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  1. I'll be honest, this is a bold take... I mean, Matau'tia should've been sent off for a punch, that Coote pat back in from the penalty kick to touch was a joke and the decision to penalise Tomkins at the end was interesting. But please, do go on about how Saints didn't get a fair shake. Nevermind, just re-read the OP. Missed the tongue-in-cheek final paragraph. My bad.
  2. Absolutely. Definitely Watts' fault. Cooper's shoulder charge with contact to the head had nothing to do with it.
  3. Castleford have played more games this season than any other team. But do go on about they are cancelling all their games.
  4. Of course no team has ever fielded a weakened team before. Let's not forget that as well as the injuries, Cas' academy system was shut down for Covid reasons, meaning they couldn't call up players. But it was against St. Helen's and, as we know, everyone is terrified of them so of course they just forfeited the game for a laugh.
  5. Even as a Cas fan, this is a good point, well made.
  6. I don't agree with it and I'm not excusing it. I'm pointing out a *possible* reason for it. Like I said, it would be good to have the video ref mic'd up so we could understand the reasoning. As it is, we'll never know.
  7. The only reason I can think of for giving that is he thought it went backwards off Connor. I don't think it did, but I can't think of any other reason. I really wish Sky would mic up the video ref like the BBC do, so we could hear the reasoning.
  8. Jake Connor has all the talent in the world but ye gods he's difficult to like.
  9. I think the defence has been decent, given the absentees. Attack has been terrible though
  10. My biggest issue with the Fages try is the way he jumped up and screamed his delight like he'd just scored a worldie. Would've preferred to see him just get up and walk back. Nothing to be proud of in scoring that.
  11. Weird that. I thought the comms in the first were from the Salford video team. Strange how perspectives can be so different.
  12. The one-on-one ball steal, the ref shouted held just before the strip. Unfortunate for Salford, but the ref has to shout held at some point and once he had the steal was illegal. The trip for Watts' try, I thought that at first. On replay it looked like incidental contact - certainly didn't see anything that would overturn the try. As an aside, when did drop goals for conversions become a thing again? I have a distinct memory of a Cas player doing that several years ago and it got waved away and he was told they couldn't do that any more. Not complaining, just interested.
  13. I think you are about 7 years late for this... For me, as a Cas fan, I kind of expect us to be competing for honours now, rather than just hoping against relegation.
  14. You're mileage may vary. That's a call for you to make. Given the context of who we are talking about, I would have thought it was obvious what anyone's objection might be though.
  15. Really? You really have to ask that? I don't think he should've been allowed into Super League because I don't think bigots and homophobia should be in a competition that is supposed to be inclusive. I would've thought that was obvious.
  16. When you sign a weasel you get a weasel... Not going to miss him - don't think he should've been allowed into Super League in the first place.
  17. Hull KR *did not* unilaterally end their season. They had a COVID-19 outbreak and the quarantine period took them past the end of the season. It's remarkable how often this particular lie is trotted out.
  18. I remember driving to watch Cas play Salford at The Willows. This was, obviously, before Sat Nav, so I had looked up the route and memorized it. We were going along the M60 when my mate said "Which junction do we need". I looked out the window and said "That one!" And pointed at the one we'd just passed. And don't even get me started on driving back from Knowsley Road. Fairly sure I came home via Narnia on that night...
  19. Given that is the case, what does it say of McShane's performances this year that he has been able to get enough points to win? Either he got some many points before lockdown, when Cas were winning, to be able to hold people off by picking up 1 point a week, or he has played well enough, even in a losing side, that he has been picking up 2 or 3 points. If it is the former, you'd think a better player would've made up the difference in points since lockdown. If it is the latter, then he's a worthy winner.
  20. This is a misconception about how the system works. To get three points for a match, a player doesn't just have to be the best player for his team. He has to be the best player *across both teams*.
  21. I feel like I have been cheated much better weather...
  22. If the penalty try is given, they take that as being sufficient punishment these days. If the penalty try hadn't been given, Hurrell.would've been binned. Soccer does something similar with penalties these days too, in that a player who gives up an penalty with a professional foul they will be booked rather than sent off.
  23. Yeah, but with the injuries and the guys stood down (at least 9 stood down), there are only 14 available. I suppose they could go to academy players, but then I guess there is a duty of care not to get kids killed by grown men in a rugby match.
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