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  1. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but your eyesight is failing you I'm afraid.
  2. I think Houston was unlucky to be sin binned, but on reflection I can see why. He was hit late, not very late but still late, and however it came about there was contact with the head. In this day and age, with such focus on head injuries, the interpretation is that is a yellow card. Child's hands were tied once the decision for a penalty had been made. I thought he had a decent game overall. There was one incident where a scrum went the wrong way but generally decent.
  3. Dunedan

    Park Run

    I'd like to try other ones, but I don't drive so it's difficult getting there. I've done Doncaster once, which was a nive change because it's flat.
  4. Dunedan

    Park Run

    I love Park Run. I've been doing it at Thornes Park in Wakefield for about 18 months - this past weekend was my 56th (in addition to a handful of volunteering weeks) and I hate that it is not on this weekend coming! I'm not the fastest - until relatively recently I was the slowest. Started by walking round in just over 52 minutes. Set my PB a few weeks ago by doing a jog-walk-stagger combination at 39:11. You should have seen the celebrations when it was clear I'd got below 40 minutes! And not just from me either. Park Run is one of the most positive things in society right now. Don't know what I'd do without it.
  5. Looked like one to me. And to the Dragons player who left it alone for fear of being offside. Weird one.
  6. It used to be that the "inside the 10" only applied to bombs - for grubbers as long as you didn't get involved in thebplay it was fine. When did it change so "inside the 10" applies to every kick?
  7. Works well in the NFL. Coaches have 2 challenges for use during the game (plus an extra one if the first 2 are both successful). The difference, though, is that a coach must use a time out to challenge a decision which is then returned if the challenge is upheld. This stop spurious challenges (in the main). Also, challenges aren't allowed during the last 2 minutes of each half either. If we were to give coaches challenges, there would need to be some strict regulation around it in terms of what it can and can't be used for.
  8. Book 2 at our book club is The Remains of the Day. I kept saying throughout reading it that it was rubbish and I didn't like it, but I read it in about 4 days (some kind of record for me), so it can't have been that bad. The image I had in my head, though, was of Grandpa Simpson and his rambling stories...
  9. Saw him a few times playing for Toronto last year on the TV, and at the Bash this past weekend for Sheffield. Upside: an actual full back on the books. Downside: not seen him play at this level. Hope he goes well. Cas certainly need him to.
  10. Don't like that decision. Never saw the ball on the ground - if anything you could see Yere get his hand under the ball from the shot behind the dead ball line and then still under it from the opposite side. Not a good call in my opinion.
  11. What is it with the Railway End Stand and setting off flares? Unnecessary and dangerous
  12. Cas fans have had a lot of grief on here but in the main I don't think they've been much different to any set of fans who believe, rightly or wrongly, they haven't had the rub of the green. That said, cheering an injured player is just pure bad form. For the record, I clapped him off.
  13. Honestly, I hate playing Saints...
  14. Ironic really - if he'd not stayed down it would've been half time...
  15. Bah! Even his mate has had enough. Some folk can't handle their ale