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  1. The "late hit" on Lomax - the Huddersfield player stood his ground, Lomax initiated contact, good no call. If Rugby League is serious about head injuries, incidents like Matty Lees' high shot on Ashton Goulding needs to be a red card. It was a swinging arm with direct contact to the head.
  2. This is a game Cas should be winning and, in all honesty, *need* to win. So I'll go for a home win.
  3. Apples and oranges. Christianity hasn't been illegal in this country within living memory, homosexuality has.
  4. Lots of people talking about freedom of speech/religion and how everyone is allowed their opinion and so forth. And that is all perfectly true. That being said, if you are objecting to a shirt showing inclusivity towards a historically marginalised population, I'll use my freedom of expression to call you a bigot.
  5. If that was enough evidence to overturn the on field decision, I hope neither you not Liam Moore ever serve on a jury...
  6. How he can be 100% sure there was green to overturn that decision is beyond me. Was it green grass or a shadow? Crazy.
  7. Cas are bang average be fair but Wire haven't been much better. Cas have somehow won 8 of their last 12 so with home field advantage I think they edge it.
  8. I hope he gets the help he needs and I'm glas Cas are going to help him. I also can't envisage a situation where Cas don't resign him if he decides to return to the game.
  9. Shoulder charge by a defender is illegal as it is deemed dangerous. Somehow, shoulder charges from attackers aren't dangerous?
  10. To be fair, Welsby was clearly offside so maybe should've been penalty defence. No Try correct though
  11. If a defender hit an attacker like that it would've been a red
  12. I disagree. Without the on field call and having seen the ball held up with no evidence it was grounded, I think it would've been no try. As things currently stand, there is no point in going to VR for decisions where the ball is at the bottom of a pile like that, because there will never been enough evidence to overturn. Just make the decision and save us all some time.
  13. He's held up, he's held up, he's held up... I can't see the ball...try. I know it's the rules, but that was ridiculous. I hate the on field call.
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