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  1. The question is ... are Saints still something of a flat track bully? Quite a few teams are missing quite a few players which make them easy meat. Will it last? They are going to finish top easy enough. Will a few teams get their act together at the back end of the season?
  2. I agree. I saw the game. Both were at it I think and whilst I am not getting at Cas I just got the feeling they were the worst. But the defender should be able to defend the mark at the ruck without fear of a penalty. Flopping is as bad. Teams do them both but some do seem to be better at it. It strikes me that assuming the ref had half a brain then the rule should allow either to add or delete a tackle off the count.
  3. All you have to be to be a stand up comedian is walk around, wave your arms and shout very loudly.
  4. I could not agree more. How on earth that programme gets on BBC tv is beyond me. Dont get me started on all the other supposed comedians.
  5. In many ways of life the BBC is totally bigoted.
  6. I sympathise. As ever I wonder why it is rugby league clubs are suffering from endless injuries.
  7. So the received opinion is that no one is bothered when Wigan win? Should we say that Huddersfield and Wakefield didn't deserve it?
  8. I believe Wigan are using a Barcelona type shirt against Catalans. Also I think their Magic shirt for this season looks good. I must say that generally I do not go a bundle over any GB and England shirts. Sadly the best shirt is the Aussie one.
  9. Where do I say that was why we lost? Three of the reasons we lost were the academy players in the pack. I explained my opinions about our poor performance up thread. But I am equally forthright about how Saints get away with murder with their flops. I admire their cuteness. But by all means stay one eyed.
  10. I agree. It will turn a corner when 1st choice quality NRL players travel the other way to all the first choice British players going to Australia. The first step will be when (if) we get a lucrative tv deal. Any sort of deal from the BBC might be helpful but we are a very poor relation and are not regarded nationally never mind internationally.
  11. Hilarious (to 'Bod'). The ref threw away his slide rule when it comes to Saints flops in the tackle. You have to take your hat of to them. They are cute at getting away with it.
  12. Immaturity in Wigans play. Easy to see it can be with to many players out... but still to much immaturity. Too many no need for it errors. And of course the ref never bothers with the usual ploy of laying on in the tackle by Saints. Plus 2 more serious looking injuries. The Saints player should get several matches. But the game is losing far too many injuries.
  13. Yes. Ultimately it's a gimmick. A promotional gimmick. Its not something to over reach our little grey cells. If it was vaguely professionally judged then the likely contenders, say 6, would be examined via a list of criteria, each one weighted and then scored and totalled. The top 3 given a 1 2 3... Or should that be a 3 2 1?
  14. As a matter of interest, are there any comments about kicking. Both out of the hand and from the tee. I would have thought not but curious.
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