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  1. Rupert Prince

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    Well, the Welsh are more Celtic than the English, but the Scots are more Gaelic. And then again the Scots originally came from Ireland (!)... But I get your drift. Never mind drug tests... lets get everyone DNA tested!!
  2. Rupert Prince

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    I think Oliver makes a fair point. Our game is not predicated to international football, it is based around club football and is a professional regional game. If it can consolidate then it can expand its regional club football. That is the start. It's best chance of Origin style is England v France. And I repeat something I've said before, outside world cups I see no reason why a Welshman cannot play for England at RL if they can do the same for cricket. In cricket there was a Roses antipathy, but county cricket has declined such that no one is interested. Cricket is now more interested in internationals and the Mickey Mouse short game. The likes of Hull, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wigan and St Helens have big enough grounds... we need to see them filled before we start on anything else. Mind you any games between say Wigan v Hull on Thursdays would not help.
  3. Rupert Prince

    2019 Predictions

    Who is out of contract (and worth it) that Leeds can sign?
  4. Rupert Prince

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    Some sort of a game might make sense as an occasional charity event. A novelty. A semi friendly. But I do think a real game, between 2 really meaningful teams does need a point to it. You are making a brave effort to put forward an idea, but...
  5. Rupert Prince

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    Your hypothesis is an option. But (which is sadly also a sad little word) it is realy something of an artificial construct. NSW and Queensland do have some history/antipathy. Lancashire v Yorkshire (or even 'trans pennine') has been tried as you suggest. And it limits the available player pool. Frankly however it as likely to be as close as we can get to Origin. Our real comparison is either England v Wales or France. These are cross-state games. With all the will in the world I cannot work up much antipathy between Shropshire and Norfolk.
  6. Rupert Prince

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    If they could be good enough it ought to be England v Wales. And since Welshman can be in an England cricket team, then they should also be in our 'Inter'national RL team. Thus our 'origin' series would be an 'Intra'national' series.
  7. Yes! But more to the point, will it get a sponsor? Then at least the number will be in small print.
  8. For me the most recent 'innovation' has been to only bring in SL clubs in on the round of 16. It should be the round of 32. This was traditional, and makes the tournament more open.
  9. There is already a SL only cup... it's called the Grand Final.
  10. What is that from Australia? A national league(no relegation) and 2 separate 2nd tier regional Leagues? Shocking. Thank goodness the RL and it's supporters are never going to agree to anything likthat. Even if it is practical, logical and profitable.
  11. Rupert Prince

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    So Shields is a New Zealander. As is Te'o. The Aussies will be pleased, Sam Burgess will be qualifying for them soon!!!
  12. The ref allowed the game to flow so that it allowed fouls to go free? Or am I completely missing your point?
  13. At the moment for me the choice is between the three of them, all three can play 6, two can play either 7 or 1. But based on the first 2 games, 1 position plays on the left and the other on the right. So there are a number of options, with Gale to recover injury and form as well. Widdop of course kicks well. Indeed we have various choices in the backs when, if, everyone is fit. Equally if our big forwards keep going we can give any team a run for their money. Problem is a couple are the ring side of 30. What is needed is every player in the league to step up and make the 'selectors' wake up.
  14. I think we should be saying something about the consistant high tackles from NZ. We should be formally complaining. The refereeing was abysmal on this in all the games. And this is bearing in mind we have to supposedly got to cut out concussions. It was laughable that the ref gave 2 yellow cards for laying on, but none for high shots, and indeed ignored most. The only 'sending off, suspension, was the alleged gouging which wasn't.
  15. We have just won 3 game on the trot against NZ, and they have comeback and won one back. Now you moan, can't wait to moan. Saying phrases like 'We should have made sure' is meaningless. How does anybody 'make sure' of beating any good quality opponent. You cannot, you can do your best, and still lose. Today we were clearly not at our best. There were reasons, not excuses.