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  1. Once again, referees are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Too many penalties spoils the game, too few also spoils the game. Who'd be a ref? The problem with your example is that defenders are allowed different amounts of time in the tackle. A defender in a "dominant" or "surrender" tackle is given more leeway than, say, the defender who makes a desperation tackle after a line break. Do we really want the players guessing the referees interpretation of the tackle and hence how long they can stay in the ruck? Warn players if there are about to infringe, penalise them if they do. Keep the game flowing. As for the shout of "40, 40..." on 40-20 attempts, that could also be for the other officials so they know what the call is.
  2. The way Castleford have been playing lately, I can't see us winning this. Wakey by a score.
  3. If someone could explain to me why a draw after 90 minutes is acceptable but a draw after 80 is not, I might be more on board. I guess I just don't see the point. Meh.
  4. I didn't like the idea of golden point in league games when it was announced and I like it even less now we've lost because of it! Haha. I don't have a problem with a draw. And I don't understand why a draw is acceptable after 90 minutes but not 80 minutes. If we are going to have something like this, then "golden try" would be better - otherwise have 5/10 minutes and whatever the score is then. The NFL changed their overtime rules a few years back to stop teams winning by kicking a long field goal without the other team having a possession - I'd be more inclined to something like that. All that said, just have a draw after 80 minutes. That's a perfectly good result.
  5. Castleford very average tonight I'm afraid. That said, Saints were outstanding. Worked hard in defence and I don't know their completion rate but I'd wager it was worth of 95%. Well worth the win. On to Headingley.
  6. Great article. Andy's Man Club is a real life saver. I've seen men walk through the door in a pit of misery and despair, and by the end we've gone through tears and had a laugh and the smiles on faces at the end are a joy to behold. I've seen men who, 6 months on, are completely different people - smiling, joking, full of life. It is amazing what can happen at those groups. I've been there myself. I had a break down. I did the counselling, went to support groups, and 4 months later I was considering how easy it would be to just step in front of a train. Or a lorry. Or a bus. It got to the stage that I was crossing the road if I saw a lorry half a mile away, just so I wouldn't be tempted. I remember my first session at AMC after that point. I remember talking about all of these feelings. I remember sitting there, tears streaming down my face, as I told complete strangers about all these thoughts and feelings I had. One guy said to me "I'm glad you're here mate". Those men, total strangers, now good friends, got me through those incredibly dark times. They talked me through it, nodding along because many had been there themselves. I got through it. When life threw a curveball at me a couple of months later, they got me through that as well. That was 6 months ago. And while the memories of those times are incredibly vivid, that is all they are. AMC saved my life, I am convinced of that. But it's not been a one way street. I know for a fact that some of the stuff I have shared in that group has helped other people with what they are going through. That is the wonder of the group. There are no "top trumps". No-one's problems are bigger or worse than anyone else's. Everyone's feelings are valid and accepted. You don't even have to talk, not if you don't want to. But it's strange, when the ball gets to you, how easy it is. It's OK to talk. It's OK not to be OK.
  7. According to the BBC he's said he isn't joining TIG. Who knows if that will last though. (More posts came through and I was beaten to this by a considerable margin. Sorry)
  8. Here's the thing - Zionist is only ever used to describe Jewish people. It is a dog-whistle that people hide behind. Add to that the use of the Rothschild and Soros conspiracy theories (two clear anti-semitic tropes). If you can't find anything wrong with what Berger said in her speech, and only see it as "criticism of Israel", I'm not sure I can help you.
  9. Personally I'd like Mary Creagh to join TIG. This is solely because she is my local MP and it would make my choice at the next election so much easier.
  10. Really? Why should she be speaking out against Israel? Why not, say Syria? Or Yemen? Why, specifically, do you want this Jewish woman to be critical of Israel?
  11. Ann Coffey was on BBC Breakfast this morning. One of the things she cited as a reason for leaving Labour was a bullying culture, in which anyone that is critical of Corbyn for any reason, or who disagrees with policy, or doesn't tow the party line is labelled a traitor and accused of helping the Tories win. Take a look at some of the responses in this thread, for fine examples of this particular art. I find myself without a party. I've been a Conservative voter for years, but I find I can't support this government. I am *exactly* the kind of person Labour should be wooing. Instead I find myself repulsed by the almost cult-like fanaticism exhibited by grassroots Labour. If The Independent Group get more MPs to join, they are a group I could easily see myself voting for.
  12. Labour have just re-admitted Derek Hatton to their ranks. Is this the same Derek Hatton that tweeted "Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel"? Why, I do believe it is. Now I know what you are going to say. "That's not anti-Semitic! It's just critical of Israel". And you are wrong. Blaming Jews for the action of Israel, or somehow insisting that Jewish people must constantly criticise/apologise for the actions of Israel *IS* anti-Semitic racism. In the same way that demanding Muslims must criticise/apologise for al-Qaeda and IS. But please, do tell me how Labour have no problems with anti-Semitism and it's all a smear.
  13. Check out the hashtag #LabourAntisemitism on Twitter. Or @GnasherJew. Or @LabourAgainstAS. Should give you plenty of examples.
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