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  1. Yes. The 20 (or so) who get to this round go into a league. Possibly the SL clubs seeded.
  2. Yes... especially if the NRL expands. And they do that because there is no relegation. And they still limit the number of games, and their players get a good pre season. We don't have the money and they do. If we expand the money will spread thin, as would salaries, and the best will go to Aussie.
  3. I do not follow this "Wiganer Thompson bait" business. He is from (hometown) St Helens isn't he, Bold Miners. So Wiki says... but it also says he has signed a 3 year deal with Souths. Has someone told Eamonn?
  4. All the press and TV peddle fake news and their own brand of prejudice. The Sun has pushed it's version that bit further in their case and everyone can take their view. It's a free country. As a rugby fan I am p!$$€d off over it and care even less for it, and there seems no valid excuse. But frankly the Sun is in with a poor crowd... to me we have the Sun on one spectrum and Ch4 on the other.
  5. The game is too quick these days. The uninformed blink and miss it. To a certain extent players in football will miss passes galore and make mistakes, but I do not see it being very edifying in RL to have dropped balls etc being paraded around to show how bad we are because we rush around a lot. To be fair, most of what the football that the public watch are edited highlights with all the boring and mistake ridden play cut out. Those with a long memory will remember Sam Leach who could edit a miserable 0-0 draw on the early Match of the Days and turn it into world beating cliff hanger.
  6. It's questionable if we should not revert to a Autumn to Spring season with a "winter" break that might fit in a Southern Hemisphere tour. This might ease the knee injuries we seem to get on hard grounds. Might it suit Toronto etc though? The point being that, outside of tours, star players might be encourage to guest for half a season to top up inome. Just a thought...
  7. SL will become a pension plan for ageing Aussie superstars
  8. Ha ha... ! Yes, the convicts!! (Only joking!) Actually I nearly would have been born in Australia, but my mum failed the medical. I like to think I would have been a Parramatta fan, heaven forbid I would have been a Saint (George).
  9. If Giants have as many injuries as it seems then they should be worrying. Of course they could have just given away the Saints game in the hope that they can get players fit. If Wigan had been half decent then the Giants would have been in even more trouble.
  10. As you show, space is not a problem in a continent the size of Australia. I am regularly surprised its population is not double. I suppose one of the problems for us Brits is that its full of Australians.
  11. If all 12 teams were brilliant and full strength... would it be right to relegate one of them?
  12. I would be amazed if Wigan make the playoffs... it would have to be GF winning form to do that and were they to then a couple of teams would have to play total rubbish to drop out.
  13. I remain irate and your excuses over the "parachute" comment and it's overtones don't wash for me. Spuriously bringing Bateman up again clearly is garbage since the club developed him into a world class England second row who is now wowing them in tbe NRL (As well as a fat pay packet). There seem to be have been no excuses to me from Wigan. Hardaker went into rehab. Hamlin is back in Australia and we are told Tautai may be extradited and bearing that in mind might yet have other issues laid over him by the club. Would you prefer to have him put in the stocks? All we are getting from you is pure speculation about the activities of Redlinski... all part of a prejudicial agenda. As someone else as pointed out, all players had a certain responsibility irrespective of the measures a club takes. Tautai has behaved very badly and he has let a lot of people down. He has been with the club 4 or 5 years and if anyone wants to lay down any other evidence ... evidence ... for poor behaviour then they have every right to do so, and we can judge accordingly.
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