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  1. Rupert Prince

    Magic weekend set to stay in Toon

    If (if...) the whole point of Magic is to promote the game, then it should stay at Newcastle until Thunder and associated juniors are established in the Championship (at least). Then it should go to and stay in Cardiff. Beyond that it should go to North America. As I repeat... IF the idea is the point of Magic.
  2. Rupert Prince

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Well, they can certainly lose (TWP that is). A lot depends on how well they can focus and organise themselves. Leeds ought to get a victory.
  3. Rupert Prince

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    As we keep saying... a brilliant system.
  4. Rupert Prince

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    Good players sign 1 year contracts do they?
  5. Rupert Prince

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    Ahh... If only we could create a decent Origin series. In fact we have really lost that opportunity when Welsh RL collapsed.
  6. Rupert Prince

    Ben Barba signs for the North Queensland Cowboys

    I thought that even when he was not catching the eye, I thought he was contributing. I think most teams would have him. Those with one eye might differ, but I could not possibly comment edit... 🙂 Try savers..... I do not remember if it's the same event or in the final but Tierney was key to making one goal line save.
  7. Rupert Prince

    I make Widnes favouites.....

    The funding all has to go on players and will probably have to be on contracts that last more than 1 year if to attract them. As i understand it the central funding has to be spent in year 1. So if like Leigh they fail to stay up then they would be bankrupted by the parachute payments and their on going contracts. Very happy to be contradicted, since I believe as it stands the central funding regime for the relegated team is cobblers.
  8. Rupert Prince

    Escare going nowhere

    He is a versatile player. Pardon me for repeating it, but this game creates a lot of injured players. Good reserves are needed.
  9. Rupert Prince

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    Not all that long ago their were ethnic riots in Oldham. There were similar scenes in Bradford, Leeds and Burnley. RL is small potatoes compared to that. The social fabric of our region in many many ways had changed, and not just the reasons for the riots. All the more reason to cling on to rugby league... but the drivers that created the great rugby league clubs are fast disappearing. All the weaker ones will effectively disappear unless they evolve. Difficult subject which I suggest few if any can really grasp coherently. I have no answer except to say that our world is different and looking at the past is not going to be much help.
  10. Rupert Prince

    Academy grand Final. Wigan vs Leeds

    Yes, agreed. But... for some reason the weather always intervenes that weekend.
  11. Rupert Prince

    Would any other buisness.............

    What a total load of gibberish. Football clubs play in leagues all over the world, pro and amateur, every continent in the world. All over. And for some perverse logic you say that a typical plain vanilla league system has somehow 'ripped the heart out of' rugby league. You and all your apologists are making a total joke of the argument.
  12. Rupert Prince

    Would any other buisness.............

    All this seems clear. I do not really see what the argument is about. Logic says (surely?) that loop fixtures will be based on position in league the previous years. So if odds and evens Wigan will not get a game against Saints... but one against good old Warrington. It would be broadly the same for everyone. And it would be a different mix the following season. Blink and you would not see a lot of surprises or anything to obsess about.
  13. I do not see them as a threat to the established since they probably would prefer a 10 team SL. It might work 14 teams in a few years.
  14. They will want to encourage viewers to watch all their channels (and not just sport) rather than watch Eastenders and Question of Sport. Won't they?
  15. Rupert Prince

    Widnes relegated

    Well all I am saying is that the relegated team, if given money, should have options. Leigh spent on contracts and then could not afford them after failing promotion. If Widnes have been developing their youth and other policies then on the face of it it shows they have made other mistakes as well.p