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  1. Season starts at Leigh

  2. Season starts at Leigh

    You sound a tad over confident to me. It's going to be a long hard season for all teams, full or part time. I'm sure on more than one occasion you will be going home with your wolf tail between your legs......
  3. Season starts at Leigh

    Toronto are nowhere near super league standard, but having said that they are a very good championship side that will take some beating. By beating Leigh on the first match counts for nothing but they still have my vote to get promotion this season.
  4. Season starts at Leigh

    Really.... I'm going for wolfpack to go up after last Sunday's result against Leigh.
  5. Premier Sports

    Is premier sports part of sky if I remember rightly .
  6. Rochdale match thread

    Batley has a dry pitch. No comparison
  7. Rochdale match thread

    If this is the problem clubs are having with rain settling on level pitches, maybe they should take a leaf out of the doggies book and give it a tilt. Hehehehe
  8. Toronto

    Go on then Graham what you heard the suspense is killing us all. I bet they all go to the bulls.
  9. 2018

    Happy New year to all doggy fans. Let's hope for a fantastic 2018
  10. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    No coolie. I meant kn.
  11. Matt Diskin 's name in the hat for Bull's job

    Always good to hear some clarification from someone in the know. Stops all the silly rumours flying about.
  12. 10 reasons to look forward to 2018 season

    Beats having to go to ikea every damn Sunday with the Mrs.
  13. Johnny Campbell

    That's good news Kevin, stops all rumours flying about. So happy to see jc has re-signed for the dogs. Can't wait to see who else wants to ply their trade at the mount next season.
  14. Johnny Campbell

    If it is for money and no other reason I think he will be taking a step backwards. Can't see the attraction to be a bulls player myself. Just when I thought Harrison had found his feet there's talk of him wanting to play against the likes of hemel, Oxford, Coventry and the Welsh clubs. Imo of course.
  15. Johnny Campbell

    Can't see it myself. Why would he want to join a club to play championship 1 rugby.