  8. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Anyway , who said 3x converted tries. I might have been thinking 8 penalties and 2 dg. Lol
  9. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Dewsbury very nearly turned them over, toulouse battered them. It might be wishful thinking on my part ,but I thought in front of the cameras we might show a glimmer of what we are capable of.
  10. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Toronto 36 Dogs 18
  11. Dog forever

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    I think after the warm up on Sunday diskin needs to say to the players, today there is no game plan, go out there and show me and the supporters what you can do and enjoy the game. I'm sure that we would perform much better.
  12. Dog forever

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Great post silverback, especiall about playing to their own skills in a team game without coach tactics. I know that would work, and then we could show our supporters what we know we can do.
  13. Dog forever

    Dogs v Bulls - relegation dog fight

    Its all well and good dropping players who aren't performing. But whose going to drop the coach for not performing. The players are only playing to the coaches instructions.
  14. Dog forever

    Toronto Prediction

    Us dogs fans love our rugby every Sunday just like other supporters. One of the downsides now us that diskin has drained the skill and flair that we used to have and instilled a game of 5 drives down the middle and to make sure we get caught with ball in hand on last tackle. Its absolute garbage to watch and so predictable. You can actually hear supporters shouting to the player with the ball what to do with it because they look clueless.
  15. Dog forever

    Diskin out!

    I have been watching for 40 years chairman, and I have never felt as let down by the club and their stance to stand by a coach who simply (imo) hasn't a clue. I wonder if all these posts are still falling on deaf ears. Years ago of we lost walking away from the ground I never used to be too disgruntled knowing that we gave it our best shot. Now it seems that even the boys don't want to play for the coach.