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  1. I was just thinking the same thing. What with barrow and Swinton picking up points this weekend, I think it's still wide open barring rochdale.
  2. Proper thumping that was. The sooner the wolfpack sod off to super duper league the better. How can the rfl seriously expect a pat time team to travel all that way and give a cash riddled club a competitive game of rugby, it's a total joke. Shame on them!!!!!
  3. Looks like some teams are not taking this cup seriously. Can't see it being about next season.
  4. When we play down hill with the wind behind us like today its ideal 20/40 kicking but I cant remember us trying for one. We are also very shy when it comes to taking a 1 pointer. I wish we could integrate more of the said in our game tactics.
  5. Wow, quite a lot of different opinions so far , but I could agree with all of the votes .
  6. I have an idea... Go to match and pay on the gate. Yes it might cost 2 quid more but it benefits the club. It's only the price of a bottle of beer. Also it stops you wasting time trying to do it on line when you could be watching BGT. Simples lol.
  7. Should be a win for the dogs all day long. Barrow battered them at wk end now we have found some form I hope we can do the same with home advantage.
  8. Linesmen are a total waste of money. Brambani kicks upfield on the last, he gets taken out well after the kick was executed right in front of the touch judge , and totally ignored it. They were instances from both teams that the ref never blew for, but that's the way it goes in every match. But when your a fan of the losing side and obvious calls don't go your way it is a case of, if the ref had seen that knock on would we have scored from it , it happens in almost all close games. Nobody will ever know. It was a great close game of rugby league by 2 good sides . Good luck for your game against the bulls.
  9. Condolences to Kevin and family. Rest in peace Beverley.
  10. Well done York and another big scalp.
  11. Dogs 16 Fax 14 Can only see it being a close game with 1 score in it either way.
  12. That's fantastic news. New coach and assistant signed already lol.
  13. Think one of them was prob me. Forgot my glasses.
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