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  1. Rupert Prince

    Challenge Cup

    Thank you for that. Really sad to see how this miserable Bond panned out
  2. Rupert Prince

    Challenge Cup

    Thank you for that, but on reflection I still wonder if the whole layout of the draw means there is no space for TO and TWP, or will there be any byes.
  3. Does his original NRL team have first dibs? Principally, can he catch the football... because if he gives away interceptions then he is stone cold dead as a wide receiver. Punt return is an option, it would cut out a whole lot of the play book.
  4. Rupert Prince

    Challenge Cup

    Given the draw has been made, how does that fit in with TO and TWP who have already refusing to enter because of the Bond. Were the RFL assuming they would be in and thus there will be a couple of byes once they withdraw. Or was the draw made subsequent to both of them not being in the competition. It all looks like a climb down from the RFL, all combined with a reduction of the sponsorship money.
  5. The game is indeed up to date. As I said the rules make the game up to date. As such it makes the full back the player it is, for what it's worth0. Likeways the modern prop forward or hooker is what he is. So talking about who is the "greatest" must look at each relevant era of rules. As for current rules, there are opportunities to be a punt returner, or an extra centre, but as I said before, a "great" fullback would have tackled Gildart, not someone who just happened to be in a nr1 shirt.
  6. I am afraid, if I may be ever so humble, I have been reading these comments about fullbacks your ideas and those others like Saint1 are delusional. The important job for a full back is to tackle and catch high balls, added to that is intelligence in order to be in the right place to make the tackle in the first place. Everything else is secondary. A great fullback would have tackled Gildart's try in the NZ game. The idea that a full backs main job, or a more highly regarded role, is to be another Boston-Ashton-Bolton all in one combined is risible. (put in your own combination of choice) Today the notion of a "playmaker" is massively overused. Thats not to say such a thing does not exist. However, the rules today force defences to retire 11 yards. Teams generally will make easy yards without any playmaking right up to 20 yards out and then the attacking play takes place... often with a high kick or grubber. The attacking fullback, being by definition at the back, can see the events unfold before him and can intervene. It's not rocket science.
  7. Rupert Prince

    salford v wigan

    What is interesting is that Hardaker was kicking goals. The first from the touchline. If he keeps doing that I'll keep celebrating and the pea brains can be as sourfaced as they like.
  8. Oh yes. My comment was only in passing. However, for all of that, I hope some benefit did accrue.
  9. They have just played Wigan at the Honourable Artillery Company ground in the City.8
  10. Rupert Prince

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Wigan have been raising the the game on London and Nationally by taking games away from home.
  11. Rupert Prince

    Man of Steel - new format.

    We don't copy winter rugby. Hmm... On balance I think that's a good thing. Although I would prefer it to start in March.
  12. But it is not viable. The argument or suggestion is being made that an Australian political party is going to create it and subsidise it (a PNG club) if in government. Bizzare.
  13. I would agree. And I think polls are not suggesting an easy "Labor" win. But they may have funny voting methods. The current PM is ahead in poll ratings. I know not who is best, I am not looking into the ins and outs of that, but from what I look in polls at, the ruling "Liberals" are at least in with a good shout. If Australia wishes to give foreign aid to PNG and elsewhere then that is a different matter. But forcing a sports body to be involved seems a stretch. I would not be surprised if some of our own large foreign aid does not end up in PNG. But fair enough if it keeps the Chinese out. Having said that, it's a big market for the game...!!!
  14. Rupert Prince

    Super league minimum ground criteria

    They ran in to politics and debt. Some of that debt due to building the clubhouse end I think. I don't think it was due to players wages. Whelan bought the club, so I don't know where the money to Wigan from Tesco ended up.